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Jean Brand - Jul 12, 2009

Shep, Texas is located in the southwestern cornor of Taylor County. It is a local market and agricultural community, lying south of Lake Abilene and the Gallahan Divide.   It was settled by a few ranchers in 1880, as shown by the names of those having land in the 1880 Census.
1880 Census (just to name a few Lewallen's)
Lewallen, James
Lewallen, M.
Lewallen, H.
Lewallen, John
Shep Settlers buried at Bluff Creek Cemetery (just to name a few of our line).
Lewallen, John   1812-1896
Lewallen, Emily 1834-1907
Ewing, Jim
Ewing, Tennessee
Lewallen, James
Lewallen, Winnie
Lewallen, Ruff

John Lewallen was the first elected sheriff of Scott County, Tennessee, March 1850. He was a Welshman whose ancestors once rules Wales, where they had a little brushoff with the King of England, so the story goes.

In Memory of John Lewallen Scott County's First Sheriff July 17, 1980 Scott Co. News

John Lewallen, was the son of Grant Lewallen, was the first sheriff of Scott County, Tennessee in 1850, serving until 1858. He was born February 12, 1812, and died November 16, 1896, in Shep, Texas. He was buried in Bluff Creek Cemetery near Bradshaw, Texas about thirty miles from Abilene.

John lived in the New River Section of Scott County and married Delilah Reed in 1833. She was born in 1815, and died in   Scott County on May 24, 1865. They were the parents of ten children. Isaac, 1834-1908; Anderson, 1836-1912; Elizabeth, 1837; Campbell, 1839-1918; Andrew, 1841-1915; Nancy, 1845-1879; William, 1846; Columbus, 1847-1934; Louisa, 1849; and Lucinda, 1850.

Isaac married Nancy McDonald (1836-1888) and had twelve children. His second wife was Fannie Lane and they died in Texas. Anderson married Sarah McDonald in 1852, she was born in 1833 and died in 1869. They had eight children. His second marriage on November 14, 1869 was to Nancy McDonald (1835-1900) and they had four children. Elizabeth married Lehut McDonald and Campbell married Millie Ann Young (1839-1917), daughter of Matthew and Rodi Ann Young. Their children were Arminda (1866), Louvany (1868), John H. (1870-1954), Mary Jane   (1872-1960), Louisa (1874), Nancy (1878-1957) and Ulyses (1884-1933). Campbell was a soldier in the Civil War and received his discharge at Louisville, Kentucky. He lived and died in Scott County near Glenmary.

Andrew Lewallen married Barbara Blevins in 1865. His second marriage in 1873 was to Alice Foster. They were buried in Temple, Texas.

Nancy Lewallen married Haden Burke (1828-1903) son of Jonathan (1794-1875) and Nancy Cooper Burke (1803). about the year 1862. They lived on No Business Creek and their children were Louverna (1864), John (1865-1949), Lewis, (1867-1909), Isaac, (1868-1948), William (1870-1944), Peter, (1876-1917), Loueller (1872-1944), and Harmon (1879-1954).

Lewis was killed at Winfield by a train and was buried on No Business Creek.   He helped bring the Elvia, Tennessee Post Office to No Business and Station Camp. Peter Burke was killed at Poteau, Oklahoma, loading logs, Nancy Haden and John Burke died and were buried at McAlister, Oklahoma.

Columbus Lewallen married in Wayne County, Kentucky in 1866 to Dorcus Koger (1845-1933) and had thirteen children, they were buried in Temple, Texas.

Louisa Lewallen married Peter Burke (1821-) brother of Harden Burke. Their children were Mary Etta, Zeda, Thurman, Sigel, Peter, Willie (1882-1970), Sarah and May. They moved to Oklahoma in 1889.

Lucinda Lewallen married Calvin Bell of Parmleysville, Kentucky on January 13, 1870 and moved to Temple, Texas on June 4, 1874. He preceded her in death in 1912.

After Delilah's death of   in 1865, John married Emily Reed McDonald (1834-1907) who was a widow with six children. They had two daughters, Tennessee (1868-1946) and Texas (1870-1946) John and Emily Lewallen moved to Bell County, Texas in 1873 and moved to the Shep Community in Taylor County, Texas in 1879. They returned to Bell County in 1884 John purchased 160 acres of land and lived in a half dugout until he could build a frame house in 1980 is yet standing and in good condition, it's owned by his grand daughter, Mrs. Newt (Elva) Brewer.

John, Emily, Isaac, Anderson, Columbus, Lucinda, Tennessee and Texas Lewallen lived out their lives in Texas. In a handwritten letter to his son Campbell dated February 20, 1876, he seemed to be living well and enjoying his new home.

When Abe Lincoln ran for President in 1860 the people called him a black republican, and he received only one vote in Scott County. That vote was cast by Shade Lewallen who live in Huntsville. In 1862 Shade died of small pox in Huntsville and was burried in what is now an orchard just south of the Baptist church building.

When Abe Lincoln ran for President the second time most of the voters in Scott County were fighting in the Unions Army, but there had been a wonderful change in sentiment and most of those in Scott County voted for Abe Lincoln for President.
Appearance Of
A Court Room While John Lewallen was the Sheriff:

This court was held in a one room log house, near where Alvis Jeffers' residence now stands just east of the Town Spring. The house had no floor, nor windows and but one door. There were open cracks on all sides of the house. Benches were made of logs split flat sides up and pegs driven in the ends. The house had been used as a "meeting house" where preaching services were conducted. This court was held in the fall of 1850 or 1851, and was in session three days. Judge Alexander was judge, John Lewallen, sheriff and John L. Smith clerk. Of those who were on the first jury I now recall ----Creekmore, Johnnie Chambers, Absolum Cross, Jimnie Chitwood, Eliga Terry, Felin Griffith and Abe Cross. Among the lawyers present were Dave Young, Horace Maynard, W. Kain, David Cummings and ---McAdo. The lawyers and judge boarded with clerk John L. Smith who lived where Dan Chambers now lives.

These articles taken from:

Reprinted from The Cumberland Chronicle,
Huntsville, TN...1904

Dear Jean:

This article on page 687, "History Of Bell County," TX. I copy and send
without comment:

"John Lewellen, the fourth son of Anderson and Lucy Rice Lewellen, was
born February 12, 1812, in Tennessee. After the family moved through the
wilderness road to Tennessee, John married Delilah Reed in 1833. The
daughter of Isaac Reed, she was born 1815, probably in Tennesee.

John and Delilah lived in Morgan and Scott Counties, Tennessee. In 1850
he was elected the first sheriff of Scott County. The Lewellens had
these children:

1. Isaac James (Aug. 8, 1834-June 3, 1909) was born in Tennessee, and
married Nancy Jefferies, Saphama Davis then Fannie Lane. He died in Bell
County and is buried in Lancaster Cemetery, near Temple.

2. Elizabeth (b. 1835) was born in Tennessee and married Lehui McDonald.

3.Anderson S. (June 4, 1836-Feb.26, 1912) married Sarah McDonald, Nancy
McDonald and Sallie J. Bolce. He is buried in the Hillcrest Cemetery in
Temple, Bell Co., TX

4. Campbell C. (Aug. 5, 1839-Sept. 26, 1918) was born in Tennessee and
married Millie Ann Young. He is buried in Glenmary, Scott County,

5. Andrew (Feb. 9, 1842-Jan. 15, 1906) was born in Scott County,
Tennessee, and married Barbara Ann Blevins, then Sarah Elizabeth Foster.
He is buried in Hillcrest Cemetery.

6. Nancy (June 4, 1845-Feb. 20, 1879) married Haden Burk. Born in Scott
County, Tennessee, she is buried in McAlisteer, Oklahoma.

7. Columbus Scott

8.Louisa Ann (June 4, 1848 or 1849) married William Walker.

9. Lucinda E. (Mar. 1, 1850-June 220, 1928) was born in Scott County,
Tennessee, and married Calvin Bell (Mar. 31, 1833-Dec. 12, 1912). She is
buried in Little Flock Cemetery.

10. Harry William (b. 1853) was born in Scott County, Tennesee.

Delilah Reed Lewellen died May 24, 1865. After her death, John married
her widowed sister, Emely Reed McDonald. She was born February 9, 1834.
She and John had two daughters:

1. Tennessee (June 4, 1868 - 1946) was born in Wayne County, Kentucky,
and is buried in Bluff Creek Cemetery near Bradshaw, Taylor Co.,Texas.

2. Texas (Apr. 17, 1870-Oct. 5, 1946) was born in Wayne County,
Kentucky, and is buried in Shep County near the Lewellen farm about 30
miles west of Abilene.

In 1874 this Lewallen family migrated to Bell County from Wayne County,
Kentucky, They came by a train of covered wagons pulled by oxen and
mules. Soome of the wagons bogged down as they tried to cross the Brazos
River. The Lewellens settled in the eastern part of Bell County in the
communities of Little Flock, Old Howard and Tray. Most of them purchased

Later John Lewellen moved to near Bradshaw, Texas where he died November
16, 1896, and his second wife, Emely Reed McDonald, died there on March
17, 1907. Their graves are in Bluff Creek Cemetery near Brawshaw."

Manually typed by:

Raymond Harrison Bostick for Jean Brand

P. S.

Do you want a photo copy of the above snail mailed? I may have made a
typo or so. Also Hillcrest Cemetery mentioned is located in Temple and
Little Flock Cemetery is two-three miles east of Temple. Little Flock is
the cemetery where most of kin are buried, except my Lewallens -
grandmother always emphasized in "a" in spelling her last name. I don't
know why????

Scott County's 150th Anniversary   (Scott County was formed 1849)
JOHN LEWALLEN, whose ancestors once ruled Wales and who had had a little brush-off with the King of England, enjoyed his particular role as High Sheriff. He called out, "Hear ye! Hear ye! This honorable court is now in session."

Document sent by Wayne Lewallen
By B. E. Roberts
January 8, 1859 to John Lewallen
Blevins Jonathan to Deed Lewellen

This Indenture made and entered into this 8th day of January in this year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and fifty nine (1859) between Jonathan Blevins, Sr and Sarah his wife. Armstead Blevins and Margery his wife, Isaac Blevins and Lucinda his wife all of the County of Scott and State of Tennessee of the first part, John Lewellen of the County of Wayne and State of Kentucky of the second part. Wits forth. That, the said Blevins and their wives above mentioned for and in Consideration of the Sum of $1800, hundred dollars to them in hand paid by the said John Lewellen receipt of which is hereby acknowledged before the Sealing and delivering of these presents hath this day bargained & sold and by these presents doth transfer and convey unto the Sd J. Lewellen and his heirs forever a certain tract or parcil of land suppose to contain 400 acres by the Samo more of lefs. Sitnate, lying and being in the County of Wayne of State of Kentucky on both sides of the Rock Creek. And bounded as follows towit; -----
                                 Beginning on a Signatures and Beckey's Isaac Blevins and Armstead Blevins comes thence N80 & Isaac Blevins line 74 poles of Maple & Chestnut Oak. N62 & 38 poles to a black oak, N22 & 20 poles to a Poplar. N8 W52 poles to a black oak on Jonathan Blevins,Jr. & Joseph Roberts. Armsted Blevins old line N80 & with Said line 56 poles to a Chestnut. N 61 w 12 poles to _______ White Oak. Jonathan Blevins, Joseph Roberts, Armsted
Blevins old Corners. N32 W binding on James Goss, Francis Goddard's old line, 66 poles to a black oak Sd Goss and Goddard's old corner. N50 and 18 poles to a black oak. N51 w 20 poles to a white oak on Jonathan Blevins old line of a 100 acres survey. N20 and with Sd lines to it's corner a black oak and just on the point of a Ridge. N22 w 54 poles to a chestnut at a cliff. S64 W 36 poles to a Stake. S 23 W 244 poles to a pino Corner to a condition a line to Jonathan Blevins,Jr. Jonathan Blevins,Jr thence wife said Creek on the north side thereof with it's _______
thereof to a conditional line made and mark on _______ Pino on the N side of sd Creek. Then Sd Conditional line to Jonathan Blevins old line. Thence South 70 W with sd line opposite a Corner a large black oak. Corners on Conditional line between Isaac Blevins and Armsted Blevins. Thence N and to Sd corners. Thence with sd Conditional line to the Beginning:-- With it's appurtenance unto the said John Lewellen and his heirs forever. And the said Jonathan Blevins,Jr and Sarah his wife, Armsted Blevins and Margery his wife, Isaac Blevins and Lucinda his wife, doth further consent and agree to and with the said John Lewellen and his heirs to Warrant and forever defend and within tract of land with it's appurtenances until the said Lewellen and his heirs against the claims of themselves & their heir and against the claim or clams of all and every other person or persons whatsoever. In Testimony whereof we have subscribed our names and offered our seals day and date above written.
__________ Blevins     Seal                                     Jonathan Blevins (his mark X) Seal
Anderson (his markX) Slaven Seal                           Saraha Belvins (her mark X) Seal
Armsted Blevins (his mark X) Seal
Margery Blevins (her mark X) Seal
Isaac Blevins (his mark X) Seal
Lucinda Blevins (her mark X) Seal

State of Tennessee   Seal
Scott County
                       Personally appeared before me Richard Pamberton Clerk of the County of Scott County Jonathan Blevins,Sr, Armsted Blevins & Isaac Blevins all of whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledge the within deed to this act and deed for the purposes therein Continue from the day it bears date, Witness my hand and Seal at office This June 25th day1859
                                         Richard Pamberton, Clerk
State of Tennessee   Seal
Scott County
                         Sarah Blevins, Margery Blevins, & Lucinda Blevins the wives of Jonathan Blevins, & Armsted Blevins & Isaac Blevins have personally appeared before me Richard Pamberton, Clerk of the County Court & having by virtue of the authority and no vest have been examined personally and apart from their husbands and they having acknowledged the due executions of the written deed bu their freely evaluation and understandingly without confusion or
constraint by their said husbands and for the purpose therein ________ the Sums therefore Certified. Witnessed my hand and seal this 25th day of June 1859.
Richard Pamberton, Clerk
State of Kentucky   Seal

transcribed February 17, 2001 by Jean Brand and Melba Boyd

As stated, the engineer of this plot was WAYNE WHITE-COTTON. The following were the designers and plotters: Circuit Court Clerk JOHN L. SMITH; County Court Clerk ALLEN McDONALD; Sheriff JOHN LEWALLEN; Trustee ISAAC REED and Registrar RILEY CHAMBERS, who were the committee appointed to bargain for and buy 25 acres of land for GEORGE McDONALD and EMANUEL PHILLIPS.

September 14, 1850 US Federal Census
Name:     John Lewallen
Age:     38
Estimated birth year:     abt 1812
Birth place:     Tennessee   (Value of Real Estate 1200)
Gender:     Male
Home in 1850
(City,County,State):     District 18, Scott, Tennessee
Page:     367
Roll:     M432_895
lists: John age 38, Delia age 35, Issac age 16, Anderson age 14, Elizabeth 14, CC age 10, Andrew age 8, Henry age 5, Louise age 1, Columbus age 3, Lucoinda age 6/10 (meaning born June 1849)

July 7, 1860 US Federal Census
Name:     John Lewallen
Age in 1860:     48  
Birthplace:     Tennessee  
Home in 1860:     Not Stated, Wayne, Kentucky
Gender:     Male  
Value of real estate:     View image
Post Office:     Monticello
Roll:     M653_399
Page:     0
Year:     1860
Head of Household:     John Lewallen   Value of Estate 2000 & value of Personal estate 3500
Household :
John Lewallen Not Stated, Wayne, KY 48   1811 Tennessee   Male    
Delila Lewallen Not Stated, Wayne, KY 44   1815 Tennessee   Female    
Campbell Lewallen Not Stated, Wayne, KY 20   1839 Tennessee   Male    
Andrew Lewallen Not Stated, Wayne, KY 17   1842 Tennessee   Male    
Nancy Lewallen Not Stated, Wayne, KY 14   1845 Tennessee   Female    
Columbus Lewallen Not Stated, Wayne, KY 12   1847 Tennessee   Male    
Eliza Ann Lewallen Not Stated, Wayne, KY 11   1848 Tennessee   Female    
Lucinda Lewallen Not Stated, Wayne, KY 10   1849 Tennessee   Female    
William Lewallen Not Stated, Wayne, KY 7   1852 Tennessee   Male  

next family to John:
Andrew Lewallen Not Stated, Wayne, KY 66   1793 North Carolina   Male    
Malinda Lewallen Not Stated, Wayne, KY 69   1790 Tennessee   Female    
William Slaven Not Stated, Wayne, KY 17   1842 Kentucky   Male    
Rebecca Lewallen Not Stated, Wayne, KY 58   1801 Tennessee   Female    
Martin Lewallen Not Stated, Wayne, KY 22   1837 Tennessee   Male  

1?, April 1870 US Federal Census
Name:     John Lewallen
Estimated Birth Year:     abt 1813
Age in 1870:     57  
Birthplace:     North Carolina  
Home in 1870:     District 7, Wayne, Kentucky
Family and neighbors:     View Results  
Race:     White  
Gender:     Male  
Value of real estate:     View Image
Post Office:     Parmleysville  
Roll:     M593_503  
Page:     133  
Image:     266  
Year:     1870  
John 57 Farmer   1500 Real Estate 880 Person value, Louisa 56 keeping house, Lucy 21 keeping house, William 18 Farm Labor, Hirman ? age 2, Texas age 4/12, MdDonald age 15, James 14, Rebecca 12, Sarah 10, _________ 9, ___________ 8, Granville 1.

June 18 & 19, 1880 US Federal Census
Name:     John LEWALLEN
Age:     68
Estimated birth year:     <1812>
Birthplace:     Tennessee
Occupation:     Farmer
Relationship to head-of-household:     Self
Home in 1880:     Precinct 4, Taylor, Texas
Marital status:     Married
Race:     White
Gender:     Male
Spouse's name:     Emma LEWALLEN
Father's birthplace:     VA
Mother's birthplace:     VA
Cannot read/write:     View Image
Blind:     View Image
Deaf and dumb:     View Image
Otherwise disabled:     View Image
Idiotic or insane:     View Image
Image Source:     Year: 1880; Census Place: Precinct 4, Taylor, Texas; Roll: T9_1328; Family History Film: 1255328; Page: 287B; Enumeration District: 189; Image
lists: John, Emma, Tennessee age 12, Texas age 10

Billie Harris - Jul 12, 2009

Jean, many thanks for posting this.   Ray Bostick passed away a few years back.   I had been in touch with him just a few days before he died of cancer.   A wonderful man.   I'm glad you have some of his materials.   I have some, too, but mine pertained mostly to the Randolph line because we both descended from Henry Randolph of Albemarle County, Virginia, through his son James and James' daughter, Susannah who married a Witt and from the Witts to the Lewallens.  

And I also appreciate Wayne's information.   I consider Wayne a very good Lewallen genealogical researcher and only wish he would join us on here.

This gives us more for our records and again, thanks for posting it and the other things you've posted today.