Lewallen Cemetery, Bell County, Texas

Billie Harris - Jul 7, 2009

If anyone is ever in Troy and has a chance, it would be nice to get photos of the Lewallen Cemetery there.  

The property where it is located appears to have originally been owned by Calvin Lewallen and his son W. H. (William Henry) Lewallen and may have passed down to Calvin's son, A. Lee Lewallen.   Information I had was that A. Lee and his wife Roxie Teaff Lewallen had donated the land for the cemetery but in reading the book by Edward Hugh Moore, it appears that "...it is likely that the public Lewallen Cemetery began as a private cemetery on the original 320 acre farm bought by Calvin and W. H. Lewallen.   Lee likely inherited at least a portion of this farm containing the cemetery, which he later made public."   I'm almost certain that it was one of Lee's descendants that gave me the information and they could have been wrong.

The following directions to the cemetery is taken from "A Lewallen Family History" by Edward Hugh Moore.  

"The Lewallen Cemetery is northeast of the town of Troy, in Bell County, Texas.   Directions to the cemetery are as follows:   drive east out of downtown Troy on East Main (935).   At about 3 miles, cross Big Elm Creek, and turn left onto Big Elm Road immediately past the creek.   Take Big Elm Road north, but when it makes a sharp ninety degree turn left (west) immediately look for Lewallen Cemetery Road on the right.   There is a street name sign and a dead end sign.   Lewallen Cemetery Road is public, but is un-maintained gravel for a way, and then it is an overgrown dirt road.   Do not try to go the cemetery during wet weather.   In April 1998 the cemetery was overgrown with weeds and showed a general lack of care.   It is in a beautiful location, on the edge of a high bluff, overlooking a scenic valley."