Andrew Lewallen (1829), Ewel, Redin (Scott Co., Tennessee)

Cathy Fetterman - Jul 28, 2009

1850 Census for Scott County, Tennessee Andrew Lewallen born abt 1829 Scott County, TN Elizabeth (Lawson) Lewallen born abt 1830 Scott County, TN Ewel Lewallen born abt 1848 Scott County, TN married Louisey Lay Redin Lewallen born abt 1849 Scott County, TN married Malinda also there was Pernita Lewallen born aft 1850 Scott County, TN Married William Delk Andrew Lewallen JR born aft 1850 Scott County, TN My Mom & I just got back from Tennessee and according to the Tennessee State Library and Archives most of the records of Scott County were destroyed in a fire that happened in 1946. Does anyone have any info on who Andrew's parents were? Also I can only find Pernita when she married William Delk March 29 1873 in Campbell County. Thanks, Cathy

Billie Harris - Jul 28, 2009

Cathy:   Scott County wasn't formed until 1849.   The parent counties were Fentress, Morgan and Anderson counties.

Since Andrew was born about 1829, it doesn't seem he would have been the son of the one person found in Morgan County:
   1830 - Census shows WILLIAM LEWELLIN with one male 10-15, two males 15-20, one female 50-60.   Neighbors:   Snow, Hill, Webb, Bagely, Griffith, Robins, Aaron Sexton, Andrew Parker, Timothy Sexton

Anderson County, on the other hand, had:
   1830 Census shows:
     CHARLES LUALLEN –  1 male under 5; 1 male 15-20; 1 male 30-40 (born 1790-1800); 1 female 20-30 (on page 183 of census with Benjamin Weaver, Mary Edwards, Millakin, Henry Taylor, Churchwell Jackson
     PATTON LUALLEN, 2 males under 5; 2 males 5-10; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 30-40 (born 1790-1800); 1 female 20-30 (on page 181 of census, with Catherine Cavele, Anderson Gentry, James Wallace, Edmond Warrick)  
           (NOTE:   This would be Peyton and Jemima (Smith) and they
             moved to Missouri prior to 1840)
     JOHN LEWALLEN   - 2 males 5-10 years, 1 male 40-50 (born 1780-90); 1 female under 5, 1 female 10-15; 2 females 15-20, 1 female 30-40 (on page 175 of census, as was Richard, following.   Neighbors included Wm Martin, Michael Clardy, Wm. Severs, Edwards, Vowell, Webb, Huckabee, Millican, Smith, Lenard
     RICHARD LUALLEN, 2 males under 5; 1 male 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30; 1 male 60-70 (born 1760-70); 1 female under 5; 1 female 5-10; 1 female 10-15; 1 female 15-20; 1 female 20-30; 1 female 30-40 ( on page 175 of census with John above)
           (NOTE:   Richard died 1833 and left minor children -Richard's wife was Parazada Vowell.   According to one posting on the internet, a Polly Luallen married a John Vowell in the early 1800's in Anderson County. and an Elizabeth Luallen Tipton left Polly money in 1870 but Polly had   died by that time.   The only Vowell showing in the 1830 census for Anderson was Thomas Vowell age 40-50)

Cathy Fetterman - Aug 3, 2009


Thanks for the info, I wish I would have asked that question before I went to Tennessee that way I could have checked out the Anderson County Books.
I still have not narrowed it down to who Andrew Lewallens parents are. I have been stuck on this one for years. Anyway just wanted to say thank you.

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Aug 3, 2009

Cathy, I also just returned from TN.   I spent time at the Scott County Historical Society, the Oneida Public Library, and the East Tennessee Historical Library in Knoxville.   I loved the area in Scott County and being there gave me a better perspective on my Luallen/Lewallen ancestors.   I realized that I need to focus my search for my Matthew Lewallen in Morgan County since the area in Scott County where he was was really Morgan County at that time.   I don't know if any of my new information will help you, but
this is some of what I found:

From Morgan County, Tennessee Deeds (1818-1846)     Book A-B-E: 42-43 (Original Book A, page 87)
12 May 1821.     From Anderson LUALLEN   to Andrew LUALLEN. Consideration $150.   50 acres...on Wolf Creek...which tract of land was conveyed to the said LUALLEN by Nathaniel TAYLOR.   /s/ Anderson (his
x mark) LUALLEN.   Wit. Walter (his x mark) DAVIS, Benj. C. WHITE.   Ackenowledged July Term 1821.  
Registered 14 Dec 1821.

From Morgan County, Tennessee Land Survey Book A & B 1824-1836
In pursuance of an Entry made by Andrew LUALLEN of No. 91 For Twenty acres of land Dated the 12th day of July 1824.   I have Surveyed for the said county on Wolf Creek joining his other land...including his   house and improvement.   Surveyed 12 Aug 1824.
Walter DAVIS & Anderson LUALLEN, S.C.C.

In spursuance of an Entry made by Andrew LUALLEN of No. 100 for Twenty acres of land Dated the 17th   day July 1824 I have surveyed for the said Andrew LUALLEN Twenty acres of land in the Said County on Wolf Creek...line of a survey made in the name of Ezekiel WILHITE...including the Spring and a part of the improvement where Ezekiel WILHITE formerly lived. Surveyed 11th August 1824.   Walter DAVIS & Anderson LUALLEN, S.C.C.

From Morgan County 1820 Census by Freytag (compiler):   1819 Andy LUALLEN

Included as residents of Morgan County who signed a petition that requested the removal of the County seat date October 18, 1819:     Andy LUALLEN         Ab LUALLEN

I will post info I found on Matthew Luallen/Lewallen after I have some time to go over it again.   It appears that there are two Matthew Lewallens (father/son??).   I am still sure that my Matthew is connected to all the other Lewallens because he was in the same area, but as yet I don't know how.   Anyway, happy hunting!   Darlene

Cathy Fetterman - Aug 3, 2009

Thank you for the reply, I wish this was my Andrew. My Andrew was born abt 1829 and most of the dates are before he was born. I took Billie's post and tried to narrow it down between Richard or Charles but have not found what I am looking for. I am not ready to give up yet so I will keep on looking.
Thanks Cathy

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Aug 3, 2009

Cathy, I posted the info so you could see that there were more Luallens/Lewallens than what is listed on the 1830 census.   Have you tried   I was just on there and there seems to be a lot of info on Andrew & Elizabeth.   By the way, my Matthew Lewallen was married to Sarah Lawson (not a sister, but maybe a cousin to your Elizabeth).   I don't want to tell you something that you already know but will give you a 14-day free trial if you are not already a member.

Cathy Fetterman - Aug 3, 2009

Yes, I am a member of and have found the 1850 census with them but that is about all I have found. I am also looking for a Pemita Lewallan born abt 1852, Andrew and Elizabeth is her parents. What type of info did you just see on there?

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Aug 3, 2009

I searched Andrew Lewallen b. 1829 in TN.   Then I went to the Family Tree tab under Historical Search.  
There were at least 2 family trees (looked like unsourced, but at least something).   I also checked message
boards...some of it was old.   I would love to invite you to view my tree if you are interested.   My family
changed the spelling around the time of the Civil War.   From 1860 on it has been Luallen.   It would seem
likely that Andrew & Elizabeth and Matthew & Sarah are related somehow.

Cathy Fetterman - Aug 3, 2009

Yes, I would be interested in viewing your family tree. I have been looking at some of the family trees on Andrew & Elizabeth in search of his parents. I believe you are right that they are related so how.
What do you need from me to view your tree?

Rick Llewellyn - Aug 5, 2009


From the census record you researched, John & Delilah Lewallen lived beside Andrew another. It suggests this Andrew may have been a son of John's.

What more are you hoping to discover?

Cathy Fetterman - Aug 6, 2009

I am trying to find out who Andrew's parents are, and what happened to Andrew after the 1850 Census. He must have died between 1850 and 1860. Also Andrew and Elizabeth Lawson had a daughter Permita that I can not find anywhere except the day she married William Delk.

Billie Harris - Jan 20, 2010


You probably know most of this already, but here goes what I've found:

More than likely your Elizabeth (Lawson) was the daughter of Samuel and Milly Lawson since the 1860 census shows Ewel Lewallen was living with them in Scott County.   Samuel was age 56 and Milly age 50.   Also in the household was Permiett Lawson age 23 and Rebecca Lawson age 19.   Ewel was still living with them 1870.   In addition, Samuel Lawson was living right next to John Lewallen 1850 Scott County and on the other side of John your Andrew lived.

the 1860 census doesn't show your Andrew or Elizabeth but the 1870 census shows Elizabeth and her children living with her son Redin (age 21) and his wife Melinda, and their daughter Nevada age 6/12.   Elizabeth was age 42 and her children were Jasper 14, Andy 12, and Columbus 8.   By 1880, she was in Whiteley, Kentucky, at age 50, widowed and living with her was her son Andrew age 22.

Since your Andrew lived right next door to John Lewallen in Scott County, Tennessee, and wouldn't have been a son of John's, we can assume he was probably a brother or at the very least a nephew.   I'm not sure about this because I'm not from this particular line but i believe Andrew Lewtian Lewellen and John Lewellen were brothers and both sons or grandsons of Anderson and Lucy (Rice) Lewellen from Wake County, N.C. and before that from Prince Edward County, Virginia.   It's possible your Andrew was a son of Andrew Lewtian Lewellen and named after him.

If you know of a male Lewellen who would do a DNA, it could tell us if there's a connection with others who descend from Anderson.

Just some ideas for consideration, nothing more

Madeline Holt - Jan 21, 2010

Yes, I read this.   And maybe you are right.   I"ll have to check all the name out.   Thank you for looking into this.

Resa Miller - Feb 1, 2010

Brothers Andrew Lewtian and (Sheriff) John Lewallen are both my direct ancestors.   One on mom's side and one from my dad's side.   Andrew Lewtian had a son Andrew Russell Lewallen, was born around 1824 and married Perlicia Davis, (his cousin), his first born son George Washington Todd,was born out of wedlock, by Hannah Todd, who was my ancestor.

Carol Redd - Jul 26, 2010

Hello group,   I'm the newbie here and as with all newbies, I have had to read and read to discover what many of you might already know.   However, on the chance that you didn't read things in the same light as I have, and since this group is sooooo great to share their theories, I wanted to post mine.   It's very long because it incorporates an earlier post and since I've modified that earlier post, I wanted you to have full benefit of seeing what I saw.   NONE of this is gospel or proven.   Just oddities that I am investigating in hopes of finding the real family of John Preston Sexton, born Sept 1859 in Morgan/Scott Co, TN, given up shortly after birth to Fielding Sexton to raise.   DNA test has just confirmed that he is the son of a Lewallen male.   Our family story has ALWAYS been that his mother was a Lewallen, but that did not tell the whole story until the dna results came in last Friday.   I'm hoping to learn more from all of you, and perhaps I'll find something of value to share w/ all of you, too!

Carol Redd - Jul 26, 2010

Of all the following Lewallens whether in their own household or that of another, the one which stands out the most is that of Andrew and Elizabeth who lived near Sheriff John and his wife and other remaining children still at home in 1850.
Andrew's family is not found in the 1860 Scott Co, TN census, but does show up in the 1870 Scott Co, TN census.

This family is pieced together from the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census.
Andrew (1829)
Elizabeth (1830)
Redin (1848)
Andrew is age 19 when Redin is born, so this must be their first child.
Ewel (1850) Living w/ Samuel and Milly Lawson in 1860 census
OTHER CHILDREN??? born betw 1850 and 1856?? See list below.
Jasper (1856) md Mary J. Delk in Campbell Co, TN Dec 31 1873
Andy (1858)
Could this be Wm. A. (1857) living w/Riley & Polly Chambers in 1860 Scott Co, TN?
Could John Preston b Sept 1859 fit into this home?
Columbus (1862) Shown in the 1870 census w/ Elizabeth living w/ Redin

Others of interest as shown in the 1870 census:

Dist. 9
Perlety Lewallen 19 (1851)
in household of Jonathan and Melinda Robbins
Dist. 9
John Lewallen 16 (1854)
Louisa 15 (1855)Dist. 6
in household of John and Christina Hughett

William A. Lewallen 13 (1857)
in household of Riley and Polly Chambers
Could this be Andy Lewallen, s/o Andrew and Elizabeth shown in the 1850 census?

Could John P. b Sept 1859 be brother to all these different Lewallen children who apparently have been sent to live w/ relatives?

Scott County, Tennessee Census 1850 - 1870

Billie Harris - Aug 9, 2008 View | Viewers
1850 CENSUS for Scott County, Tennessee (thanks to Bill Crawford).

Dist. 18

John Lewallen 38 (born 1822) XXX 1812
Delila 35
Isaac 16
Anderson 14 Tn.
Elizabeth 13 Same age as Fielding Sexton, but married someone else.
C.C. 10
Andrew 8
Nancy 5
Columbea 3
Louisa 1
Lauonda 0

Dist. 18
Andrew Lewallen 21 (1829) Tn.
Elizabeth 20 (1830)
Ewel 2 (1848) Living w/ Eliz.'s parents Samuel and Milly Lawson in 1860
Redin 0 (1850)
Note: Andrew apparently died between 1850 and 1860. (???)
CBR Notes: Elizabeth is living w/ son and young wife in the 1870 census and has child b 1862 living w/ her. So, she would be childbearing age when John P was born in 1859 and obviously had another child after 1860 whose name is Lewallen.

Dist. 18

Herod Lewallen 30 (born 1820)
Phely 30
Andrew 10 Tn.
Manda 4
Mary 2
Mera 9
William 6

Dist. 18

Walter Luallen 22
Anna 18
A. B. Luallen 1

Dist. 18

Joel Luallen 50 (born 1800)
Rachel 50 (born 1800)
Cristina 20
Clorinda 15

Dist. 18

Elizabeth Davis 100 (born 1750)
Malinda Luallen 57 (born 1793)
Andrew Luallen 55 (born 1795)
Rebecca 50 (born 1800)
Martin 13

1860 CENSUS for Scott County, Tennessee:

Dist. 3

A. R. Lewallen 33 (1827) Tn.
Perliscia 31
Andrew F. 12
Robert H. 11
John F. 10
Charlotte 7
Sarah 6
William B. 2

Dist. 3

Malinda Lewallen 68
In household of Solomon and Nancy Young

Dist. 9

Michael Lewallen 21 (1839) Tn.
Flemon 21
This couple's marriage cert shows they were md Dec 25, 1859. IF this Michael was the son of John Lewallen, then perhaps Flemon, shown in later census as Fleming, may have given birth to John P. in Sept before marrying Michael Lewallen in Dec. This couple lived 3 households away from Mary Steward(t), who Fielding Sexton md in1862.

Dist., 4

Ewel Lewallen 12 (1848)
In household of Samuel and Milly Lawson
(Note: Ewel would be the son of Andrew and Elizabeth showing as being 21 and 20 in the 1850 census)??? 1870 census???
Did Elizabeth farm out the older children upon Andrew's death sometime prior to 1860? If so, whose son is Columbus???

Dist. 6

William A. Lewallen 3 (1857)
In household of Riley and Margaret Chambers
whose child is this??? Could he be child of Andrew and Elizabeth? Could he be brother of John P?

Dist. 10

Zachariah Lewallen 38 Tn.
Nancy 40
Sterling 18
Sarah 19
Peggy A. 16
Mary 44
Boadsony 15
James 10
Harrison 9
Pheraba 8
William 6
John 4
Amos 1

Dist. 2
S. Lewallen 53 N. C.
Elizabeth 53 (1807) would have been age 52 at John Preston's birth
Elenoir 18 (1842)
Mary 16 (1844)
Elizabeth 14 (1846)
William 13 (1847)
Nancy Lewellen 7 (1853)
This must be Shade Lewallen who ran a "bawdy house". Seems unlikely that Elizabeth would have given birth to John P. at age 52, but stranger things have happened.

Dist. 9
Joel Lewallen 56 N. C.
Rachael 60
Matilda Price ???? 5

1870 CENSUS:

Dist. 1

Anderson S. Lewallen 34 ??
Nancy 34
Columbus 12
James 10
Nancy W. 10
John R. 8
Allen 7
Campbell Lee 6
Sherman 4
Epa a 1

Dist. 2

Sterling 28 ??
Rebecca A. 34
Nancy A. 7
James 6

Dist., 3

Walter D. Lewallen 39 ??
Anna 37
Nancy M. 19
Mary A. 17
Samuel A. 13
William J. 7
Joseph B. 5
Abasalom L.W. 3
Cleotha 10

Dist. 3

Andrew R. Lewallen 45 (1825) ??
Polecy a. 43
Andrew F. 23
Melvina 30
Robert H. 22
John F. 19
Charlotte T. 17
Sarah 15
William B. 11
Chanla R. 4
Elan W. 2

Dist. 5

William Lewallen 23 (1847) ??
Elizabeth 22

Dist. 6

William Lewallen 13 (1857) ??
in household of Riley and Polly Chambers

Dist. 9

John Lewallen 16 (1854) ??
Louisa 15 (1855)
in household of John and Christina Hughett

Dist. 9

Perlety Lewallen 19 (1851)
in household of Jonathan and Melinda Robbins

Dist. 9

Joel Lewallen 70 (born 1800) N.C.
Rachael 72 N. C.
Sopha Lewallen(Black) 18 (1852) ??
Henry Lewallen(Black) 16 (1854)
??4 Bowling children living in household

Dist. 9

Redin Lewallen 21 (1849) Tn.
Melinda 22
Nevada 6/12
Elizabeth 42 (1828) Redin's mother
Jasper 14 (1856)
Andy 12 (1858)
Columbus 8 (1862)
Note: Redin would be the son of Andrew and Elizabeth showing as being 21 and 20 in the 1850 census but not showing in the 1860 census. Redin and one of their children, Ewel, living in another household in 1860 so apparently both had died by 1860. Elizabeth is showing as living with Redin in this census.

Dist. 9

Andrew Lewallen 76 (born 1804) N. C.
Elizabeth 79 N. C.
in household of Solomon and Nancy Young

Dist. 10

Ewell Lewallen 22 Tn.
in household of Samuel and Milla Lawson
Note: Ewel was the son of Andrew and Elizabeth showing in the 1850 census but not showing in the 1860 census and he was living in another household in 1860. His brother, Redin, was in a different household in 1860, too.

Read what others had to say:

Carol Redd - Jul 26, 2010 Edit | Delete | Viewers | Reply to this item
Bill Crawford - thanks for this concise posting of Lewallens in Scott Co, TN 1850-1870. I am unfortunately, still only able to afford dial-up service out here in Ten Mile, TN and it makes for a very long wait to access each page of the census.

I'm new to this Lewallen group having only found out on Fri that my dad's dna tested as Lewallen, not Sexton. This was not a huge surprise, but one which I very much wanted to know definitively for quite some time. Cousins all chipped in and we ordered the test. I'm hoping those of you in this group will welcome me as a "rightful" cousin even if the circumstances aren't the stellar history we'd all like to have in our family lines.

Here's my family story which I could use your help tracking down:
John Preston Sexton was born in Sept 1859 to a Lewallen woman who "took up with" or "married" Fielding Sexton (b 1837 Morgan/Scott Co, TN) s/o William Sexton and Rhoda Griffith. I'm trying to weed thru the many Lewallens who might possibly have been parents to John Preston. Until now, the story only said his mother was a Lewallen. It didn't say whether she was born a Lewallen or married a Lewallen. Now, the dna tells us that regardless of what his mother's last name was, his father most definitely was a Lewallen.

My cousin, Paula, tells that she found a story online several years ago, printed it and mailed it to our Aunt who has now passed away. The story was that Sheriff John Lewallen's son was married to a woman who had been fooling around on him and became pregnant. He told the son to give up the child or the woman. Auntie was soooo incensed and threw the info away.

John Preston was my gr.grandfather, and I never knew him. My dad does remember him as being quite an anti-social person, though. Given what we know via dna about his birth, he may have rightly decided that the world was not such a friendly place and better to keep to oneself. I don't have a photo of him, but will try to find one from other family members. I think he had about 12 children, so surely I could find something from some of them.

Billie has already shared w/ me the story about a Shad(e)/Shadrack who ran a "bawdy house". I'll appreciate anything more on that story if you have it, and any help to rule out who ISN'T John P.s mother/father. I've also discovered on your site here a Preston Lewallen(sp?) in AL.

Thanks for this group. I'm looking forward to learning more. Carol Redd

John Carter - Mar 22, 2011


I've been reading many of your posts in here and have several comments.   In case you haven't seen my other messages yet, I'm descended from Andrew Lewallen b. ca. 1829 and his wife Elizabeth Lawson.

Regarding your comments toward the top of this particular post, Ewel is their oldest son, then Redin (my great-great-grandfather).   Ewel was born about Apr 1848 and Redin was born in Oct 1849.

Also, regarding this comment:

"Note: Ewel was the son of Andrew and Elizabeth showing in the 1850 census but not showing in the 1860 census and he was living in another household in 1860. His brother, Redin, was in a different household in 1860, too."

I have not been able to find ANY of the family in 1860, other than Ewel, who's living with his maternal grandparents, Samuel & Amelia/Emilia "Milly"/"Milla" Lawson.   Where did you find Redin in 1860??


Carol Redd - Aug 9, 2010


I'm looking into your Andrew, too, mostly out of curiosity.   It would appear his name was William Andrew Lewallen.   I have not found him and Elizabeth in the 1860 census, but son, Redin, was living w/ Elizabeth's parents and Ewell was living in a Robbins household.   Pernetty Lewallen was a domestic in another household.   I found her in the Scott Co, TN census listed in the history section here.   Wm. A. Lewallen (1857) was living in another household, too, as were several other Lewallen children who would have fit in between   Pernetty (1851) and Jasper (1856).  

It seems like Wm. Andrew & Elizabeth must have been away somewhere in 1860 and left the kids w/ relatives????   Then, Elizabeth appears in Redin's home in 1870 and she has Columbus, born 1862.   This suggests that Andrew Lewallen (1828) was alive in 1862.

Cathy Fetterman - Aug 10, 2010


How did you come up with the name William Andrew Lewallen? I have not heard that before. I am very interested in finding any info on this Andrew, I have hit a brick wall.

John Carter - Mar 22, 2011


Like my cousin Cathy Fetterman, I'm very curious as to how you came up with the name of William Andrew Lewallen for our ancestor Andrew Lewallen, b. ca. 1829?   Please tell us.

As for this comment:

"I have not found him and Elizabeth in the 1860 census, but son, Redin, was living w/ Elizabeth's parents and Ewell was living in a Robbins household."

You must be mistaken.   It was not Redin living with Elizabeth's parents (Samuel & Amelia/Emilia "Milly"/"Milla" Lawson) in 1860, it was Ewel.   I'm looking at the census record right now.   The members of the household were Samuel, Milly, Pernetti, Rebecca and Ewel.   I've never found Redin (or any of the others) in the 1860 census.

Hmm, but now I'm wondering if you've perhaps reversed the names.   I'm going to find the Robbins household you mentioned to see if it's perhaps Redin who was living with them....

(Elizabeth's sister Malinda Lawson married Jonathan Robbins, so I'm guessing that's the Robbins household you're referring to).

Very eager to hear from you regarding the possibility of "William Andrew Lewallen."


John Carter - May 24, 2010

Hi, Rick, I'm replying to your post of Aug 5, 2009.

I am a cousin of Cathy Fetterman's and have also been searching for the parents of this Andrew for many years.   Yes, this Andrew was next door to Sheriff John Lewallen in the 1850, but he was NOT Sheriff John Lewallen's son.   Sheriff John had a son Andrew who was only 8 at that time.   And, with regard to the possibility (not likely) that our Andrew was Sheriff John's nephew, please see my May 23rd reply in the following thread:

[NOTE: broken link]

John Carter - May 24, 2010

Hi, cousin Cathy.
Just a comment regarding your July 28, 2009 post.

You mentioned that Ewel Lewallen married Louisa (Louisey) Lay, but I don't think this is correct.   At one time I had her name as Lay, too, but I believe she was a McCullah.   I think the confusion stems from the 1880 census which shows a William B. Lay in the household and some have assumed this was Ewel's father-in-law.   I've even seen postings on various internet sites stating that William was listed on the census record as "father in law."   But this is not correct.   I have a copy of the actual page, and William is listed as "Boarder."   It's possible he could have been Louisa's step-father, or just an unrelated person altogether.

I believe there is a record showing that Ewel Lewallen married Louisa McCullah in Scott County on 09 Mar 1871.

Just an FYI.
Take care,
cousin John