Descendants of John Llewellyn (born 1600's) of Maryland (VA, AR. KY)

Billie Harris - Jul 20, 2009

In going over what we have for Maryland, it seems to be fairly easy to compile the genealogy, at least down somewhat.   There are, however, some questions, the main one being what happened to these people?   Some obviously remained in Maryland, but not all.   Where did they go?   Are they some we find in Virginia?   None seem to have gone into Tennessee but they did move into Kentucky.  

Can anyone add to this?   Were any of your ancestors connected to them?

There only appears to have been one Llewellen in Maryland until Hugh Luallen was there in the mid 1700's.   There's only record of Hugh having two daughters, no sons, and they moved on to South Carolina.   More on Hugh in another post.  

In the Maryland Calendar of Wills compiled and edited by Jane Baldwin, it shows the Will of John Hatton of London died Dec. 14, 1654 and as his executors were Thomas Hatton and Robert Llewelin, however, there's no record of Robert in Maryland so he may have lived in London and the only reason the Will was filed in Maryland was that Hatton had some property there.

The genealogy goes something like this, and a portion was taken from a posting on RootsWeb by John B. Lewis (I've attempted to contact him but his e-mail is no longer good):
[NOTE: broken link]

Much information was taken from the Maryland archives, and some of the genealogical information taken from posts on GenForum.

   In 1671, John Llewellyn immigrated to the colonies.   His birth year isn't known, but the administration of his estate was 1698.   He was an appraiser, alderman of St. Mary's City, Clerk (Talbot 1689-92, justice of the peace 1689-1690 and held numerous other offices.  
     His first wife was Mary by whom he had a daughter Ann.   His second wife was Audrey Cocks, a widow.   Audrey was the daughter of Bryan Daily and Audrey Keithing who was a widow of Nicholas Keithing.  
   Audrey's first husband was William Cocks whose estate was administered 1682 and by whom she had one child, name unknown.   By 1685, she married John Llewellin and her third husband was William Taylard. William Taylard (1660-1711) was an attorney and land speculator.   They moved to Ann Arundel County about 1699.   He was Clerk of the county 1699-1703 and held a variety of positions.   By the time William Taylard died 1711, John Llewellin's daughter Ann and   son Richard   were adults.   William Taylord died naming his stepson Richard to handle the estate with his wife, Audrey.  
   Audrey Taylord died 1721 in St. Mary's County.   In her Will, she mentions:   "To son Richard Lewellin, grandson John Lewellin, granddaughter, Margaret Lewellin, William Harrison, Ann wife of John Baker and to her son John Baker, and Elinor wife of William Langley, personalty.

   The following children MAY or may not have been John Llewellyn's.   They may have been Audrey's by her previous marriage.   The ones definitely known to be John's are Ann (by his previous wife, Mary) and Richard (by Audrey.)  

   1.   Possible Daughter (see Audrey's Will) ? Harrison.   Married William Harrison
   2.   Daughter Ann, born 1681.   She married John Baker.
         (1)   John Baker
   3.   Daughter Elinor Langley.   (See Audrey's Will)   Married William Langley
   4.   Son RICHARD LLEWELLIN, born ca 1685.
         Wife Jane Orell (or similar spelling).   Children:
         (1)   Daughter   MARGARET LLEWELLIN
         (2)   Son JOHN LLEWELLIN, wife Elizabeth (Mary) Jordan  
               John Llewellin was born Aug. 26, 1714 and died Oct. 2, 1785, St. Mary's
                 A.   RICHARD LLEWELLIN
                     Born January 23, 1740 St. Mary's Co., Maryland.   Died August 6, 1832,
                     Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.
                     Richard is shown in the 1790 Maryland census with one male
                     over 16, 3 males under 16, 2 females, one free person and
                     18 (or 10) slaves.  
                       Richard is shown in the 1820 census for Jefferson County, KY and
                       neighbors included James L. Bates and Charles Baker
                     Married Philippa Bates.   Children:
                     a.   Margaret Elinor Llewellin born 9/3/1787; died 1808
                     b.   Anna Bond Llewellin, born 9/3/1789; died 1789
                     c.   Maria Jordan Llewellin born 3/3/1790, died Oct. 10, 1822
                     d.   Jordan Llewellin, born Dec. 24, 1793, died July 2, 1835
                     e.   Eliza Bates, born 2/9/1795, died Apr. 3, 1823
                     f.   Charles Llewellin born 2/17/1797, died 1/18/1801
                     g.   Susan Ann Bond, born 7/27/1802, died 4.26/1828
                     h.   John Richard Llewellyn born 11/17/1803, died 7/1/1873.   John
                           Richard   Llewellin moved to Chicot County, Arkansas and is
                           shown in the 1850 census there.   It shows he was born
                           in Virginia, was a planter with a value of his property at
                           $12,000.   Wife Susan, 36 born VA.   Also in the household was
                           Eugene Llewellyn 13 VA, Sarah Cordell 12 MO,   Ellen Catherine
                           Cordell 10 MO, Adelia Llewellyn 8 Ark., Lucy Throckmorton 5 MO,
                           Adna (or Adele) Llewellyn 3 Ark, and David R. Llewellyn 1,
                           born Arkansas.   They are still in Chicot County, Arkansas,
                           in the 1860 census and the value of his real estate at
                           that time was $100,000 and personal property $60,000.   The
                           names of those in the household were Susan his wife,
                           Eugene 22, Sarah C 21, Ellen 18, Adelle 16, Lucy 14,
                           Edvil 12 (male), Richard 8, Amelia Hinton or Newton 30 VA,
                           Charles W. Hinton or Newton 6, Virginia Cordelle 15 VA.
                           Neighbors were John Bledsoe, Jamison, Collins, Smith, Chapman
                           It would appear then, that in 1837 John R. Llewellyn
                           and his family were in Virginia.   By 1842 they were in Arkansas.
                           The 1870 census shows them him age 66 with Susan, then
                           Eugene, Lady 28 MO, Ellen 21 MO, Lucy 23 MO, Edw 21 Ark.
                           The value of the real property was $20,000 and personal
                     i.   Justain G. Llewellin born 1/5/1805
                 B.   SALLY LLEWELLYN
                     Born Feb. 15, 1743 and died Sept. 24, 1747
                 C.   JOHN LLEWELLYN
                     Born Dec. 24, 1745 and died young
                 D.   MARY LLEWELLYN
                     Born July 12, 1747 and died July 19, 1747
                 E.   JUSTINIAN LLEWELLYN
                     Born Dec. 14, 1748 and died Mar. 5, 1771
                     Born Oct. 14, 1750, died Sept. 16, 1800.   Married (1) Edmund
                     Key and (2) John Briscoe).   Edmund Key was the great uncle
                     of Francis Scott Key who wrote the Star Spangled Banner                
                 G.   MARY LLEWELLYN
                     Born Oct. 14, 1750 (twin) and died May 14, 1755
                 H.   MARGARET LLEWELLYN
                     Born Oct. 14, 1753 and died Jan. 8, 1792
                 I.   JOHN LLEWELLYN
                     Born Oct. 6, 1755
                 J.   JAMES LLEWELLYN
                     Born Oct. 6, 1755 and died June 26, 1756
                 K.   CHARLES LLEWELLYN
                       Born Oct. 26, 1758 and died Apr. 9, 1797.   The 1790 Maryland
                       census shows Charles   with one male over 16, one under 16,
                       2 females, one free person, 27 slaves

More, plus documentation:

1671 - John Lewellin immigrated to this country per "The Early Settlers of Maryland," edited with an introduction by Gus Skordas, Assistant Archivist, State of Maryland.   This was in St. Mary's County.   There's a historical marker for John Llewellyn at
His home was among the first erected at St. Mary's City.

1677 - John Lewellin witnessed the Will of John Jones of St. Mary's County October 5

1680 - For many years before his father's death, Charles Calvert, the third Lord Baltimore, as Governor of the province, had control of Maryland estates, but it was not until five years after (should this be "before"   his death that Charles inaugrated a separate land office and appointed a register - Mr. John Llewellyn.   This was in Kent County.   Info from "Side-Lights on Maryland History With Sketches of Early Maryland Families" by Hester Dorsey Richardson

1681 - ca Ann Llewellin, daughter of John and Mary Llewellin was born.   Between 1681 and 1685 Mary Llewellin died

1682 - John Lewellin was first register of the Colonial Land Office, Clerk of the Assembly
1682 - William Cocks was clerk, provencial court 1682 and 1683

1684 - Administration of the estate of William Cocks.   He was clerk of the provence court 1682-1683.
1684 - "Partnership" - 300 acrues surveyed August 15 for John Lewellin

1685 - ca Audrey Daily Cocks married John Llewellin
1685 - ca Richard Llewellin was born

1686 - John Llewellin witnessed the Will of Thomas Burford of Charles County March 16th and on March 24th he's shown as one of the testators
1686 - Provincial Land records (See posting "Maryland - Chronology"

1691 - The Will of Andrew Abington of October 29th and Nov. 9th, names as overseers Capt. Samll Browne and John Lewellen.
1691 - From 1691 to 1698, John Price was tenant of John Llewellin's.   He died 1713 and his wife Ann later married John Welbourn.   (See "Maryland - Chronology")

1692 - John Lewellin was Chief Clerk to the Secretary of the Province

1693 - John Lewellin was a witness to the Will of Lyonell Copley Sept. 7 in St. Mary's County

1694 - John Lewellin was a member of the committee signing protest against the removal of the Capital from St. Mary's City ot Annapolis

1698 - Administration of John Llewellin's estate.

1699 - ca. Audrey Dailey Cocks Llewellin married William Taylard.   They moved to Ann Arundel County this year where he was clerk for that county 1699-1703 and held many other positions as well.

1709 - John Rogers married Isabelle Orrell first, and he had a son Richard, (Marriage Indenture signed in 1709), then John Rogers married Ann Courts in 1709, and they had a son John, when in or about 1715 John Rogers married a third time to Elizabeth Mason, and they had a son named Roadham, expecting the second child as stated in John Rogers Will in 1717.
   Note the 1719 Will of Thomas Orrell names grandson Richard Rodger who was probably the son of John Rodgers.

1711 - Will of William Taylord dated November 8th and proven Jan. 26, he mentions son-in-law Richard Lluellin to assist wife in executorship.   Richard would have been his stepson, not his son-in-law.   (William Taylord was born 1660.

1719 - Charles County, Will of Thomas Orrell (Orill, etc) Gent, Charles Co. 25th Aug 1719 - 2nd May 1721.   "To dau Jane Lewellin, son-in-law Rich'd Lewellin, ex., grandson John Lewellin and grand-dau Margtt. Lewellin, personalty, grandson Rich'd Rodger, residue of estate, real and personal; he dying during minority, said estate to grandchildren, John and Margtt. Lewellin, afsd."   Testators included Rich'd Lewellin.
   This, then says that Jane, wife of Richard was the daughter of Thomas Orrell.

1721 - Will of Audry Taylord of St. Mary's County dated August 3 and proven Aug. 28, "To son Richard Lewellin, grandson John Lewellin, granddaughter, Margaret Lewellin, William Harrison, Ann wife of John Baker and to her son John Baker, and Elinor wife of William Langley, personalty.
   This would indicate that in addition to Richard, John and Audrey also had a daughter Ann who married John Baker, a daughter Elinor who married William Langley, and probably a deceased daughter who married William Harrison because Audry was giving to Harrison in lieu of a daughter, perhaps because there were children.
   In addition, there's a Will of Thomas Grunwyn of St. Mary's County which gives among other bequests, to Mrs. Ellinor Van Sweringen and Richard Llewellin, personalty.   The date of this Will is unknown.   Richard was also one of the testators of that Will.   Ann Baker isn't mentioned so whether she was still alive or not, or if she was one of the others mentioned in Grunwyn's Will, we don't know.   But it appears Elinor was remarried by the date of the Will.

1726 - the Will of Charles Stevens of Talbot County dated July 22 and recorded May 22, 1728, "to dau. Katherine and hrs 212 A "Llewellin's Ridge," e. side Tuckahoe Ck, bou of Esp. Loyd

1732 - Will of William Hooke, St. Mary's Co. 20 Jan, filed 2nd April 1733, "to Richard Rogers and John and Margaret Lewellin, l.s. each ..."
   (This John and Margaret Lewellin would be either be the children of Richard and Jane (Orell) Lewallen or it could have been John and his wife was named the same as his sister.   Elizabeth Coad, a widow, married William Hooke and after she died, William hooke married Susanna Price by 1729)

1733 - Will of John Briscoe of Charles Co. 13 Jan, filed Apr. 8, 1734, one of the testators was Margaret Llewellyn.

1744 - History of Talbot County, Maryland, Vol. 1 gives info on letters of Mr. Callister and says in part:   "In a letter to Mrs. John Lewellin of Ramsey of Aug. 13, 1744, there is some political and military information imparted to his correspondant..."

1777 - Will of James Eden, St. Mary’s County 2 Jan. 1777 “To two cousins MARY and MARGRET LWELLIN and Elizabeth Briscoe all the money due me from Hensen Briscoe to be settled and divided by James and John Mills”.   One of the testators was CHARLES LLEWELLIN.

1785 - John Llewellin (born ca 1716, sono f Richard) died.  

1790 - Heads of Families, First Census of the United States 1790 Maryland lists, page 108, St. Mary’s County:
1.   CHARLES LLEWELLIN, one white male over 16, one white male under 16, 2 females, 27 slaves
2.   RICHARD LLEWELLIN, one white male over 16, 2 females, 18 slaves

1800 -census shows:
Ruth Lewellen                 Baltimore County
Elizabeth Llewellen         St. Mary's County
Joseph Lullen                 Worcester County

1821 - House of Delegates for St. Mary's County were: Clement Dorsey, William H. Llewellin, Samuel Maddox, John L. Millard

1825 - 68
Dec. Ses. 1825.
Passed Feb.28, 1826.
                           JOS. KENT, ESQ. GOVERNOR.
                                           CHAPTER 92.
           An act for the relief of John Llewellin and Mary his wife.
Authority to
Mortgage.     SEC. 1.   Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland,
That John Llewellin and Mary his wife, the only child of Jeremiah
Booth, late of Saint Mary's county, deceased, be, and
they are hereby authorised to mortgage the real estate of which
the said Jeremiah Booth died seized, or any part thereof, in like
manner as if the said Mary were of full age.
confirmed.     2.   And be it enacted, That any mortgage which may be executed
by the said John Llewellin and Mary his wife, by virtue
of this act, shall have the same operation and effect in law
as if the said Mary were of full age.
Bond, &c.     3.   And be it enacted, That before the said Jon Llewellin and
Mary his wife, proceed to execute any mortgage of the real estate
herein mentioned, that the said John Llewellin shall give
bond to the state of Maryland, in the penal sum of ten thousand
dollars, with security to be approved of by the judges, or some
one of the judges of Saint Mary's county court, conditioned
for the application of any sum or sums of money, to be obtained
by mortgage as aforesaid, to the payments of the debts
of the said Jeremiah Booth; and that the said bond shall be deposited
with and recorded by the clerk of Saint Mary's county
court; and a copy of said bond, certified by the said clerk, under
the seal of said court, shall be as good and sufficient evidence
in any court in this state, as the original would be if
produced and proved

QUESTION:   Who is this John Llewellen with wife Mary (Booth)?

Rodney Lewallen - Jul 29, 2009

I wonder if John Llewellen is one of three Llewellen brothers that originally came to this country at the same time.. One of the brothers died, leaving his family and control of his land to his brother... the future forebear of the Lewallen's of Scott/Morgan county.. I believe his son was the Andrew or Anderson Lewallen who began the branches that did spread out to N. Carolina, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma by way of connecting states south of Tennessee.. there was even a descendant that moved on into Michigan and is somehow connected to the Oklahoma's Lewallens.. Could John be the missing third brother of the two brothers who lived in Prince Edward (?) county, VA or could he be just a distant relative?? I have read that some Llewellen's prior to 1764 were English and not Welsh citizens, which was a different breed back in those days.

Billie Harris - Jul 30, 2009

Anything is possible.   I believe you're referring to Anderson Lewallen of Prince Edward County.   Take a look at this posting (scroll down to Prince Edward County section).

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By the way, welcome to the site. We're always delighted to have others join us.     When you get a chance, would you let us know your line of Lewallens.