Roll of Prisoners Recd at Military Prison

Billie Harris - Jun 23, 2009

roll of Prisoners received at Military Prison, Alton, Illinois:

A. C. LoAllen, Private, Captured May 4, Dawsons Cav. Died Oct. 9, 1863 menengitis

J. B. Lewallen, private, 3rd Tex.   Captured near Vicksburg Oct. 6.   Transferred to Ft. Delaware Feb. 29, 64

John W. Lewellin, private, Porters Regt.   Captured Monior? Co., Mo. Nov. 22.   Exchanged June 12, 1863

Thomas Lewellen, private, Porters Regt.   Captured at Ralls Co., MO. Oct. 9.   Exchanged June 12, 1863

Robert F. Lewallen, private, Regt 1st Miss. Captured Hernando Miss. Apr. 18.   Exchanged June 12, 1863

M. (or W.) Lewellen, private, 154th Tenn.   Captured Tipton Co. TN. Feb. 28, 1863.   Exchanged June 12, 1863

Thomas Lewellen, Private, Porter.   Captured Ralls Co. MO. Oct. 20.   Sent to St. Louis MO. Mar. 16, 1863

(from Ancestry)