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(Need to check other postings.   Only one so far is Lewis C. Lewellyn)

Note:   there was a John I Lewellen in 1st Regiment Riflemen (Humphrey's) Pennsylvania Militia War of 1812 and a John J. Llewellyn 1 Regiment Riflemen (Humphrey's) Pennsylvania Militia War of 1812 (probably same man)  


1840 - Census shows:   John Lewellin in Kiskinmintos, Armstrong County with 4 free white persons under 20, one age 20-49 and 6 free whites total

Created 1771 from Cumberland

Created 1682,original county

1739 - Joseph Burson moved from Philadelphia County to Bucks County

1759 - "Lewellen, Deborah, (formerly Burson) daughter of Joseph removed sometime past to Pennsylvania where she marred out of unity to Shadrach Lewallen (a non member) appeared here and offered a paper under her own hand to acknowledge her marriage out of unity which was accepted 27 Oct 1759, received on certificate from Richland MM (Bucks Co. Pa) her conduct has been orderly except her marriage out of unit.   (This is about of sojourn).   Shadrach (husband of Deborah) and children:   Isaac, Ann, Margaret, Meshek, Deborah, Mary and Hannah received by request 31 August 1776."
   (She was the daughter of Joseph Burson and Rachel (Potts) Burson and granddaughter of George Burson and Hannah (Goode) Burson.)

Created 1682, Original county

1669 - Thomas LLEWELLYN granted Deed 14 July

1681 - Pennsylvania Archives shows on pages 11, 181, 19 - MAURICE LLEWELLIN, 19/20 Jan. 1681
1681 - Chester County Township of Haverford shows MORRIS LLEWELLYN in a deed dated Jan. 19, 500 acres

1682 - MORRIS LLEWELLYN born, son of MORRIS and ANN (YONG) LLEWELLYN.   Morris and Ann's other children were David born 1673 in Wales, Mary born 1676 Wales, and Griffith born 1689 in the U.S.   (Ann was the daughter of David Yong and was born 1647.   (Young ? )   Morris Llewellyn was born at Castle Beith, Pembrokeshire, Wales 1645.   They were married Feb. 13, 1673. (NOTE:   Dates of marriages of his children are given and are enumerated below except for Griffith.   Griffith married Elizabeth Thomas and their children were:   John (married Martha Thomas), Marianna, Ariedne, Elizabeth (married Capt. John Young).   Griffith apparently married a second time, naming Mary in his Will. )

1683 - "Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania" ..."The oldest land corner-stone extant (discovered by Samuel M. Garrigues, surveyor, of Bryn Mawr, in 1889) is on the line of HANNA LLEWELLYN to whom descended some of this land, and land of Haverford College, on the north side of Cobbs Creek.   This stone, set up in 1683, probably by MORRIS LLEWELLYN as deputy surveyor, approximates the date of ownership of land here by the Llewellyns and marked the corner of the land of Thomas Ellis, on the south, DAVID LLEWELLYN on the west, and MORRIS LLEWELLYN on the east, as on the east face of the stone is cut C-D M L, and on the west face C-M D L L - T E 1683...."

1689 - GRIFFITH LLEWELLYN, son of Morris and Anne (Yong) Llewellyn was born.

1694 - "Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania" shows:   "Benjamin Humphrey inherited 212 acres of land in Havorford from his uncle, John Humphrey, about where the village of Bryn Mawr, formerly called Humphreyville, stands, and adjacent to Rowland Ellis' land and resided near the present Bryn Mawr College grounds.   He d. 4 Nov. 1738 age 76 hears.   He m. 1694 Mary, daughter of MORRIS LLEWELLYN of Haverford.   Trustees John Roberts and GRIFFITH LLEWELLYN...'
1694 - A will of David Morgan dated Dec. 15 was witnessed by MORRIS LLEWELLYN
1694 - EDWARD LLEWELLYN was buried at Haverford Dec. 12.   (no one has been able to establish a relationship of Edward with Morris.)
1694 - MARY LLEWELLYN, daughter of Morris and Anne, married Benjamin Humphrey.   They had seven children:   John born July 8, 1695, Joseph born Nov 11, 1697, David born May 8, 1700, Daniel born Feb. 6 1703, Owen born Nov. 27 1713 (married Sarah Embree), Ann (married Oct 23, 1742 Gerrard Jones, and Elizabeth (married John Scarlett.)

1697 - "Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania" - "MORRIS LLEWELLYN of Haverford...bought by deed dated 1.1.1697-8 for L100 a tract of 500 acres, in Haverford, from the estate of Nathaniel Pennock who died 15.10 mo. 1697, the heir of George Collet of Philadelphia, a glover, who had bequeathed his right in 10 mo 1686 to Nathaniel, a minor.   The said Nathaniel died unmarried and his father, Christophe Pennock, administered his estate, and conveyed the right to the 500 acres to Llewellyn.   This land was a portion of 5,000 acres Penn had sold, 14.6 mos 1682, to Joshua Holland   of Chattom, Kent, mariner, whose son, John Holland of same place, a shipwright, had power of attorney to sell 1,000 acres and therefore sold 500 acres on west side of river Schuylkil for L 25, by deed of 13.3 mo 1685, to said George Collet."

1699 - Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania shows David JONES of Wales had a certificate from MM in Havorfod West dated 4/1 mo. 1699-00.   Signed by ANDREW LLEWELLYN
1699   - Welsh Settlement ... "DAVID JONES removed from Wales with his wife Katherine and two children about 1700, and bought 350 acres of land, located in Blockley tp at Haverford road and 63rd street.   His sister, Ellen Jones m. Robert Jones of Merian, a son of John ap Thomas, the associate of Dr. Jones.   He was a prominent Friend in both counties.   The friend's minister, William Edmundson, in his Journal (printed) mentions him.   He brought his certificate from the monthly meeting at Hendri Mawr, dated 24 12 Mo 1699-00, signed by Robert Vaughan, Cadwalader Ellis, Evan Res, Edward Ellis, ROWLAND OWEN, Thomas Cadwaldder and John Robert.   He also had a certificate from the men's meeting in Havorford West adted 4.1 mo 1699-00, and among the signers were ANDREW LLEWELLYN
1699 - A will dated July 22, 1699 was witnessed by John Roberts and DAVID LLEWELLYN

1701 - MAURICE LLEWELLYN is shown with 420 acres in Haverford
1701 - "Welsch Settlement..." - "MORRIS LLEWELLYN's 420 acres in Haverford were surveyed to 490 acres, before 16.12 mo 1701 when he requested of the Commissioners warrant for the usual bonus of 10 acres of the Liberty land, which was granted and ordered surveyed to him..."

1705 - Radnor MM (then Haverford MM) records 9 mo (Nov. 3 1705.   Robert Ellis of Merion and Margaret Jones of Gwynnedd at Gwynnedd.   Witnesses, Column 3:   Jane Jones, Gwen Lewis, Eliz. Ellis, Cathe Ellis, Anne Evan, Jane Evan, Gainor Rowland, Sarah Evans, Jane Ffoulke, Sarah OWENS, Gwen Evans, Margaret Humphrey, Susanna Roberts, Kath, Griffith, GAINOR OWEN, Rebecka OWNE, Jane OWEN, Sarah Meredith.   Colun 4 under bride and groom:   Rowland Elis, Wm. Jones, Rowland Ellis Jr., Jno Jones, Wm. Lewis, Edd Ffoulke, JOS OWEN, Tho. Evan, Jno OWEN, Tho. Jones, Jno Griffith, Tho FFfoulke, Benja. Humphrey

1706 - DAVID LLEWELLYN married Margaret Lawrence of Haverford.   She died and he married again 1709.
1706 - MORRIS LLEWELLYN married Elizabeth Thomas.   They had one daughter, Ann who was born June 20, 1707.   She married David Price.   In 1733 Morris married again.

1709 - Abstract of Marriage Certificate for 2nd marriage (Radnor MM, then Haverford MM):   8 mo (Oct) 10, 1709.   DAVID LLEWELLYN of Haverford, widower, and Margaret Ellis of Gwynnedd, widow, at Gwynned Meeting.   Wit.   MORRIS and MARY LLEWELLYN, Rowland Ellis, William and Jane JOHN (NOTE above that Margaret Jones married Robert Ellis in 1705.   )   They had a daughter Ann born ca 1713/14 and they may have had a daughter Margaret

1712 - "Welsh Settlement..." - "Before the Land Commissioners, 27.8 mo 1712 'MAURICE LLEWELLYN' produced a deed from James Thomas of Merion, conveying to him 100 acres in Merion, whereon the said James and his father had been seated.   On official survey it was learned there were 137 acres in this place.   But when his brother DAVID LLEWELLYN surveyed it, he found only 30 acres over, so MORRIS, taking benefit of all doubt, agreed to pay L 15 'at the next Spring Fair of Philadelphia' for 27 acres.   The chain of title for this land starts with Penn's sale to Davies, and his conveyance by deed, 10 6 mo 1686 to one Steel of Llancillis parish, in Caermarthanshire, and Ellis Ellis of Haverford 410 acres in Merion...."   (There was more on this, the last entry being 1713, 22. 5 mo. The commissioners confirmed this land to MORRIS LLEWELLYN, amounting to three lots, 100, 130 and 400 acres, bought of Lewis David, Gent."

1713 - ANN LLEWELLYN was born Nov. 1 in Haverford Twp, Chester (now Delaware) Co PA.   She married WILIAM YOUNG.   Their children were Llewellyn Young (married Aradne Llewellyn Aug 5, 1772 Christ Church, Philadelphia) and JOHN YOUNG who married Elizabeth Llewellyn

1714 - Letters of Administration on the estate of Abraham Musgrave of Haverford were granted 11 Mo. (Jan) 27, 1714.   Administrators Gainor Musgrave, William Lewis.   Securities, Jonathan Cockshow, David LLEWELLYN.  
1714 - Bural records Aug. 9 of David Lewis, servant of MORRIS LLEWELLYN
1714 - June 14.   Will of MORRIS LLEWELLYN made.   He died Nov. 19, 1730 and is buried in the burial ground at Haverford Meeting House.
1714 - DAVID LLEWELLYN was born June 1.   He married (10 Hannah Parry, daughter of John Parry and HANNAH LLEWELLYN.   He married (2) Ann Maris May 24, 1939.   She was born 1714 in Springfield twp, Chester (now Delaware) Co., PA.

1715 - DAVID LLEWELLYN listed as a taxpayer in Haverford

1716 - John Burson died

1719 - Joseph Burson married Rachel Potts and were Quakers as were most of the Bursons
1719 - Will of Philip Price, oversser MORRIS LLEWELLYN.   (According to a map in the book, Morris, David and John Llewellyn lived in adjoining lands)
1719 - Will of Margaret Thomas of Merian, widow, marked 23 April in presence of John (Marked), GRIFFITH and MARY LLEWELLN
1719 - "Before the land commissioners 27 8 mo 1719, 'MAURICE LLEWELLYN, produced a deed from James Thomas of Merion, conveying to him 100 acres in Merion, whereupon the named James and his father had been seated.   On official survey it was learned there were 137 acres in this place.   But when his brother DAVID LLEWELLYN surveyed it, he found only 30 acres over...
   "The old farm house of the LLEWELLYNS, called 'Castle Br'th' is still standing

1730 - MORRIS LEWELLIN, Haverford, County of Chester, Yeoman. 6 mo. 14, 1714/5.   November 19, 1730. Philadelphia County Book E. 141.   Children DAVID, MORRIS, MARY HUMPHREY, GRIFFITH.   Exex.   GRIFFITH LEWELLIN.   Wit:   JOAN LEWELLIN (her mark), Thomas OWEN (his mark) Joseph Ambler

1733 - MORRIS LLEWELLYN (II) married Catherine Bynan, widow of Henry Lewis.   They had five daughters:   Cisly (married Alexander Cruikshank), Mary (married James Truman), Elizabeth (married George Webster), Catherine (married Isaac Taylor) and Margaret (married Evan Evans).  

1734 - The Evans family in Lower Merion Township, Montgomery co., PA has been evident since the beginning:
"We herewith present a list of the land-holders and tenants residing in Lower Merion on 1734, copied from the original manuscripts prepared by the constable for Thomas Penn. It contains fifty-two names, and to their descendants cannot fail to prove interesting. Excepting four or five names, the balance are probably all Welsh, which will show how extensively they were the original settlers here: John (son of Mathias) Roberts, Hugh Evans, Robert Jones, Robert Roberts, Robert Evan, Rees Price, Edward Jones, Abel Thomas, Benjamin Eastburn, Jonathan Jones, William Haward, Richard Hughs, MORRIS LEWELLEN, Benjamin Humphrey, John Humphrey, Joseph William, Rees Thomas, William Thomas, Peter Jones, Humphrey Jones, John Griffith, Catharine Pugh, Rees Phillip, Joseph Tucker, James John, Thomas John, John Lloyd, GRIFFITH LEWELLEN, Robert Roberts, David Jones, William Walton, David Davis, Joseph Roberts, John Roberts, David Price, Issachar Roberts, David Price, Jr., Lewis Lloyd, John David, Robert (son of Peter) Jones, Thomas David, John Evans, Eleanor Bevan, Owen Jones plantation, Evan Harry, Nicholas Rapy, John Roberts (carpenter), Evan Rees, Samuel Jordan, James Dodmead, Edward Edwards and Garret Jones."

1736 - Will of John Huges of Merion 2 Jan. witnessed by GRIFFITH and MORRIS LLEWELLYN.   Griffith was the Trustee.

1739 - DAVID LLEWELLYN (born 1714) married as his second wife Ann Maris May 24.   (The only son given for him is William born about 1765 - unsubstantiated)

1740 - Article in the Pennsylvania Gazette dated May 8.   "Mary OWEN Elopes from her husband Peter OWEN.   "Whereas Mary the wife of Peter Owen of Concord Township, Chester County, hath eloped from her said husband and now lives in Philadelphia and goes by the name of Morris.   This is to warn all persons not to trust her on her said husband's account, for he will not pay any debts she shall contract. " April 14 1740.   Peter OWEN

1742 - ca.   Catherine LLEWELLYN (born ca 1718) daughter of Morris, married ISAAC TAYLOR

1748 -   William Llewellyn born.   He died at Charlestown, Chester County Nov. 26.   He was a Private in the Revolutionary War under Capt. John Lyndsay, Col. Caleb Davis, 6th Batt, Chester Co. Militia.   His wife was Susanna Wilson.   (Per DAR records)


1765 - WILLIAM LLEWELLYN was born about this year.   He married Mary Lukens, daughter of William Lukens and Catherine Evans.   She was born 1764 and died Feb. 4, 1849.   their sons were DAVID LLEWELLYN, born ca 1798, WILLIAM LLEWELLYN born ca 1800, and PARRY LLEWELLYN born about 1803.   NOTE:   William may have been born in a different county.   This information needs verification. .  
NOTE:   William Llewellyn moved to Morgan County, Ohio.   See Ohio - Chronology.

1790 - Census shows DAVID LEWELLING pg 64   Nthingham Twp,   1/0/5/0/0
         Census shows WM LEWELLING, Page 60, Charlestown Twp, 3/3/4/0/0

1800 - Census shows John Llewellen, ? Llewellen
         Census shows James Atkins and William Atkins
             (Note:   I've included Atkins because John Young married a Miss Atkins ca 1803)

1810 - Census shows William, David and Elizabeth Lewellin

1820 - Census shows:
   David Lewellyn.   On same page:   Davis, Funk, Youngren, Bane, Hampton, Conrad
   Thomas Lewellyn
   William Lewellyn
   Elijah Llewellyn
   Widow Lewellen on same page as Watkins, Valentine, Baldwin, Davis, McMean, Haley

1830 - Census in Haverford Township:
   DAVID LEWELLEN with two males under 15, one male under 40, one female under 20 and one female under 30.   Other families in this area:   Humphrey, Taylor, Moore, Kelley


1860 - Catherine Kahley Llewellyn died.

1892 - John Llewellyn (b. England, husband of Catherine) died.   Buried Beech Creek Cemetery.   (See Schuylkill County, PA)

Created 1750 from Lancaster

1794 - John Douglas was born in Crawfordsville.   He was in the War of 1812 and honorably discharged.   He married Elizabeth LeFevre.   In 1842 they moved to Wells County, Indiana and then 1852 with his families and their spouses, left St. Louis Missouri for Oregon.   On the route, his wife died.   One of his son-in-laws was JOHN LEWELLING


1790 - Census shows DAVID LEWALEN, pg 100 Haverford Twp, 3/1/2/1/0

1800 - Census shows William Llewellyn

1810 - Census shows:   William Llewellyn

1820 - Census shows:
     David LEWELLEN.   -1 - 1 - -     - - - 1   On the same page were:   Harden, Helms, Russell, Field, Smithe, Ellis, and John OWENS
   Widow Lewellen.   Same page as Watkins, Valentine, Baldwin, Davis, McMean, Haley

1823 - ca.   "History of Morgan County, Ohio..."   "William LLEWELLYN came from Delaware County, Pennsylvania to Muskingum County, Ohio and thence in 1830 to Penn Township, Morgan County.   His son, Thomas, one of the oldest residents of the township, now resides in Pennsville.   Parry Llewellyn came a little later to this township where he died in 1879.   The Llewellyns were Friends.   Parry married Rebecca Sidwell and was the father of Elizabeth (Coler), Baker, Sidwell (dead), Mary (Hopper), Caroline (Hooper), Melissa (Parson), Jesse and Maggie A. (Waterman.)"

1830 - Census shows in Haverford township:
   David Lewellen with two males 10-14, 1 male 30-39, 1 female 15-19, 1 female 20-29, 1 fmale 60-69, 2 free colored females 24-35, 3 whites under 20, 2 whites 20-49, 6 whites total, 2 free colored total.   On same census page Mordacai Humphrey, John Taylor, Moore, Kelley, John Russell

Created 1783 from Westmoreland

1780 - Lewis Duval filed a deed of indenture making sure that his land would go to his sons with the provision that his wife could live there for the remainder of her life.   In the event that his sons and wife predeceased him, the land would go to his daughters.   In the document he named his children as Dennis, John Lewis, and Daniel, Catherine, Margaret, and Jean and his wife as Margaret Driscal.   The Deed was filed 1780 in Monongalia County, VA but luckily was filed 1806 in Fayette because the courthouse in Mongalia County burned.   (Lewis and Margaret Driscal Duvall were the parents of Catherine Duvall who married John Lewellen who died in Preble County, Ohio.   John Lewellen was in the Revolutionary War, enlisting in Pensylvania.
   Lewis and Margaret appear to have resided on the same piece of land from settlement around 1776 to their respective deaths.   The land in question, named :Strife" and located on Grassy Run, is located in Springhill Twp, Fayette Co, PA.   It is situated very close to the present day border with WV.   At the time of the indenture, 1780, the border between VA and PA was disputed.
   (Info from Landy Gobes)
(Note:   Since the deed was file 1780 and Fayette wasn't formed until 1783, the Deed may be in Westmoreland County)

1786 - Margaret Duvall had the land mentioned in 1780 above warranted and surveyed in 1786

1787 - the son of John and Caty (Duval) Lewallen,   Thomas was born 11 January 1787 in Pennsylvania .   (Parts of Monongalia County went back and forth between Pennsylvania and (West) Virginia .) Their daughter Martha was born 26 Feb 1789 in Pennsylvania
NOTE:   Since Caty's parents lived in Fayette County, I'm placing this posting in the county, too, until we can confirm which county they lived in.   It may have been Washington County instead of

1810 - Census shows no Lewallen but it does show Margaret Duvall.   On the same census page:   Carrico, Smith, Barnes, Lion, Bottom, Morgan, Isaac Young

1820 - Census shows Asa Luallen   (See Monongalia County, West Virginia).   No other Lewallens or variations.   Also on the same page or nearby were:   Isaac Young, Griffin, Truax, Mitchell, Lawson, Lyons, Morgan, Holt, Greathouse, Goodwin, Williams.  
NOTE:   Margaret Duvall in 1810 lived near Isaac Young, Lyon.
ALSO NOTE:   The daughter of John Lewallen (died Preble County, OH) married a Truax.

1830 - Census shows:
   Asa Lewellen with one male under 10, one male under 40, one female under 5, two females under 10 and one female under 30
   John Lewellen with one male under 5, one male under 30, on female under 30.
John and Asa are shown on the same census page along with other families including Lyons, Jenkins, Stenly, Williams, Levell, Dunlap

1842 - Elizabeth Jane Lewellen, daughter ofJames and Susannah (Wolfe) Lewellen was born.   She was the granddaughter of John and Jane (Gregg) Lewellen.   She was the first of James and Susannah's children to be born in this county.  

1847 - Lewis C. Lewellyn was born May 17 at Masontown, son of James and Susanna (Wolfe) Lewellyn, and grandson of John and Jane (Gregg) Lewellyn/Lewellen.   Lewis married Sarah Ellen Hague daughter of John and Nancy (Weltner) Hague.   John (born Wales.   He and his wife immigrated to Virginia and had James, William G (born ca 1816 and died 1880 and married Mary Norris).   James and Susanna (Wolfe) had Jacob (moved to Kansas, Jane (moved to Kansas), Susan (Morgantown, Monongalia County, W.V.) and Leroy (Allegheny Co., PA.)     Children of Lewis C. Lewellyn:   Clement Gregg, Elizabeth, Pearl, Almeda, Charles and Dana

1871 - Susanna (Wolfe) Lewellen, wife of James (born 1820) died.   She was born 1822.

1880 - Jacob M. Lewellen born 1824 VA shown in census.   Wife Elizabeth (1842) children William G. (1865 - note, he died 1942), Charles (1871), Annie (1868) and Edward (1873).

1899 - James Lewellen (born Aug. 10, 1820), son of John and Jane (Gregg) Lewellen died.  


1840 - Census shows:   John Lawlan in Montgomery, Franklin county with 3 free white persons under 20 and a total of 5 free whites.

Created 1796 from Washington County

1872 - Clement Gregg Lewellyn was born.   He was the son of Lewis and Sarah Ellen (Hague) Lewellyn (see Fayette County)


1865 - William T. Llewellyn married May 4, to Judith Yeoman, daughter of Charles and Marta (Beers) Yeoman.   William T. was born 1833 England and died PA 1896

Created 1729 from Chester County

1717 - Hugh Luallen was born.   His wife is unknown but he had at least two daughters, Martha and Mary, both of whom married Woffords in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.   (See Spartanburg SC and Madison Co, AL where Mary and Martha Wofford died.)   It is unknown where Hugh died but there is a Hugh L??llen in the 1810 Allegany County, Maryland census and it's possible he, too, died in Spartanburg.   It's impossible to read the entire last name of the Hugh in the Maryland census so whether it's Hugh Luallen or not, we don't know.   Hugh was a Quaker

1749 - Mary Luallen, daughter of Hugh, was born (not confirmed that it was in Lancaster)   She died in Madison County, Alabama, wife of Benjamin Wofford

1752 - Martha Luallen, daughter of Hugh was born (not confirmed that it was Lancaster).   She died Spartanburg County, S.C.,   Mar. 24, 1824, wife of Joseph Wofford.


1880 - Census shows Noah Llewellyn born 1845 Wales, Cecelia born 1844 Wales.   (She was a Davis before she married.)   Children:   Caroline born 1869 Ohio, David born 1871 Ohio, William born 1872 Ohio, Elizabeth 1875 Ohio, Aldine 1878 PA, and after the census was taken, Frederick was born 1880 PA.   This family moved from Trumbull County, OH, to Lawrence County.


1840 - census shows:   John Lalion, Covington, Luzerne County with 2 free white persons under 20, one free white 20-49 and a total of 5 free whites.

Created 1784 from Philadelphia County

1790 - Census shows John Leweling, pg 158     1/1/3/0/0
           Census shows Morris Lewellying pg 157   2/1/2/0/0

1799 - Elizabeth Lewellyn married Henry Werstler April 25 in St. James Episcopal Church, Perkiomen.

1800 - Census shows Morris Llewellyn

1810 - Morris Lewellin   and John Lewellin in census

1820 - Census shows
   Morris Lewellen
   John Lewellin

1840 - Census shows:   John J. Llewellyn in Lower Merion, Montgomery County with one free white under 20, two whites age 20-49, and a total of three whites.

1850 - Census shows:
   John J. Lewellen 62 PA, Eliza 67, Sarah Ann 38.   Living in same area:   Vandergriff, Taylor, Crawford, Keech
   William Lewellen 57 (1793 PA) living with the family of David Young, hotel keeper, 58 (1792), Harriett Young 40 and children John A, Jefferson, Angeline, Reese, David B., Davis, Matilda, Harriett, Edward P. Jane McArt, Margaret Clark and Thomas Smith.   William Lewellen's profession was that of a hosteler (stable hand/ groom)

Burial Record of Merion Meeting Graveyard (1707-1724), Montgomery County, PA:   "The LLEWELLYN homestead is still standing (1908) near the grounds of Haverford College.   One son settled in the neighborhood of Merion Square."

Created 1772 from Lancaster, Berks and Cumberland

1810 - Census shows Jacob Lallon


Will Abstracts 1714 - 1725/6:
[NOTE: broken link]

1689 - Dec. 25 at Gilbert's Manor, Joseph BURSON, son of George and Hannah (GOODE) was born.

1694 - Morgan David, Merion Twp.   Yeoman.   Land to sons John, Evan and David.   Wife Katherin David to have the residue of the land, she to be Executrix.   Daughters Catherine and Elizabeth sixty pounds to be equally divided.   Legacy to meeting house in Haverford.   William Howell, Morris Llewellyn, Francis Howell and David Lawrence to be overseers and Guardians.   Leaves legacy to meeting house in Haverford.   Mentions property called Chestnutt-well and Beach-well .   Signed with his mark 12/15/1694/95.   Proved 7/18/1695.   Witnesses Robert Owen, Rowland Powell, John Humphrey.

1705. Margaret Jones or John (born ca 1680 and died 1767) married Robert Ellis.   She was the daughter of John Jones or William Johns.   Her siblings were Jane Jones, Gwen Lewis, Elizabeth Ellis, Anne Evan, Jane Evan, Gainor Rowland, Sarah Evans, Jane Foulke, Sarah OWNES, Gwen Evans, Margaret Humphrey, Susannah Roberts, Katherine Griffith, Gainor OWEN, Rebecka OWEN, Jane OWEN, Sarah Meredith. (Note:   Some of this needs substantiation)

1709 - DAVID LLEWELLYN of Haverford, widower, married Margaret Ellis of Gwynnedd, widow, at Gwynned Meeting, August 10.   He died in Chester County.

1712 - Will abstract of William JOHN dated Aug. 11 and filed Nov. 1.   Names daughters Gainor, Ellin and Katherine, sons-in-law William Lewis and DAVID LLYWELLIN, John Hugh, Ellis David, Evan Robert, Edward Folk.   Executors to be wife Jane and son John.   Witnesses:   Robert Jones, Edward Foulke, Thomas Jones, Robert Jones and Evan Griffith.

1715 -   Aug. 15 - Joseph Burson married Rachel Potts   15 Aug, Gwynedd Mo. Mtg. (Joseph was the son of the immigrant, George Burson and Hannah Goode.)

p. 74, "Burson Family" ext. from "Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks" by Clarence V. Roberts: "George was the first American Ancestor of the Burson family of Springfield Township, Bucks Co., PA, having come from Scarborough, England about 1684.
He settled first in the neighborhood of Abington, Montgomery Co., PA.
He became a member of Abington MM of Friends. Believed to have been married in England, his wife Hannah accompanying him. He became affiliated with George Keith in his schism of 1692 and was disowned by Abington Meeting but was later reinstated. He located late in life on a tract of land on the Schuylkill in Gilbert' s Manor, where he died in 1715. His will, dated 26 Nov. 1715, probated 11 Feb. 1716. Sons James, Joseph, William and George, Jr. were named executors. Provided also for wife Hannah and two daus."
                         Last Will and Testament of George Burson
This the twenty-sixth day of Nov. in the year of our Lord 1715, George Burson, in Gilbert's Manor in the County of Philadelphia and Province of Pennsylvania, yeoman, being very weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God. Therefore, calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die do make and ordain this, my last Will and
Testament. That is to say principally and first of all I give and return my soul unto the hands of God that give it and for my body , I return it to the earth to be buried in a Christian-like and decent manner at the discretion of my Executors. Nothing doubting but at general Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God. And as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give, devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.
IMPRIMIS, I give and bequeath to Hannah, my dearly beloved wife all the movables to be used upon the plantation as long as they keep together with all privileges within doors and without doors, as if I was there, myself, having authority over my children as long as she remains my widow. Likewise, one hundred acres of land upon the upper part of the Estate for her lifetime uncultivated land for her proper use.
ITEM 2, I bequeath for my wife the privilege of killing or selling of the movables if need requires.Provided it be for the good and proper use of the family
ITEM 3, I bequeath unto my two daughters, Ann burson and Mary Burson, twenty pounds to each of them within seven years after my decease. And case of mortality the longer liver to have forty pounds.
ITEM 4, I give and bequeath unto my sons, William Burson and George Burson, three hundred and forty acres of lands as is computed beginning at the upper line extending by Skool Hill side of the lower line to be equally divided as followeth as my two sons, James Burson and Joseph Burson, whom I have appointed my two Executors shall find fit and in case of mortality to fall to the longest liver.
ITEM 5, I give unto my well beloved son, James Burson, a tract of land, as my deed and gift doth mention, and my little chest as a legacy and, likewise my carpenter tools, I give unto my two eldest sons, James Burson and Joseph Burson, equally divided betwixt them.
ITEM 6, I give unto my son, Joseph Burson, one grant of land in Gilbert's Manor as my deed of gift doth mention bearing date with my will and likewise one shilling to fulfill the law.
ITEM 7, I constitute my best beloved sons, James Burson and Joseph Burson, and ordain them my only and sole Executors jointly and severally of this my last Will and Testament, all and singular my lands by him freely to be possessed and enjoined and I do hereby utterly disallow revoke disannul all and every other former testament and will bequeathed and testifying and confirming this and not other to be my Last Will and Testament.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day and year above written.
George Burson {seal}
Signed, sealed, published and declared by said George Burson as his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us subscribers viz. Joseph Richardson, Joseph Wells, Elizabeth (?).   13th day of November 1715

1719 - Quaker records:   "Att our monthly meeting held att Gwynedd the 31th of the 1 mo 1719.   Humphrey Jones and Cathrine Jones Declared this intention of marriage with each other the second time and their proceedings are approved of.   Ellin Foulk and Gainor Jones are appointed to see that the marriage is orderly accomplished and bring their account to the next meeting.   List of people signing wedding certificate:  
   Humphrey Jones, s/o John Humphrey of Gwynedd m. Catherine Jones d/o William dec'd of same at Gwynedd mh, 2nd mo 23 1719.   Witnesses (male relatives): J. Humphrey, Jane Jones, Jno Jones, DAVID LEWELLEN, Robert Humphrey, Rbt David, Edward Roberts, Abel Thomas, Edward Robert, John Cadwalader, Jno Cadwalader, EVAN OWEN, Ellis Pugh, Richard Thomas, Edward Foulke, Jno Griffith, Evan Griffith, Thomas Evan, Jno Hugh, Robert Evan, Evan Lewis, Cadwalader Evan, Thoumas Foulke, Hugh Foulke, Cadwalader Foulke, Robert Jones, Roger Robert, Thomas Jones, Cadwalader Evan, Nathaniel Scott?, Ellis Hugh, women sign middle column below line:   Gainor Humphrey, Ellin Foulke, Jane Robert, Anne Robert, Mary Cadwalader, Martha Cadwalader, Alice Griffith, Jane Hugh, Catherine William, Anne Foulke, Elizabeth Foulke, etc.  
   Analysis of the certificate:
   Column containing male relatives:   J. Humphrey (father of groom), Jane Jones (mother of bride), John Jones (brother of bride), DAVID LEWELLEN (brother in law of bride), Robert Humphrey (uncle of groom), Robert David (relationship unknown, possibly an uncle of the groom - his mother is not known), Edward Roberts (uncle of groom), Abel Thomas (uncle of groom), etc.   (This would indicate David Lewellen's wife was a
   Female relatives column:   Gainor Humphrey (step mother of groom), Ellin Foulke (aunt of bride, sister of her mother), Jane Robert, Anne Robert (nee Humphrey, aunt of groom m. Edward Robert, etc.

1730 -   MORRIS LEWELLIN, Haverford, Co. of Chester, Pennsylvania. Yeoman. 6 mo. 14, 1714/5. November 19, 1730. Philadelphia County Book E.141.
Wit: JOAN LEWELLIN (her mark), Thomas OWEN (his mark), Joseph Ambler

1736 - Margaret LEWELLIN married William Phillips Nov. 5 in the First Presbyterian Church

1737 - Deborah Burson was born, daughter of Joseph and Rachel Burson (see Washington County)
1737 - Will of Benjamin Humphreys Jan. 7.   Wife Mary. Children John, Elizabeth, Ann, Lydia, Rebecca, Joseph, David and Daniel.   Executors:   Wife Mary and son Danie.   Trustees:   Brother-in-law GRIFFITH LEWELLIN and nephew Samuel Humphreys.   Witnesses:   John Busby Morris, GRIFFITH LEWELLIN and James LEWELLIN

1738 - Will abstract for Jane JONES from Wales, widow Jan 31, 1738/9.   Proved Feb. 6, 1741.   Children Catherine Jones, John Jones (his wife Margaret), Grandchildren:   William Jones (wife Jane, son of John and Margaret), Jane (wife of John Humprhey), Enos, Lewis.   Legacy to Jane, wife of John Griffith.   Executor John Jones.   Overseers (friends and relatives) Owen Evans and John Jones.   Wintesses John Davids and Amos Griffith

1740 - Article Title: The Pennsylvania Gazette
Article Date: May 8 1740
Article Description: Mary OWEN Elopes From Her Husband, Peter OWEN.
Article Text:
Whereas Mary the wife of Peter OWEN of Concord Township, Chester County, hath eloped from her said husband, and now lives in Philadelphia, and goes by the name of MORRIS. This is to warn all persons not to trust her on her said husband's account, for he will not pay any debts she shall contract.
April 14. 1740 Peter OWEN

1742 - Ann LLEWELLYN married William YOUNG, Feb. 19, First Presbyterian Church

1743 - Elizabeth Lluellen married George Webster Dec. 17, in the Church of Christ

1749 - MORRIS LEWELLIN, Will abstract.   Of Merion, Co. of Philadelphia. August 26, 1749/50. October 3, 1749. J.173.
Wife: Catherine. Children: Cisly, Mary, Elizabeth, Margaret and Catherine. Grandchildren: Morris Cran (Evan) and Lewellin Taylor.
Sons-in-Law and Exec: Evan Evans, Alexander Cruickshank, James Truman, Isaac Taylor.

1750 - GRIFFITH LLEWLIN, Will abstract.   Of Lower Merion, Co. of Philadelphia. 8 mo. 6, 1750. November 6, 1752. K.16.
Wife: Marianna. Children: John and ---.
Exec: Wife Marianna and son John. Wit: David Harry, Jr., James Truman, Mary Davis.
Codicil: 8 mo. 8, 1750.
Wit: William Thomas, David Harry, Jr
1750 - Will of CATHRINE JONES, widow June 15/ July 3.   Children:   John, Elizabeth Evans, Cathrine, Jane, Gainor and Humphrey.   Son in-law David Laurence.   Exec:   David Jones, Edward Foulke.   Guardians:   Thomas Evans Junr, William Foulke.   Wit:   John Evans (his mark), John Flacher, Jno Evans.

1765 - Jacob LEWELLIN married Elenor Tou in Swede's Church, Dec. 26

1776 - William LEWELLIN married Susanna Hackett Jan. 21, First Baptist Church

1783 - Elizabeth LLEWELLYN married John YOUNG in Swede's Church on Mar. 9

1800 - Census shows:
       John Lewallen
   Caldwallder Lewellen
       Philip Atkins

1801 - Hannah LEWELLEN married Zachariah Wood Dec. 21 in Christ Church

1820 census shows -
   Thomas Lewellin

1834 - Newspaper article about attempted murder of Thomas Llewellen

1840 - Census shows:   John Lewellan of Philadelphia County with two free whites under 20, two whites 20-49, a total of four

1850 - Census shows Catherine Lewellen (age ca 84) born ca 1766 Pennsylvania, living With Thomas Lewellen 59, Sarah 47
   Joseph Lewellen (age 70) born Pennsylvania ca 1780, Mary 68 PA, living with Joseph Lewellen 39, Ammey 26 and their family
   David Lewallen, born about 1815 New Jersey (age 34), Elizabeth 28 (born Maryland), Rebecca 11 born PA, Samuel 8, Ann 4, Sarah Draper 70 (born Delaware)

1855 - Joseh Corson LEWELLYN born July 22, son of DAVID and Huldah LEWELLYN.   He married Emma Clarinda May 1883 and had Ralph Corson, Clarinne, Mrs. Fred H. Baird, Veda (Mrs. Henry Liv---?)   He died Sept. 1925

1870 - Henry LLEWELLYN JONES born Feb. 11.   He was the son of Reuben Llewellyn Jones and Mary Jones Bartram, grandson of William Jones (1813-51) and Elizabeth LLEWELLYN.   Elizabeth Llewellyn was the daughter of REUBEN LLEWELLYN and Sarah Gaunt (source unknown)

1889   Elizabeth Llewellyn was born Feb. 5, 1889 Philadelphia.   In 1911 she married Elmer Summerhays who died 1955.   She died in Texas   and is buried in Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio, where she lived for 47 years, coming from Hammond, Indiana.   Survivors:   Mrs. Betty S. Thoman of San Diego, Richard of Fort Worth, Texas.   Her parents were Thomas Llewellyn (1855-1892) and Elizabeth (Rees) Llewellyn.   According to Ancestry,   Thomas Llewellyn   (1855-1892), her father,   was the son of Peter and Jane Ann Llewellyn.   Thomas was born 1824 Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, and died Oct. 25, 1892 Cook Co., Ill.   Peter was born 1824 and died 1893.   Jane Ann, Thomas' mother, was born 1814 and died 1888.   Thomas and Elizabeth's only children were Elizabeth and   a daughter Gwendolyn


1830 - Census shows in Norwegian Township:
     David Liewellen with one male under 5, one male 5-9, one male 10-14, one male 15-19, 2 males 20-29, one male 40-49, one female 10-14, one female 15-19, one female 40-49, total of 6 whites under 20 and 4 whites 20-49.   Others living nearby Daniel Smith, John Meyer, Abraham German, George Sborland, Benjamin Cole, Roster Stand, Joseph Wood, Reed.

1841 - Elizabeth A. Llewellyn, (daughter of John and b. Tuscarora, Schuylkill, PA, 1841, married Joseph W. Hurst or Hirst (spellings vary), a coal miner, and lived in Falls Township, Chase County, KS acc. to the 1880 census. Their children included: William Hurst, born IL/ Polly, b. IL/ Joseph, b. IW/ Mary, Iva, Maggie, Seth, all b. KS. Elizabeth died around 1893 in Deepwater, Fairview Township, Henry County, Missouri. The John Hurst family lived in Henry County, Missouri

1844 - John Llewellyn, a native of South ___ England, age 25, signed document of his intention to become a U.S. citizen.   His wife was Catherine Kahley, b. 1815 in PA.   (Both are buried in Clinton County, PA.


Created 1781 from Westmoreland
Created 1773 from Bedford County

RE:   John Lewellen:     "Llewellyn: Lewallen, Lewellen:   John: b c 1760-65   d a 2-25-1827 OH   m Catherine DeVall,         pvt,     CL   (info:   Continental Line)   PS (info:   Patriotic Service)   PA"
From the Pennsylvania State Archives
"Lewallen, John       County     WESTMORELAND     Unit   MILITIA   Certificate     746B       Paid 0.7.5 pounds   Certificate issued 12 Dec. 1785   Register, vol. A p 250     Militia Loan of 1 Apr 1784 $ 30 Mar. 1785, "Public Debt." Records of the Comptroller General at D.P.R."

1776 - ca John Lewellen served in the Revolutionary War.   He enlisted as a private from Westmoreland Co, in PA, served in the PA militia.   (certificate issued 1785 PA State Archives)

1776 - Shadrach (husband of Deborah (Burson) Lewellen and their children, viz Isaac, Anne, Margaret, Mesheck, Deborah, Mary and Hannah recd by request 31 March (Quaker record)

1779 - Lewellen, Rachel recd by request 27 June 1788, reported 25 Sept. 1799 as "guilty of fornication and bearing an illegitimate child.   Disowned 27 Nov. 1779, reported herself married out of unity to Hatfield (Jonas) and made acknowledgement which was accepted on report from Westland MM PA where she now resides and a certificate was issued to her to that meeting reinstating her 25 Oct. 1788, her acknowledgement being dated 23 Sept. 1786 (Quaker record)

1781 - Taxable, Bethlehem Twp - Phillip Laulian, 100 acres 1 horse 4 cattle 3 sheep

1783 - George W. Luellen came to Amwell Twp from the banks of the Ocheeche River in 'Old Virginia' and had 200 acres.   Married Margaret ?.   Children Asa, Betsy Slusher, Jessie, Reason, Polly Kearne, Milly Featherland.   893 Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington Co, Penn, page 1327     George W. Luellen is a grandson of Henry Luellen, who came from the banks of the Ocheeche river in "Old Virginia" to Amwell Twp, Washington Co, Penn, about 1783, and locating on the farm now owned by Grant Moninger, took up 200 acres of land. He was united in marriage with a Miss Barnet of Washington Co and to their union were born 3 sons and 4 daughters. [Children named]Asa, Mrs Betsey Slusher, Jessie, Reason, Polly Kern, Mrs Millie Featherland. Mr Luellen spent the rest of his life on the farm and was successful in business. Reason, son of Henry, was born in 1795, married Sarah Pettit and also a Miss Reynolds. He died 1853...[does anyone else have the complete transcript of this?]

1783 - Fayette County created from Westmoreland

1784 - Zadock Lewellen was born.   For more on him, see the posting on this site, as well as information in Iowa.

1785 - Tax list, Bethlehem Township - Phillip Luallen, farmer

1785 - Margaret, daughter of Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewellen "who hath removed some time ago over the Alleghany Mountains, granted certificate Hopewell MM, Frederic Co. VA.   Aug. 27.   (Cert. recd Westland MM)

1785 - See record of John Lewellen at beginning of the post for this county.

1786 - Margaret Lewallen married Isaac McNamee
1786 and 1787 - Deborah, Mary, Hanna, Shadrak and Ann Lewellen to Fairfax; Margaret McNamee to Fairfax (Quaker records)
1786 - Isaac Lewellen rec'd Westland MM Dec. 24 (son of Shadrach and Deborah.

1787 - Ann Lewellen - Fairfax MM Aug. 27 and dis. Nov. 24
1787 - Margaret McNamee (formerly Lewellin) recd Fairfax MM

1788 - Jonas Hatfield and Rachel (Lewellen) received in Westland MM (Quaker)

1790 - Census shows Alexander Lualin
1790 - Federal Census shows Francis Lewelling pg 255 Washington County - 2/2/5/0/0
         Federal Census shows Phillip Lewelling pg 257   2/4/5/0/0

1791 - Deborah Lewallen Jr. dis. from Westland MM (Quaker) (see Loudoun Co. VA)

1792 - Mary and Hanna Lewallen dis. from Westland (Quaker)

1793 - Tax List, Washington Co, Amwell Twp - Francis Luallen
           Tax List, Washington Co., West Bethlehem Twp - Henry and Phillip Luallin
           Tax List, Canton Twp - Samuel Lewallen

1795 - Reason Luellen, son of George Luellen, born.   He married Sarah Pettit and had Sarah Riggle, Simon (died in army).   Reason owned 180 acres and then another 360 in Iowa.   He died on his farm 1858 at age 63.

1800 - Census shows:  
   Amwell Twp - Francis and Henry Luallen (farmers)
Henry Lewellen 3/-/-/1/- 2/-/-/1/-
Francis Lewellen 3/2/-/-/1 3/2/-/-/1
   West Bethlehem Twp -
   Phillip Luellin (Cooper) and Zadock Luellin (single man)

1806 - Jonas and Rachel (Lewallen) Hatfield and their children - Deborah, Thomas, Martha, Rachel, Mary, Jonas, Ann, John and Nathan moved to Warren County, Ohio.   By 1810 they were in Wayne Co. Indiana

1806 - Warranties:   Francis Lewellin, Waranty 6/2/1806, Surv. Sept. 1, 1806, Pat. 7 - 1807 ? to warantee - (description hard to read)

1806 - Sarah Vantruse (form. Lewellen) recd mou. (Quaker)

1810 - Census shows:
   Henry Luellen
   John Luellen
   Phillip Luellen
   Samuel Luellen
   Thomas Luellen
   William Luellen
   Zadoc Luellen

1811 - Jan. 2.   Vol A page 57 deeds of Guernsey Co., OH:   William Carter and Elizabeth of Washington County Penn to Frances Lewellin of Washington Co., Penn.   (See Guernsey County, OH, for deed of Francis and Lucinda in 1817)

1812 - In Guernsey County, Ohio, Soldiers of War of 1812 included Henry Llewellyn of Capt. Beymer's Company.   Also Zadock Lewellyn was a soldier in the company commanded by Capt. Lowery in the Regiment commanded by Col. George Richardson and was drafted near Cambridge on the 20th day of Aug. 1913.     See Ohio and also see Iowa for Zadoc.

1816 - By this year Meshach Lewallen   (son of Shadrach and Deborah Lewallen) was in Randolph County, Indiana.   He was probably born in Loudoun County, Virginia.   Prior to Randoph County, In, he lived in Hardin County, KY, then Preble County, OH, so he left Washington County PA years before 1816.

1820 - Census shows:
   Asa Luellen, under age 30 with his family.   Other families in the area:   Coleman, Baker, Goodin, Elliott, Fisher   (Son of George Luellen)
   John Luellen (2)
   Phillip Luellen
   Rezin (Reason)Luellen
   Samuel Luellen
   Thomas Luellen
   Zadock Luellen

1821 - Will Book 3 of Washington Co, Penn
page 319 Henry Luellen of Amwell Twp will dated Dec 25, 1819 probated Jan 27, 1821
Executors: Asa Luellen; Reason Luellen; Jesse Luellen
Witnesses: Rev Mathias Luse; Philip Slaght; Henry Russel (did not appear)
Heirs: wife, Mary; sons, Asa, Reason, Jesse (rec'd land in Mead Twp, Belmont Co, Oh); dau's Elizabeth Slusher, Mary Luellen; Permela Luellen

1832 -SYLVAN M. LUELLEN, son of William and Elizabeth, born 1826, died and buried Amity cemetery.

1833 - ca.   John Lewellen said to have died this year.   see 1776.   Wife unknown

1839 - PERMELEA LUELLEN born March 27, 1839, died same year and buried Amity Cemetery

1842 - LEMUEL LUELLEN, born 1812, died Oct 9.   Buried Amity Cemetery
George LUELLEN, born Nov. 30, 1838, died and is buried Amity Cemetery

1843 - Sarah Luellen, wife of Reason Luellen, born 1824; died Nov. 7, 1843, age 19

1845 - Elizabeth LUELLEN, wife of Henry Luellen, born Dec. 28, 1812, died Dec. 24 and buried Amity Cemetery

1850 - Census shows:
   Zaddock Lewellen 72 (1778 PA), Andrew Lewellen 34, Emeline Wright 21, James Wright 4, Maorgan Wright 2, Andrew J. Hagerty
   Asa Lewellen age 60 born PA (1790), wife Eunice age 62, Mary 30, Thaddeus 24 and Nathan 13

1856 - Asa Luellen, born 1795, died Sept. 15, 1856 and buried Amity Cemetery

1858 - Reason A. Luellen, son of George W. and Rebecca M. Luellen, died Feb.   He was born June 2, 1857

1861 -   Coleman Luellen came from Monongalia County WV this year
Bates, 1888 Greene Co, Pa History, page 821
Coleman Luellen, carriage and wagon manufacturer at Mount Morris, Greene county, Penn., was born in Monongalia county, WVa Feb 8, 1840. He is a son of William G. and Mary Norris Luellen, also natives of West Va and of Welsh and English extraction. Mr Luellen was reared on the home farm in West Virginia, where he received his education. He worked on the farm until 1861, when he went to Greene county, Penn., to learn the blacksmith trade. He then enlisted under Capt J.B. Morris, in Co F 7th Va Vol Inf and served three years and two months. After his return from the war, Mr Luellen learned the wagon-maker's trade and has successfully engaged in that business at Mount Morris since 1868. He was united in marriage Oct 5, 1876 with Catharine, daughter of Philip and Rhoda Dulaney Hite. Their children were: Carrie L., Benjamin F., James W. and Luretta B. Mr Luellen is a Republican and a member of the G.A.R. Post, No 450. He and wife belong to the Methodist Episcopal church.

1864 - S. S. Luellen, son of Reason and Sara Luellen died Feb. 22 in service of his country, Alexandria, Virginia.   Born 1846.   Aged 15 years

1896 - Mary A. LUELLEN, wife of Jonathan Luellen, born Apr. 29, 1829, died June 19 and buried Amity Cemetery

1901 - Jonathan LUELLEN born May 2, 1827, died Sept 9 and buried Amity Cemetery

1911 - G. W. LUELLEN born 1825, died and buried Amity Cemetery

1914 - Rebecca M. LUELLEN, wife of G. W. Luellen born 1831, died and buried Amity Cemetery
1928 - RUSSELL L. LUELLEN, son of John B. and Nancy V. Luellen, Serg Co. h 10TH PA Inf. png, born 1893, died 1828 buried Amity Cemetery.

1934 - jOHN B. LUELLEN, born 1864, died and buried Amity Cemetery.

1939 - NANCY V. LULLEN, wife of John G. LUELLEN born 1868, died and buried Luellen Cemetery.


1782 - ca.   Co. of Westmoreland, Capt. Ross' Company.   Private - Philip Lewellyn, Sandusky Expedition


No date or place given for marriage of William H. Lewellyn of Marietta and Laura Ziegler, daughter of Samuel and Charlotte Danner Ziegler of York, Pennsylvania.   William H. Lewellyn died 1867 at age 58 and Laura died 1872 at age 52.


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