Lewallen and Young

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Who did these families from GenForum postings belong to?   (I've made the names caps.)


Re: Alex & Eliz(Lewallen)Young of Maury/Marshall Co,TN

Posted by: Marian D. Roberts (ID *****8279)
Date: April 27, 2005 at 19:09:23

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I have a great great-grandmother named MALINDA YOUNG (who m. Wm. Clark). She had a brother named Alex Young. Some research indicates her father may have been named FRANCIS MARION YOUNG. My grandfather always said that F. M. Young changed his name when he came to Louisiana, and that his name was originally Butler. (He had apparently killed someone.)

His children that I know of were all born between 1810 and 1830. According to the censuses, three of them were born in TN. Those three seem to have come to Louisiana between 1845 and 1848. I don't have any information on where F. M. Young was; but think he also came to LA.

Do these dates fit in with your F. M. Butler? Do you know where he was in 1850? Was he still in TN at that time? Do you have names for any of his children?

Marian D. Roberts


Alex & Eliz(Lewallen)Young of Maury/Marshall Co,TN

Posted by: Richard (ID *****2474)
Date: April 17, 2002 at 09:13:11


Alex. & Eliz. were proably md in Maury Co, TN, and I have not yet been able to find them in 1830 Federal Census. Apparently, they had some marital difficulties, and were possibly not living together during this census.

Alex. was listed as a head of household in 1840 FC of MUTN. His wf would have been in right age group for wf Elizabeth listed with him in 1850 FC of MUTN, as follows: YOUNG, A. 45 KY, Elizabeth {Lewallen?) 42 NC, Almanza(Halmanza) 13 TN, John 17 TN, Mary 9 TN, Martha 7 TN, Newton 5 TN, BUTLER, I.(saiah)W. 26 TN & Eliza (Young) 21 TN(Isaiah &
Eliza were md Dec 4 1849 MUTN). For some strange coincidence, A.(lex'r) Youing was listed as h of h in the one volume index of the h's of h of the 1850 FC of TN, but this family was not included in the 8 vol set of the 1850 FC of TN that includes names & ages of complete household.

Apparently, Alex. & Eliz. were either missed in 1830 FC, or living in household of an unk h of h, or they were still seperated in 1830. I am assuming they got back together by 1840, and that the Eliz. in 1850 FC was Eliz. Lewallen, and not a completely different Eliz.

On Jan 30, 1851 MUTN, John C Young md Elizabeth Haley, step dau of John Adkins, and on Aug 17 1852 Marshall Co, TN, Halmanza Young md James Adkins, presumed son of John Adkins(Alexander Young's mother was MISS Adkins).

I have not yet found ANY records of this family after 1852 MSTN. I have not yet found Alex. or Eliz., or their youngest three children that I have not yet found any marriages for, in any 1860 FC. Have also not yet found Isaiah or Eliza (Young) Butler(or his presumed brothers, Eli & Marion, poss francis Marion Butler of 1850 MUTN), or John C or Eliz. (Haley) Young, or James or Almanza/Halmanza (Young) Adkins in any 1860 FC.

This whole family, along with poss Butler in-laws, completely disapeared from any further records of any area where any of their other family members were known to have lived in 1860. Thanks in advance for any clues of any kind to share with us Young fam reseachers, Richard


John Young Sr. b. 1757, d. 1826

Posted by: D Pieplow (ID *****1895)
Date: January 16, 2007 at 16:35:27

Looking for family of John Sr. His Parents? Where was he born? Which "Young" was it that came to America and where? Most of my family, was in Scott county, TN or in Kentuckey.

John Sr married ??? He had a son, JOHN ANDREW YOUNG b. 1779 who married POLLY (SARAH) SMITH. Their son, MATTHEW YOUNG b. 1815 and he married RHODA ANN LEWELLEN.

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