Jonathan Luallen/Llewellin

Cindy Lewallen - Apr 26, 2009

This was posted at World Connect some time ago, and I cannot retrace where it was located. Rita Fishburne, who has been invited to this site also has come up with the theory of Jonathan being Wiley's father. This is what was stated. 1. William Lewallen/Lewelling, Llewellyn was born in Charlotte County, VA about 1740 to Jesse Luallen and Anne Owens. William died in 1799 in Randolph County, NC. He was married to Mary Dawson. Children of William Lewelling were: i. Joseph Luallen in 1763 ii. Thomas Luallen in 1766 2. iii. Jonathan Luallen in 1769 iv. Abednego Luallen' v. Shadrach Luallen vi. Jean vii. Meshach Luallen in 1787 In the 1790 South Carolina census, there is a Jonathan Llewellin living with one female. Jonathan married (1)? and (2) Jane ? Children of Jonathan and (1)? were i. Rebecca Luallen b abt. 1798 3. ii. Wiley Luallen b. 1795, NC iii. McLaren Luallen, b 12/15/1797 NC, m. Edith Newby 5/28/1825, Rancolph Co., NC b abt 1800 iv. Elizabeth Luallen, b abt 1799 v. Mary Luallen, b 1805 m. Charles Calvin Luther, 5/5/1829, Randolph Co., NC vi. Sarah Luallen, b 1808, NC d bef 1860, AL Children of Jonathan and Jane ? (possibly Coshatt) vii. Lavinia Luallenm b bet 1820 - 1825 viii. Dawson Luallen, b abt 1825 ix. Ann Luallen, b bet 1825 -1830 x. John Luallen, b bet 1830-1831 In 1800, Jonathan Lewallin is living in Hillsboro township Randolph County , NC, with Mary next door, which would be after William's death in 1799. In 1810 Jonathan Lewallen is living in Randolph County, NC with a Shadrach Lewallen close by. In 1830 Jonathan Lewallin is still living in Randolph County, NC with Jane, with Dawson, Ann, Lavinia and possibly John. No one seems to know very much about Jonathan, so if anyone can shed some light on him it would be helpful. There were several Jonathans, one was Joseph's son and the other was perhaps a brother of William, born to Jesse Luallen and Anne Owens, after 1745. For those of us tracing Wiley, Jonathan would be an important link to William Lewelling/Lewallen that is now missing. Any thoughts, anyone?

Billie Harris - Apr 26, 2009

Thanks for posting this, Cindy.   I'm going to print it out and study it some but because I've done so much research on the Randolphs, one famous one being from Charlotte County, I know Charlotte wasn't created as early as 1740 and so far none of us have found any Lewallens in Charlotte County.   I know you're just as anxious to find out who Wiley's father was as I am so any theory is welcome and we can discuss it.   It could have been Jonathan for all I know but for some reason Jesse keeps coming back to me as a prospect - the Jesse showing in Wake County, North Carolina, with Anderson and Moses.   Anderson and Moses were from Prince Edward County, Virginia, and I believe Jesse was, too. I think Jesse might have been Anderson's son, but I don't know that for certain.

And since Wiley named his first son James, I have considered the James Lewelling from Norfolk County VA that married Annis Owins July 1776 as Wiley's father.   I doubt it, but I've considered it just the same.  

If you turn up anything else, please post it.   We need to discuss all possibilities so keep up the good work.   I do appreciate it.