MISSISSIPPI - Chronology

Billie Harris - Jul 4, 2009

MISSISSIPPI BECAME A STATE 1798 with Natchez as its capitol.
During the Revolutionary War, the Natchez District remained loyal to England.   Many Tories from colonies moved into the area at this time. Between 1779 and 1881, Spain took control of the Natchez District.   In 1783 Spain gained western Florida, which included part of Mississippi.   The Georgia legislature authorized the Yazoo land sales between 1789 and 1794, bringing hundreds of settlers into the area.

Note:   there was a Campton G. Llewellyn, in Col Claiborne's Regiment 1812.   Who was he?

Formed 1799 from Natchez District

1780:   Abednego Llewellyn signs as witness (with William Joyner) deed of conveyance between Arthur and Mary Moor of Mobile district, West Florida, and Joshua Howard.   In 1798, Joyner deposed that he had witnessed the document in question and that Llewellyn had signed his own name.   Recorded in Adams Co Mississippi book A, pp. 12-15.   (Note:   Abednego next appears in Davidson County, Tennessee)


1880 - Census shows D. Lewallen born 1836 Alabama, both parents born North Carolina (Note:   His mother lived with him and it shows she was born 1790 TN)   (Note also:   D. Lewallen was probably Daniel Lewallen.   See Jackson County, Tennessee 1850 census)
wife Nannie 25, M.B. 6, T.O. 2, Walter 6 months, Sarah 16, Lisa 6, E.B. 90 (mother) born 1790 Tennessee.   This would be Elizabeth.   Elizabeth would have been Elizabeth Lain who married Daniel Lewallen.

Formed 1809 from Wilkinson
(Adams and Amity are just one county from each other)

1831 - Ann V. Lewellyn is listed as a half breed

Formed 1833 from Choctaw Cession

1840 - Census shows Lewallen George but the name may have been George Lewallen


1846 - Salithiel Sherrod's Will.
(Salathiel was mentioned in his father 's will. He is known to have fought in the War of 1812 and to have been in Mississippi in 1840.   When his brother Robert Sherrod died, the care of Robert's children wa s taken over by Salathiel.   In the Martin County deed book F, p. 241 he is named as son of Rober t and Lydia Llewellyn Sherrod. Salathiel is found in Canton, MS, Amit e County, MS, with John Llewellyn Sherrod and William.
   Will and Testament, provided by Ron Tyner, 9875 Quail Rd., Olive Branc h, MS 38654-8366:
   The last Will and Testament of Salathiel Sherrod, State of Mississippi , Desoto County, September 8th 1846. I Salathiel Sherrod Sr. do mak e and publish this my last will and Testament truly revoking and makin g void all former Wills by me at an
time here tofro made and first, I direct that my body be decently inte rred Said County of Desoto in a manner suitable to my condition in lif e and as to such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to entrust me w ith I despose of the same as
follows: First, I direct that all my debts and funeral expenses be pai d as soon after my decease as possible. Out of any money that I may d ie possessed of or may first come into the hands of my executors fro m any portion of my estate real or 2 CONT personal. Secondly, I giv e and bequeath to my son Richard Sherrod a negroe boy West now in hi s possession, also a girl named Jane Colier and Bunton. I give and be queath to my son Salathiel Sherrod a negroe named Bob here in his poss ession an
negroe boy named Hannah Mary Tom and Agustus a negroe woman named Hast y and Fanny. Next I give and bequeath to my daughter Betsy J. Stanto n Rosette Cassel and her children also negroe man named Drew during hi s natural life and then to the
lawful heir to his body. To my daughter Sarah Bishop I give and beque ath a negroe woman named Minney and Malinda and their increase als o a negroe boy named West during her natural life and then to the lawf ul heir of her body. (Page 112 Final 2 CONT Records bk 5 1846-1848) .
   To my daugher Nancy Bishop I give and bequeath two negroe girls name d Rebecca and Huldah and negroe man named Austinand what tools I hav e at Moses Bishops. Secondly, I give to my daughter Sarah Bishop on e feather bed and furniture now at Mose
Bishops. Secondly, I give and bequeath to my daughter Nancy a Note o f hand on Joseph C. Smith's estate. Last, I divide all my other effec ts not here in Willed be Sold and retained by my executor Salathiel Sh errod for the purpose of defraying
the expenses of any lawsuit if any may take place for the term of thre e years he paying interest on the same and then pay the said amouunt o ver to Sarah Bishop. I do hereby appoint my beloved son Salathiel She rrod Executor of this my last wil
and Testament. In alitness hereof I Salathiel Sherrod Sr. the said Te stator have to my last will on one sheet of paper set my hand and sea l day and date above written signed sealed and published in the presen ce of us who have subscribed in th
presence of the Testor and of each other.
Witnessed: Green Bouldun, S. Williams.
   Birth: abt 1781 Quality: 3     Death: 1846 in Desoto Co., MS Quality: 3
PEDI: birth     Father: Robert Sherrod III b: abt 1753   Mother: LYDIA LLEWELLYN b: bef 1752
Marriage 1 Lydia Unknown b: est 1791 Children     Richard Sherrod birth b: abt 1802 in North Carolina       Salathiel Sherrod Jr. birth b: abt 1805 in North Carolina
Elizabeth J. Sherrod birth b: abt 1814 in Halifax Co., NC     Nancy Sherrod birth b: abt 1818 in North Carolina       Sarah J. Sherrod birth b: abt 1820 in North Carolina

Formed 1836 from Chickasaw Cession

1840 - Census shows William Lewalen with one male 20-29, one female 20-29, one male under 5 and one female under 5.   (See Tuscaloosa County, Alabama for a probable William)


1951 - Carl Lewelling died.   He was born 1883

Formed 1836 from Chickasaw Cession

1836 - Tindall Bird of Tippah County and Meredith Helm of Lafayette County purchased one of the first pieces of land in Marshall county for the sum of $100; witnesses were Jesse LEWELLIN   and John Hall

1850 - Census shows:
   William Lewallen 45 Kentucky, Lucinda 45 Kentucky, James H 21, John H 18, W.T.M. 17, Grace H. 15, Srah M. 7, Lucinda E. 11, Robert D 9, Finis E. 8, George W. 6, Elizabeth R. 4.


1840 - Census shows Stephen W. Lewellen and Jesse Lewellyn   (Stephen came to Marshall from Edgecombe County, N.C. 1835-40.)

1855 -   By virtue of a deed of trust, executed to me on the 20th day of June, 1850, by Stephen W. LEWELLING, and recorded in the office of the Probate Court of Marshall County, Mississippi, in Deed Book P, on pages 165, 166, 167 and 168 I shall, on the first Monday in March, 1855, in front of the court house door, in the town of Holly Springs, sell to the highest bidder for cash, a tract of land, situate in the State of Mississippi, in the County of Marshall, being Section No. 13, township No. 2, range No. 2 west, it being the same heretofore occupied and cultivated as a plantation by the said Stephen W. LEWELLING, containing six hundred and forty acres of land, more or less.

1864 - Jesse Lewallen (husband of Dorcas Shepard) of Anson County NC died in Marshall County, MS.   See Anson NC


1855 - ca.   The family of Hardy Lewallen moved from Mecklenberg Co. NC to this county.   Hardy was born ca 1800-1802 North Carolina.

1870 - census shows:
   H. Lewellen born 1802 NC, Betsie born 1823 NC, Bill born 1851 NC, George born 1852 NC, and Pollie born 1859 MS.
   Living right next door was Clementine Cook born 1848 and her husband John and child Morgan.   (This would be Hardy's daughter)
   Also on the same page was:   William Lewellen born 1830 NC., Sarah born1830 NC, James 1854 NC, Cyrus 1856 NC, Mary 1858 MS, Amelia 1860 MS.
   In the same area were Elijah Hpps and R. J. McNamee

1871 - In Batesville, Panola, Hardy Lewallen is said to have died.   (Documentation ?)   He was apparently married twice.   His children were James (born 1827), Hiram (1831) Mary (1833), Robert (1834), Elizabeth (1836), Henry (1840), Albert (1842), Cyrus (1844), Clementine (1846), plus see 1870 above,


1839 -May 4   Benjamin Lewelling issued 320 acres by the Act and Treaty of April 2, 1820. (This treaty was for the purchase of land on credit)

1840 - Census shows Silas Lillan, Benjamin Louallen and Joseph Louallen

1850 - Census shows:
   Joseph Lewallen 36 born KY, Nancy 32 MS, William 14, James 12, margaret 10, Martha 8, Jane 6   Family 1435.   Neighbors:   Martin, Kelly, Babb, Odle
   Benj. Luelling 44 (1806), William 20, Margaret 16, Martha 14, Benj. 9, Lucinda 6, Elizabeth 6.   Family 966.   Neighbors:   Howard, Johnson, Davenport, Potts, Hill

1974 - Claude E. Lewelling died.   He was born 1889


NOTE:   See Anson County, North Carolina for earlier information on this family.

1855 - Isaac Lewellen, born April 12, 1795, died 29 January and buried in Sheppard Cemetery.   NOTE:   ISAAC LEWELLEN's mother was Dorcas Sheppard and his father was Jesse Lewellen.   Jesse and his family lived in Tishamingo County, MS.

1860 - W. R. Lewellen, son of J. D. and M. M. (Lewellen) died June 14, 1 yr 3 mos 5 days

1864 - Mary (Lewellen), wife of Isaac (Lewellen) born 27 September 1797, died September 27
NOTE:   Mary was the daughter of Thomas and Lavina (Huntley) Watts of Anson County, N.C.   See Anson County for more on this family.

1866 - G. W. Lewellen, born July 3, 1831, died March 21 and is buried in the Sheppard Cemetery (Cemeteries of Prentiss County, MS, and contained in Llewellyn Traces Sept. 1990)

1898 - Vera Mae (Lewellen) born April 21, 1897, died October 3.

* Mrs. M. M. (Lewellen), wife of Dr. J. D. (Lewellen) (stone broken, no data).

(Note:   See Anson County for more on the family.   Isaac and Mary had the following children:
Mary Ann (1817 Anson, m. 1845 William B. Coffee), Oliver Perry (ca 1819 Anson, d. Oct. 10, 1888 Tippah Co. MS), William Brownlow (1820), Lavina D (1821 Anson, m. James Harrell 1840, and d. May 16, 1890 Prentiss Co MS), Jesse Ellis (1822 Anson, m. 1843 Rebecca Frances Blythe, and d. Oct. 23, 1863 Carrollville, MS), Sarah H. (Ellen) July 28, 1825 Perry Co TN, m. 1843 Robert Lowry, and d. Sept. 19, 1857 Tishomingo MS), Thomas Lafayette (Dec. 22, 1826 Perry Co. TN, m. 1848 Emily Jane Robinson and d. Mar. 5, 1914 Hill TX), George Washington (b July 3, 1831 Perry TN, m 1859 Martha Ann Long, and d. Mar. 21, 1866 Prentiss MS), Francis P. (b ca 1822 m. Jesse Graham), William, Joel W. (b 1839 Perry Co. TN, m 1866 Nancy McWorter and d. Nov 20, 1903 Heber Springs, Ark), Josephine.

Formed 1836 Chickasaw Cession

1840 - Census shows Wm. C. Lewallen   (See Prentiss county above; he was from the line of Jesse Lewellen of Anson Co., N.C.)

1850 - Census shows William C. Lewellen 56 (1794) South Carolina, Sarah (see 1870 census), Francis G. 21, John D 19, George W. 16, Jesse H. 15, Ugenan? 12, Amanda 9, Polly Ann 7, William S. 5, Fountain E. 3, Samuel 0.   (Between 1837 and 1844, this family moved from Tennessee to Mississippi.  

1850 - Census shows:
   William McNiece 50 (1800 KY), Sally McNiece 46 (1804 N.C.), Elizabeth Lewellyn 17 TN, Adeline Lewellyn 15 TN James Lewellyn 10 TN, Thomas Lewellyn5 TN.  
   Next door:   joseph Lewellyn 24 TN, Elizabeth 18 TN.
   Living in Tippah not far away were Skilman, Burton, Weaver, Rasson, Mask, Livingston, Adams, Richardson, and Joseph Kennedy and John Kennedy.   (Note a William McNees is shown 1840 in Monroe County, KY.)
Sally McNiece was Sally Lewallen, wife of Aaron of Williamson and Maury County, Tennessee.   Sally and her children returned to Tennessee.

1860 - Census shows
(Sarah and Francis on same page)
   Sarah Lewallen age 50 (1810) NC,     Jesse H. 23 TN, Manda 16 MS, Mary 14 MS, William 12 MS, Fountain 11 MS, Samuel 9 MS
   Francis Lewallen 30 TN, Elisabeth 20 MS, John 6 MS, Rilah 3 MS, Francis 4/12 MS
(Between 1837 and 1844, this family moved from Tennessee to Mississippi)

1870 - Richard Lewallen (born TN0 and Margaret (born GA) in census with children: Olvia age 14 MS, Lorena age 11 MS ,William age 9 MS, Samuel age 7 MS, and Mary age 4 MS.  


NOTE:   There appears to be more than one family of Lewallens in this county.

1840 - Census shows Jonathan Lewellin and William Lewellen

1843 - ca.   Sarah E. Llewellyn (born ca 1815) married as his second wife Robert Lowry probably in Tishomingo County.   He was a merchant.   He was born South Carolina 1806, son of John Lowry b ca 1776 who at one time was a South Carolina Senator.   Robert Lowry married (1) Jemima Rushing, probably in the Chesterfield District of S.C. and in 1840 moved to Tishomingo Co., MS.   A son of Robert and Jemima's was MS A.G. during the Civil War and elected Gov of MS 1881.   Sarah E. Llewellyn and Robert Lowry were parents of at least one child, a daughter who married James M. Arnold who served as chief justice of MS for a while.   (Biographical and Historical Memoirs of MS, Genealogical Abstract, Norman E. Gillis.   This info was taken from Biographical Sketchs of Llewellyn Traces Dec. 1990.)
NOTE:   Sarah was a descendant of of Jesse Lewellen of Anson County, N.C.   See Prentiss County above and Perry County, TN where Sarah was born and before that Anson County NC)

1849 - Syntha Roxana Lewellen was born December 12 in Iuka.   She was the daughter of Thomas Lafayette Lewellen (1826-1914)   and Emily Jane (Emma) (Robinson) 1831-1920.   Thomas Lafayette Lewellen's parents were Isaac and Mary (Watts) Lewellen.   Note:   The family of Thomas and Emily moved to Hill County, Texas by 1872.

1850 - Census shows:
   Jesse, Thomas and Isaac on same page:    
   Jesse Lewallen 28 NC (tanner), Rebecca 25 TN, Mary 6 MS, Thomas 4 MS, William 2 MS, Martha 2 MS
   Isaac 55 (1795 NC), Mary 53 NC, George 19 TN, Francis 18 TN, William 14 TN, Joel 11 TN, Josephine 6 MS, Alonzo Coffield 3 MS, William B. Coffield 30 NC   (NOTE:   For Isaac, see Anson County, N.C.)
   Thomas Lewallen 26 TN, farmer, Emily 21 Ala., Roxanna 1 MS
(This would inciate Jesse was probably the son of Isaac and Mary and they moved from Anson County, North Carolina to Tennessee 1832-1834 where Thomas was born and between 1839 and 1844 the moved from Tennessee to Mississippi.   Isaac was the son of Jesse and Dorcas (Shepherd) Lewallen of Anson County, NC)
   William Lewallen 45 (1805) SC, Anna 45 TN, Lucinda 18 TN, Samuel 17 TN, Andy 16 TN, John 15 TN, Carrol 14 TN, William 9 TN, Elisabeth 8 TN, Rutha G 6 TN, Lewis 2 MS, William Pearson 21
(This would indicate William was in Tennessee by 1832 and sometime between 1844 and 1848 they moved from Tennessee to Mississippi.)

1851 - Francis Alexander Lewellen was born Oct. 3, son of Thomas Lafayette and Emily Jane Lewellen.   (He died in Hill County, Texas)

1854 - Joseph Robinson Lewellen was born June 23, son of Thomas and Emily Lewellen

1858 - Mary Caroline Lewellen was born December 8, daughter of Thomas and Emily Lewellen.

1859 - Lovin Ross Lewellen was born May 17.   She was the daughter of Thomas and Emily Lewellen.

1860 - Census taken July 19
Elizabeth Lewallen age 65 born TN (this would be Elizabeth who married Daniel Lewallen and died 1849 in Jackson County, Alabama)
   William age 42 born AL, $5000 personal property
   James age 40 born AL, $10,000 property
   Daniel, age 24 born AL $1,350 property
Andrew J. Lewallen, age 23 (farmer) born AL, $600 property
   Nancy B. age 18 born TN, Mary C 1 MS
Jesse E. Lewallen, age 40 born TN
   Rebecca 35 TN, Mary 16 MS, William 11 MS, Elijah 5 MS, Levina 2 MS, Fredonia 6/12, MS
O. P. Lewallen, 47 NC,
   Mary 27 SC, William 10 MS, Mary 8 MS, Pink (male) 6 MS, Jordan 4 MS
John Lewellen 27 TN, physician
   Maria 20 AL, Robert 1 Ms
Sarah Lewallen 50 (1810) NC
   Jesse H. 23, Manda 16, Mary 14, Fountain 11, Samuel 9

1861 - Emma Thomas Lewellen was born Oct. 16, daughter of Thomas and Emily Lewellen

1864 - Syntha Roxana Lewellen married George Calvin Martin in (now) Alcorn County.   Their children were John Alexander Martin, Robert Thomas Martin, Mattie Martin, Allis (Martin) Woodridge, and Ed Martin.   Syntha Roxana Martin died 23 March 1879 in Hill County, Texas

1866 - Johnnie Alice Lewellen was born August 10, daughter of Thomas and Emily Lewellen

1869 - George Walter Lewellen was born June 7, son of Thomas and Emily Lewellen.

1892 - Carrol Lewallen moved from this county to Hill County, TX.   He was the son of William C. (born S.C. 1805) and Anna Lewallen. William C. was born SC, moved to TN, then MS.   (Info from internet)


1863 - William Thomas Lewellen   (may have gone by Thomas)   died.   Per his civil war records, he was born Loudoun County, Virginia.   His wife was Lucinda Phillips born ca 1828/30 Ohio and died 1890 Corydon, Wayne Co., Iowa.   After William Thomas Lewellen died, Lucinda married (2) Wiley Boswell and had two more children, Gilbert and Wiley “Ammon” Boswell
Wm T. & Lucinda's children were:
   John Nelson Lewellen b. 1847 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH, d. 1913 Corydon, Wayne, IA, wife Annie M. Hand.
   Sarah E. Lewellen b. 1849 OH, d. circa 1860.
   George Washington Lewellen b. 1852 Marietta, Washington, OH, d. 1929 Portland, OR, wife Mary Maria Marsh [my great-grandparents].
   Anna Melissa Lewellen b. 1855 Pattonsburg, Daviess, MO, d. 1892, husband John Ryan.
   Wm. M. R. “Marion” Lewellen b. 1859 Corydon, Wayne, IA, d. 1886, Corydon, Wayne, IA.