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Lewallen Cemetery:
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Rainwater Cemetery Information (Moses Lewallen)

1868 - Between 1868 and 1870, James Calvin Lewallen, his wife Araminta (Isom), his parents Wiley and Mary, and his brother Andrew Jackson and his family moved to Bell County, Texas from Alabama   WILEY LEWALLEN'S DESCENDANTS
   Wiley and Mary Lewallen are buried in the Lewallen Cemetery near Troy in Bell County.   The dates of their death isn't known but it was probably between 1868 and 1876.   There's a marker for Wiley Lewallen but no dates on it.   Mary is said to have been buried there, too, but there's no marker for her grave.

1870 - Census shows:
   Beat 3:  
   A. Luallen 36 (1834) Tennessee.   (Note:   This was Andrew Jackson Lewallen, son of Wiley and Mary), Ann E. 30 Alabama, Mary J. 14 AL, Martha 11 AL, Julia 9 AL, James Texas 1   WILEY LEWALLEN'S DESCENDANT
1870 - Census shows:
   LEWELLEN Isaas [Isaac] 35 Male White TN Farming
LEWELLEN Nancy 33 Female White TN Keeping House
LEWELLEN Pernetty 13 Female White TN
LEWELLEN Herlena [Arlenia?] 11 Female White KY
LEWELLEN Anderson 4 Male White AR
LEWELLEN William 2 Male White TX
LEWELLEN Columbus 4m Male White Texas

1873 - January - William Henry Lewallen married Amanda Narcissus Witt. (son of James Calvin and Eliza Lewallen - WILEY LEWALLEN'S DESCENDANT)
1873 - January - James F. Lewallen married Relda A. Blair (also known as Sarelda).     James (Jim) and William Henry were brothers.   See McLennan County because he purchased land there in 1892   WILEY LEWALLEN'S DESCENDANT

1875 - W. H. and Amanda Lewallen sold 112 acres of land on Feb. 6 for $750 (Bell County Deed). WILEY LEWALLEN'S DESCENDANT
1875 - Calvin Lewallen and W. H. Lewallen (William Henry Lewallen - my gr-grandfather..bh) purchased 320 acres from Richard Battle May 24 for $1,000 ($636 cash and $364 in notes).   It was located on Deer Creek. (The Lewallen Cemetery is near Deer Creek and was probably once a part of the farm)   WILEY LEWALLEN'S DESCENDANT

1875 - Zachariah and Nancy Lewallen moved here from Madison County, Arkansas.   Zachariah and Nancy had lived in Scott County, Tennessee, prior to that.  
1875 - Harrison Lewallen (son of Zachariah) married Margaret Keeney.   Their oldest son, Michael is buried on the Keeney/Kenny Family farm in Temple.   They are on the 1890 Falls County census.

1876 - Jan. 1.   W. H. Lewallen paid Calvin Lewallen $250 for the south half of the 320 acre farm and on the same date Calvin Lewallen paid W. H. Lewallen $250 for the north half of the farm (thus, splitting the parcel into two separate ones with individual ownership.)   The land is in the northeast of Troy, in Bell County but close to the Falls County line   WILEY LEWALLEN'S DESCENDANT
1876 - Dec. 23.   Calvin bought 20 acres of land and W. H. Lewallen bought 20 acres of land (locations not known
1876 - Mary Elizabeth Lewallen (daughter of James Calvin and Eliza Lewallen) married William Columbus Moore Nov. 12.   they lived in Mooreville, Falls County, Texas.   (not named after the family.)   They had two boys, William Pleasant and Abraham Alonzo Moore who were born in Bell County.  

1877 - Sterling Lewallen and A. S. Lewallen (probably Anderson "Cash Up", son of Sheriff John of Scott County, TN, per Rick Llewellyn) got in a fight.   The case was originally found against Sterling but the court reversed it and said A. S. provoked the fight. (see 1879 below)
1877 - Pernetta Luvania Lewellen, daughter of Isaac and Nancy, married Aron Vance at Belltown, Bell County.   (This was her first marriage; she married three times)

1878 - Henry Endler Lewellen was born in Temple, Feb. 24, 1878.   He married Rose Jones.   they moved to Taylor County where they lived 30 years, then to Nolan County.   He was killed by a hit and run driver Jan. 17, 1939.

1879 - Calvin Lewallen's estate probated SON OF WILEY LEWALLEN
1879 - James Calvin Lewallen (born 1822 NC) died in Troy.   He was the son of Wiley and Mary Lewallen from North Carolina (Wiley died about 1868-70 in Bell County and is buried in the Lewallen cemetery)
1879 - Lucinda (Cindy) Lewallen, daughter of Calvin and Ariminta (Isom) Lewallen married W. Henry French. (She died 1928 and is buried in the Lewallen Cemetery at Troy.
1879 - ca. the family of Moses Lewallen moved to Bell County from Washington County, Arkansas

1879 - (the following was found by Renee Nazario in a newspaper):
Syllabus of the Decisions of the Appeals of Texas Austin, 1879 STERLING LEWALLEN vs. State. Appeal from bail. It appears form the statement of facts, that Defendant and one L.(no last name listed) who was drinking, met at a house in B(Bell?) County, on a night when other company was assembled. Defendant carried his wounded arm in a sling. Speedily a quarrel sprang up between Defendant and L when the proprietor requested the parties to have no difficulty in the house, Defendant went outside followed by L after some conversation, pressed the quarrel and struck the Defendant who inturn stooped and getting a stone struck L on the head. The Court erred in not permitting Defendant to prove the desperate charater of L when drinking, which testimony was admissible, in view of other proof permitted. Further, proof showed that L commited the first assault, and that Defendant acted in self defense. Reversed and remanded. Ector. J.P Galveston Newspaper May 31, 1879

1880 - Dasie Lewallen Joyce died and buried Greathouse Cemetery

1880 - Census shows:
   #96 - Wm Lewallen 24 born TN and both parents born TN
             Mira 24 IL, Ind, Ind
             George 2 Tex, TN, Ill
             John 21 brother, TN, TN TN
   #103 - Z. Lewallen 60 (1820) born TN, father and mother both born NC
               Nancy 60 born TN and father born NC and mother born SC
               Amos 21 born TN and both parents born TN
               Joel 19 born TN and both parents born TN
   #108   S. Lewallen 37 born TN and both parents born TN
               R. E. 45 (1835) born MO and both parents born TN
               Angeline 16 born TN and both parents born TN
               Ewel 9 born TN and both parents born TN
               Richard Moore, hired hand, born Texas
   #194 - Isaac Lewallen 45 (1835)   born Tn, father born Virginia, mother born TN
               Nancy 44 born TN and both parents born TN
               Arlenia 21 born KY, father and mother born TN
               Anderson 14 born Arkansas, both parents TN
               William H 12 born Texas and both parents born TN
               Columbus 10 born Texas and both parents born TN
               Minnie E.7   born Texas and both parents born TN
               Mattie 4, born Texas and both parents born TN
               Hery E. 2 born Texas and both parents born TN
               Susan A. Reed 56, visitor
               Josephine Golden 22
               Columbus Lewallen 22, boarder born TN and both parents born TN
   #686 - Mrs. A. E. Lewallen 44 born Alabama, father born NC and mother born TN
               Jos. or Jas 10
                 H. , son, age 4
                 Living next door was J. W. Whitesides age 65 born NC and his wife M. age
                 66 born TN.   Their son J. W. Whitesides Jr age 40 lived on the other side.  
                 He was   born Alabama
               (Whether of any relevance or not, Nancy Whitesides was wife of
               Meshack Llewellyn of Henderson and Hopkins Co. KY)
Precinct 5, page 42:
   Andrew Lewellen 25 born Alabama, mother and father born Alabama
         Nancy J. 17, wife, children James C 1 and Mary B 7/12
   Polly Lewellen, widow, 78 (1802) born North Carolina and both parents born NC
         Eliza Witt 35, daughter, born Alabama, Tennessee, NC, and Francis Witt (Polly
         was the widow of WILEY LEWALLEN)
   Araminta Lewellen 44 (1836) born Tennessee, widow.   Allen L. Lewellen 16 (1864)
         Eliza Lewellen 13 (1867), Henry French 25 and Lucinda French 18.   Lucinda
         French was the daughter of CALVIN and ARAMINTA LEWALLEN.   Calvin was the
         son of WILEY and POLLY LEWALLEN.
   Neighbors included Wheatley, Black, James Allen Jr., Robert Cox, Mosley, Cray, Cahill, Columbus Moore (married to one of the Wiley's descendants), Taff (probably Teaff who married a Lewallen). WILEY'S DESCENDANTS
Also living in Precinct 5, page 26:
   Moses Lewellen 45 (1835) TN, TN, TN., wife Margaret 44, children Thomas R 18, Mahala 13, Mary A. 11, Nancy B 10, Fannie 5, Charley 2 and Price Stout 16.   All of Moses children were born in Arkansas which means he arrived in the area about 1879.

1881 - C. Lewallen married M. Rainwater on July 8 (this is said to have been Columbus Lewallen)
1881 - James Lewallen married Susan Adeline Rainwater on Oct. 26 1884 - William Henry and Amanda Lewallen moved to Arkansas (Pike County).   He was the son of James Calvin and Eliza   Lewallen and grandson of Wiley and Mary Lewallen.   His wife was Amanda Witt and they had 14 children:   Rebecca, Dora, Marion, Albert, Jess, Marey, Marthey, Wiley, Wesley, Julia, Garlon, a boy, Newton and Lois (male).   WILEY LEWALLEN'S DESCENDANTS)

1884 - Luvania Vance married W. H. Knight Sept. 28.   (This was Pernetta Luvania Lewellen, daughter of Isaac and Nancy; she was born Scott County, TN)   This was her second marriage.

1885 - A. Lee Lewallen married Roxie P. Teaff.   Roxie was the sister of Mary Jane Teaff who married Andrew Jackson Lewallen, Lee's half brother.   (WILEY LEWALLEN'S DESCENDANTS)

1886 - Eliza Catherine Lewallen married Noble Hugh Moore Sept. 5.   (Noble Hugh Moore was brother of William Columbus Moore whose wife, Mary Elizabeth Lewallen, was the aunt of Eliza Catherine).   WILEY LEWALLEN'S DESCENDANTS

1889 - 1875 - Wilbur Fisk Flewellen lived in Belton.   Per posting on GenForum:
On 1 JUN 1914 W. F. Flewellen filed a Soldier’s Application for a Pension in Belton, Bell Co., TX. He writes, “I was in prison at Point Lookout, MD at the close of the war and was discharged from there in July 1865.” He was 71 years old at the time of the filing. He was born in Georgia. He resided in Texas since 1855. He lived in Bell Co. since 1889. W. F. was an M.D. He stated, “I am troubled very much from wounds.”
He served from 13 JUN 1864 until the close of the war. He was on the roster of Co. K, 3rd Texas Cavalry. His home was assessed at $900 and other property at $100.
His wife, Mrs. W. F. Flewellen made the Application for Martuary Warrant on 28 APR 1925 stating that W. F. Flewellen died 8 APR 1925 in Belton, Bell Co., TX. He died at home of senility and apoplexy.
Mrs. W. F. Flewellen filed a Widow’s Application for a Pension on 15 May 1925 in Belton, Bell Co., TX. She married W. F. 11 APR 1875 in Fayette Co., TX. At the time of filing, she was 66 years, 8 months of age. She wa born in Fayette Co., TX and had lived there all her life. She had lived in Belton for 36 years.
W. L. Flewellen, their son made the Application for Mortuary Warrant on 10 May 1935. Mrs. W. F. Flewellen died of endocarditis, chronic dysentary and senility 18 APR 1935 in Belton, Bell Co., TX in the home of her son.
Source: Reproduced from the Holdings of the Texas State Archives

1890 - Probate records show:   Lewllen, Isaac
1890 - Probate records show:   Lewllen, Nancy

1893 - Lucinda Lewallen married A. Smith.   WILEY LEWALLEN'S DESCANDANTS

1895 - Probate records show:   Witt, S.   T

1897 -   Riley Lewallen born Aug. 19, 1897.   His wife was Alta Frierson and they had a daughter Janice Kay.   He was the son of John William and Eliza Lewallen and grandson of Columbus and Dorcus (Koger) Lewallen.   the family was in Missouri prior to moving to Bell County.
1897 - Mrs. O. L. Knight married D. M. Beauchamp Nov. 7.   (This would be Pernetta Luvania Lewellen, daughter of Nancy and Isaac.   It was her third marriage.

1898 - Riley D. Lewallen was born
1898 - Probate records show:   Witt, R. W

1899 - Probate records show:   Lewallen, Margaret

1900 - Probate records show:   Witt, Earl
1900 - Probate records show:   Witt,   Della
1900 - Probate records show:   Lewallen, Nancy
1900 - Census shows:
William Lewallen 34 born KY, both parents born KY
   Mary A. 27 (Jan 1866) born Tex and both parents born Tex
   Ben H. 7 (Oct 1892) born Tex, father KY, mother Tex
   Timothy 6 Tex, KY, Tex
   Andrew 5 Tex KY Tex
   Sampson 2 Tex KY Tex
   Leslie 8/12 Tex KY Tex
Andrew J. Lewallen 45 Tex, father born AL, mother born AL (WILEY'S DESCENDANT)
   Nancy J. 37 Tex, father Ark, mother TN
   Dave N. 15 Tex TEx Tex
   Henry L. 12 Tex, Tex Tex
   Albert 8 Tex, Tex Tex
   Next door:
   James Teaff 68 Ark, Oh, SC
       Eliza 69 (1831) Tenn, NC, GA
       James 21, nephew Tex AL Tex
       Ida, niece Tex, Tex Tex
   Other Teaffs on the page
Allan Lewallen 1863, 36, born Al and both parents born AL WILEY'S DESCENDANT
   Roxy P. 34 born Tex, father Ark and mother TN (Roxy was a Teaff)
Zachariah Lewallen 78 (1822) Tennessee, father and mother born NC
   Harrison 48 born TN and both parents born TN
   Margaret 45 born MO and both parents born MO
   Albert S 19 born TN and both parents born TN
   Sarrey 17 TN, TN TN
   Claudie A 12, TN, TN TN
   NOTE:   Zachariah was living in the household of Harrison.
Monroe Lewallen 21, born Tex and both parents born TN
   Winnie 21
   William 10/12

1905 - Probate records show:   Witt, Laura   B

1906 - Probate records show Andrew Lewallen  
   State of Texas. County of Bell
   Know All Men By These Presents:
   That I, Isaac Lewellen of said County and State, being in good health and sound mind and disposing mind, memory and judgement, and wishing and desiring to settle all my worldly affairs while living, do make, publish and declare this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all wills by me at any time heretofore made.
FIRST: I direct that all my just debts shall be paid out of my estate without delay.
SECOND: I will, devise, give and bequeath unto my children, Walter L. Lewellen, James W. Lewellen, Mary S. Lewellen and John G. Lewellen in share and share alike, in fee simple, the following described property, to-wit:
(a) One hundred (100) acres of prairie land, the same being part of my present homestead situated in Bell County, Texas, about three (3) miles East of Temple near the waters of Cottonwood and Little Elm Creeks, which said one hundred acres is more particularly described as follows: Beginning at the S. W. corner of a tract of one hundred acres conveyed by William Hearne to me; thence N. 71 W., 751 vrs. to corner; thence N. 19 E./751 vrs. to corner; thence S. 71 E. 751 vrs. to N. W. Corner of said 100 acres conveyed to me by said Hearne; thence S. 19 W./ 751 vrs. to the place of beginning and being the same 100 acres conveyed to me by William Hearnr, as evidenced by his title bond of date February 27th. 1875 of record in Volume 35 and pages 593 and 594 of Bell County Real Estate records; and the N. 49 and a fraction acres which tract was also conveyed to me by A. J. Harris on the 21st. day of November, A. D. 1885, which deed of conveyance is here referred to and is recorded in Book 53, pages 602, 3, 4, Deed records of Bell County, Texas.
(b) Fourteen and 19/20 (14-19/20 acres more or less a part of the Naximo Moreno Eleven League Grant in Bell County, Texas, beginning at J. W. Moreno's N. W. corner in the Lancaster East line; thence N. 19 E. 407-22/50vrs. to a stake in Lancaster line; thence S. 71 E. 205-37/50 vrs. to Lewellen's West line; thence S. 71 W. 407-22/25 vrs. with Lewellen's west line to a stake in Moore's North line; thence N. 71 W. 205-37/50 vrs. to place of beginning and being the same property conveyed to me as evidenced by deed of date May 28th, 1887 by F. H. Ayers and of record in Volume 62 at pages 112 and 113 of Bell County, Real Estate records.
(c) Eight and 9/10 (8-9/10) acres of land out of thr Maximo Moreno Eleven League Grant in Bell County, Texas, beginning at the S. W. corner of the 6-1/4 acre tract conveyed by Willaim Hearne to me; thence N. 71 W. 305 vrs. to N. W. corner of J. W. Moore's fifty acres; thence N. 19E. 165 vrs. to corner; thence S. 71 E. 305 vrs. to Lewellen's N. W. corner; thence S. 19 W. 165 vrs. to place of beginning and being athe same conveyed to my by W. H. Cantrell and J. F. Halligan as shown by deed of date October the 23rd. 1897 of record in Volume 115 at page 458 of Bell County deed records.
(d) Six and 1/4 (6-1/4) acres of land on Big ElmCreek in Bell County, Texas, beginning at the N. E. corner of J. W. Moore's fifty acre tract; thence N. 71 W. 170 vrs. to corner; thence N. 19 E. 165 vrs. to corner; thence S. 71 E. 190 vrs. to corner in Big Elm Creek; thence down said creek with its meanders to the place beginning; and being the same conveyed to me by instrument of date December 26th. 1873 by William Hearne by W. T. Rucker, Agent, of record in Volume T at page 245 and 146 of Bell County Deed Records.
(e) Twenty-seven and one hald (27-1/2) acres of land more or less known as Lots Numbers Four (4) and Five (5) in Section no. One (1) in Nueces County, Texas, and being the same conveyed to me by the Texas Land and Cattle Company, Limited, as evidenced by deed of date February 28th. 1898, of record in Volume 4 at pages 122 and 123 of Nueces County Deed Records.
(f) All household and kitchen furniture of whatever nature, kind, class or character, and all personal property and stock that including cattle, horses, mules, hogs, and fowls, that may be farm machinery, plow tools, apparatus and farm implements of every nature, kind, class or character that may be situated in Bell County, Texas at the time of my death, and all personal property whatsoever of which I shall die seized and posessed and which shall be situated at the time of my death in Bell County, Texas.
(g) All moneys and cash on hand wherever situated of which I shall die seized and posessed. All of which real estate and property above mentioned it is my will and desire shall descend and vest in the said Walter L. Lewellen, James W. Lewellen, Mary S. Lewellen and John G. Lewellen in fee simple title in share and share alike. I also will and declare that none of the real estate described above shall, under any circumstances, be sold for any purpose under any order of the Court, except as follows: after the said property under proper orders of the Court should be partitioned and divided by said children, then at its discretion, the Court may direct that the interest of either child may be sold after the said child has become at least eighteen years of age.
(THIRD) I will, devise, give and bequeath unto my wife, Mrs. Fannie Lewellen, the following described property, to-wit: the same being a certain lot, tract and parcel of land in Bell County, Texas, designated and described as the W. 25 ft. of Lot No. 6 and the E. 50 ft. of Lot No. 7 in Block No. 5 of the A. F. Bentley's Addition to the city of Temple, Bell County, Texas, and I further direct that in case the said Mrs. Fannie Lewellen should not live as long as I do then my death, the foregoing property shall descend to ans the title therein vest in the surviving heirs at law of Mrs. Fannie Lewellen.
(FOURTH) And out of the residue of my estate, real personal and mixed, remaining after the satisfaction of all the foregoing bequests I will, bequeath and devise unto my said wife, Mrs. Fannie Lewellen the sum of Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollars to be first paid in Beauchamp I give, bequeath and devise the full sum of Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollarsto be next paid in full out of the such residue and the balance of my estate, real personal and mixed, remaining after the satisfaction and payment of all the foregoing bequests, I will devise and bequeath in six parts unto Orlena Beauchamp, William H. Lewellen, Mrs. Fannie Smedley, Mattie R. McLain, Henry E. Lewellen and Columbus C. Lewellen, in fee simple title, each of said six children to receive in fee simple title and undivided one-sixth (1/6) interst of said bequests to Mrs. P. L. Beauchamp and Mrs. Fannie Lewellen.
(FIFTH) It is my will that the lot and parcel of land described in Paragraph 3 of this Will, as well as the bequest ofFive Hundred Dollars which I have made to mrs. Fnnie Lewellen, or devised and bequeathed to her in lieu of and as substitute for all the interest which she may have in my estate; and in the event that she should decline to accept the same and waive all her right to my remaining property, then her rights under this will are forfeited, and she shall neither take the said tract of land in Temple as her homestead nor the Five Hundred Dollars provided for herm and in that event the same shall go to all my heirs at law as if there were no will, and they shall take the property devised to them in this will, and they shall take my homestead subject to her rights therein and shall also take all other property free from any claim which she would have had, had there been no will, in other words, in case my said wife declines to accept under this will, then she shall only receive her homestead rights in the two hundre acres of land upon which we live.
(SIXTH) I appoint G. M. Holbert and F. F. Dorms executors of this my last Will and Testament, and direct that they shall execute bond as such and I direct that no preceedings be had in any of the Coutrts of this country in the administration of this, my last Will and Testament, and I will and direct that said said executors have full power to sell, handle and manage and dispose of my said extate, real, personal and mixed, in such manner as in their discretion my seem proper and they may make any deed, instruments and conveyance they may see fit, either in the management and administration of my estate or in the partition thereof.
(SEVENTH) In case of the death of either of my Executors here appointed or in case either of them refuse to accept this trust, or to act, then the one that does accept this trust and act shall have full power to act, and to do all things herein that both of them are authorized under the terms thereof to do.
In TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I subscribe this, my last Will and Testament in the presence of A. L. Curtis and Annie Van Doren who subscribe their names as attesting witnesses in my presence and in the presence of each other and at my request, this the 12th day of April, A. D. 1906.
   Signed Isaac Lewellen
   WITNESSES:   A. L. Curtis     Annie Van Doren
   (transcribed by Jean Brand August 27, 2000)

1909 - Isaac Lewellen died   (Prior to Bell County, he lived in Montgomery Co. Ark where he enlisted in service.   His wife, Fannie, moved to McLennan County, Texas after his death.)
1909 - Probate records show:   Lewellwn, Isaac

1911 - Probate records show:   Lewallen, Jno. G.

1912 - Feb 24, 1912   Will of ANDERSON S. LEWELLEN
The State of Texas ( )
County of Bell       ( ) Know all men by these presents; That I, A. S. Lewellen,
of the County of Bell, and State of Texas, being of sound and disposing mind and
memory, do make, declare and publish, this my last Will and Testament, hereby
revolking all other Wills at any time heretofore made by me.
         1. I direct that my executors, hereinafter named, shall as soon after my death
as practicable, pay all my just debts, including expenses of my last illness and
         II. I give, devise and bequeath the remainder and residue of my estate, real and
personal, and mixed, wheresoever situated, of which I may be seized or possessed,
and which I may be entitled at my death, to mt eleven children, t-wit: Columbus
Lewellen, James Lewellen, Nancy Almira Lewallen, wife of Tom Lewallen, John R.
Lewellen, Campbell C. Lewellen, Sherman Lewellen, Effie Arlena Vaughn, wife of
Willis Vaughn, Sarah Balsouria Webb, wife of Will Webb, Ebenezer Lewellen,
Balsada Anderson, wife of   Bob Anderson, and Grant Lewellen, to be divided
equally between my said children that is to say: share and share alike.
         III. Whereas, during my life time, I have advanced to my son Columbus Lewellen
the sum of Eighteen Hundred and Fifty ($1850.00) Dollars; to my son James
Lewellen, the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty ($250.00) Dollars, to my daughter
Effie Arlena Vaughn the sum of Eight Hundred ($800.00) Dollars, and to my son
Grant Lewellen, the sum of One Hundred and Seventy-five ($175.00), it is my will
and I so direct, that said sums advanced to my said four children, shall be
deducted as advancement from the porpections of my estate hereby devised and
bequeathed to them, my said four children respection that is to say; that unless
my children shall return to me said sums of money before my death, then said
sums of money shall be deducted from their portions of my said estate, and said
sums are now declared to have been advancements made by me to my said four
children above named. And i further direct that if at any time before my   death,
I shall make advancements to any of my children, then said advancement shall be
deducted from the portion of my estate hereby willed to the children to whom
said advancements may be made.
         IV. In the event that any of my said children shall oppose the probating of this
Will, or in any manner concest the same in the Courts, or shall institute a suit
in the Courts, having for its purpose the judical partition of my estate, then
the child or children opposing the probating of this Will, or contesting the
same, or instituting said suit for partition, shall not receive the bequests
and legacies herein named to them, but the part of my estate which he, she, or
shall abide by and accept the terms of this Will, to be divided among them
equally, share and share alike.
         V. I nominate, constitute and appoint my sons, John R. Lewellen, and Ebenezer
Lewellen, joint executors of this my last Will and Testament, and direct that no
bond or security shall be required of them or either of them as executors, and
that no proceedings shall be had in any court in reference to my estate, other
than to probate this Will and file an inventory, an appraisement and list of
claims, as is required by law. And I hereby authorize and empower my said
executors, jointly, to convey and sell all or any part of my estate, real and
personal, of which I may die seized or possessed, at public or private sale, at
such time, and on such terms and conditions as they shall deem best; and to
execute, acknowledge and deliver all proper writings, transfers and deeds of
conveyance therefor.   In the event that either of my said executors herein above
named shall be deceased at the time of my death, then the survivor of said
executors, shall be the executor of this my last will and testament. I further
direct that my said executors or executor shall receive a commission of two per
cent upon all moneys handled by them or him.
         VI. In order that there may be a fair, equal, just and equitable division of my
estate among my said children, I direct that my executors shall sell and convert
into money all my estate, real, personal and mixed, as soon as is expedient and
for the best interest of said estate after my decease.
         In witness here of, I here unto subscribe my name at Temple, Texas, this the
24th day of February 1912, in the presence of B. J. Roop, and Henry Moore, whom
I have requested to subscribe as attesting witnesses.
         A. S. Lewellen
1912 - Probate book shows Lewallen, A.   S.

1912 - Henry Lee Lewallen, son of Andrew Jackson Lewallen, died.

1917 - Will -- The State of Texas County of Bell
Before the undersigned authority personally appeared   W. T. S. Lewellen and W. A. Smith who being duly sworn severally state on oath.
   First: That Andrew Lewellen who purchased from Mike Moff and wife, M. A. Moff, 59 acres of the B. Strunk 320 acre survey   and 34 acres of the Seymore/Bottsford survey situated in Bell County, Texas, was the father of said W. T. S. Lewellen and of Lucinda Smith, deceased, wife of said W. A. Smith: that said Andrew Lewellen was married twice and the name of his wife was Barbara Ann Lewellen and the name of his second wife was Sarah E. Lewellen: that said Barbara Ann Lewellen died in A. D. 1872 and left surviving her, her husband, said Andrew Lewellen and only four children: 1st W. T. S. Lewellen, one of the affiants, 2nd Lucinda Smith, now deceased, and who was the wife of W. A. Smith, 3rd Ella Jane Kennedy who is the wife of W, J, Kennedy, 4th Lila Bell who is the wife of N. I. Bell:
   Second: That said Andrew Lewellen died on or about 5th day of Jamuary A. D. 1906 and left surviving him his wife, Sarah E. Lewellen and all persons above named as heirs of said Barbara Ann Lewellen and also the following named children and none others; 1st. Cansada Dunlap wife of John N. Dunlap, 2nd Fred Lewellen, an unmarried man; 3rd Marshall Lewellen, 4th George H. Lewellen and 5th Minnie Palmer wife of R. D. Palmer.
   Third:That said Sarah E. Lewellen died on or about November 1915 and left surviving her the following children and none others: 1st. Cansada Dunlap, 2nd Fred Lewellen, 3rd Marshall Lewellen and 4th Minnie Palmer.
   Forth: That there were no children born wither said Barbara Ann Lewellen, Andrew Lewellen or Sarah E. Lewellen who died before their respective parents, except that said George H. Lewellen who died on or about the 13th day of July A. D. 1912 prior to the death of his mother, Sarah E. Lewellen.
   Fifth: That said Lucinda Smith died September 15th A. D. 1908 and left surviving her, her husband said W. A. Smith and only four children namely; 1st. Lillian R. Pitts, wife of J. L. Pitts, 2nd   Hobart V. Smith, 3rd Minnie C. Smith and 4th Therodore R. Smith; and that there was no children born to the said Lucinda Smith who died before her and left children surviving.
   Sixth:   That said George H. Lewellen died on or about the 13th day of A. D. 1912 and left surviving him his wife Thursa E. Lewellen and only two children, namely 1st Arthur B. Lewellen, 2nd Leone Elizabeth Lewellen and no other children were ever born to said George H. Lewellen
   Seventh:   of the tract of land above referred to about one half of purchase money was paid out of the proceeds of the community property belonging to the said Andrew Lewellen and Barbara Ann Lewellen and the remainder was paid for out of community property by said Andrew Lewellen nad Sarah Elizabeth Lewellen and this fact was repeated several times to affiants by both said Andrew Lewellen and Sarah Elizabeth Lewellen and is a matter of common knowledge among all of the children of said Andrew Lewellen.
   Eight: That neither the said Barbara Ann Lewellen noe Sarah E. Lewellen were ever married except to said Andrew Lewellen and said Andrew Lewellen was married only twice.
   For the purpose of authorizing this statement to be recorded affiants also acknowledge execution of the same.
   W. A. Smith
W. T. S. Lewellen
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this the 8th day of January A. D. 1917
J. B. Talley, Notary Public, Bell County, Texas
           Andrew W Lewallen married Barbara Ann Blevins March 11, 1865 in Scott County, Tennessee by A S Lewallen JP.
William Tecumpsie Sherman Lewallen
Lucinda Lewallen Smith
Ella Jane Lewallen   married 3 times, Taylor, Kennedy and Parker, not sure of order
Lila Lewallen Bell
   Second he married Sarah Elizabeth Foster July 26, 1873 in Scott County, Tennessee.
Cansada Lewallen Dunlap
Fred Lewallen
John Marshall Lewallenv
George Henry Lewallen
Minnie Lewallen Palmer  

1919 - Probate records show:   Lewallen, Ben H.
1919 - Probate records show:   Lewallen,   John   G

1920 - Probate records show:   Lewallen,   John M
1920 - Probate records show:   Lewallen,   Julia
1920 - Probate records show:   Lewellyn, Wm
1920 - Probate records show:   Witt, F.  

1924 - Rena Cox, wife of John C. Cox, and daughter of Calvin and Ariminta Lewallen, died.   She's buried in the Lewallen cemetery.

1927 - March 30, Jesse B. Coleman Jr. was born, son of Jesse B. Colemand and Fay L. Lewellen

1929 - Probate records show:   Isom, M.

1936 - Kathryne Daniels Lewellen was born Jan 29, daughter of Margaret Wynne Woers and Finis Harmon Lewellen
1936 - Mira Lewallen died (born 1856).   Buried Greathouse cemetery.   See 1880 census - she was the wife of William Lewallen who died 1938)

1937 - A. Lee Lewallen died and is buried in the Lewallen cemetery.   He was the son of James Calvin and Araminta isom Lewallen, and grandson of Wiley and Mary Lewallen. WILEY LEWALLEN DESCENDANTS.

1938 - William Lewallen died (born 1855).   Buried Greathouse Cemetery

1950 - Mrs. Mary Adeline Atkerson, died from an acute coronary occlusion at 804 North 6th Street, Temple, Bell County, Texas, on 4 November 1950.   Her age at death was 82 years, 8 months, and 7 days.   She had resided in Temple for 32 years (since 1918).   She was female, white, and widowed.   Her occupation was given as “At Home.”   She was born in Arkansas on 28 February 1868.   Her father was named as Mose Lewallen, born in Arkansas.   Her mother was named as Margaret Rainwater, born in Arkansas.   She was buried in the Little Flock Cemetery, Temple, Texas, on 5 November 1950.   The Funeral Director was Sam Davis of the Hewett Funeral Home.   The Informant listed on the death certificate was Mrs. J.C. Elza.
   Like Mary Adeline (Lewallen) Atkerson, Tom Atkerson (1865-1939), Maude (Atkerson) Elza, and Jesse Elza (1890-1957) were all buried at the Little Flock Cemetery.
   On a map, the Little Flock Cemetery appears to be about 3 miles east of Temple, off Little Flock Road.   Cemetery Road connects the cemetery to Little Flock Road.
   Little Flock Cemetery appears to be somewhat of a Lewallen/Lewellen “mixing bowl,” as it is also the final resting place for a number of descendents of Columbus Scott Lewellen (1847-1934) and Dorcas (Kroger) Lewellen, as well as for Lucinda Elizabeth (Lewellen) Bell (1850-1928), the wife of Calvin C. Bell (1833-1912) and the daughter John Lewellen and Detta (Reed) Lewellen.   Also buried in the Little Flock Cemetery was Mary Effie (Anderson) Vanderveer (1907-1990), the wife Joel R. Vanderveer (1902-1961) and a daughter of Robert D. Anderson and Balzada (Lewellen) Anderson (1877-1955).   I understand Balzada (Lewellen) Anderson was a daughter of Anderson S. Lewellen and his second wife, Nancy (McDonald) Lewellen (1835-1900) [A sister of his first wife, Sarah McDonald) Lewellen?].   (Info from Clete Ramsey)

1951 - John Lewallen died and buried Greathouse Cemetery.   He was born 1884 and his wife was possibly Barbara since she's buried in the Greathouse Cemetery also.


Created 1850 from Limestone and Milam

1860's - mid.   John Swepston Llewellyn was in the county. -- John Swepston Llewellyn, b August 6,1824 in Halifax County, Virginia, d June 7,1897 at Durango, Falls County, Texas - was a son of John Stephen and Harriett Edwards (Jones) Llewellyn of Virginia.   John S. and Mary Frances (Currie) Llewellyn were both buried in Carolina Cemetery near Durango, as were her mother, several of their children, and some of her siblings. Llewellyn and Mary were in Falls County in the mid-sixties, living in the Durango area of West Falls County, where he practiced medicine for nearly thirty years.   (Also see Freestone for a possible brother)

1880 - Census:
James Lewallen b AL 1856 as shown in the 1880 Falls Co, TX census
   Sereda is listed as born AL, father b TN, mother b AL
   Jas. Luwellen   27 (1853) AL - f/m fields left blank
   Sarelda Luwellen 27 (1853) AL/TN/AL
   Wm. Luwellen 7   (1873) TX
   Thomas Luwellen 4
   Anna Luwellen 1
(NOTE:   See Cherokee County, Alabama previously)

1890 - Zachariah and Nancy Lewallen are on the census.   See Bell County previously.   He was from Scott County, Tennessee.   In 1900, Zach is living with his son , Harrison 1900 and is buried in Shep, Taylor County 1910.

1897 - John Swepston Llewellyn died.   (See 1860's above)

1900 - Census shows:
Justice Princinct 5, Falls Co, TX
William C Lewallen   26   TX/AL/AL Nov 1873 md 1899
   Mittie O Lewallen 18 MS/NC/NC Oct 1881
   William M Lewallen 8/12 TX/TX/MS Sept 1899   (William Marvin Lewallen 09/11/1899 McLennan, TX)
Tom F Lewallen   24 TX/AL/AL Apr 1876
   Sereda A Lewallen 49 AL/AL/AL Oct 1850 MOTHER widowed
   Mary J Lewallen 17
   ?Iddie O Lewallen 13
   William H Everitt 64

1904 - Sanger Bros, a Dallas, Texas business firm sold 82.94 acres of land to N. H. moore, A. A. Moore and J. K. Lewallen for $1,658.80 payable by $200 cash and seven notes of 4208.40 each.   the notes, with 8% interest were due, one yearly, the first on Dec. 1, 1905 and the last on Dec. 1, 1911.   (The J. K. Lewallen was John K who was the son of Joseph Wyley Lewallen and Mary Jane Richardson, and grandson of Wiley and Mary Lewallen.   N. H. Moore was Noble Hugh Moore who married Eliza Catherine Lewallen, sister of John K., and daughter of Joseph Wyley Lewallen.  
   In addition to John K and Eliza Catherine, Joseph and Mary Jane (Richardson) Lewallen had Stacey, Steve, Rosie Lee, Mary Lou and Bessie Mae.   This family was in Bell County prior to this....bh

1923 - Sarelda Lewallen (wife of Jim who was a son of Calvin and Eliza Lewallen) died in Chilton and is buried in the Chilton cemetery.   It's said Jim was buried there, too, but not confirmed.   Their children were Mollie, Ziddie, William C., Thomas Franklin and Anna Bell. DESCENDANTS OF WILEY AND MARY LEWALLEN.

Created 1837 from Red River.
Fannin is on the Oklahoma border.   Counties next to it are Grayson, Hunt, and Lamar

[NOTE: broken link]

Buried in Fannin:
Laura Lewallen, Willow Wild Cemetery
William B. Lewallen, Willow Wild Cemetery
Orra Fynela Lewelen, Windon Cemetery
Charles D. Lewellyn, Windon Cemetery
Aubyn W. Lewellen, Oakwood Cemetery
Alice Lewellyn, Oakwood Cemetery
Billie Lewellyn, Oakwood Cemetery
Eva Lewellyn, Oakwood Cemetery
Sam Lewellyn, Oakwood Cemetery
Julia (Woolsey) Lewellen, Oak Hill Cemetery
Robert L. Lewellen, Oak Hill Cemetery

1900 - Cenus shows:
James Lewallen 35 (aug. 1864) Tn - TN - MO
   Sarah 32 TN TN TN
   Bert 10
   Ollie 8
   James 6
Sam lewallen 33 (Mar 1867) NC, NC, NC
   Alice 32 TX, TN Kansas
   Sallie 9 TX NX TX
   Billie (male) TX NC TX
W.B. Lewallen 30 (May 1870) Ark, TN TN
   Laura 26 Indian Territory OK, Ark, Ark
   Ralph 7, Indian Territory OK, Ark OK

1911 - William B. Lewallen (born May 12, 1869) died Nov. 1.   His father was Joseph G. Lewallen, mother Elizabeth Dew.   William B. was born in Arkansas.

1927 - Laura B. Lewallen (born Aug. 12, 1868) died June 24, wife of William B. Lewallen

Created 1850 from Limestone

1883 - Joseph Llewellyn, ( b. Dec. 04, 1840 VA) died Feb. 2 and buried in the Llewellyn cemetery.

1941 - E. E. Llewellyn, (b   Nov. 14,1850) d. July 2 and buried in the Llewellyn cemetery

Created 1836 from Old Mexican Municipality

1920 - Census shows:   Tom R. Lewallen, head of a household in Gonzalez County that included wife Nancy and daughter Docia.   (This would be Thomas Riley Lewallen who was born in Arkansas, son of Moses Lewallen.   From Arkansas, the family moved to Bell County, Texas. )

1940 - Thomas Riley Lewallen died from pneumonia in Smiley, Gonzales County, Texas, on 18 February 1940.   His age at death was 78 years, 4 months, and 24 days.   He had resided there for 28 years.   He was male, white, and married.   The death certificate named his wife as Mrs. Nancy Lewallen.   His occupation was farming, at which he had last worked in December 1939.   The death certificate noted the total time he had spent farming not in years, but as “All.”   He was born in Arkansas on 24 September 1861.   His father was named as Moses Lewallen, born in Arkansas.   His mother was named as Margaret Rainwater, born in Arkansas.   Thomas Riley Lewallen was buried in the Bundick Cemetery on 19 February 1930.   The undertaker was A.B. Holmes of Nixon, Texas.   The Informant listed on the death certificate was Mrs. J.B. Patteson [as spelled] of Smiley, Texas.   Informant on Tom Lewallen’s death certificate, Mrs. J.B. Patteson -   his daughter -   Doshia Edna “Docia” (Lewallen) Patteson (1894-1965), the wife of Jefferson Beasley “Jeff” Patteson (1891-1987).   Doshia Patteson’s Texas death certificate lists her parents as Thomas Lewallen and Nancy Jo Lewellen.   She died in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, but her usual residence was listed as being 3 miles west of Smiley, Texas. The Informant listed on Doshia Patteson’s death certificate, who provided her information by telephone, was Nancy Jo Cook.   Doshia Patteson’s body was removed from San Antonio to Nixon, Texas.   (ALL this info thanks to Clete Ramsey)

1942 - Nancy Almira Lewallen (wife of Thomas Riley Lewallen) died.   She was a daughter of Anderson S. Lewellen (1836-1912) and his first wife, Sarah (McDonald) Lewellen (1833-1869).   Nancy’s Texas death certificate names her as Nancy Lewellen Lewallen.   She died from heart trouble, with “age” a contributory factor, in Smiley, Gonzales County, Texas, on 17 September 1942.   82 years old at death, she was female, white, and widowed.   Her occupation was listed as “Housewife.”   She was born on 12 December 1859 in Kentucky.   Her father was named as Anderson Lewellen, birthplace unknown.   Her mother was named as Sarah McDonald, birthplace unknown.   Nancy was buried at the Bundick Cemetery.   The Informant on her death certificate was Mrs. Bertie Whitely of Smiley.

Grayson created 1846 from Fannin

Hale created 1876 from Bexar

1940 - George Walter Lewellen died.   (See Hill County)

Hill created 1853 from Navarro

1862 - or 1861, the family of Thomas Lafayette and Emily/Emma (Robinson) Lewellen arrived here from Tishomingo County, Mississippi   (Note:   One of the children of William C. and Anna Lewallen moved from Tishomingo, MS to Hill County 1892; Wiliam was born SC, moved to TN, then to MS, per posting on internet)

1862 - Bertha Lake Lewellen was born May 13 in Woodbury, daughter of Thomas Lafayette and Emily Lewellen

1874 - Francis Alexander Lewellen married Madorah Coffey Wood.   The marriage record for this couple shows the bride as Madorah Coffey Nugent.   Her parents were Andrew J. and Lucinda (Coffey) Wood.   They had children:   Lute Gertrude Lewellen McKinzie, Pearl Lewellen Walker and Charles P. Lewellen.  

1876 - Lovin Rose Lewellen married H. Frank Shelton Dec. 21.   She died 1937 in Amarillo (Potter County).   Their children were Carrie, Connie, Edna Earl, Will, Edith, Jake (Henry), and Septer (Seth).

1885 - Johnnie Alice Lewellen married Dr. Marion Franklin Moody in Woodbury on Dec. 2.   Their children were Emiline Jane Moody, Mary Estella Moody, Dr. Rosco Moody, Juanita S. Moody, J. Jack Moody and James Moody.

1886 - Emma Thomas Lewellen married Richard Runnels Fancher in Woodbury.   She died in Austin (Travis County) 1942.  

1887 - Joseph Robinson Lewellen married Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Fancher who was born 18 Mar 1862 Hillsboro (Hill County.   She died Feb. 2, 1942 in Fort Worth (Terrant County).   Joseph Robinson Lewellen died November 12, 1926 in Vernon (Wilbarger County), Txas.   Their children were Joseph Clarence Lewellen (1888-1932), Marion Cletus Lewellen, Mary Jewel Lewellen (1891-1914), Myrtle Gene Lewellen   Horton (1892-1958) and Cecil Carl Lewellyn (1896-1946)

1892 - Carroll Lewallen moved to this county from Tishomingo County, MS.   He was the son of William C. and Anna Lewallen.   William C. was born in S.C.; the family had lived in TN before moving to MS.   (from posting on internet)

1899 - Bertha Lake Lewellen married Samuel Pickens Martin in Woodbury on June 21.   Their children were Samuel Lafayette Martin, Lewellen Martin, George Absolum Martin, and Mary Love Martin Warren

1891 - George Walter Lewellen married Annie Glaldys (Withers) Goodrich.   Their children were George Djalma Lewellen (1892-1961), Clayton Withers Lewellen (1897-1949), Willie Alyne Lewellen Hooper) (1903-after 1980), and Thomas Wayland Lewellen (1908 - ?   George Walter Lewellen died 1940 in Plainview (Hale County,) Texas.

1900 - Census shows living in the household of George Ricketts 77 and his wife Cintha Ricketts 67 was Mattie Reicketts 30 and her children - Corrine Lewallen 7 (born Tex, father born MS and mother born Tx, and Lillie Lewallen 1 born Texas, father born MS and mothr born Tex.

1932 - Francis Alexander Lewellen died.

1958 - Bertha Lewellen Martin died.   Her children were Samuel Lafayette Martin (1900-1941), Lewellen Martin (1904-1904), George Absolum Martin (1906-1980), and Mary Love Martin Warren (1908-1980)

1960 - Johnnie Alice Lewellen Moody died.

Hunt created 1846 from Fannin, Nacogdoches

Lamar created   1840 from Red River
Lamar is on the Oklahoma border with Choctaw County, OK.   It also borders Fannin and Red River counties in Texas and is near Titus and Hunt Counties.

Leon created 1846 from Robertson

1890 - Thomas Marion Lewallen moved from Tennessee to Jewett, Leon County

1895 - Thomas Marion Lewallen (son of Aaron and Sallie (Young) Lewallen) Deed on 17 Dec 1895 in Jewett, Leon, Texas, USA (Bought 200 acres out of the Cartwell league from V. A. Monroe, paying 40, 500 lbs. of "lint" cotton.) Letter on 07 Dec 1896 in Jewett, Leon, Texas, USA (from James Franklin to William Henry indicating residence in Jewett, TX). Residence 1900 in Limestone, Texas, USA. (See Limestone)

1896 - Thomas Marion Lewallen's his oldest son, James Franklin Lewallen wrote his younger brother, William Henry Lewallen, who now lived in Hays Co. Co., a letter asking if he would like to come back to live with him and Thomas in Jewett (this letter also indicated that Thomas had become interested in reading the bible and expressing some of his own strong religion convictions)

1900 - ca.   Thomas Marion Lewallen moved to Thornton, Limestone County

Limestone created 1846 from Robertson

1890 - Census shows no Lewallens

1900 - Census shows:
                     Thornton Town, Precinct 8
Thomas Lewallen 53 (Dec. 1846) Tennessee, father born SC and mother born GA
   Charlotte born 1866 TN, father NC mother TN (married 1866).   This would be Thomas
Marion Lewallen, son of AARON and SALLIE LEWALLEN of Tennessee; Thomas died in the confederate home in Austin, Travis County, Texas of acute indigestion).
   Ada 24 TN, TN, TN
   Alvis 15 TN TN TN
   Lanzo 13 TN TN TN
   Hubert 11 TN TN TN
   Elizabeth Raddel 54, sister-in-law, TN, NC TN (NOTE in Groesbeck County a Riddle living with a Lewallen)
   Linsay Sanders 25, hired
Calvin Lewallen 23 (1876) born TN, father and mother born TN
   Ellie 25 (1874) born Texas, father KY and mother Ms.   (Married 2 years)
   Bennie 7/12 (1899) born Tex, father TN and mother Tex
                       Grosbeck Precinct
James F. Lewallen 37 (Aug 1862) born TN and both parents born TN   (This would be James Franklin Lewallen, son of THOMAS MARION and CHARLOTTE RIDDELL.   (see above)
   Minnie D. 27 (1872) born TN and both parents born TN
   Lucy L. born Aug 1891 TN, both parents born TN
   Robert M. born Oct. 1898 Texas, both parents born TN
   Walter born Feb 1896 Texas, both parents born Ten
   David born Aug 1898 Texas, both parents born TN
   Bettie Riddle, aunt, born Feb. 1846 TN, both parents born TN (NOTE in Precinct 8 a Radle living with Thomas Lewallen)
   Mary J. Riddle, aunt born 1855 TN, both parents born TN
   Edgar Riddle, cousin born 1884 TN and both parents born TN
                       Justice Precinct 8
Thomas Lewallen 31 (Feb. 1869) born TN and both parents born TN
   Florence 25 (born April 1875) Texas and both parents born Tex
   Johnnie 4 (1895) born Tex, father TN and mother Tex
   Allice 3 (1896) born Tex, father TN and mother Tex
   Vaughn 1 (1899) born Tex, father TN and mother Tex

1901 - Charlotte (riddell) Lewallen died of pneumonia and, in a year or so, Thomas married Martha Sephonia Ross. This marriage produced a daughter in 1903, named Linnie Marie Lewallen.

1903 - Linnie Marie Lewallen, daughter of thomas Marion and Martha Sephonia Ross Lewallen was born.

1910 - Census shows no Lewallens.   Thomas Marion Lewallen had moved to McLennan County prior to Nov. 1913.  

1920 - Census shows no Lewallens

1916 - ca.   Thomas Marion Lewallen moved from McLennan County, Texas, to the Confederate Home in this county.   (See McLennan).   He was the son of AARON and SALLIE LEWALLEN.

1934 - Thomas Marion Lewallen died in the confederate home where he had lived about 18 years of acute indigestion and was was buried in Thornton, Limestone County,   in Tidwell Cemetery after July 29.

McLennan created 1850 from Milam

Old Perry Cemetery:   http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=cr&CRid=5960
(No Lewallens listed but Silas and Susanna (Randolph) Witt are buried here.   Their descendant married William Henry Lewallen whose Lewallens lived in Troy, Bell County.   William Henry and Amanda (Witt) Lewallen moved on to Arkansas.

1892 - Jim Lewallen purchased 150 acres near Moody on Dec. 1 for $3,756.20.   (He was the son of Calvin Lewallen and grandson of Wiley and Mary Lewallen...bh)

1913 - By November of 1913, Thomas Marion Lewllen was living in Mart, McLennan Co., Texas. In November of   1914, he applied for a military pension, as a soldier in indigent circumstances. By November of 1915, the Commissioner of Pensions began to suspect that Thomas had more property than the pension law allowed. In March of 1916, three friends swore that Thomas owned no property, except household furniture, four horses, one cow and a calf. In April of 1916, Thomas” pension was re-instated and he was able to move into the Texas Confederate Home in Austin.   (NOTE:   See Leon County for more on Thomas Marion Lewallen.   He was the son of AARON and SALLIE LEWALLEN of Tennessee.

1915 - T. M. Lewallen filed appl. for pension.   He was born 1848 Tennessee   (See above.)

1923 - Sarelda Lewallen (wife of Jim) died in Chilton, Falls County, and is buried there.

Est 1836, old Mexican Municipality

Some Lewallens moved here from Jackson County, Alabama

Established 1857 from Cooke

1874 - Jonathan Lewallen married Elisabeth Evers.   (See Wise County.)

Nolen created 1881 from Bexar and Young

1932 - ca.   Henry Endler Lewallen moved here from Taylor County.   He was born Temple, Bell County Feb. 24, 1878.   He was killed by a hit and run auto Jan. 17, 1939.   At that time surviving him was his wife, Mrs. Charles Hagerton of Sweetwater, Mrs. Lee Jones of Ft. Worth, Mrs. Harper Sparks of Del Rio, Otis Lewellen of Colorado, Gerald Lewellen of San Angelo, and Rick Lewellen of Midland.

Created 1855 from Bosque and Navarro

Date unknown.   Sarah and William Plumlee moved from Berryville, Ark, to Sprintown in Parker County where she died in 1886.   She was the daughter of Burk LuAllen found in White County, TN 1805-1822.  

Created 1858 from Bexar and Travis

1901 - Joseph Wyley Lewallen, son of James Calvin Wiley and grandson of Wiley and Mary Lewallen, died April 11, and he's buried in Ballinger.   His wife, Mary Jane, died April 11, 1908 and is buried at Chilton, Texas.   It was said that he and his family had sharecropped in central Texas for a while but then he decided there was more opportunity in west Texas.   They went west but later decided to return to Falls County.   On the way back, he fell sick and died in Ballinger.  

(formed 1836 from old Texas Municipality)
Note:   Shelby is on the Louisiana border.

1842 - Amon Lewellen of Shelby County, Texas, sold his portion of land from his father's estate to Alfred Lewellen of Anson County.   Their father was Jesse Lewellen, mother was Dorcas Shepherd Lewellen.   Dorcas died 1842 in Anson County.

Created 1846 from Nacogdoches

1848 - On September 25, John LEWELLING signed a petition with about 30 other people protesting the selling of the courthouse property in Smith County.

1850 - Census shows:   LEWELLING, John, age 55, property valued at $100, born North Carolina; Nancy LEWELLING, age 55, born North Carolina; Nancy LEWELLING, age 21, born Tennessee; Dovey LEWELLING, age 18, born Tennessee; John LEWELLING, age 12, born Illinois.
(This would be John and Nancy (Colley) Lewallen.   They had moved from North Carolina to Lincoln County, Tennessee, then to Effingham County, Illinois about 1840, then to Texas.
1852-53 - Thomas LEWELLING in Smith County in 1852-1853. He was involved in the estates of Eliza Jane DICKEY and Eli E. COWSAR

1853 - John Lewelling died June 5 and is buried in the Verner Cemetery.

1855 - Nancy LEWELLEN, daughter of J. COLEY and wife of J. LEWELLEN, d Oct. 13, 1855, age 50 years

For information on John and Nancy Coley Lewelling, see:

[NOTE: broken link]

1914 - Joseph Calvin Flewellen lived in this county.   He was born 1846 Upson Co. GA

Est. 1858 from Bexar and Travis.

Shep Cemetery (includes Lewallens)

1880? - ca Henry Endler Lewellen moved from Bell County to Taylor County with his wife, Rose Jones.   They lived here 30 years then moved to Nolan County

1880 - Census shows:
   Page 11 - John Lewallen 68 (1812) born TN and both parents born VA
                     Emma 46 born TN   (John was from Morgan and Scott County, TN, son of  
                           Anderson)   (See Wayne County KY 1860 and 1870)
                     Tennessee 12 born KY and both parents born TN
                     Texas 10 born Ky and both parents born TN
   Page 11 - H. Lewallen age 26 born TN and both parents born TN
                     M. H. 24 born Mo and both parents born Mo
                     Lara Belle ? age 4 born Tex and both parents born MO
                     J. M. 2 born Texas and both parents born MO
   Page 10 - James Lewallen 32 born TN and both parents born TN
                     W. E. 25 born Ark and father born Ark
                     NancyAnn 5 born Texas, father born TN mother Ark
                     Sarah E. 4 born Tex, father TN and mother Ark
                     William R. 11/12 born Tex, father TN and mother Ark
   Page 10 - M. Lewallen 42 born TN and both parents born TN
                     Fleming (wife) 44 born TN, father and mother born TN
                     Nancy E 19 born TN and both parents born Tn
                     B. (male) 17 born TN and both parents born TN
                     Almeda 13 born TN and both parents born TN
                     C. 11 born TN and both parents born TN
                     N.D. 9 born TN and both parents born TN
                     Mary M. 5 born TN and both parents born TN
                     Joseph H. 2 born TN and both parents born TN

1900 Census shows:
   James Lewallen 51 (Feb. 1849) TN, father and mother TN
         Winnie 44 Ark, TN TN
       William R 20 Tn TN Ark
       Mattie M. 16 TN TN Ark
       James R 10 TN TN Ark

1904 - James monroe Lewallen married Lela Lavinia Belcher.   He was the son of Amos Lewallen.   (NOTE:   This marriage may not have taken place in this county - it needs to be substantiated...bh)

1910 - Zachariah Lewallen from Scott County, Tennessee, died Feb. 11 and is buried in the Bluff Creek cemetery.   His son, James Mason was living in Shep and may have been where Zack lived when he died.

1946 - Amos Lewallen died May 14 and is buried in the Shepp Cemetery.   He was the son of Zachariah Lewallen (See Bell County) and was born in Tennessee as was his father.   His wife was Nancy Ann Brunner (married ca 1883), daughter of Rev. Peter S. Brunner of Falls Co. Texas.   Nancy was born April 1866 in Missouri

1953 - James Monroe Lewallen died.   He was the son of Amos Lewallen, and the husband of Lela Lavinia Belcher.   Their children were:   Audrey Mary (born 1903 and died 1908), MarionFrank (born Apr. 15, 1906 and died Feb. 1968), Henry (born 1907 and died at 6 months), Fred A. born Aug 21 1910 and died June 26, 1989), James Eugene (born Nov. 24, 1912 and died Jan. 23, 1972), Arthur Leo (born July 2, 1915 and d. Nov. 1976), Margie Elenor (born Apr. 7, 1918), Marvin Elroy (b Apr. 7, 1918 and died at 2 months of age)

1955 - Nancy Ann (Bruner) Lewallen, wife of Amos, died and was buried in the Shepp Cemetery.   Amos and Nancy had:   James Monroe Lewallen (b TX June 1884 and died 1953); Henry E. (born TX April 1890), John (born TX Jan. 1895), Emma (born TX Dec. 1896), Maggie (b TX June 1898), and Samuel M. (b TX 1903)

created 1846 from Red River, Bowie

1869 - Alfred (Alf) Calvin Lewallen married Ella ? on July 22.   She was born GA but lived in Titus most of her life

1916 - Alfred Calvin Lewallen died Aug. 14

created 1840 from Bastrop

1934 - Thomas Marion Lewallen died July 29 of acute indigestion.   His parents were AARON and SALLIE LEWALLEN and he was born Giles County, Tennessee.   He was buried in Thornton, Limestone County.

1951 - Fannie Whiteley, died of a cerebral hemorrhage in Travis County, Texas, on 22 December 1951.   Her usual residence was Belton, Bell County.   Her age at death was 76 years, 11 months, and 18 days.   She was female, white, and married.   A housewife, she was born on 4 June 1875 in Bell County.   Her father was named as Moses Lewallen, born in Texas.   Her mother was named as Margaret Rainwater, born in Texas.   She was buried on 22 December 1951 at the Bottoms Cemetery, near Temple, Texas.   The Informant was her daughter, Mrs. Lola Giles.
   Fannie Lewallen appears to have married three times.   I believe her first husband was Joseph C. “Joe” Arthur.   That marriage ended after June 1900, when Fannie was listed as Arthur’s wife on the 1900 census of Precinct 2, McLennan County, Texas.   Included in Joseph’s household in 1900 were daughters Esther (13) and Emma (7), as well as son (3), whose name may have been Chalie or Charlie [Charles Monroe Arthur by some accounts; Monroe Charles Arthur by others].   Fannie’s second husband was Hiram Desmukes Thompson (1870-1933), who was buried at the Bottoms Cemetery.   I haven’t been able to more fully identify her third, Whiteley husband.   The Informant on Fannie’s death certificate, Mrs. Lola Giles, was Lola (Thompson) Giles, a daughter of Hiram and Fannie Thompson.
   It’s possible the Mrs. Bertie Whitely who was the Informant on Nancy (Lewellen) Lewallen’s death certificate could be Fannie (Lewallen) Arthur Thompson Whiteley, but I can’t be sure.
   After his marriage to Fannie Lewallen ended, Joe Arthur married again.   His new wife was Sarah Caldonia Rainwater.   If I have the generations correct, Sarah’s father, Benjamin Franklin Rainwater (1840-1882), was a younger brother of Margaret Elizabeth (Rainwater) Lewallen (1835-1898), the wife of Moses Lewallen.   If that’s correct, Joe Arthur first married Fannie Lewallen, then her first cousin, Sarah Rainwater.
   Several sources state the Bottoms Cemetery is also known as the Arthur Cemetery. (info provided by Clete Ramsey)

created 1856 from Cooke

1880 - Census shows:
   William G. Lewallen (1825) 65 born KY, father born KY and mother born GA
     Nancy 55 born GA, father and mother born SC
     Benjamin R 18 born Texas, father born KY and mother GA
     James A. born Texas, father born KY and mother born GA
     Nancy Ingram 8 granddaughter born Tex, father born Tex and mother Ark
     Annie J. 5 granddaughter born Tex, father born Tex and mother born Ark
     Charles A. 4 grandson born Texas, father born Tex and mother born Ark.

1884 - Obit.   JONATHAN LEWALLEN, on April 1st, 1884. He was a respected citizen and had long lived in this county, but now he is called away and leaves a wife and four little children to mourn his depature and battle with the stern realities of life unaided by a husband and a father's care. Three of the little ones are three year old girls, Delia, Celia and Melia, who annually look for birthday gifts on the same day. The wife, a sister-in-law of our neighbor, Thos. Harrison; was lying very low at last accounts. -Alvord Messenger, April 11, 1884, p.3, c.3.
1884 - Obit.     MRS. ELISABETH LEWALLEN, the wife of Jonathan Lewallen whose death was noticed in these columns last week, died on the 9th inst., leaving four little children without father of mother and without a home. Three of the little ones are girls of one birth, who are now three years old. Thomas Harrison, of this place has kindly taken the little homeless ones under his care and protection. All charitably minded persons have here a noble opportunity to bestow worthy gifts. -April 18, 1884, p.3, c.3.

NOTE:   Jonathan and Elisabeth Evers were married 1874 in Montague County, Texas.   He was born ca 1852 Arkansas.

Cindy Lewallen - Jun 20, 2012

Adding to the history of James Calvin Lewallen, (my GGGGFather) he married Eliza D. Hazel on 9/28/1843 in Calhuon County, Alabama.   Eliza died in 1854.   James Calvin married Araminta Isom (Isham) in 1854.

Children of James Calvin and Eliza (my relatives)

Mary Elizabeth Moore b 1845 d Texas
Joseph Wyley Lewallen 11/8/1847 Alabama, died 4/1/1901 in Ballinger, TX
James Franklin Lewallen b 1848 in Alabama, died 1880 Moody, TX (this is my GGGFather)
William Henry Lewallen b 1/25/1851 in Cherokee County AL d 9/1932 in Delight AR

James Franklin married Sarilda A Blair on 1/9/73.   Sarilda was born 10/6/1850, d 12/16/1923 in Chilton, TX

James Franklin and Sarilda had:

William Calvin b 1873 d 1906 (my GG Father)
Anna Bell Lewallen b 1879 in TX
Mary J   (Lewallen) Robinson b 1883
Ziddie Orvella Hoffman b 1887 d 3/1914
Thomas Franklin Lewallen b 4 21 1876/77 in Moody TX d 2/23/1940

William Calvin married married Opal Mittye (Lewallen) Wren on 10/9/1898.   Opal was b June 1881 in Mississippi
Children of William Calvin and Opal:

William Marvin Lewallen, Sr., b 9/11/1899 in Chilton TX d 3/9/1968, buried in Chilton, TX
Ernest S. Lewallen b 4/28/1906 in Christoval, TX

William Marvin Lewallen (my GFather) married Pauline (Lewallen) Sherrill, b 2/14/1903 and d 1/22/1999 in Pueblo, CO.   She is buried in Chilton, TX

William and Pauline had:

William Marvin Lewallen, Jr.   (my father) born 1924, Waco, TX
Robert J. Lewallen b 1929 in McLennan County TX, d 1993 , Waco, TX
Sheryl Ann Lewallen, b 1932 Waco, TX, d 1933 Waco, TX

William Marvin married Katherine Louise Mosley June 14, 194?.   Katherine was born in 1926 in Waco TX to ? Mosley and Ruth Flournoy.   Ruth Flournoy's mother, Katherine Flournoy went to Texas in a covered wagon from Florida.

William Marvin Lewallen, Jr. and Katherine have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.   I am their youngest child.

In the photo section, there is a photo of Sarilda Blair Lewallen's headstone in Chilton, TX

Billie Harris - Jun 20, 2012   Edit | Delete | Viewers | Reply to this item   And I descend from James Calvin (called Calvin) through his son Henry.   There were other children for Calvin:


IF I could find my old Lewallen information binder, I have photos of several of Calvin's children which were obtained from their descendants.

Here's a posting with names of the descendants, however, subsequent postings have been made which show other descendants and i haven't updated this one yet:

[NOTE: broken link]

Cindy Lewallen - Jun 21, 2012

Billie:   Your original "book" or binder was the springboard for all my genealogy research and saved me countless hours of searching.   I can't thank you enough for doing all that work and sharing it with me and others.   The family information has been used countless times by my nieces and nephews when they had to describe the history of their family.   So, on their behalf as well, thank you!