Anderson Lewallen's father

Billie Harris - Jun 29, 2009

Does anyone have an idea on who Anderson Lewallen's father could have been?

His is the first given name of Anderson in the Lewallens and it would seem to me it probably came from Anderson Rice. Following is what we have for Prince Edward County and that's where we first find Anderson Lewallen.   Also because Prince Edward was formed from Amelia, I've included what we have for that county.

Any ideas?   Maybe we can check them out.   To me it doesn't look as though it was Daniel but could it have been Jesse or Richard?   One of the reasons why I'd like to find out more about his family is because Wiley Lewallen who was born 1795 N.C. is connected to him.   My guess is that Wiley was Anderson's nephew but that's only a guess at this point.   Richard isn't a given name in Wiley's descendants nor is Anderson but Jesse is.  

If Anderson married 1784 and bought land 1786, then it would seem he would have been born sometime around 1764 and I believe that's the year most have said he was probably born.

Anyway, HELP


Created 1754 from Amelia County

1760 - 1 Mar deed from Abraham Womack of P & St. Patrick's Parish, to James Moore for 11 acres of land being part of a tract granted to Abraham Womack. Bounded by Henry Barksdale, Peter Gustavous' old line, the cleared ground, said James Moore, a new line agreed on by Abraham Womack and William Womack. Signed by Abraham Womack. Witness: Joseph RICE, ICay (+ his mark) Rice, Joseph Rice. Recorded Mar 12, 1760

1762 or 1763   - From a GenForum posting
   RICHARD LEWALLEN was born in Prince Edward Co, VA in 1763. He served in the
Revolutionary War for two/three months enlistment's, April 1781 through June
1781 September 1781 through November 1781. He volunteered in Prince Edward Co, VA where he lived at that time. He fought in the Battle of Yorktown
against Cornwallace. Richard filed for his pension August 29, 1832 in
Anderson Co, TN. He died less than one year later, May 8, 1833.
   I believe Richard was married 1st unknown, ( I suspect this because he was
thirty years old could have had a previous marriage, as some of the
children's birth dates are prior to this marriage to:) 2nd Grace Stokley
born ca 1773 in Norfolk Co, VA. (She was about fifteen years old.) They were
married March 30, 1793. in Norfolk Co, VA. (This could be in error she
could be the mother of the 1st 3 children of Richard Lewallen.) She probably
died in Anderson Co, TN about 1817. He married 3rd Parazeda Vowell June 1,
1818, Anderson Co, TN.
       From:   "Roster and Soldiers, The Tennessee Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution” compiled by Edythe Rucker Whitley, published by the Tennessee Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution shows the following:
   RICHARD LEWALLEN (Luallen) --- born 1763 in Prince Edward County, Virginia, and died May 8, 1833 in probably Anderson County, Tennessee.   Married (1) Grace Stokely, born 1773 in Norfolk Viginia, and died probably in Anderson County, Tennessee; (2) Parazeda Vowell in Anderson County, Tenn. On July 1, 1818.   Richard Lewellen entered service as a private in 1781 while living in Prince Edward County, Virginia.   NOTE:   Richard would have been the son of Daniel Lewellin - see 1785

1764 - On December 31, 1764, John Watson, Sr., sold to John Watson, Jr. of Prince Edward county, 250 acres for ten pounds. The land was on the upper side of Little Buffalo, bounded by Ryland Randolph, John Morton, and George Smith. Witnesses were Matthew RICE, Jr., John Morton, and Samuel Watson

1770 - Prince Edward Wills 1754-1776.   Page. 145.   “Account current of the estate of John RITCHIE dec’d. Debts include mention of: Andrew French, Thomas Caldwell, Thomas RICE, Samuel Baker, Vincent Wren, James Mcelroy, Samuel Richie, Josiah Morton, George Davis, John Thompson, Robt Elliet(sic), Hugh Mclroy, William Caldwell, Alex’r Richie, James Rockey, Revd Mr. Sankie, Christian Baker,...1770

1771 - 22 Nov 1771 Thomas Morton Jr, parish St Patrick, county Prince Edward, to John Richards of same, for 40 pounds, 134 acres of land on lower side of Sandy River in Prince Edward County adjoining Gravelly?s line & lands sd Richards bought from William Davidson; this is part of land granted to Royal & John Sutton Bowman sold to George Morton and then to sd Thomas. Signed: Thomas (his mark X wiggly) Morton. Wit: ICAY RICE, MAIDEN RICE, CHARLEY LEWELLING. Recorded 18 May 1772. (Prince Edward County VA Deeds, Vol 4, p 182)

1779 - Ica and Maiden Rice moved to Kentucky.   Per posting on GenForum:   Ica Rice and his wife Maiden went to Kentucky in 1779 and settled at Martin's Station. Ica was serving in Capt. Charles Gatliff's company and was killed by the Indians while hunting in May 1780. His wife Maiden along with her children (Mary, Jean, William, Anna, and Moses) were captured by the British and Indians (June 26, 1780) and taken to Detroit. Maiden remarried to John Stacy in 1784 and the family settled in Canada. Moses Rice, son of Ica and Maiden Rice, had a son named Ica Foster Rice

1779 - Charles Rice died.   His wife was Frances ? and their children were Anderson, Matthew, Suzannah, Rowlette, Charles (married Sarah Bryant July 1786) and Frances Rice.   (Note:   Both Anderson and Matthew Rice moved to Kentucky; Anderson is shown there 1790 and 1800, 1810 and 1820 shows Anderson and Matthew living next door to each other.   (NOTE, 2nd.   There was another Charles Rice who died 1785 in Goochland County, VA.   )

1780 - Feb. 1.   FREEMAN LEWELLEN of Prince Edward County applied for bounty land for his service in the French and Indian War (1754-63).   He served under William Byrd and assigned his right to the land to Robert Goode.   In 1790 Robert Goode received bounty land in Western Virginia (Kentucky, which Freeman Lewelling was entitled to 50 acres)

1781 - RICHARD LEWALLEN entered service as a pivate.

1783 - Feb 17. WILLIAM LEWELLING married   Hanna Smith (Register)

1784 - ANDERSON LEWELLING married Lucy Rice on June 8th. (Note:   Most Rice researchers give her father as Charles Rice (see 1779 when Charles Rice died, however she isn't mentioned as a daughter.)

1785 - DANIEL LEWELLIN   - Will dated 25 Feb. 1785, proved 18 july 1785.  
Wife Mary. Son Richard Lewellen.   Executor:   son, Richard Lewellin.   Witnesses:   Edmund Dayzell? Todd, Zachariah RICE, John Vaughn
1785 - Also in Prince Edward County but living a distance away was DANIEL LEWELLEN with 4 whites, one other and one building.   Whether related to Anderson, Jesse and William, it isn't known but until we find some evidence, then we can't connect them.  
1785 - ANDERSON LEWELLEN is shown living right next to JESSE LEWELLEN and WILLIAM LEWELLEN as well as Matthew Rice.   Matthew Rice was probably Anderson's brother-in-law since he married a MARGARET LLEWELLYN/Lewelling ( -- OR, was Matthew Rice old enough to have been a step-father of Anderson??? bh).   Anderson is shown with 3 whites, no other dwelling thee, and no buildings.   William is shown with 4 whites, one other and no buildings.   Jesse has 8 whites, one other and no buildings

1786 - Abraham Forrest of Amelia County VA sold to ANDERSON LEWELLING for 36 L a tract of land in Prince Edward County containing 72 acres.   Witnesses to the transaction were John Smith, RICHARD LEWELLING and JESSE LEWELLING.     (In many instances, you'll find those who witness these deeds are related to both the seller and the buyer and obviously Richard and Jesse must have been related to Anderson.)
1786 - May 13 Nicholas Vaughan and Elizabeth, his wife, of Prince Edward County, sells to JOHN LEWELLING of the same County for L 50 a tract of land in said county and in Amelia County containing 50 acres, adjoining lands of among others, ANDERSON LEWELLING.   Witnesswes were RICHARD LEWELLING, ANDERSON LEWELLING, MOSES LEWELLING

1787 - THOMAS LEWELLING –  Will dated 28 Oct. 1787, proved 20 Oct. 1788.  
Niece:   Lydia Rice, dau of Matthew & Margaret Rice. Executor:   Matthew Rice.   Witnesses:   Edmund D. Todd and Eliza Todd.
1787 - JOHN LEWELLIN –  Will dated 29 Oct. 1787; proved 16 June 1788.  
Brothers:   (1)   JESSE LEWELLIN (under age); (2) CLARBORNE LEWELLIN (3) MOSES LEWELLEN.   Father:   JESSE LEWELLIN. Executor, father JESSE LEWELLIN.   Witnesses:   Edmund Todd, NANCEY LEWELLIN   and NANNY LEWELLIN

1788 - Jan. 14   MOSES LEWELLING married Frances Chumbley, dau of John Chumbley.   Sur.   JESSE LEWELLING   (NOTE:   John Chumbley was in Amelia County as was Jesse - see Amelia above.)
1788 - THOMAS LEWELLING died and in his Will named his niece, Liddia Rice, daughter of Matthew and MARGARET Rice.

1789 -   “Deed Book 8 (1788-1790” page 188 shows that on Aug. 3, 1789, JESSE LEWELLING of the County of WAKE, State of NORTH CAROLINA, sells to Richard Phillips of the County of Prince Edward, State of Virginia …”
1789 - FREEMAN LEWELLING,   private, in command of William Byrd was granted land in the French War.   This land was assigned to Robert Goode in February Term of Court 1780.  
1789 - Deed Book 1 page 131.   ANDERSON RICE of Mercer Co. VA (probably should be KY) for good causes appoints his true friend Charles Chalwell his lawful attorney to sue for, receive, or recover of the person who is in possession of a tract of land in Prince Edward Co. containing 175 acres & which belonged to the father of Anderson Rice, Charles Rice, deceased, and same which Anderson claims as heir at law of Charles Rice since he is the eldest son.   /s/ Anderson Rice.   Witness:   William McDowell, Samuel McDowell, Nathan Rice.

1790 - WILLIAM LEWELLING –  Will dated 10 Feb. 1790.   Proved 19 July 1790.  
Executor:   Wife Hannah.   Witnesses Zachariah RICE, Thomas Howerton and Thomas Rice
NOTE:   William and Hannah (Smith) were married 1783; William lived next to Anderson, Jesse Lewallen and Matthew Rice.)

1806 - Dec. 15.   Thomas Oliver married LUCY LEWELLING, dau of FREEMAN LEWELLING, deceased.

1809 - WILLIAM L. LLEWELLYN was born August 2. son of ANDERSON LEWELLING.

1811 - ca.   ANDERSON LEWELLING and his family moved to Morgan County, Tennessee (per Rick Llewellyn)

1816 - Ann Fleming married Sterling RICE 3 Feb

1824 - “Journey to the Island of St. John” by Harvey, contains an article on the emigration of JOHN LEWELLIN, born in Wales in 1778 and came to Prince Edward Island with his wife and four sons and two daughters in 1824.   It’s a lengthy article, from pages 175 through 179, but does not mention the names of his children or wife and because of its length, I have elected not to include it

Amelia County was formed 1734 from Brunswick and Prince George counties

[NOTE: broken link]

1736 -   This Indenture made this ninth day of September 1736 Between Charles Burkes of Amelia County of the one part and Daniel Lewellin of the same County of the other part Witnesseth that the said Charles Burkes for his Love and affection which he hath and beareth towards his son Daniel Lewellin above named but more especially for and in consideration of the sum of five pounds to him in hand paid the rec’d whereof he hereby acknowledges that given granted and by these presents does freely absolutely and clearly give and grant to the said Daniel Lewellin his heirs and assignees forever Two hundred acres of Land lying in the County of Amelia on the lower side of Flatt Creek. Beginning at a Beach on the head line me— of Charles Burkes Junr. Thence along Charles Burkes Junr. Joins to a line of __ trees. Thence along that line to the said Burkes side . Line thence up the said line to the beginning it being part of one thousand acres of land granted to the said Charles Burkes, patent together with all appurtenances to the same belonging to have and hold the aforesaid two hundred acres of land with the afore written premises and all its Appurtenances unto the said Daniel Lewellin and his heirs forever in witness whereof the said Charles Burkes hath hereunto set his hand and seal this day and year above written.
     Signed Sealed and Delivered       his     Charles C. Burkes     mark
In presence of Tho Coompton, Edw.d Booker junr     Langford Owen
     At Court held for Amelia County November 12, 1736 Charles Burkes Senr acknowledged this his deed to Daniel Lewellin which is ordered to be recorded.
     Samuel Cobb   ClCt

1752 - THOMAS LEWELLIN, inventory of estate
Will Book 1, Amelia County, Wills 1735 –  1761, Bonds 1735 –  1754, by Gibson Jeffers McConnaughey
William Craddock, adm. For Thomas LEWELLIN, deceased, 28 May 1752, p. 56
Thomas LEWELLING, estate returned 25 June 1752 value 15/5/1, settlement mentions Jesse LEWELLING, Charles Burk, John Nash, William Craddock Richard Burk & Mr. Ligon (for coffin & digging grave) among others.

1752 –  Wills and Administrations Shows RICHARD LEWELLIN

1753 - William Craddock of the County of Amelia sells to SUSANNAH LEWELLING and to JESSE LEWELLING, her son of the same county.   (Susannah was the wife of THOMAS LEWELLIN)
Amelia County Deed Book 4, page 549:
         This indenture made this County fourth day of May in Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty three between William Craddock of the County of Amelia of the one part and Susannah Lewelling and Jesse Lewelling her Son of the same County of the other part Witnesseth that the said William Craddock for and in consideration of the sum of ten pounds current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the said Susannah Lewelling and Jesse Lewelling her Son __ receipt whereof he the said William Craddock doth hereby acknowledge have granted bargained sold aliened released and confirmed and by those presents do grant bargain sell alien release and confirm unto the said Susannah Lewelling for and during her life or widowhood and after her death or marriage to her son Jesse Lewelling and to his heirs and assigns forever one certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Amelia containing seventy acres be the same more or less and is all the land that lies on the South side of a small branch that makes out of a Great Branch of Sandy River and is part of a tract of two hundred and eighteen acres of land granted to the said William Craddock by patent bearing late the tenth day of October one thousand seven hundred and fifty two and all the estate   rite title intrust was ___ property claim and demand of him the said William Craddock on in and to the said land and promises and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders hereofwith there and every of there appurtenance unto the said Jesse Lewelling and his heirs assigns forever after the death or marriage of his mother Susannah Lewelling to the only proper use and ___ of him the said Jesse Lewelling his heirs assigns forever and the said William Craddock for himself his heirs executors and administrators do covenant grant and agree to and with the said Susannah and Jesse Lewelling her Son his heirs and assign in manner and form following that is to say that Mr. William Craddock now is and ___ ___ and ritefully seized of the aforesaid land and promises with the appurtenances and hath good ritefull power and absolute authority to grant and convey the same to the said Susannah and Jesse Lewelling and to his heirs and assigns forever and that it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Jesse Lewelling his heirs and assigns and every of them from time to time and at all times forever hereafter. After the death or marriage of his Mother Susannah Lewelling to have __ __ occupy possess and enjoy all and singular the above mentioned land and promises with there and every of her appurtenances free and clear of and from all encumbrances. Whatsoever shall and will warrant and forever by those present defend & witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.
     William Craddock
Signed sealed and delivered
in presents of (no names)
         Memorandum that __ and __ of the within granted land and promises was made by the within named William Craddock to the within named Susannah and Jesse Lewelling according to the form and effect of the within deed.
     William Craddock
         Received May 24th 1753 of Susannah and Jesse Lewelling the __ money mentioned in the within Deed.           William Craddock
         At Court held for Amelia County the 24th day of May 1753 William Craddock __ into ___ and presented and acknowledged this his Deed for land and livery and __ and receipt endorsed __ to Susanna and Jessee Lewelling which is ordered to be recorded.
       Samuel Cobbs, Clerk

1754 - Amelia County VA Deed Book 5, pages 132-133:
         This indenture made the fourth day of April in the twenty seventh year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the Second and in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and fifty four Between Daniel Lewelling of the parish of Raleigh in the County of Amelia of the one part and George Burck of the parish and County aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Daniel Lewelling and his wife Mary for and in consideration of the sum of fifty pounds currant of Virginia to them in hand paid by the said George Burck at or by the first day of April next ensuring the date hereof the receipt whereof he the said Daniel Lewelling and his wife Mary doth hereby acknowledge hath granted bargained and sold alienes[?] enscoffed?] and confirm unto the said George Burck his heirs and assigns forever all that tract of parcel of land situated lying and being in the parrish of Raleigh and County of Amelia aforesaid on the lower side of the beaver pond branch of Flatt Creek containing by estimation one hundred acres more of less being part of two thousand one hundred and twenty acres granted Samuel Cobbs by patent bearing date the third day of June One thousand seven hundred thirty two and is bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning at an Elm in the beaver pond branch of the said creek thense along George Burkes line to Col. Harrissons corner hickory thense along the said Harrissons line to a white oak in the first small branch thence down the said branch as it meanders to the Beaver pond branch near the said Creek thence up the said beaver pond branch to the beginning with all woods underwoods swamps low grounds meadows floodings profit.   Commodities advantages involvements[?] hereditaments[?] and appurtenances whatsoever to the said tract or parcel of land belonging or in any wise… appurtaining and also the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders ranks and services of all and singular the said premises above mentioned and of every part and parcel thereof and all the estate right title interest claim and demand whatsoever of him the said Daniel Lewelling of in or to the premises or any part thereof to have and to hold all and singular the said tract or parcel of land and premisses above mentioned and every part and parcel thereof with the Appurtenances unto the said George Burcks his heirs and assigns to the only proper use and behalf of the said George Burcks his heirs and assigns forever and the said Daniel Lewelling and his wife Mary for themselves their heirs and assigns doth covenant and grant to and with the said George Burcks his heirs and assigns that he the said Daniel Lewelling his wife Mary and their heirs shall and will warrant and forever defend the above granted premises from the claim and demand of all persons whatsoever in witness wherefore the said Daniel Lewelling hath hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year first above written.
             his   Daniel     x       Lewelling       mark
             her   Mary     x Lewelling           mark
In presents of us Test: Thomas Wren, John Roberts. John Bently
           Memorandum That on the day and year within written full peaceable and quiet possession and seissin of the lands and premises within mentioned was had and taken by the within named Daniel Lewelling and his wife Mary and by them Delivered unto the within named George Burck to hold to him his heirs and assigns forever according to the true intent and meaning of the within Deed.
         his     Daniel     X     Lewelling       mark
         her     Mary     X     Lewelling           mark
In presence of us   Test: Thomas Wren         John Roberts

1754 - PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY formed from Amelia

1760 - John Chumbley is shown in the reconstructed census.   He was the father of Frances Chumbley who married Moses Lewelling in Prince Edward County 1788 and Jesse Lewelling was the bondsman.

1763 - Daniel Llewellin is mentioned in the Amelia Co. records as receiving a gift of 200 acres from Charles Burkes (who patented 100 acres originally in this country.)   the nature of this gift was a wedding present because Daniel Llewellin is on record as having married Mary Burke in 1763, the date of the gift (See Charles City County)   NOTE:   Charles Burkes is named in the estate of Thomas Lewelling 1752.  

1764 - Marriage   December 4, Stephen Cocke and Amy Jones, daughter of Richard Jones, who consents.   Witness to consent:   Llewellyng Jones and Andrew Redford.   Surety Llewellyn Jones

1766 - May 15, Marriage of John Crane and MARY LEWELLING, surety ALEXANDER LEWELLING
   Note:   John Crane MAY have been a son of Ambrose Crain whose family moved into Rowan, Surry and Wilkes NC., Knox Co., TN - this needs more research.

1786 - Apr 29 Abraham Forrest of Amelia County sells to ANDERSON LEWELLING for 36 L a tract of land in Prince Edward County containing 72 acres.   Witnesses were John Smith, RICHARD LEWELLING and JESSE LEWELLING

1786 –  May 13 Nicholas Vaughan and Elizabeth, his wife, of Prince Edward County, sells to JOHN LEWELLING of the same County for L 50 a tract of land in said county and in Amelia County containing 50 acres, adjoining lands of among others, AANDERSON LEWELLING.   Witnesses were RICHARD LEWELLING, ANDERSON LEWELLING, MOSES LEWELLING

1804 - Dec. 3   MOSES LEWELLING   married Sally Grant

Resa Miller - Jun 30, 2009

Are any of this places near Bedford Co. Va.?   Susannah Luellin is gggg-grandmother and married William McIntire there.   The marriage bond record says Aug 8,1779.   I'm trying to find out who her family is, either her siblings or parents.  
Would you keep her in mind while doing your research?   She is probably one of their sisters.   Maybe??

Billie Harris - Jun 30, 2009

Resa, I've wondered if there's a connection with the Bedford County family.   Why don't you take a look at what we have for Bedford.   Click on this and then scroll down to Bedford.   I'd appreciate your "take" on it.

[NOTE: broken link]

Resa Miller - Jul 6, 2009

The only Luellins or Llewellyns or Lewallens I have found in Bedford Co. was Capt. Daniel Luellin in the 1600's and the one's you have listed.   The one's in your history lived there 35 yrs after she married.   I do know that they had a daughter in North Carolina around 1802.   I thought that perhaps her family may have come from a neighboring county.

Jean Brand - Jul 12, 2009

According to Everett L. Hoebbel: The Llewellyn's, William, John and Leutian were sons of Grant Llewellyn, who came directly from Wales. After the Llewellyn clans who rules Wales were overcome by English rulers, they were banished to North Carolina. The sons came over the Wilderness Road, thence through   the gap of the mountains to Smoky, Tennessee. John and William served through the Civil War with the Union Forces. After they returned, William married Elizabeth Hembree, and resided in Huntsville until his death. "Aunt Betty" as she was commonly called was a charter member of the Presbytery Church in Huntsville which was organized in 1882. Elizabeth, Emma and Charlie Lewallen gave outstanding service to this church and Sunday School. Emma's   daughter's, Thelma Lewallen Walker and Mrs. Juanell Gill are talented musicians as their mother was.

Some of the Llewellyn's fought during the Revolutionary War in the battle of Kings Mountain and killed or captured an entire British Army. This battle was the turning point in the southern campaign. It's kept Cornwallis from invading North Carolina.

       FARMVILLE VIRGINIA.   Copied from original document.
THIS INDENTURE made this twenty nineth day of April in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and Eighty Six between ABRAHAM FOREST of Amelia County of Amelia County(sic) & ANDERSON LEWELLING of the other part.   Witnesseth that the said ABRAHAM FOREST for & in considerstion of the sum of thirty six pounds current money of Virginia to me in hand paid by the said ANDERSON LEWELLING the recept whereof I the said ABRAHAM FOREST doth hereby acknowledge & my self fully satisfyed & paid hath bargained & sold & by these presents doth bargain & sell unto ANDERSON LEWELLING his heirs & assigns forever one certain tract or parcel of land lying & being in the County of Amelia & Prince Edward containing by estimation seventy two acres more or less & bounded of JOHN DOLLY, THOMAS JACKSON, ZACHERIAH COMPTON & NICHOLAS VAUGHN,together with all wood, underwood, springs, orchards, vineyards & houses there unto belonging or in otherwise apportaining unto the same to the only proper use & behoof of him the said ANDERSON LEWELLING his heirs and assigns forever and I the said ABRAHAM FOREST do by these presents relinqish all right title interest claim and demand I have or ever had unto the said tract or parcel of land & do further covenant & agree to person or persons whatsoever in witness where of I have hereunto set my hand & seal this same day & year above written.
Signed & Delivered
in the Presents of                         ABRAHAM FOREST (SEAL)
MEMORANDUM that on the day and year within mentioned quick and reasonable possession was had of the within mentioned lands & premisses by the said ABRAHAM FOREST and by him conveyed to the said ANDERSON LEWELLING his heirs and assigns forever with livery & ? ? recording to the trice intent & meining(sic) of the within deed.   Witness my hand the same day & year within written.
Signed & Acknowledged
in the presence of                       ABRAHAM FOREST
Received of ANDERSON LEWELLIN the sum of Thirty six pounds current money of Virginia it being the Consideration sum of the within writen deed witness my hand the same day & year within mentioned.
JOHN SMITH                         ABRAHAM FOREST

Prince Edward June Court 1786 The within Deed Indented with Memorandum and receipt thereon indorsed from ABRAHAM FOREST to ANDERSON LEWELLIN was presented in Court and proved by JOHN SMITH and EDMOND D. FORD, two of the witnesses thereto and at another court held for said County July 17, 1786 this deed was further proved by RICHARD LEWELLIN another witness thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Excerpt from my "The Lewallen Research".
Spelling and grammer were left exactly as found in the original document.

I believe that Anderson Lewallen may be the son of Anderson Lewallen and Lucy Rice. There was an Anderson Lewallen born on October 7, 1793 in North Caroline. He died on November 11, 1873. His father's name is also spelled *Llewellen. He was born in 1767 in North Caroline and Married Lucy Rice also born in North Caroline in 1771 in June 1784 in either Prince Edward or Norfold Virginia
Following is information which I have on Anderson:

1860 Wayne Co., Ky. Census, Town of Monticello 7 July 1860:

Dwelling 601 - Anderson Lewallen, age 22, male, born Tenn. Farm Laborer. Sarah Lewallen, 26 years, female, born Tenn. Columbus Lewallen, age 2, male, born Tenn.

Dwelling 602 - John Lewallen, age 48, male, born Tenn.; farmer. Delila Lewallen, age 44, female, born Tenn. Campbell, age 20, male, born Tenn.; Andrew age 17, male, Born Tenn.; Nancy age 14 female born Tenn.; Columbus age 12 Male, born Tenn.; Eliza Ann age 11, female, born Tenn.; Lucinda Age 10, female, born Tenn. William age 7 male born Tenn.

Dwelling 603 - Andrew Lewallen, age 66 male, born N.C., farmer; Malindaage 29 female born Tenn.; William Slavin age 17 male Born Ky.; Rebecca Lewallen age 58 female born Tenn.; Marlin Lewallen Age 22 male born Tenn.

Dwelling 605 - Walter D. Lewallen, age 29, male born Tenn.; Annie age 28 Female born Tenn.; Andrew R. age 11 male born Tenn.; Nancy M. Female age 9 born Tenn.; Mary Ann age 7 female Tenn.; John G Age 6 male born Ky.k Samuel age 2 born Ky, Rheda E. 2/12 female Born Ky.

Genealogy (submitted by Dora Lewellen Pile)
Joseph Lewellen had children:
John, born Dec. 20, 1788
Christina Lewellen, born June 1792
Rhoda B. Lewellen, born 1797
William Lewellen, born 1800
Moses Lewellen, born Nov. 9, 1794. Died Jan. 2, 1887. Buried in the Lewellen Cemetery in Jennings County, Ind. Moved from Wake County, No. Car. To Jennings Co., Ind. Married Matilda Oliver in Wake County. He had children Thomas Jefferson Lewellen and Hastings Lewellen. One of Hastings' children was Anderson Lewellen.
Emmaline Lewellen, married William Herring.
Permalie Lewellen, died unmarried.
Charles Manuel Lewellen, married (1) Sally Sextine and (2) Louise Goter.
Alfred Lewellen, died at age 23 years.
Mary Lewellen, married (1) Milton Carneal (2) Peter Costello.
Harry Saul Lewellen married (1) Elizabeth Baird and (2) Florence Viola Rudicel>
If you need more on this family, let me know.

Surry County. North Carolina 1800 census shows:
Anderson Lewellin, Jesse Lewellin and Francis Lewellen, all under 45 years Of age.
Alexander Llewellyn had a son by the name of Anderson Llewellyn, born about 1764. Anderson married Lucy Rice on June 8, 1794 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. Anderson's children were:

1. John Lewellen, the first sheriff of Scott County, Tennessee. He was born Feb. 12, 1812 in Scott county, Tenn. And died Nov. 16, 1896 in Shep Community, Taylor County, Texas.

2. Joel Lewellen, born 1800 North Carolina. Married Rachel ? who was also born in North Carolina. They lived in Scott County, Tenn.

3. William L. Lewellen, born Aug. 2, 1809, North Carolina. Married Nancy Wallace, born Tenn. From "History of Knox Co., Tenn", his father, Anderson, brought him to Morgan County when he was 2 years old. One of his sons was named Anderson, born 1834.

4. Andrew L. Lewallen, born Oct. 7, 1795. Died Nov. 30, 1873 Scott Co., Tenn. Married Malinda Davis. The foregoing genealogy was supplied by Everett Hoebbel, Walter Depew Lewallen, John Granville Lewallen, one of Calvin Kingsley Lewallen's children, Roy Floyd Lewellen, and Faye Lee Lewellen Coleman.

John Lewallen, born South Carolina 1811 married (1) ? and (2) Mary, born Ark. 1827. He had children Moses Alexander, Lewallen (born 10/30/1834 Tenn and died near Temple, Tex.;), James Lewallen, William Lewallen, John Lewallen, Henry Lewallen, Jacob Lewallen, and George Lewallen.
All were born in Tennessee except George who was born in Arkansas in 1848. Moses Alexander Lewallen had a son Anderson C. Lewallen, born January 21, 1887, Temple Texas and died 1947 in Smiley, Texas. He married Florence Mary Bell Joiner on August 30, 1908. For a more complete genealogy, please let me know.

Morgan County, Tennessee 1850 census shows:
Household #364 - Lewallen, William, 41, Tenn.; Nancy 40, Tenn.; Anderson 16, John 14, Rebecca 12, Charles 5, William R. 3, Smith 1.

Scott County, Tennessee, 1850 census shows:
Household 95 - Leuallen, John, 38, farmer born Te.., Delila 38 born Tenn., Isaac 16 born Tenn., Anderson 14 born Tenn., Elizabeth 13 born Tenn., C.C. 10 female born Tenn., Andrew 8 born Tenn., Nancy 5, Louisa 1, Collumbia 3, Lucinda 6/12. Living next door in household 94 was Andrew Leuallen 21 farmer, Elizabeth 20 born Tenn, Euel 2 born Tenn and Redin 11/12 male born Tenn.

Bell County, Texas, 1880 Census shows: Isaac Lewallen 45, farmer, born Tenn., father born Va mother born Ten. Wife Nancy age 44 years born Tenn, father and mother born Tenn. Children: Ardena (or Arlena), 21 born Ky, Anderson 14 born Ark., William H. 12 born Tex, columbus 10 years born Tex., Minnie E., 7 years born Tex., Mattie R 4 years born Tex, Hery (or Henry) 2 born Tex.

Deed Book 7: 1783-1788, page 249 shows (this was a deed book from Virginia, but I didn't record which county, but I presume Prince Edward county: 29 April 1786 Abraham Forrest of Amelia County sells to Anderson Lewelling for 36 L a track of land in Prince Edward County containing 72 acres. Witnesses were John Smith, Richard Lewelling and Jesse Lewelling.

Marriage Bonds 1754-1810 by Knorr (Virginia), page 48 shows: Anderson Llewelling and Lucy Rice June 8, 1784 Prince Edward County, Virginia 1780 census shows:
Anderson Lewelling, Dan Lewelling (1785), Jesse Lewelling (1785) and william Lewelling (1785).

1785 Heads of Families - Virginia shows in Prince Edward County:
Jesse Lewelling, Anderson Lewelling, William Lewelling, Daniel Lewelling

1840 Virginia Census Index shows: Anderson Lewallen, Sally Lewallen, Zaddock Lewallen, Isaac Lewallen, Edmund Lewelin, J. Lewellen, Sarah Lewellen, Abel Lewellen, Asa Lewellin, Doctor Lewellin, Mary Lewellin, Sarah Lewellin, L. Lewellin, William Lewellin, John Lewelling, William Lewellyn, Richard Lewellyn

1850 Virginia Census shows:
Lewallen - Anderson A., John.
Lewallin - Sally. Lewellen, Asa, Cartin, Charles, J. Richard, Margaret, Mary, Sarah, William.
Lewellers, - Eliza. Lewellin, Asa, Benjamin, Jacob, Jesse, Jesse, John, Thomas, William.
Lewelling - Abel, George, John, Wiliam H.
Lewellyn - Abel S., Thomas
I have a genealogy prepared by Mrs. Barbara M. Hunt showing the sons of Daniel Llewellyn, "the first Llewellin (one spelling) to be on record in America" and who patented land in Charles City County, Va. In 1653 as: Richard, Jesse, and Charles. Grandsons of Daniel were: Thomas, Anderson (brother of Thomas), Moses and John.

Directions to Lewallen Cemetery:
From the junction of Highway 27 and Coal Hill Road in Glenmary, travel on Coal Hill Road for about 3.6 miles and turn left. Tavel on this road for about a mile, turn right and this road takes you to the cemetery, where it dead ends.

1800 US Federal Census
Name:     Lewellin, Anderson
Township:     Hillsborough  
County:     Wake  
State:     North Carolina  
Year:     1800  
Roll:     M32_32  
Page:     745  
Image:     704  
lists: Anderson   children ages 10 and under (3), ages 10 to 15 (2), ages 11-25 (0), ages 25-44 (1)
also next names under Anderson:
John 2-0-1-0
Francis 2-1-0-0