William and Mary Lewelling (William died Randolph Co., NC

Billie Harris - Jul 29, 2009

The previous posting pertains to Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewellyn.   The reason for posting this for William Lewelling is to see if there's any way to make a connection between the two families.   They were both Quaker and they both traveled to the same states.   We've had a descendant of William's do a DNA but none for Shadrach's.   Shadrach would probably have been the age to have been a father of William's or possibly an uncle.

As an aside, both families had descendants that ended up in Oregon and I haven't compiled what we have for Oregon yet.

Any help, anything at all including comments will be appreciated.


Created 1779 from Guilford.   Guilford was created 1770 from Rowan and Orange

1779 - Mannering Brookshire and William Brookshire, brothers, both died this year.   Both were probably born Fairfax County, VA; their father was James Brookshire from Sommerset, Maryland, and mother was Sarah Mannering.   Mannering Brookshire married a Miss Swift and had children:   (1)   Mannering Brookshire II b ca 1754 and died Dec. 23, 1843 Randolph Co NC; (2) John Brookshire Sr. b ca 1759 and died Jan. 15, 1847 Greenville Dist., S.C, (3)   Swift Brookshire b ca 1761 and d possibly Spartanburg Co./ SC; (4)   Thomas Brookshire b ca 1762 and died Oct. 9, 1835 (see his Will below); and (5) Joseph Brookshire b ca 1864 and died possibly Sevier County, TN.   The places of birth given for the children was either Randolph or Rowan Counties. (Note:   The info was found on the internet and has not been substantiated by me, but there are no Brookshires listed in the 1785 petition below...bh)

1785 - Petition To the Honourable the Generall Assembly for the State of
North Carolina
The Petition of the Inhabitance of Randolph County Humbly Sheweth That a Number of them Labour at a Great Disadvantage in Attending on Public Meetings Owing to the Place Whare the Courte is held being so far from the Center of the said County We your Humble Petitioners Beg that your Honourable Body Would Pass an Act Directing that Commishoners be Appointed for the Purpose of Centering the Said County & Erecting the Publick Buildings At or Neare the Center of the Said County and We your Petitioners are Ever Bound to Pray etc.
Richard Bird, Jas. (x) Mallett, Richard Bean, William Bird, Jas. (x) Lathem Jr, Peter VonKannen, Nimrod Brewer, Wm. (x) Reade Sr, Asel Dollarhide, Thos. Mullins, ___ Powers Sr, Wm. VonKannen, Nathaniel Mullen, Aaron Hill, George Tripett, Arther Reade, Arther Reade Jr, Daniel Presnall, Bird Powers, Isaac Cox, Wm. Wright, Wm. Rains, Thoms. Carter, Jno. Lucas, John Rains, Henry Craven, Uriah Wright, Jesse Pitts, Jno. Williamson, Peter VonKannen, Jas. Wilson, Henry Brown, George Tucker, Wm. Teague, Wm. Needham, Thos. Tucker, Magnass Teague, Math. Deaton, Jas. Tucker, Isaac Redfern, Eldrig Deaton, Jno. Tucker, John Rustain, Benjamin Williams, Jno. Tucker, Abreham Hammer, Wm.(x) Reade Jr, Jno. Harvey, Joseph Routh, Joseph Bookout, Michael Harvey, Jerremiah Mullin, Marmen (x) Bookout, George Dollerhide, Peter Craven, Charles Bookout, Wm. Davis, Thoms. Craven, Wm. Richards, Jno. Lathem, Jacob Routh, Wm. Ditto (Richards), Wm. Lathem, Edward Routh, Jno. Cox, Jacob Moser, James Allred, Shadreik Ditto (Cox), Johnson King Jr, Aaron Hopkins, Francis Chaney Jr, Wm. Bean, Mosses Diffey, Saml. Hendrix, Thos. King, Sollamon Trogend, Wm. York, Obediah Hudson, John Avery,
Joseph Hendrix, Christian Luther, John Trogdon, John Hodgen, Saml. Reed, Moses Hopkins, Abreham Taylor, Jno. Reed, Samuel Walker, Wm.(x) Kendelee, Nat. Tucker, John Duncan, Emanuel Asabell Sr, Mikhel Bollin, Dennis Hopkins, Howell Brewer Sr, Jno. Steed, Josiah Hopkins, Jas. Presnall, Charles Bollin, Dennis Hopkins, Richard Coxe, Drury Richeson, Charles Duncan, JOSEPH LEWALLING, Christopher Etherton, William Sworford, William Harvey, Jno. Rollen, Jacob Lowdermack, Joseph Wright, Calob Coxe, John Lowdermack, Richard Graves, Ben. Bland, John Lowdermack, Jr, George Lucas, Vachel Handcock, Philip Lowdrmack, George Tucker, Jno. Handcock, Flourance Taylor, Johnson King Sr, Jno. Bollin Jr, Windsor Pearce, Wm. Richeson, Jon Carmen, Joseph Hix, Wm. Harvey, Daniel Cox, Arther Smith, Mark Cole, Joseph Brown, Michall Andress, Jno. Williams, Sm. Ratliff, Jas. Ledford, Wm. Presnall, Amos Ratliff, Jno. Hase, Jeremiah Ozier, Bury Thompson, Wm. Mallett, Wm. Tucker, Michail Harvey, Jno. Williams Jr, David Cranford, Peter King, Mathew Cole, Lanerd Cranford, (___) Neadom, John Harvey, Finch Carter,   John Hollowday, Daniel Presnall, Elis Cranford, Thos. Lucas, Stephen Presnall, Eleven? Cranford, Isaac Williams, Michail Harvey Sr, William Cranford, Wm. Lucas, Michael Harvey Jr, William Cranford, Wm. Pitman, Jesse Harvey, Samuel Cranford, John Conner, John Harvey, Charles Hopkins, Johnson King, Jasper Cunce, Thomas Hardester, Jas. Pitman, John Kearns, Sammul Hopkins, Matthew Cole, Isac Kearns, Thomas Tolbord, John Graves, Silas Kearns, George Haregrove, William Graves, John Baley, William Hanah, Nathaniel Tucker, Joshua Cox, Richard Bean, Will. Bland, Thos. Cox, William Queen, Moses Bland, Henry Ramsowers. John Sugg, Rolle Spinks, John Henley, Thomas Randol, John Pearce, Nathan Cox, James Randol, John Read, John Spivey, William Cole Jr, Richard Fincher, William Searcy, Stephen Hussey, John (Avery?), Joseph Carr, Christopher Hussey, Thos. Williams, Wm. Argo, Thos. Castelo, (___) Williams, Robt. Carr, Benj. Cox, Jorg Williams, John Deaton, James Goodwin, Thomas Bruckshure, Isack Kornedy, Paule Engles, Samuel Picket, Archebol McNorton, Moses Hammon, John Hopson, Moses George, Jno. Hammon, (___) Cagle, Charles Gery, James Scot, Stephan Presnall, John Putman, Danul Scot, Morgan Edwards, Gidethon Macon, Will. Cox, John Scot, Jas. Bowden, Jeremiah Cox, Jon Richeson, Howel Brewer, Jno. Cox, Moses Hammons, William Bowen, Wm. Lathem, Jno. Needham, John Spinks, Christor. (x) Assbell, William Smotherman, Lewis Spinks, Isaac Brewer, Benjamin Reader, Garrto Spinks, Reuben Brewerm Jno. Laurence, Enoch Spinks, John Smith, Moses George, Matthew Hamilton, Wm. (x) Colyer Sr, Cornelias Latham, John London, Wm.(x) Colyer Jr, Thos. Cost, Sen. William Read, John Presnell, Thos. Cost Jr, William Constand, Jorg Power, Jas. Latham Sr, John Costand, Maning Bruckshur, Johnson Latham, Adam Andrews,   Jacob Skeen, Wm. Laurence, David Andres, Jonathan Edwards, Jesse King, Charles Stewart, Jos. Wade, Joseph ___dson, Derias Mash, William Brucksher, Abr. Presnell, W. Duskin, William Lacey, John Johnson, John Duncan, John Amick, Linsey Bell, Nehemiah ODell, Hardeman Porchs, Wm. Bell, William Trogdon, Isaac ODell, David (x) Powers, Joshua Kinworthy, George Julen, Jesse Comber, Abram Hamons, Enock Berrey, Thos. Waddill, Balam Halsy, Edwd. Jones, John Needham Sr, Thomas Cocks, Wm. Davis, William Smotherman, William Cox, William Pearce, Benjamin Readors.?, Ths.? Kinworthy, Dennis (x)Carpender, John Laurance, Abram Williams, David (x) Andrews Jr, Thoms. (x) Cost Sr, Nathanial Cox, Nathan Hornady, Thoms. (x) Cost Jr, Jesey Hamons, William Caull, Wm. Smith, Samuel Brown, Jas. Powers, John Cocks, Wm. Brown, Daniel Bedsall.

1787 - Meshach Lewellin married Jane Brookshire Jan. 29.   NOTE:   It is unknown if this information is correct because Meshach is given as having married a Margaret Williams on this date also. There is a Jane (Brookshire) Luallen mentioned in her father's 1835 Will, but if she married Meshach Lewelling, son of William Lewelling who died 1799, then that Meshach wasn't of age in 1799 so this wouldn't be the same individual.   And, too, no Meshach is mentioned until 1801 other than in William's Will.  

1790 - Census shows:
WILLIAM LUVALLIN, 100 Hillsboro District
JONATHAN LUVELLIN, 101, Hillsboro District
   (Note that neither William nor Jonathan are listed in the 1785 petition above and the Joseph who was listed in that petition is not in this census)

1796 - ALFRED LEWELLING born.   He married   Rachel Williams, born about 1800 (undocumented but is probably correct...bh)

1798 - Will of WILLIAM LEWELLING of Randolph County, N.C.:
“North Carolina, Randolph County.   Bee it known to all men that I WILLIAM LEWELLING of the aforesaid being in a perfect mind and Memory thanks be to god for it there fore knowing that it is once appointed for all Men once to dy and the time when an sartain as touching such Worly Estate whar with it hath pleased god to Bless me with in this Life I give and Dismiss and Dispos of in the following Manner and form.
   “First My Will is that all my just Debts shall be paid and 2ly I give to my Dear Wife MARY LEWELLING my house and plantation and two horse beasts and my plantation hulls and 3 cows and five sheep and as manny hogs as she wants and two feather beds and furnetur and all my house hold property to be for her soport while she lives a widow and if she marrys nothing to remain hirs but one feather bed and furnitur one horse beast and hir saddle and one cow and calf and all the rest to be for the youse of the fore youngest children and the plantation to be rented and kept for them till they come of age and 3ly I leve five shillings to my son JOSEPH LEWELLING, 4ly I leve to my son JONATHAN LEWELLING five shillings and 5ly my son WILLIAM LEWELLING I give one hundred acres of land beginning on Margret Belfours Line and runing south to a corner from thence West to the Long Branch on scarlots line thence down the Long Branch to the mouth of the first Branch   thence to Margret Belfours Corner. 6ly I give to my son JOHN LEWELLING Fifty Acres of land lying between Samuel Alexanders line and John scarlots line. 7ly I give to my daughter JEAN TURNERr five shillings and 8ly I want the two hundred acres I know liv on equally devided between THOMAS LEWELLING and SHADRICK LEWELLING and MASHACK LEWELLING when they come of age and each of them one horse beast and saddle if to be had out of my estate and 9ly to my daughter MARY LEWELLING I give one feather bed and furniture and one horse beast and saddle if it to be rasid out of my estate and some of my house hold ware and Lastly I nominate and appoint my dear wife MARY LEWELLING and son JONATHAN LEWELLING and son JOHN LEWELLING My Executors to my Last Will and Testament and I do hereby utterly disalow all and every other Will and testament requests Executors by me in any before this time by me Naimed Willed and Rattifiing and confirming this and no other to be or contain my last Will and testament in witness Whoreoff I have hereunto set My hand and Seal this 7th day of May 1798 signed and sealed in the presents of us.  
William Lewelling (Seal)
Elisha Hobbs, Barnabas Hobbs, Joseph Newby, Richard Hutton

NOTE:   See genealogy on his family.   They moved into Indiana and some to Oregon and California.

1799   - Randolph County Tax List shows WILLIAM LEWALLEN

1800 - Census shows:   John Lewallen, Jonathan Lewallen, Mary Lewallen
(Note:   Mary would be the wife of William Lewelling, John and Jonathan their sons)

1801 - List of Rev. soldiers, Capt. Tucker’s, shows in 1801 MESHECK LEWALLEN

1802 - SHADRACK LEWELLING married   Sarah Hobbs –  December 23 –  bondsman Barney Hobbs

1810 - Census shows:   Jonathan Lewallen, Shadrick Lewallen, Thomas Lewallen            

1815 - Tax List of Randolph County, N.C.,
Steed’s District:
MESHEC LEWALLIN, land 180, location McGee’s Creek, whole amount –300, white polls –  Armstead’s district:
JONATHAN LEWALLIN, land 340, lcoation Richland Creek, whole amount 300, white polls –  1
NOTE;   By 1820, Meshach had moved to Henry County, Indiana.   (See that section)

1818 - Hannah BROOKSHIRE (b ca 1799, daughter of Thomas)   married John Hammonds

1819 - MARY LEWALLEN married Thomas Branson, Jr. –  December 25,–   bondsman McLAREN LEWALLEN

1821 - ALFRED LEWALLING married Rachel Williams Dec. 3

1825 - McLAREN LEWALLEN married   Edith Newley –  May 28, 1825

1826 - A document on file indicates that ALFRED LEWALLYN died without making a Will.   The document is dated March 31, 1826.
1826 - Document dated May 25, 1826, “…all the above articles to RACHEL LEWALLEN, widdow of ALFRED LEWALLEN decd for the support & maintenance of sd widdow and family for one year…”   (NOTE below 1828 it shows his wife's name as Sarah)
1826 - Document dated May 1, 1826, binding JONATHAN LEWALLEN, Administrator of the estate of ALFRED LEWALLING for six (?) hundred dollars

1827 - REBECCA LEWALLING married Charles Slack –  March 28, 1827

1828 - , May.   Ordered that J(?)ohu Hinley and James Elliott be appointed to settle the estate of ALFRED LEWALLING with JONATHAN LEWALLING the administrator and make report.
1828 - Document filed May with SARAH LEWALLIN as petitioner.   Her husband ALFRED LEWALLING “late of this county departed sometime in the month of March last, intestate…”

1829 - MARY LEWALLEN married   Charles Luther –  May 5, 1829
1829 - RACHEL LEWALLIN married   Joseph Swafford –  August 14, 1829

1830 - Census shows:

1833 - SARAH LEWALLEN married Kendall Ramsouer –  February 5, 1833

1835 - (B: 0719) Thomas BROOKSHIRE, written 21 June 1835, probated November 1835.
Sons William, Benjamin, Mannering, and Wiley - each $300. Wife Mary - plantation, household furniture, farming tools dw. My seven daughters: JANE LUALLEN, Margaret Brookshire, Rebecca Nance, Sarah Neeley?, Hannah Hammon, Mary Henley, & Olive Tuncannon - proceeds of sale after decease or remarriage of wife. Executors: wife Mary Brookshire appointed by Court with Horace F. Cannon & John W. Caldwell, Esq. as sureities. Witnesses: John W. Caldwell, Robert C. Caldwell

1835 - JANE LEWALLIN married   Myalo Bryn –  November 24, 1835

1846 - LAVINA LEWALLLEN married   Elias Henderson Hancock –  Nov. 22, 1846

1847 - State of North Carolina.
To the Sheriff of Randolph County –  Greeting.
You are hereby commanded to make known to ALFRED LEWALYN that he, laying aside all manner of excuse, be and appear before the Justices of our Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held at the court house in Asheboro on the first Monday of February 1848 then and there to answer, plead or demur to the petition of Henry B. Elliot administrator of Joel Lewalyn deceased filed in said court, against the heirs at law of Joel Lewalyn deceased praying for a sale of real ___ the make the same assets and stand to abide by and perform such judgment orders and decrees as the court shall make in the premises –  under the penalty of one hundred dollars.   Herein fail not; and have you then and there this writ.   Witness, B. F. Hoovis (?0 Clerk of our said court on the first Monday of November 1847.   Issued the 7th day of December AD 1847.”

NOTE:   legal document filed with the court which is difficult to read but in part reads “The Petition of H. B. Elliott, Admr. Of JOEL LEWALYN vs JONATHAN LEWALYN, ALFRED LEWALYN, of full age - DATE unknown

1847 - listing filed of Henry B. Elliot in account with the estate of JOEL LEWALYN, decd. Dated Aug. 7.   Other documents representing inventory of this estate were filed

1848 - JONATHAN LEWALLEN of Randolph County, North Carolina, wrote on April 28, 1848, his Will.   It was torn on the right side, missing words on that portion, and was difficult to read.   It mentions the following individuals:   wife JANE LEWALLEN; children W. LARIN LEWALLEN, DAWSON LEWALLEN, JOHN (or could have been JOHN) LEWALLEN, ELIZABETH LAX, MARY LUTHOR? , JANE (cannot read her last name), SARAH RAMSOWEN, REBECCA SLACK ?, l____?   LEWALLEN, LAVINA HANCOCK, ANN LEWALLEN,.   Michael Cox was named as the executor   (Note:   W. Larin may have been McLaren and it could have been read wrong, because there was a Mclaren....bh)
1848 - DAUSON LEUALEN married   Nancy Hancock –  May 2, 1848, bondsman WILLIS B. LEWALLEN

1849 - WILLIAM B. LEWALLEN married   Martha Henley –  March 17, 1849
1849 - State of North Carolina
To the Sheriff of Randolph County –  greeting:
You are hereby commended that the goods and chattels, and tenements of JOEL LEWALYN deceased in the hands of Henry B. Elliot his administrator if to be found in your county, you cause to be made the sum of seventeen dollars and eighty cents which lately in our Court of Pleas and Quarter sessions, held for the County of Randolph at the Courthouse in Asheborough, were adjudged in the suit wherein H. B. Elliot admr is plaintiff and Jonathan Lewalyn & others are defendants for costs and charges in said suit expended, whereof the said H. B. Elliot as administrator is liable as appears to us of record.   And have you the said moneys, besides your fees for your service, before our said Court on the first Monday of August next, then and there to render the said costs and damages aforesaid.   Herein fail not, and have you then and there this writ.
Witness B.F. Hoover, Clerk of our said Court at Office the first Monday of May, 1849.   Issued the 6th day of June AD 1849.   /s/ B.F. Hoover.”

1850 - Will of JANE LEWALLEN, JONATHAN LEWALLEN's wife, dated June 10, 1850, reads as follows:
“I Jane Lewallen of the County of Randolph and State of Northcarolina being of sound mind and memory but cosidering the uncertainty of my earthly existence do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say first that my executor hereafter named shall provid for my boddy a decent burial soutiable to the wishes of my relations and friends and pay all funeral expences together with my just debts howsoever and to whomsoever owing out of the moneys that may first come into his hands as a part or parcel of my estate.
“I give and devise to my eldest daughter ANN LEWALLEN one high walnut beadsteads ___ and furniture one Roan mare six years old, one flaux (?) wheel one cotton wheel one ___, one pair of cords one large family Bible, one looking glass, five head of sheep, one loom and all the things pertaining to it.
“To my eldest son DAWSON LEWALLEN one clock.
“To my daughter LAVINA HANCOCK one ___ one ___ one beadstead.
“To my son JOHN LEWALLEN five had sheep one corner cubbord one suclin cold all the farming tools one wheat fan all the barrels and ___ one beadstead and furniture one red nowhorn cow and calf one red heifer one grinestone, I give and devise an equal division of all the furniture on the cubboard to be deveded equally between Anna and John Lewallen; and all the residue of the household furniture; except the bead clothinging not otherwise disposed of to be difided equally between Dawson Lewallen Lavina Hancock; I give and devise and equeal division of all my stock of hogs between Anna and John Lewallen, also all the kitchen furnirure and all the growing crop of grain and ___ of every kind; and further I give and devise the remainder of my property to be divided between my four children equeal and lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my son Dawson Lewallen my lawful Executor to all intents and purposes to execute this my last will and testament according to the true content and meaning of the same and every part an clause thereof hereby revoking and declaring ___ void all other wills and testaments by me heretofore made.
“In witness whereof I the said Jane Lewallen do hereunto set my hand and seal this the tenth day of June 1850.     Jane Lewallen   x her mark
“Signed sealed and published and declared by the sd Jane Lewallen to be her last will and testament in the presence of us who at her request and in her presence do subscribe as witnesses thereunto.   /s/ William W. Vestal.   Wm W. Brower
(A review of both of the above Wills reveals that Johnathan signed the will but did not write it; it was written by another individual.   Jane neither wrote nor signed hers but instead put an x for her signature, which apparently from other Wills that I’ve reviewed dating back to those years, was an accepted practice.   No doubt many individuals of those years could not write but instead had others to do it for them.)

1850 - Census shows:

1851 - Document dated May 6, 1851, reading in part:   The amount of settlement of the Estate of JONATHAN LEWALLEN, Deceased, by Michael Cox, executor of his last will and testament.
One note on James Proctor $18.37
The amount of sale was $124.51
Account on John Humble $2.00
Account of Moses Hammond .35
 Total 155.23
Bad debts and credits were listed.   Distributions were as follows:
Elizabeth Lax 10.00
Mary Luthen 10.00
Jane Obrien 10.00
Sarah Ramsowen 10.00
Rebecah Slack 10.00
Lavina Hancock 10.00
By commissioners 3.99
Total $103.99

1858 - Nov. Bastard children of Rebecca Lewallen be bound: Elvira, 16; Noah, 14;
Geo. Washington, 10; William 3.”   No mention of father’s name

1859 - REBECCA LEWALLEN married Isham Upton –  April 29, 1859

1860 - Rebecca Upton is shown in the census as are her Lewallen children, Elvira, Noah, George and Willliam, and the names show as Upton.

1861 -   State of North Carolina
“To the Sheriff of Randolph County –  Greeting:
“You are hereby commanded, that of the Goods and Chattles, Lands and Tenements of McLARAN Lewallen deced in the hands of Joel Ashworth his Admn if to be found in your county, you couse to be made the sum of Fourteen Dollars and thirty cents which lately in our Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, held for the county of Randolph, at the Court House in Asheborough, were adjudged in the suit wherein Mc Lewallen plaintiff and the heirs of law of Newby deced Defendant, for costs and charges in said suit expended, whereof the said Joel Ashworth Admn liable as appears to us of record.   And __ have you the said moneys, besides your fees for this service, before our said Court, on the first Mondy of November next, then and there to render the said costs and charges aforesaid.   Herein fail not and have you then and there this Writ.
“Witness, F. H. Brown, Clerk of our said Court, at Office, the first Monday of August 1861.   Issued the 9th September 1861.   J. H. Brown, Clerk.”

1861 - Another document the same but to “McLAREN LEWALLEN, ded, in the hands of HENRY LEWALLEN his Executor, for Six dollars and twenty cents.   McLaren Lewallen was the plaintiff and R. B. Jones the defendant.   It was issued November 4, 1861.
   A document reading in portion:
“The following is a true and perfect list of the effects of the estate of McLawren Lewallen, Dec’d, delivered by the hands of Joel Ashworth adm’r into the hands of H. Lewallen, escr.: …one note on H. Lewallen due May 14th 1859 $42.40, one note on H. Lewallen due June 31st 1857 $67.81; one note on H. Lewallen due Feb. 27th 1857 $50.00, one note on H. Lewallen due Sept. 1st 1859 $15.00…one note on willis Lewallen due May 16th 1856 $15.00
NOte:   McLaren Lewallen was born Dec. 15, 1797 and died March 8, 1861.   He was the son of Jonathan Lewallen born April 7, 1769 and died June 4, 1848...bh)

1861 - Document dated May 7, 1861, Randolph County, appointing Joel Ashworth as Administrator of McLARIN LEWELLIN.   (note:   this was the estate of McLarin Lewallen, not as a minor.   See above).

1861 - Louzena Artimichia Spencer, daughter of Alexander and Mary (Presnall) Spencer was born July 24.   She married Franklin Lewallen who was born Oct. 1858 in N.C. (assumed to be Randolph County)   Louzena died   Apr. 4, 1942 Randolph County

1864 - A document reading as   follows:
“Notice.   Having taken out special letters of administration on the estate of DAWSON LEWALLEN ___ deceased on the 17th day of January next at the dwelling of the said deceased, I will expose to public vindue on a credit of six months the perishable property of said deceased consisting of the following articles, to wit:   about 10 heard of hogs 2 head of sheep and 2 head of cattle and a few other articles.   The purchaser will be required to give bond and security before the delivery of the property and the other conditions made known on the day of sale.
“The 27th day of December 1864. /s/ HENRY LEWALLEN, Admn.”
1864 - LOUISA C. LEWALLEN married   William M. Pickett –  May 25, 1864

1868 - An account of sales of personal property of JONATHAN LUALLEN, deceased, by his executor, M. Cox, was dated Sept. 7, 1868

1870 - “State of North Carolina
Randolph County.
Know all Men by these Presents.   That we Stephen Henley, Zebedu F. Rush and William M. Pickett and Felix Walker of said County, in the State aforesaid, are held and firmly bound unto the State of North Carolina, in the sum of One Thousand Dollars, current money, to be paid to the State of North Carolina in trust, for the benefit of the children hereinafter named, committed to the tuition of the said Stephen Heley to which payment, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves and each of us, each and every of our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.
“Sealed with our seals and dated this 12 day of January 1870.
“The Condition of the above Obligation is such, that whereas the above bounded Stephen Henley is constituted and appointed Guardian of SALLIE A. LEWALLEN and WILLIAM L. LEWALLEN, minor orphans of WILLIS B. LEWALLEN, Deceased, now if the said Stephen Heley shall faithfully execute his said guardianship, and particularly shall well and truly secure and improve all the estate of the said Sallie A. Lewallen and William L. Lewallen until they shall arrive at full age, or be sooner hereto required, and shall render a plain and true account of his said guardianship, an oath, before the Probate Judge for Randolph County, and obey the law in all cases as required by the Act of Assembly, and deliver up, pay or possess the said Sallie A. Lewallen and William L. Lewallen of all such estates as they ought to be possessed of, when lawfully required by said Sallie A. Lewallen and William S. Lewallen or to such other persons as shall be lawfully empowered or authorized to receive the same and the profits arising therefrom, then this obligation to be void; otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.
/s/ Stephen Henley, Z. F. Rush, Wm M. Pickett, Felix Walker
Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of B. B. Bulla (?) Probate Judge.”

1867 - Another document, Randolph County, pertaining to WILLIS B. LEWALLEN, deceased, with Wm. M. Pickett as Administrator of the Estae.   The first paragraph reads:   “Know all Men by these presents:   That we william M. Pickett and Henry Lewallen & John H. Hill, all of the county and State aforesaid, are held and firmly bound unto the State of North Carolina, in the sum of Twelve Hundred Dollars to be paid to the said State, to which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves and each of us, each and every of our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.   Sealed with our seals and dated the 6th day of August A.D. 1867.”

1881 or 1882 - Louzena Spencer married Franklin Lewallen.   Their children were:
(1) Henry L. Lewallen born Aug. 1882 N.C. (2) Carl A. Lewallen born Jan. 1884 N.C., (3) Lula V. Lewallen born July 1886 N.C., (4) Roy J. Lewallen born Apr. 1888 NC. (5) William F. Lewallen born May 1891 N.C. (6) Gensey Lewallen born Aug 1893 NC; (7) Charlie D. Lewallen born Aug. 1895 N.C., (8) Worth M. Lewallen born May 1898 N.C.  
NOTE:   Since Louzena was born and died in Randolph County, it's assumed their children were also born in that county.   Source - Jerry Spencer

1897 -In the Superior Court of Randolph County a Petition to Sell Lands was filed in May of 1897 wherein Z. D. LEWALLEN was plaintiff and L. A. Fry, C. L. Fry, N.E. Williams, W. A. Williams and Lavina Lewallen were the defendants.   The documents state that Z. D. Lewallen was the son of DAWSON LEWALLEN and NANCY LEWALLEN, widow

1902 - A document consisting of a sale list of the personal property of NANCY LEWALYN, decd as sold by ? S. Cox, admr on the lst day of Feb. 1902.   Some of the names of the purchasers of the items include:   John Craven, A. H. Smitt, Bud Slack, Minnie Fry, D. Allred, Landa Fry, A. E. Williams, William Brower, Bud Staley, S. Stricklin, Calvin Presnell, J. Cranford, Clark Hammons, Z. Stewart

1787 -   Shadrach Lewelling (no parents listed) was born July 7.   (This Shadrach has been said to have been the son of William and Mary Lewelling (William died Randolph County, N.C. 1799)
1810 - Fannie Lewelling, daughter of Shadrach and Sarah Hobbs Lewelling was born May 27.     (See Randolph County)
(formed 1822, unorganized area)

Townships (map):

1820 - Census shows Meshach Lewellen.   (Meshach was probably the son of William and Mary Lewelling of Randolph County, N.C. who were Quakers and their descendants were horticulturists.   According to the 1840 census, he would have been born 1780-90.

1825 - U.S. General Land Office records, doc. 5512 shows that Meshach Luallen bought 80 acres of land issued at the Brookville land office 10 March.

1830 - Census shows Meshach Lewellen

1836 - David and Abigail (Jones) Luellen came from Preston County, West Virginia, to Henry County:
HISTORY OF HENRY COUNTY”, page 769, reads:
“Jesse Luellen was born in Preston County, W. Va., Aug. 17, 1827, a son of David and Abigail (Jones) Luellen.   His parents came to Henry County, Ind. in 1836, and settled on the farm now owned by our subject.   His father was born April 19, 1796, and died May 1, 1855.   His mother was born Aug. 9, 1797, and is still living.   to them were born twelve children:   ten lived to maturity, and six are still living.   They were members of the Baptist church from their youth.   Jesse Luellen went to learn the blacksmith’s trade, when eighteen years of age, and served an apprenticeship of one year.   He worked at his trade eighteen years, at the same time carrying on his farm.   He owns forty-seven and a half acres of excellent land, on which is a pleasant residence and comfortable buildings.   For the past ten years he has given considerable attention to the treatment of diseases of horses and has met with marked success.   He was married when twenty-one years of age to Susan J. Lake, who died in 1858, leaving two children, Mary L., and Thomas.   In 1860 he married Sarah J., daughter of Cornelius and Ann Smith.   To them have been born eight children; but four are living –  Anna, Agnes, Emma and Albert.   Mr. Luellen has been a member of the Masonic fraternity twenty-five years.”

1837 -   Thomas Lewellen married Mariam Osborne 30 Sept.   (probably a son of David and Abigail Luellen...see 1836...bh)
1837 -   Gabesh Luellen married Mary Macy 16 Apr. 1837 (probably son of David and Abigail Luellen...see 1836...bh)
1837 - Quaker Records Indiana Yearly Meeting Duck Creek M.M. Marriages (Henry County) shows Meshach Lewelling, son of William and Mary (dead) married Margaret Williams, daughter of James and Julia Ann (dead) 27 July 1837

1840 - Census shows:
   Prairie Township:  
   David Lewallen with two males under 5, one 5-10, two 10-15, one 15-20 and one 40-50 (1790-1800)   Two females 15-20, one female 20-30, one female 40-50.   Neighbors included Russell, Fredrick, McClellan, Murphy, Davis, Taylor, Smith, Wise
   Stony Creek Township:
   Jabish Lewallen with one male under 10, one 20-30 (1810-1820), one female 20-30.   Neighbors included Blunk, finch, Current, Terhume, Mennafold, Burkett, Kesler
   Henry Township:
   Meshach Lewallen with two males under 5, one male 5-10, one male 15-20, one male 20-30, one male 50-60 (1780-90), one female 10-15, one female 30-40.   Neighbors included:   Buffkin, Madison, Chambers, Leonard, Wickersham, Dysart, Phelps, Rodgers, Williams

1840 - Meshach Lewelling made his Will Nov. 13.   To my Wife Margaret Lewelling: The following land, To-wit: WSW 21-17-10, SE 20-17-10 and ESW 20-17-10 all in Henry township. My Children: (of Jane (Brookshire) and Meshack) The NW 1/4 of section 20-17-10 divided by four (4) to wit: Seth Lewelling: The NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of section 20-17-10     Jane Lewelling: The SW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of section 20-17-10     Henry Lewelling, no provisions;       Henderson Lewelling, no provisions,     John Lewelling, no provisions     William Lewelling, no provisions,   Mary Lewelling, no provisions,     Thomas J. Lewelling, no provisions,     (Margaret (Williams) and Meshack's children: )   Harrison G. Lewelling,   The NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of section 20-17-10,     Jefferson W. Lewelling: The SE 1/4 " " " " " "         Davius Williams (stepson), no provisions for land.     EXECUTORS, Henry and Seth Lewelling.   Witnesses John Bond and James Barnard

Information on the internet shows the following land transactions, but the dates weren't given on all, so it would appear the Lewellings left the area perhaps around 1843:
William Lewelling to: Seth Hinshaw appointed Power of Attorney 19 Dec.1843 Deed book L, page # 181  
To Margaret (Williams) and Henry Lewelling (wife and son): The: 40 acres in northeast1/2 of the southwest 1/4 of section 18-17-10, Henry township.
Deed book L, page # 232  
James Barnard, 40 acres in the northwest half of the northwest quarter of section 21-17-10, Henry Township.
Deed book "L", page # 543  
William Lewelling (son) to: Abner Pickering, 1.5 acres in the east 1/2 of the southeast 1/4 of section 35-17-9 in Greensboro township.
Deed book "L", page # 554  
William Lewelling (son) to: David Goble, Lot in southwest corner of southeast 1/4 of section 35-17-9 in the town of Greensboro known as lot # 1, block #2.
Deed book "L", page # 555  
Henry Lewelling (son) to: Thomas Hunt, northeast 1/4 of section 19-17-10.
Deed book "L", page # 582  
William Lewelling (son) to: Cyrus Hinshaw, Lot # 2 in Blk. # 2 on Mill St. in Greensboro.
Deed book "M", page # 277

Other Lewelling Deed Records:  
Meshack Lewelling to Henry Lewelling: W 1/2 of the NE 1/4 Book "K", p. 546
Abraham Payne to Meshack Lewelling: Lot 5 in Blk. 6 in Greensboro Book "K", p. 564
Henry Lewelling to Meshack Lewelling: S 1/2 of E 1/2 SW 1/4 17-17-10 Book "K", p. 565
Jehu Wickersham to Meshack Lewelling: SW corner of Lot 1 in Blk. 2 on Mill Street.
Lot # 2 in Blk. # 2 on Mill St.
Lot # 7 in blk. # 5 on Main & Broad St.
Lot # 5 in blk. # 3 on Mill St.
Lot # 5 in blk. # 5 on Mill St.
All lots in Greensboro town. Bk. "K", p.566
Margaret Williams Lewelling, her dower to Henry Lewelling: Book "K", p.586
Southeast 1/4/ of section 20-17-10
East 1/2 of Southwest 1/4 of 20-17-10
West 1/2 of Southwest 1/4 of 21-17-10
Southeast 1/4 of Southwest 1/4 of 19-17-10
Southeast 1/4 of Northeast 1/4 of 28-17-10
128 acres of land in Wabash County and all lots in the Town of Greensboro

1844 - Feb. 28.   Margaret Williams Lewelling married Stephen Burris (wife of Meshach who died 1840)

1850 - Census shows no Lewallens