MISSOURI - Chronology

Billie Harris - Aug 15, 2009

Missouri was a territory in 1812 and became the 24th state in 1821.   The capital is Jefferson City.

1819 - Bounty lands for 1812 War - names:



1937 - Harriott E. Lewellen died Mar. 3

1951 - Evan Llewellyn died in May


1891 - Apr 10, 1891 - Died on Tuesday of this week, Mrs Mary E., wife of Jesse Llewelyn. Maiden name was Davis. Born Morgan Co, Ohio in 1847. Married 1867. To Wisconsin in 1868. To Missouri in 1869. Leaves a son and 2 daughters. 1 son is deceased. She died of dropsy.

1897 - March 12.   Bafford and Nancy (Peters) Lewellen (both born ca 1820) celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.   They were married in Preble County, Ohio and had nine children:   Caroline Wells, Elizabeth Bell, A. L. Lewellen, Joseph Lewellen, Andrew M. Lewellen of Florence AL, Ambrose Lewellen of Gaylord Kansas, John Lewellen of Ohio, Sarah F. Wells, Charles Lewellen of Shenondoah, Iowa

1897-1900 - Bafford Lewellen died.   Note the 1900 census Nancy (his wife) is living with their son Andrew.

1900 - Census shows:
     Andrew M. Lewellen 45 (Mar. 1855), married 1881, born OH, father born OH, mother born VA
Anna 46 born MO, father KY, mother VA
Bafford 18 born MS.   Lila 16.     Katie 14.     Chester 13.     Hazel 6.     Azel 6
Nancy Lewellen 80 born Feb. 1820 VA, father born VA, mother born KY.   Neighbors:
Meek, Graves, Myers, Wakefield, Ryan, Jenkins, Cross, Morris
   Charly Lewellen 33 (Jan. 1866) born Ohio, father born OH, mother VA.   Married 1895
Magnolia age 28, Lester R. age 4 and Marcy F. age 2
   Albert Lewellen 27 born Ohio, father born KY, mother born PA.   Married 1898
wife:   Verna age 25
   Robert Llewellyn 25 (Nov. 1874) born Mo and both parents born MO.   Mar. 1896
Laura   23, James E. 3 and Archa M. 1    

1923 - John Peters Lewellen died May 13

1933 - Albert Lewellen died Jan. 19

1946 - Bafford S. Lewellen died in August (son of Andrew and Anna)

1949 - James H. Llewellyn died in September

1959 - Maurice H. Lewellen died Feb. 7

Created 1835 from Monroe

1879 - History of Audrain County, page 799-800, shows (Missouri)
“J.F. LLEWELLYN, druggist, Mexico, and one of the prominent and popular business men of this city, is a native of Kentucky, born in Louisville, September 13, 1845.   His parents were Robert Llewellyn and wife, whose maiden name was Mis Abbie Knott, both originally from England.   They came over to this country many years before the civil War, and the father was a bookkeeper in Louisville.   J. F. Llewellyn, the son, was reared in that city, and had the benefit of a high school course as he grew up.   He early began to learn the drug business, and was for three yeas in the Louisville Chemical Works, and was afterwards with George H. Cary, druggist, for seven years.   While learning the business he also occupied his leisure with study so that at the expiration of his experience in the drug and chemical houses mentioned above, he was justly regarded not only as a superior theoretic and practical pharmacist, but also as an experienced chemist.
“…On the 2d of October, 1879, Mr. Llewellyn was married to Miss Sallie C. Duncan of this county.   They have two children, Henry and Frederick.   Mr. L. is a member of the Episcopal Church.”
“Who’s Who In California”, page 17, vol. for 1973 shows:
FREDERICK E. LLEWELLYN, manager of Forest Lawn Memorial Parks, born 3/28/1917 in Mexico, Missouri, son of Frederick William and Mabel (Eaton) Llewellyn; nephew of Dr. Hubert Eaton, founder of Forest Lawn Memorial Parks; great-great grandson of George Washington Eaton, President of Colgate University.   Mr. Llewellyn resides in San Marino and has his office in Glendale, California.

1885 - Auburt Lewellen died April 25 at the age of 8 months and 11 days

1913 - Carrie Eldora Lewellen died Dec. 14

1917 - Frederick Eaton Llewellyn was born at Mexico, MO this year.   His wife was Jane Elizabeth Althouse born Glendale, CA 1919.   Their children were all born in Los Angeles, CA.  

1917 - John Frederick Lewellyn died Jan. 26
1917 - Fred Llewellyn Jr died March 28

1933 - Frederick Llewellyn died July 11

1938 - Willis N. Lewellen died in May

1944 -   James H. Lewellen died in December
1944 - Henry Llewellyn died in October
1945 - Ernest Lewellen died in July

1947 - Maggie Lewellen died in Sept.

1957 - Harold B. Lewellen died Aug. 9

Created 1835 from Greene

1845 - James R. Lewallen married Nancy E. Sooter 20 April 1845 by Standifer Ferguson, J.P.   (James may have been the son of Green Berry Lewellyn and Elizabeth Carter from Bedford and Campbell counties, VA. or he could have been a brother)

1855 - Lucinda Lewellyn Ferguson (born 1811, either Bedford or Campbell County, VA) died Aug 5, 1855. She had married John Standifer Ferguson 1829 in Franklin County, Virginia.   She was the daughter of Green B. Lewellyn and Elizabeth Carter.   She had a sibling - Frances Harrison Lewellyn (born ca 1815   and died July 5, 1854 in Wyandotte Co. Kanas.   Green B. was the son of Charles Lewellyn.   See Bedford and Campbell counties, Virginia.   Elizabeth Carter was the sister of Sally Carter (per postings).  


1917 - Mary Lewallen died Jan. 21

1931 - Arnold Marion Lewellen died Sept. 10.   (He was the son of Stephen and Mary Elizabeth (Yeager) Lewellen.   His occupation was listed as "tramp and unemployed."   His widowed mother, Mary, was born in Washington County, Arkansas Jan. 20, 1858 and died Springfield, Green Co. MO. Sept. 3, 1948.   Stephen Lewellen died Oct. 27, 1922, Joplin, Jasper Co, a son of Robert and Disa Lewellen.


1925 - Rawley Lewellen died Dec. 29

1948 - Samuel E. Lewellen died Feb.


1954 - Belia Lewellen died in Oct.

Created 1838 from Platte Purchase

1850 - Census (showing on Ancestry as an entirely different spelling but close examination shows the last name as Lewelling)
Washington Twp:
William Lewelling 42 (1808) NC, Nancy 36 (1814) Kentucky; Cynthia 17 (1833) Iowa, Thomas 15 (1835) Iowa, John 14 (1836) Iowa, Anderson 12 (1838) Missouri, Sarah 12 (1838) Missouri; Mary 14 (1836 Iowa), Margaret 9 (1841) Missouri, Levi 7 (1843) Missouri

1912 - Nov. 16.   James W. Lewallen died at the age of 32 of acute alcoholism.   He was a widower and his parents were John and Martha (Balyeu) Lewallen.   Informant:   George Lewallen, his brother.   (See Christian and Taney counties)   He was born 1880.   Buried at Gobblers Knob Cemetery in Taney County.

1913 - Annie P. Lewelleng died Dec. 12.   She was born 1865
1913 - John Lewelling died Dec. 12

1917 - Eva Blanche Lewellen died Nov. 5
1917 - George Calvin Lewellen died Feb. 27
1917 - Levi Benton Lewelling died Apr. 12

1928 - Nancy Belle Lewellen died Nov. 2

1932 - George B. Lewelling died Nov. 14

1937 - Edna F. Lewallen died Apr. 11

1951 - Violet L. Lewellen died in January

1955 - Bolen L. Lewellen died in Oct.

1957 - George C. Lewellen died Nov. 20


1939 - Louis L. Lewallen died in Oct.


1914 - Vern Hadley Lewellen died May 8

1916 - Emaline Lewellen died Aug. 6

1917 - Juanita Mae Lewellen died Aug. 4

1920 - John Lewellen died Jan. 17

1928 - Myrtle A. Lewellen died Aug. 26

1930 - John Alfred Lewellen died Apr. 13

1935 - Donald D. Lewellyn died Nov. 26

Created 1820 from Montgomery

1840 - Census shows Walker D. Keeling with one male under 10, one male 10-15, one male 40-50 (1790-1800), one female under 50, two females 5-10 and one female 30-40.   (This family is shown again in the 1860 census for Callaway County.)

1938 - G. E. Llewellyn died in May


1926 - Mary S. Lewellen died Feb. 20

1934 - Elmer E. Lewellen died in March

1949 - Archer A. Lewellen died in April

Created 1845 from Dade and St. Clair

1855 - Thomas K. Young applied for 80 acres identified by court documents

1860   - Washington Township:
   Young, Thos K 42 TN Farmer 2000/1000.     Rosanah 40 TN House Duties.   Martha E 16 TN (Should be Martha J), Wm D 15 AL   Thomas 13 TN,     Emeline 10,   John 5 MO. James 3/12"
Jefferson Township
   Asa Lewallen 57 (1803)   VA, Placyda 58 VA, Edith 24 VA, Sarah E 22 VA, Cornia 20, VA, Asa O 23 VA, Lucinda 17 VA, Jane 15 VA, Nancy 9 VA   NOTE:   Placyda was probably transcribed wrong because Asa married Lucinda in Bedford County, Virginia.   SEE BEDFORD COUNTY, VA for this family.
   John A. Lewallen 27 VA, Margaret J 20 KY, Ellen J 2 MO    

1866 - April 17 Probate of Thomas K. Young.   In the matter of Thos K. Young Estate, John Kennedy says that to the best of his knowledge and belief the names of the heirs of the said Thomas K. Young deceased and their plazes(sic) of residence are as follows:
Roseanah Young the widow, Sofiah Serels, Wm D. Young, John Young, James Young, Eliza Young all in the state of Arkansas and Martha Davison in Polk County, MO that the said Thomas K. Young died without a will that he will make a perfect inventory of, and faithfully administer, all estate of the deceased, and pay the debts as far as the assets will extend and the law direct, and account for and pay all assets which shall come to his possession or knowledge. Signed John Y. Kennedy on April 17, 1886

1915 - Francis Marion Lewellen died June 26

1956 - Edna B. Lewallen died Aug. 18

Created 1820 from Howard

1819 - ca.   Meshach Llewellyn moved from Hopkins County, Kentucky to this county.   He descends from Shadrach and Deborah Burson Llewellyn and is related to Abednego Llewellyn of Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.   In the household was one male 20-30, one male 40-50, 2 females 5 and under, one female 10-15, one female 15-20 and one female 40-50.   Neighbors included Woods, Tirpin, Veal, Lane, McDaniel, Samuel and Jesse ? Gragg, Isiah Pain, James Pain

1819 - John Sherron took his war bounty land in this county.   160 acres.   He was a private in Seldon's Regt, Riflemen, War of 1812 with Aaron Lewallen in Tennessee.

1820 - No Llewellyns or Lewallens in census

1830 - Census shows John Llewellyn and Meshach Llewellyn

1837 - Linn County created from Chariton

1840 - Census shows no Lewallens or Llewellyns

1860 - Census shows John M. Lewellyn 25 (1835) farm laborer born Missouri, Congreve Lewellyn 18 MO farm laborer born MO and Francis Lewellyn 15 (female) born MO living with Stanley family

1957 - Myrtle E. Lewellen died Sept. 22

Created 1859 from Greene, Taney and Webster

(note - see Taney County For John and his family)
1860 - Sada (Sadie) Lewallen was born Sept. 18, daughter of John and Martha Lewallen.   She died 1935 Taney County

1865 - George Washington Lewallen was born Dec. 22, son of John and Martha Lewallen.   He died in Taney County

1865 - Sarah Kathryn Lewallen was born May 20, daughter of John and Martha Lewallen.   She died 1954 Branson, Taney County, MO

1873 - May 1. Thomas Lewallen was born, son of John and Martha.   Died Taney Co.

1880 - Census shows:
   (See Taney County for more on this line)
   LUALLEN John Head of Household Married Male White 40 TN TN TN Farmer
         Martha Wife Married Female White 30 MO TN TN
         John R. Son Single Male White 15 MO TN MO Farm Hand
         Sarah Daughter Single Female White 13 MO TN MO
         George Son Single Male White 11 MO TN MO Farm Hand
         Jesse E. Son Single Male White 7 MO TN MO
         Thomas Son Single Male White 5 MO TN MO
         James Son Single Male White 3 MO TN MO
         Wiatt Son Single Male White 1 MO TN MO
   BYLIEU J. W. Self Married Male White 71 TN MD MD Farmer
         Sarah Wife Married Female White 70 TN TN TN Keeping House
         John S. Other Single Male White 7 MO MO MO
         Cordelia GDaughter Single Female White 17 MO MO KY
Note:   John and Martha (Bilieu or Bilyeu) Lieuallen had children Dock, Jesse E, John, Thomas, Willie, George Washington, James W. Tom, Wiatt as well as Sarah Wilson and Sadie Ellison

1880 - James W. Lewallen was born.   He was the son of John and Martha Lewallen.   He was a widower at the time of his death and his profession was that of a salesman

1881 - Dock Merriam Lieuallen was born Nov. 7, sonof John Marion Lieuallen (born Christian Co) and Martha Bilyeu (born Christian County).   His wife was Else Calvin Lieuallen.   He died Taney County

See Taney County

1931 - Lulu May Lewellen died Aug. 17 at age 54 years 7 months 16 days, from cerebral hemorrhage.   She was born Jan. 1, 1877 in Kansas to Morton and Mary (Moran) Ware who were both born in Illinois.   Informant was Mary Ware of Nixa, Christian County, Mo.   She was the wife of Andrew Lewellen.   Funeral director was T. W. Maples, Clever (Christian County, ) MO.

1952 - Andrew Lewellen buried in Christian County.   See Polk County


Land Grants - 1835 - 1839
John W Lewellen Missouri   13 Oct 1835   5th PM   Clark     64-N       7-W         36
John W Lewellen Missouri   21 Oct 1835   5th PM   Clark     64-N       7-W         25
John W Lewellen Missouri   21 Oct 1835   5th PM   Clark       64-N       7-W         35
John W Lewellen Missouri   10 Apr 1837   5th PM   Clark       64-N       7-W         25
John W Lewellen Missouri   2 Nov 1837   5th PM   Clark     64-N       7-W         36
John W Lewellen Missouri   2 Nov 1837   5th PM   Clark     64-N       7-W         26
John W Lewellen Missouri   2 Nov 1837   5th PM   Clark       64-N       7-W         25
John W Lewellen Missouri   2 Aug 1838   5th PM   Clark     64-N       7-W         23
John W Lewellen Missouri     30 Aug 1838   5th PM   Clark     64-N       7-W         23
John W Lewellen Missouri   Apr 1839         5th PM   Clark     64-N       7-W         23
Richard I Lewellen   Missouri   2 Nov 1837   5th PM   Clark     64-N       7-W         27
Richard I Lewellen   Missouri   2 Nov 1837   5th PM   Clark     64-N       7-W         22
Richard J Lewellen   Missouri   21 Oct 1835   5th PM   Clark   64-N       7-W         26

1919 - Emma Llewellyn died Nov. 23

1933 - Charles Llewellyn died Jan. 17

Created 1822 from Ray

1900 - Census shows:
LLEWELLIN Charles Head White Male 38 (b. Feb 1862) Married MO KY KY Telegraph Operator
 LLEWELLIN Lutie Wife White Female 32 (b. Mar 1868) Married Children 4/4 MO KY VA
 LLEWELLIN Floyd Son White Male 13 (b. Mar 1887) Single MO MO MO At School
 LLEWELLIN Percy Son White Male 11 (b. Dec 1889) Single MO MO MO At School
 LLEWELLIN Jodell Daughter White Female 8 (b. Nov 1891) Single MO MO MO At School
 LLEWELLIN Vernie Son White Male 7 (b. Dec 1892) Single MO MO MO At School
(for Charles see Monroe County 1880 census and see Monroe County for info on Vernie)

1911 - Thomas Lewellyn died Sept. 14

1923 - Naomi Lewellyn died Feb. 4

1937 - Harley E. Lewellyn died Mar. 23

1946 - Dorothy J. Lewallen died in April

Created 1833 from Clay

1840 - Aquilla Lewallen was born Jan. 19 at Hempel.   His wife was Mary Jane Harris born 10/4/1851.   They had 11 children, one of whom was Daniel Aquilla Lewallen born approximately 1886 at Hempel (wife Frances Luyster).

1915 - Mildred Jane Lewallen died Feb. 4

Created 1841 from Greene

1850 - Census shows Isham A. Young born ca 1822.   On the same page is David Vaughn (note Williamson County, TN.)

1860 - Isham Young had two slave children, a 9 year old mulatto and a 6 year old black

1885 - Land grant - George W Lewallen Missouri 7 Jan 1885       5th PM   Dade       30-N       26-W       34

1912 - George W. Lieuallen died May 17

1914 - Lucinda Lieuallen died Oct. 15

1931 - Anna Lee Lieuallen died Nov. 19

1959 - Lieuallen, Miss Isabell. Born 1933, died 6 May 1959.   Father Hubert; brother Arland and Dearmond.   sister Mrs. Hubert Monger.   Buried at the Kings Point near Greenfield

Created 1845 from Clinton

1920 - Howard Lee Lewallen age 15 days died Jan. 3, son of W. A. Lewallen (born Clinton County) and Beula De? born Clinton Co.   Informant was the father of Stewartsville

1930 - Mary Jane Lewallen died Oct. 22

Created 1857 from Ozark and Taney

1910 -   Census
         James Walter Luallen (shown as Nettie) 28
         Susan Luallen, 26
         Beatrice Luallen, 10 mo.

1916 - Elihu Luallen died November 30, 1916 and is buried in the Mt. Ararat Cemetery (Darlene Griffin's ancestor.)   He was born May 22, 1847

1917   -   WWI Draft Registration, Walter Luallen (James Walter),   Topaz, Douglas County,

1920 - Census     McKinley, Douglas County, MO
           Walter Luallen, 38
           Susan, 35
           Beatrice, 10
           Troy, 8   went by "Jack"
           Talmage, 4 went by "Pete"
           Marvin (shown in census as Manan) 1

1930 - Fred Luallen died.   He was born 1882

Created 1818 from St. Louis

1827 - Napolean B. Lewellen was born Dec. 29.   He died Nov. 6, 1904.

1829 - Sarepts E. Lewellen, born May 1829 Pike co., Mo. died 190? Married Dec. 8, 1881, James Frank Alvis.   He died 1937

1852 - Napolean B. Lewellen married on Oct. 26 Agnes Trabue Lewellen( born July 4, 1829, died Dec. 5, 1897, buried Frankford, Missouri)   They were first cousins.

1861 - James Jefferson Davis Lewellen born July 22, 1861, Pike Co., Mo., married (2d) Katie Pritchett.   She was born July 12, 1867.   They had (1) James Warren Edgar Lewellen, born Sept. 21, 1891 Vendaelia, Mo and married Flossie Parker and Len Shannon; (2) Clarence Jefferson Lewellen, born July 17, 1893, Vandalia, Mo and married Lillie Long and Ruby Warrell.

1928 - ‘Obituary - Mrs. Jennie Lewellen   Jennie V., the daughter of John and Katie (Pritchett) Fisher, and one of a family of three children, was born Oct. 25, 1860.   She professed faith in Christ and united with the Christian church in early life, or when she was about grown.   She was married to T. D. LEWELLEN February 15, 1882.   Three children were born of this union, fiz., Cora, who went away at the age of 24 on June 15, 1907; Reuben, who lives on the farm, and Anne, who was taken at the age of 14 months; and besides these of her own she raised Etta Tapley, taking her unto her home at the age of 11 years, and who is now the wife of Vade Dowell and a lovely companion, mother and neighbor…”   The funeral services were held in the Christian church in Frankford, Mo. Dec. 18, 1928
Following is the family:
THOMAS DENNY LEWELLEN born Missouri 1861.   Died 1934.   Wife Jennie, born 1860, died 1928. Children:   1.   CORA LEWELLEN born 1883, died 1907   2.   LORI ANN LEWELLEN born 1/30/1889.   Died 11/30/1889     3.   JOHN RUBEN LEWELLEN born 10/23/1885; died 8/31/1972.   Wife Bernice E., born 2/21/1893; died 12/11/1959.   Children of John Ruben and Bernice   (1) Emily Faye Lewellen born 4/20/1914; died 4/20/1921   (2) John Kirley Lewellen born 9/15/1920 Frankford, Mo.   (3) James Dennison Lewellen born Apr. 28, 1918 Frankford, Mo.   Wife Louise Elaine
(from Llewellyn book)

1945 - Walter Lewelling died in May

Created 1833 from Crawford

1862 - John R. Lewallen born, son of John and Martha.   (See Christian County and Taney County)

1915 - George D. Lieuallen died Apr. 1

1932 - Robert Lewallen died Apr. 6

1934 -   W. J. Lewellen died in December

1948 - Mary (Yeager) Lewellen died Sept. 3.   She was the wife of Stephen Lewellen who died Jasper County.

Created 1841 from Livingston

1860 - Marion Township - census shows:
   John A. Lewellen, teacher, age 54 (1806) Virginia, Louvina (Lavina) 35 Kentucky, Sarah 14 Indiana, J. H. 9 (male) Indiana, M.A. 6 (female) Indiana, Horace 5, Indiana, ? B 1 Missouri

1913 - Mollie Lewellen died Nov. 13


1893 - Elizabeth Llewellyn Hurst died.   Elizabeth A. Llewellyn, b. Tuscarora, Schuylkill, PA, 1841, married Joseph W. Hurst or Hirst (spellings vary), a coal miner, and lived in Falls Township, Chase County, KS acc. to the 1880 census. Their children included: William Hurst, born IL/ Polly, b. IL/ Joseph, b. IW/ Mary, Iva, Maggie, Seth, all b. KS. Elizabeth died around 1893 in Deepwater, Fairview Township, Henry County, Missouri. The John Hurst family lived in Henry County, Missouri, perhaps related to her husband.   She was the daughter of John (came from England) and Catherine Llewellyn.

Created 1845 from Daviess

1883 - Nov. 17.   Henry Lewellen died at the age of 73 years 11 months 16 days

1851 - Dec. 1.   Patentee of land:   Robert L. McAffee and Roberta Lewallen.   Warrantee:   Wiley Lewallen and Willie Lewallen.   Wiley/Willie Lewallen was a private in the military.

Created 1834 from Lafayette

1923 - Thomas Lewellyn, died 2 Feb. 1923, age 92 years

1933 - Mable Lewellen died Feb. 10

Created 1826 from Lafayette

NOTE:   See Clete Ramsey's posting below for more on the family in this county.

1907 - William C. Lewellen died July 24 at the age of 48 years

1914 - John Lewellen died Aug. 19

1915 - Margaret Lewellen died Apr. 29

1917 - Thomas L. Lewellen died July 12

1920 - Census shows:
LLEWELLYN Floyd S. Head Male White Married MO US US Telegrapher/Western Union
   LLEWELLYN Cordelia Wife Female White 40 Married IL IL IL No occupation

1922 - Ardelia Lewellen died Oct. 21

1924 - Glenn D. Lewellyn died Feb. 9

1935 - Chloe Lewellyn died Sept. 23

1910 - Census shows:
- John W. Lewellen (1823) Missouri, father KY, mother KY - widowed
- Margaret L. Lewellen, boarder, 33 (1877) W.VA, father WV, mother WV
   Della D. Lewellen 24 (1866) Kansas, father WV, mother WV
-   Carl E. Lewallen 25 (1885) Missouri, father and mother
   Jessie, wife 25 (1885) Iowa, Ohio, Ohio
-   Margaret J. Lewellen 73 (1837) South Carolina, and both parents SC
 living with daughter, Mattie Hoy and son in law, George Hoy
-   Perry Lewallan 25 (1885) born MO and both parents born MO.   Boarder
-   Charles A. Lewellyn 39 (1871) born Indiana and both parents Indiana
   Chloe 39 (1871) MO, father NC and mother VA
   Fern 13, Glen 10, Arthur 2
-   Bertie C. 34 Lewellyn (Barton) born Kansas and both parents Iowa
   Maud E. 28
   Verma 4
-   Lydia Llewellyn 30 (1880) born Nebraska and both parents Wales.   Boarder

1927 - John L. Lewallen died Feb. 20

1936 - Rolla Lewellyn died Oct. 25
1936 - Charles Lewellen died Oct. 9

1938 - Stillborn Lewellen died July

1939 - Helena A. Lewellyn died in March

1940 - Benjamin Franklin Lewellen died July 22

1945 - Thomas   F. Lewellyn died in April

1946 - Edgar M. Lewellyn died in August

1948 - Joseph W. Lewellen died in July
1948 - Portia Lewallen died in February

1952 - Carol Lewellen died in January

1954 - Verl Lewellen died in March

1955 - Oris Lewellen died in Oct.

"thenames of two Llewellyn servicemen were included in a list of deceased or missing from Missouri printed in the Kansas City Star 2 October 1984 (p 9)
   "Lewelling, Merle T., Jackson County, Missouri; Lewellyn Vernie D., Jackson County,Missour.   No dates or names of service units of these men were included.   Both served in WWI from Jackson County, Missouri, and both died while in service."
(From Llewellyn Traces Sept. 1990

Created 1841 from Newton

1850 - Land Grant
Robert Lewellen   Missouri 1 Jan 1850           5th PM   Jasper                   27-N       32-W       1

1850 - Robert Lewallen   Issued 1 January 1850   Acres:   38.3   Accession #:   MO 5340__.172bert
Land Office:   Springfield   County:   Jasper, Mo.

1852 -   Robert Lewallen Issued 1 October 1852   Acres:   50   Accession #:   MO5370__.468
Land Office:   Springfield   County:   Jasper, Mo.
(See Taney County)
1852 - Land grant:
Robert Lewellen   Missouri   1 Oct 1852   5th PM   Jasper   27-N       32-W       1

1856 - Daniel Smith married America Elinor Lewellen 20 Aug. 1856 by Henry Hokit, Elder

1858 - William Lewellen married Mary Ledford, 7 Mar. 1858 by B. C. Webb, J.P

1880 - Martha (Llewellyn) Clark died Oct. 11.   She was born Nov. 13, 1818.
Red Oak Cemetery at Red Oak, Mo. (T 29 N. R 28W, Sec. 18, compiled and published by Mary Curry:Martha Clark 13 Nov. 1818 –  11 Oct. 1880 (with Orange R.)
Orange R. Clark 6 Feb. 1820-Jul. 20, 1864     Note:   News article from Carthage, Mo, Press, pub. ca. 1939 and from part of this article contained “The Clarks came to Jasper County in 1840 from Pike County, Mo.   Orange R. was killed in fight with bushwackers east of Carthage on the Chestnut St. Road, July 21, 1864, while a member of Co. G, 76 Enrolled Militia.   Mrs. Clark’s maiden name was Llewellyn.”   (Part of the article was missing but it said something about the Llewellyns coming from Kentucky.)

1890 - John M. Luwellen died Aug. 25.   He was born 31 May 1852

1896 - Carrie A. Luwellen died.   She was born 1889 dau of J and J. Luwellen

1899 - Mary E. Lewellen died Apr. 5.   She was born July 28, 1841, dau of   W. & C. Lewellen

1908 - Lewis Clark Lewellen died Sept. 4.   He was born 7 June 1891.   Buried old Baptist Cemetery.
Also buried in that cemetery but with no date of death was:
Clark G. Lewellen born   1851

1912 - Marsolene Lewellen died July 1

1915 - Arvilla B. Lewellen died April 16   He was born 1855 and is buried in the old Baptist Cemetery

1917 -   Avilla Cemetery, Lot #25, Section A, registered to L. E. Wallen and Grove.   Markers are Lewallen, Mary Virginia 1857-1917, wife of E. S. Grove, D.L. 11 Jan 1813 –  4 Dec. 1870.

1920 - Bettie Lewellin died Dec. 3

1922 - Stephen Lewellen died Oct. 27.   He was the son of Robert and Disa Lewellen.   His wife was Mary Elizabeth Yeager who was born Washington Co. Arkansas Jan. 20, 1858 and died Greene Co MO 1848

1926 - Granville C. Lewellen died Sept. 10

1931 - Marguerite F. Lewellen died July 13

1933 - Oscar Lewellyn died Mar. 18

Created 1818 from Ste. Genevieve, St. Louis

1845 - John William Lewallen was born, son of Columbus and Dorcus (Koger) Lewallen.   John's wife was Eliza and they had a son Riley Lewallen born Bell County, Texas 8/19/1897.   Riley's wife was Alta Frierson and they had a daughter Janice Kay Lewallen

Date unknown - (from Llewellyn book)
Richard Samuel Lewellen was born in this county.   His wife was Luella Pease.   Both died in Decatur, ILL.   Their children were George, Donald, Leona, Paul Samuel, Dorothy, Richard Herschel Lewellyn (born 9/2/1888 Latham, IL and wife Grace Pearl Andrews born 9/23/1886 in Ill.  

1870 - Will of Catherine Cobb (Dated 18 May 1870).
Missouri State Archives, Jefferson City, MO
Lincoln County Wills, Vol. 3, page 206, film C3931.
   I Catherine Cobb of the County of Lincoln and Sate of Missouri being of sound mind and memory and knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all wills or writings testamentary which heretofore may have made.
   First I will that out of my property all of my just debts shall be paid.
Second, I will that all of my property after paying all just debts be divided into eight equal shares as follows
To Emily C Reed one eight part
Elizabeth Cobb one eight part
To the bodily being of Juby Pace decd one eight part
MARY SUSAN LEWALLEN one eight part
Marth F. Wade Walker J. Lovelace Missouri C. Loveland and John W Lovelace one eight part
Jemima E............ one eight part
Sarah Wade one eight part
Salena M. Lovelace one eight part
and I further will that W. W. Shaw take charge of the money that comes to Jno W. Lovelace and keep the same at interest for the use and benefit of said Jno W. Lovelace
I also will that W. W. Shaw be and I hereby appoint W. W. Shaw my lawful executor to carry out the same empowering him to sell and dovey all my real and personal property as the law may direct after my death as he thinks best in testimony whereof I hereby affix my name or mark this 18 day of Feb 1870
   Catherine (her mark) Cobb
Witnesses     J. C. Elmore     E. F. Lovell
(NOTE:   See her husband's Will in other county)  

1887 -   William Lewallen died Aug. 4th 1887 (per Cobb family Bible.   Bible doesn't specify it's this county though).

1902 -   Mary S. Lewallen Died Jan 24, 1902 (per Cobb family Bible)   This would be Mary Susan Lewallen, daughter of Catherine Cobb.


1870 - Enoch Lewallin married Hannah Elizabeth Stone Feb. 25


1934 - Comodore P. Lewellen died in November


1913 - Virgil Lewellen died Apr. 10

1914 - Jacob Lewellen died Nov. 13

1917 - Pearl Lewellen died June 22

1924 - Madaline M. Lewellin died Sept. 7

1938 - Bertha Lueallen died.   She was born 1904-1938.   Also in the same cemetery with no date was
Jacob Lueallen Co. A 1 Ark Inf.

Created 1818 from St. Charles

1853 - William Harvey Lewallen born (see 1920)

1853 - land Grant - William Lewallen Missouri   15 Apr 1853   5th PM   Lincoln   50-N       3-W         12

1888 - Rolla Thomas Lewallen was born Corso, MO about this year.   He was the son of Olin Carl Lewallen.   Rolla died Middleton, MO. Jan. 1969.   His wife was Dora.   His son was Foest Edwin Lewallen born Jan. 1919; he had a son Edwin Gale Lewallen

1920 - William Harvey Lewallen died Jan. 21, a widower.   He was born Nov. 21, 1853,   Lincoln County, son of William Lewallen (born KY) and Mary Cobb (born NC).   Informant:   Eugene Barrymore.

1921 - Owen C. Lewallen died.   He was born Jan. 24, 1850 in Missouri, son of William Lewallen and Mary Cobb.   He was married but wife's name not given. (See 1937)

1926 - Charles E. Lewallen died Apr. 10.   He was born June 5, 1855, widowed, son of William Lewallen (born KY) and Mary Cobb (born NC).   Informant:   Mrs. Dave Parson

1937 - Jan. 4.   Amelia F. Lewllen died of influenza.   Wife of Owen Lewallen.   Born Lincoln County, daughter of Henry Abbott born Piscaway Co, OH, and Anne Ward born of Piscaway Co HO.   Informant:   Rolla Lewallen of Carson, MO

Created 1837 from Chariton.   (Chariton created 1820 from Howard and Howard created 1816 from St. Charles and St. Louis.)

1819 - Elijah Lewallen issued 160 acres of land on May 5 in section 26, township 58 N, range 21 W, 5th PM meridian.
   Isham Young also took his Land Warrant in this county.  
(Note:   Both Elijah Lewallen and Isham Young are mentioned in connection with Aron and Sally (Young) Lewallen in Tennessee.   Elijah was Aaron's brother and Sally and Isham were probably brother and sister.)

1841 - John Lewellen in Linn County.   Was acting justice of the peace and owned land:
Dr. John F. Powers came to section 10, township 58, range 18, on the first of April, 1841 …  John Lewellen on Section 21
   While Brownlee was here John Lewellen was acting justice of the peace. Lewellen was a man of but medium scholastic achievements, but had few superiors as a woodman. He was famed for his skill in making rails, splitting clapboards, and work of that sort. Brownlee on the contrary, knew little of rail making, or any sort of carpentry, but was something of a scholar and a skilled penman. On one occasion, Lewellen had an important case before him. A man was up for trial, charged with hog stealing. The case necessitated a great deal of writing, which the backwoods magistrate was not competent to do. He was somewhat embarrassed, and in his perplexity went to Brownlee and accosted him:
   “Bruce, I want to swap work with you. I’ve got that ornery cuss of a hog thief to try, and there’s a big lot o’ papers to git out, an lots o’ writin’ all mixed up with it, an I’m no hand to write, an’ never wuz. Now you’ve been foolin’ round tryin’ to build that cabin, but you don’t know how to make a clapboard. Now just suppose you take my place as ‘squire, an’ I’ll take your place and make all the clapboards an puncheons you need.”
   Brownlee had a little trouble to convince Lewellen that a magistrate could not delegate his judicial powers to a common citizen, but at last agreed to act as a clerk, and “do all the writin’,” provided old John would split enough clapboards and puncheons for his cabin, to which the “squire” readily assented. And thus the records of the hog-thief’s case were properly kept, and Brownlee’s cabin properly roofed and floored, and the beauties of a system of reciprocity of labor fully demonstrated.
   Source: The History of Linn County, Missouri: An Encyclopedia of Useful Information, pub. by Birdsall & Dean, 1882

1923 - Edgar Lee Lewellin died Feb. 11

1928 - Unknown Lewallen died Dec. 30

Created 1837 from Carroll

1919 - David E. Llewellyn died August 3

1934 - Ella Llewellyn died in July

1956 - George F. Lewallen died in Sept.

Created 1837 from Randolph

1932 - ca.   Edgar Lee Lewellin died.   He owned a lumberyard prior to his death.   His wife was Lizzie Wilkins, also of Missouri.   Edgar was the son of Joseph Fayette Lewellin and Mary Kathryn Huntsman.

1926 - James Llewellyn died Jan. 18

1927 - J. F. Lewellin died Sept. 19
1927 - John Llewellyn died Nov. 15

1949 - Mary C. Lewellin died in July

Created 1818 from Cape Girardeau, Ste. Genevieve

1860 - Census shows:
   William Lewellen age 27 KY with wife Sarah born MO, Tabitha MO, Margaret MO, Mary MO.   Living nearby were:   Sherry, Stacy, Driver, Davis, Kemp, and Stevens.   Stevens lived next door and the only one from KY on three pages of the census was Martha Stevens 24.

1869 - Land Grant - William Lewallen Missouri   1 Jul 1869   5th PM   Madison   31-N       6-E           15

1870 - Census shows in Liberty Township:
   William Lewellen 36 (ca 1834) KY
   Sarah 36 (ca 1834) TN
   Tabitha J. 16 MO
   Margaret 14
   Mary 11
   Louis L. 7
   Lake Erie 5
   Niagra 5
   Arizonia 3
   Sarah J.
Also in that household was Nancy McKinney 15, Evaline McKinney 13, Talitha McKinney 9, Huston Glover 21 and Martha London 12
NOTE:   Louis L. moved to Wayne County, KY

1910 - Sarah Lewallen (wife of William in 1870 census) died Nov. 6

Created 1822 from Ralls

1917 - John T. Lewallen died Oct. 16

1920 - Dortha A. Lewallen died June 15

1923 - Elinor E. Lewellen died Feb. 13

1924 - Orpha Lee Lewellen died Mar. 29

1928 - Jennie Lewellen died Dec. 16

1932 - Emma Lewallen died June 12

1935 - Nelma C. Lewellen died apr. 14

1936 - Sarah T. Lewellen died May 7

1950 - William J. Lewallen died in Oct.

1955 - Florence S. Lewellen died in August

1956 - Arthur L. Lewellen died in February


1929 - Carrie Lewellen died Mar. 31
1929 - Sarah Eliz. Lewellen died Oct. 18

Created 1845 from Grundy (near Iowa border)

1850 - Census shows Paton Lewallen (age difficult to read - 52?) NC, wife's name hard to make out and starts with either a G or or a J and was probably Jemima (See Tennessee) age 47 TN, James 28, Josiah 26, thomas 24, John 22, Anna 20, William 17, Rebecca 15, ? 14, Noah 11, Sarah 9, Alexander 7, all born TN.

1854 - Land Grant - Josiah Lewallen   Missouri 1 May 1854 5th PM   Mercer   64-N       23-W       18
1854 - Land Grant - Thomas T Lewallen   Missouri 2 Oct 1854   5th PM   Mercer   65-N     24-W       36

1855 - Land Grant -
James M Lewallen   Missouri 15 Jun 1855 5th PM     Mercer     64-N   23-W       7
James M Lieuallen     Missouri   15 Jun 1855   5th PM   Mercer     64-N       23-W       7
William T Lieuallen     Missouri 15 Jun 1855   5th PM   Mercer     64-N       23-W       7

1856 - Land Grant - Josiah Lewallen     Missouri   1 Oct 1856   5th PM   Mercer     64-N       23-W       18

1860 - Census shows, all in Morgan, Mercer Co:
James Lewallen 38 TN, Martha 27, M. J. 7, J. W. 6, Caroline 3, and Peyton Lewallen 60
   (1800) NC   (apparently Peyton's wife died between 1850 and 1860)
Josiah Lewallen 36 (1824) TN, Joanna 25, Ransom 12, A. J 5, J. T. 2
Noah Lewallen 23 TN, Margaret 19
Ashbury Lewallen 17 TN living with Robert Gravat family

1870 - Census shows John Lewellen 64 (1806) Virginia, living by himself.   He was a farmer.   Neighbors were:   Chapman, Hough, Ridenauer, Nelson, Seratt, Fitzpatrick, Kirk

1879 - Paten Leuallen's cemetery marker is in Decatur, Iowa, which borders Mercer and Harrison Counties, MO.   The marker shows only his name and age 82; others have said he was born 1797, thus I put the year of his death...bh)

1910 - John W. Lieuallen died June 25

1952 - Gladys Lieuallen died in February

1953 - James A. Lieuallen died in July

Created 1845 from Scott

1930's - (From Llewellyn book:)
SAMUEL LEWELLEN, wife May Bell.   Samuel died in the 1930’s in Ohio, Missouri.   Son:
FELIX A. LEWELLEN born 1892, Ohio, Missouri. Buried Mullinville, Kan.   wife Martha M., born 1895 Collons, Mo and buried Welty, Okla.   Children:
1.   ROSS DEE LEWELLEN born 4/16/1915 Ohio, Mo. Wife Gladys L. Garrison

Created 1831 from Ralls County

1833 - Robert Lewallen married Dicy Benham Oct. 10

1833 - Land Grant
John Lewellen   Missouri 24 Apr 1833 5th PM   Monroe     56-N       7-W         31
Robert Lewellen   Missouri   24 Apr 1833         5th PM   Monroe                 56-N       8-W         28

1835 - Land Grant:
Robert Lewellen   Missouri     13 Oct 1835         5th PM   Monroe                 56-N       8-W         28

1837 - Land Grant
John Lewellen   Missouri   2 Nov 1837   5th PM   Monroe   55-N       7-W         7

1838 - Land Grant:
Jabish Lewellen   Missouri   28 Jul 1838           5th PM   Monroe                 55-N       8-W         14
(See Ralls County)

1841 - ca. America (Annie) Lewallen was born.   She married (1) Daniel Smith and had William L., James S and John W. Smith.   She married (2) David Vancel Rusk and had Ada Rusk and Lulu Rusk (probably born Newton County, MO.   The Dave Rusk family resided in Japer and Newton County, Missouri, and in Benton County Arkansas, then Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory (info on Smith GenForum site)

1850 - Census shows:
   Javiz (Javitz probably..bh) Lewellen 57 (1793) KY, Sarah 45, John 2, Thomas 17 (MO), Joseph 15, Frances 13, James S. 11, Robert 9, William J. 7, Matilda J. 8, Angeline 2.   Living next door:
   Elizabet Lewelln 1820 KY, Sarah Lewellen 33 (1817) KY, John H. 2 MO, Isabell Scott 68 VA, Isabel Lewellen 1 MO.   Other neighbor Raney.

1860 - Census shows: (Indian Creek Township
- John Lewellen age 73 (1787) Virginia, Elizabeth Lewellen age 65
- Jubish Lewellen age 66 (1794) Kentucky, Sarah (1804) Virginia, Joseph 1835 Missouri, Francis 1837 Missouri, James 1839 Missouri, Matilda 1841 Missouri, Robert 1843 Missouri, W. J. 1845 Missouri, and Angeline 1848 Missouri   (Jabish?)

1870 - Census shows:
Indian Creek Township:
- Thomas Lewellen age 37 born 1833 Missouri, wife Rebecca age 28   born ca 1842 Missouri, Martin born 1857, Perry age 9 born 1861, and Cynthia age 1 born 1869
NOTE:   Thomas is said to have been the son of Jabesh Lewellen who was born 1793.
Monroe Township:
-   John W. Lewellen age 49   KY 1821, Mary E. 45 (1825), John W. 18, Cecil M. 15, Mary 11, Charles L. 8
-   Frances M. Lewellen 33 (1837) Missouri, Josaphine 19 (1851) Missouri

1876 - Andrew Lewellen was born.   See Polk County, MO 1952

1880 - Census shows:
LEWELLYN John W. Head Married Male White 59 KY VA MO Farmer
   LEWELLYN Mary E. Wife Married Female White 54 KY MO MO Keeps House
   LEWELLYN Charles L. Son Single Male White 18 MO KY KY Farmer
   (for Charles see 1900 census for Clay County)

1880 - Census shows:
LEWELLEN H. Head Widowed Female White 22 MO MO MO Keeping House
   LEWELLEN Andrew Son Single Male White 3 MO MO MO
   LEWELLEN Cordelia Daughter Single Female White 5M MO MO MO
(Was this possibly Hanna Lewellen.   See Polk County re Andrew.   Her husband's name was given as "Genie.)

1893 - Vernie Lewellyn was born, son of Charles.   WWI draft registration for Vernie Denzil Lewellyn of 1518 Troost Ave, Kansas City, Missouri. It listed Vernie Lewellyn, age 24, as having been born on 5 December 1893 in Monroe City, Missouri. He was a “Natural Born Citizen.” It listed his race as “Dutch” and his marital status as “Married.” It listed his height as “Tall.” It listed his build as “Medium.” It listed his eyes as “Blue” and his hair as “Dark Brown.” It listed no disabilities. Vernie Lewellyn was employed as a paper box maker at the National Paper Box Company.   He was killed in the service at age 24.

1910 - Census shows:
-   George R. Lewellen born 1844 MO, both parents born KY, widowed
     Jacob E. Lewellen (son) born 1880 MO and both parents born MO
-   Charles F. Lewellen 38 (1872) MO and both parents born MO
     Lou K 31
     Harvey L. 15
     Susie Stewart 25, boarder

1919 - Edith Lewellen died Oct. 25

1931 - George R. Lewellen died Jan. 20
1931 - John Wesley Lewellen died Feb. 28

1941 - Thomas E. Lewellen died in January

1947 - Annie M. Lewellen died in Nov.

1953 - Harvey L. Lewellen died in Nov.
1953 - James W. Lewellen died in Nov.

1956 - James W. Lewellen died in May

Created 1818 from St. Charles

1839 - John W. Lewellyn, son of Samuel and grandson of Jacob, settled in this county 1839, having lived in St. Charles Co 1818 and Pike Co. 1820.   (See Ohio Co KY, St. Charles County MO and Pike County, MO.)   He married

1852 - Land Grant:
William W Lewellen     Missouri     2 Aug 1852           5th PM   Montgomery       50-N       5-W         15

1853 - Land Grant
William W Lewellen     Missouri   15 Apr 1853         5th PM   Montgomery       50-N       5-W         26

1886 - John White Lewallen died Sept. 8.   He was born May 22, 1806 Ohio Co. KY

1917 - Martha Keeler Lewelling died Jan. 7

1924 - Mrs. Celesta Lewallen died Sept. 19 of melano carcoma at age 67 years 1 month.   She was born Hartford, MO, dau of Samuel Lovelace and Derla? Cobb.   She was the wife of Charles Lewallen of Montgomery City.

1936 - Harrison G. Lewelling died June 2


1911 - Vincent B. Lewellen died Jan. 7

1937 - Emma M. Lewellen died Sept 30

1956 - Lloyd Lewellen died in Sept.


1890 - James Luallen died.   He was born 1836

1900 - Land Grant - Louisa A Lewallen     Missouri 9 Aug 1900     5th PM   Oregon   22-N       4-W      

1921 - Louisa Lewallen died Apr. 28

1944 - William F. Lewallen died in April

Created 1841 from Gasconade

1850 - Census shows Henry Harper b. 1798 NC,   Elizabeth Harper, Weldon Keelen age 18, Larken Keelen age 16, Walker Kellen age 12, Elijah Keelen age 10, Charles Harper age 7/12.   Living nearby Thomas Herndon and Richard Campbell.  

1852 - Sept. 29 Aaron Luallen married Elizabeth Harper


1931 - Annie Lewallen died from apoplexy (cerebral) at age 64; born Aug. 19, 1867 Pennsylvania; father J. L. Graham of PA and Myra? Aydem? of PA.   Buriel Kansas City.   Informant:   Mrs. Clarise Montgomery

Created 1857 from Crawford, Pulaski, Maries

1860 - census shows in Massey (?) Township   A. Lewellen age 70 NC (1790), Elizabeth Lewallen 45 TN, Walker Kellens 20, E Kellens 19, Chat A. Kellens 12 and H or W Edmn Kellens 8.
NOTE:   Aaron married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) Keeling Harper in Osage 1852.   She was apparently the widow of Henry Harper who was born 1798 NC and died ca 1850 in Missouri.   There was a son Charles Harper who may have been the one who lived in Polk Co. MO.   Henry Harper had a half brother, Elijah Keelings.   Many of the Harpers were from Lincoln Co. NC. and moved to Webster and Greene County MO although it isn't known where Henry and Elizabeth lived just yet....bh
Neighbors:   James Taylor (65 from NC), James Cooley, Grayson, B. F. Jones, J. H. Wilson, James Sullivan

1862 - James Lewellen died March 22 in Rolla of pneumonia in Sears Rangers Company, Civil War.   He was the son of Zadock Lewellen (b 1785 PA and died Iowa 1878)   His brother, Zadock, died in the Civil War in St. Louis County.   See Iowa.   James was married to Mary Ann Rose.

1864 - Aug. 27.   Aaron Lewallen bought land from Samuel Crain.   See 1871

1868 - Nov. 6.   Aron Lewallen from Squire Young (12 acres)

1871 - Survivors'Pension papers (file #15,726) filed in Rolla, Phelps Co, MO by Aaron Lu Allen (Lewallen) who served in Capt W. Stugiss Tenn Mil. discharged 24 Sept 1818, 2nd US Rifles, Capt B. Johnson. The declaration and identification was filed 17 May 1871.   An affidivat was made in Phelps Co, MO on 16 Sept 1871 by John R. Thomas and Thomas H. Baker who testify to claimants loyalty in the claim of Aaron Lu Allen a survivior of the War of 1812   The papers say he enlisted 8 Nov 1813 and was discharged Sept or Oct 1818. He was adwarded a pension in the amount of $8.00 per month commencing 14 Feb 1871. On 10 May 1871, Aaron LuAllen, aged 76, a resident of Rolla, Phelps Co, MO gave affidavit that in May 1851 he married Elizabeth Harper in Osage Co, MO. He says he is the identical Aaron LuAllen who enlisted in Capt. M. Sturgiss Co, 24 Regt Infantry brigade at Nashville, TN about 24 Sept 1813 and was honorable discharged about 24 Sept 1818.   He also says he served as fife in said Regt and was at the Battle of Macanaw and helped to build Fort Crawford and then went to Rock Island and built a Fort there-----he says he received a regular discharge which is lost and can't now be produced.   It is signed by his mark "X".   Form from the Adjutant General's Office in Washington, DC dated 30 Sept 1871 says that Aaron Lieuallen was enlisted on the eighth day of November 1813 to served five years and was assigned to the Second Regiment of U.S. Rifles.   He is reported served served in Capt. B. Johnsons', O'Fallons', Morgans', McIntosh's' and Lt Col. Seldens' Cos.   Roll dated Ft. Armstrong, Sept & Oct 1818 reports him Furloughed for the remainder of his time and discharged.   He was discharged at Rock Island 24 Sept 1818.
NOTE:   Sallie Lewallen applied for a widow's pension in Tennessee for Aaron Lewallen, her husband, with the same enlistment information.

1871 - Aaron LouAllen's homestead land of 80 acres which he applied for on 9 August 1864 and received 16 March 1871.

Created 1818 from St. Charles

(See Jasper County)

1824 - John White Lewallen (son of Samuel) married Jane Elizabeth Trabue ( b. 7 Nov 1805, Woodford Co., KY)

1824 - land Grant:   James Lewellen   Missouri   1 May 1824 5th PM   Pike 54-N       4-W         8

1827 - Napoleon B. Lewallen was born Dec. 29, son of James A. and Mary (Polly) Lewellen.   Agnes Trabue Lewellen b. 11 July 1832, Clark Co., MO, m. 27 Oct 1852, in Pike Co., MO,   He died after 1892.

1829 - Land Grant:
John W Lewellen Missouri   2 Apr 1829           5th PM   Pike                       54-N       3-W         7

1830 - Census shows Samuel, John and James Lewallen (this census was in alphabetical order so couldn't determine neighbors)

1832 - Agnes Trabue Lewallen, daughter of John White and Elizabeth (Trabue) Lewallen was born.   She married Napoleon B. Lewallen, her cousin.   She died Dec. 5, 1891n

1832 - " The daybook of Captain Adam Mase of the Pike County, Missouri, Mounted Rangers includes the name of Private John Lewellen under the date of 10 June, 1832.   the Mounted Rangers volunteered for 6 months' service.
   "Reference Ralls County, Missouri, Goldena Rowland Howard (New London, Missouri, 1980), pp."
(From Llewellyn Traces September 1990)   See   Montgomery Co.

1837 -   Samuel Lewellyn died
“Pioneer Families of Missouri”, page 277:   “Jacob Lewellyn, son of Samuel Lewellyn, had a son Samuel who settled in Pike Co., Mo. at a very early date and died in 1837.   He left a son, John W., who married Jane Trabue of Kentucky in 1824 and had ten children, nine of them still living.   Mr. Lewellyn who lived for some time in Clarke Co., Mo. where he was a judge of the County Court for eight years.   He settled in Montgomery County in 1839, having lived in St. Charles County in 1818 and Pike County in 1820.”

1837 - Land Grant
John Lewellen   Missouri     10 Apr 1837         5th PM   Pike                       52-N       3-W         20

1839 - Land Grant
John Lewellen     Missouri   1 Apr 1839           5th PM   Pike                       52-N       3-W         21
Samuel Lewellen Missouri   1 Apr 1839           5th PM   Pike                       54-N       4-W         11
Samuel Lewellen Missouri   1 Apr 1839           5th PM   Pike                       54-N       4-W         14

1839 - Enoch Luallen married Delphia Muse Aug. 28

1840 - Owen Lewallen, Staley Lewallen, Richard Lewallen,   and Samuel Lewallen in census

1844 - Will of Joseph B. Lewellen, dated 23 June 1844, proved 15 August 1844.   Legatees: Joseph R. Lewellen; Daniel Smith.   Wife Sarah Lewellen.   Youngest children: Eliza Ann Lewellen; Elvina Lewellen; Harrison H. Lewellen; Polly Wright Harriet Lewellen; Enoch H. Lewellen.   Daughter: Mahala Glascock   Mention of land in Ralls County, Missouri.   Son: Joseph R. Lewellen

1849 - William Lewelin and Mary Cobb married April the 11 1849 (This would be Mary Susan Cobb.   Note that William and Mary named one of their children Owen Lewallen)

1850 - Census shows:
Salt River:
   James Lewellen age 62 (1788) VA; Mary 53 KY; Katrinah 18 MO
   William Lewellen 26 KY, Mary S 22, Owen C. 0, Margaret 72 KY, William M. Wilberger 3
   John Lewellen 43 (1809) KY, Martha 29, Jessamine 9, Margaret 1, Henry Willberger 6, Mary Willberger 25, Martha Willberger 0, Ann, and Lucinda Pritchett 21
   Sarah Lewellen 46 MO, Elvira 17, Harrison 15, Harriett 10, Enoch 8, Sarah E. 5, Daniel Smith 22
     Harvey M. 30 (1820) MO, Nancy 28, Mary E. 9, Margaret 6, and Elizabeth Miller 11

1850 - Owen Lewallen born January the 24 1850 (per Cobb family Bible) (see census above; he was the son of William and Mary S. (Cobb) Lewellen)

1850 - Land Grant -
John W Lewellen Missouri   1 Jan 1850           5th PM   Pike                       54-N       4-W         26

1851 - land Grant - Harvey M Lewellen   Missouri 1 Dec 1851 5th PM   Pike   54-N       4-W         14

1853 - William H Lewallen born November the 21 1853 (per Cobb family Bible)
1853 - Mary Jane Lewellen, born Dec. 21, died 1873; married James Dickerson 1872

1855 - John Hosea Lewellen, born March, married Dec. 8, 1880 Jennie Toliver.   Died 1929
1855 - Charles Edwin Lewallen Born July the 5 1855 (per Cobb family Bible)

1856 - Land Grant
Harvey M Lewellen   Missouri   1 Sep 1856   5th PM   Pike   54-N       4-W         15
Harvey M Lewellen   Missouri   1 Sep 1856   5th PM   Pike   54-N       4-W         1
John W Lewellen Missouri   10 Mar 1856       5th PM   Pike     54-N       4-W         36
John W Lewellen Missouri   10 Mar 1856       5th PM   Pike   54-N       3-W         36

1857 - Catharine Anna Lewallen Born October the 29 1857 (per Cobb family Bible)

1859 - Catharine Anna Lewallen Died September the 8 1859 (per Cobb family Bible)

1860 - Last Will and Testament of Wm. C. Cobb (Dated 22 May 1860).
Pike County Missouri Wills, Vol. 5, page 240.  
Copied from the original in box C in the probate office, Pike County Courthouse, Bowling Green, MO.
     I William C. Cobb of the County of Pike and state of Missouri being of sound mind and memeory knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, do make and publish this may last will and testament hereby revoking all wills or writing testamentary which heretofore I may have made
   1st I will that out of my property all my just debts shall be paid.
     2nd To each of my children Emily Caroline Reed Elizabeth Cobb Juby Ann Pace MARY SUSAN LEWALLIN Marty F Lovelace Jem King Sarah Cobb Salena Lovelace I bequeath the sum of one dollar.
   3rd To my beloved and affectionate wife Catharine I give bequeath and devise all the rest and residue of my property that shall remain both real and personal to wit, the tract of land now owned by me situated the int said Pike County together will all my stock of every kind and description household and kitchen furniture farming utensils corn wheat all bread stuffs All of the said property to be hers and at her disposal for the benefit of herself and family as she may think best
   In testimony shereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 22 day of May 1860
   Wm C Cobb
Witnesss John T. Bell   George Bernard
(NOTE:   See Jefferson County 1870)

1921 - Cecil M. Lewellen died Nov. 25
1921 - Emily Fay Lewellen died April 20

1925 - Richard Lewellen died Nov. 7
1925 - Virginia Ellen Lewellen died Oct. 17

1929 - Alice Gray Lewallen died april 2
1929 - J. Hosea Lewellen died Nov. 8

1930 - Josephine Lewellen died May 2

1932 - Eugene S. Lewallen died Sept. 23

1934 - thomas D. Lewellen died in april

1938 - a Stillborn Lewellyn died in Dec.

1946 - Nettie M. Lewellen died in April

1951 - Ester F. Lewellen died Oct.

1955 - Timothy M. Lewellen died in Sept.


1946 - Cordelia J. Llewellyn died in February


1952 -   Andrew Cilvester Lewellen died May 23 in Bolivar.   Information showing for him:   He was age 75,   and died of Carcinoma of prostate; immediate cause of death:   Inanition (exhausted state due to prolonged undernutrition) and debility.   .   He was born August 1, 1876 in Monroe County, MO.   His father was Genie Lewellen and mother Hanna Frances Turnbough.   No wife was given.   Informant   Cedric L. Lewellen of Bolivar, MO.   Buried Delaware Cemetery, Christian County.   Funeral director:   Turpin Funeral Home, Bolivar.   He was a retired mechanic.   (Note:   His wife was Lula; she died before he did and was buried in Christian County.)

Created 1820 from Pike

1830 - Census shows Jacob Lewellen 60-70, one female 10-15 and one female 50-60.   Living next door was Jobes Lewellen who was younger with young children.   Neighbors:   Lynch, Elliott, Deye, Carter, Kendrick (could Jobes be Jabish?)

1833 - Land Grant -
Jabish Lewellen   Missouri   24 Apr 1833   5th PM   Ralls   55-N       7-W         2
(See Monroe)

1835 - Land Grant:
Joseph Lewellen   Missouri   15 Dec 1835   5th PM   Ralls       55-N       4-W         30

1844 -   Pike County, MO.   Will of Joseph B. Lewellen, dated 23 June 1844, proved 15 August 1844.
Legatees: Joseph R. Lewellen; Daniel Smith   Wife Sarah Lewellen   Youngest children: Eliza Ann Lewellen; Elvina Lewellen; Harrison H. Lewellen; Polly Wright Harriet Lewellen; Enoch H. Lewellen.
Daughter: Mahala Glascock   Mention of land in Ralls County, Missouri.   Son: Joseph R. Lewellen

1884 - Elizabeth Lewellen died at the age of 48 years 8 months 12 days on Mar. 22

1917 - Unknown lewallen died Jan. 13

1930 - Alice May Lewellen died Sept. 21

1956 - Earnest E. Lewellen died in April

Created 1829 from Chariton

1856 - Land Grant - Charles E Lewellen   Missouri 1 Sep 1856   5th PM   Randolph   55-N   13-W       22
1856 - Land Grant - Charles E. Lewellen   Missouri 1 Sep 1856 5th PM Randolph 55-N 13-W 22

1937 - Thomas G. Lewellen died June 2

1946 - Jacob E. Lewellen died in February

1956 - Laura Lewellen died in Jan.

Created 1820 from Howard

1850 - Census shows Zadoc Luellen 63, PA.   In the household Sarah 56 OH, James 20 OH, Zadoc 16 OH, John 19 OH, Sarah 15 OH, Rebecca Goodwin 8 OH

1871 - Edward Lewellen born Sept. 15 at Lawson.   He died 12/16/1959 Kidder MO.   He was the son of John Lewellen Jr and Barbara E. Cloniger, and his wife was Nellie Ann Winner.   His children were:   1.   Harley born 9/3/1897 Missouri     2.   Early born 8/12/1899     3.   Ervin Wesley born 5/16/1900     4.   Ralph E. born 7/15/1902
5.   Elmer born 8/3/1905     6.   Bessie Marie born 1/29/1908     7.   Pearl born 12/3/1911
8.   Hazel born 9/16/1913     9.   Eldon born 9/17/1915     10 Norma born 8/8/1919
(from Llewellyn book)


1918 - Sarah Cassie Llewellin died Sept. 8

1941 - Jennie Lewellen died in February

Created 1812, original district

1818 - See Montgomery County re John Lewellyn

1918 - Annie May Lewallen died Dec. 26

1921 - Olin C. Lewallen died Jan. 17

1936 - Sylvester Lewallen died Sept. 1

1937 - Infant Lewallen died

1941 - Percy Lewallen died in Nov.

1943 - Rosie Lewallen died in Feb.

1952 - Leon Lewallen died Nov.

ST. CLAIR county
Created 1841 from Rives (later Henry County)

1854 - Land Grants:
John R Lewellen   Missouri         1 May 1854         5th PM   St. Clair                 39-N       27-W       35
John R Lewellen   Missouri         1 May 1854         5th PM   St. Clair                 39-N       27-W       26
John R Lewellen   Missouri         1 May 1854         5th PM   St. Clair                 39-N       27-W       36
Samuel Lewellen Missouri       15 Jul 1854           5th PM   St. Clair                 38-N       27-W       1
William Lewellen Missouri           1 May 1854         5th PM   St. Clair                 39-N       27-W       35

1856 - Land Grants:
Felix Lewellen   Missouri   1 Sep 1856   5th PM   St. Clair   39-N       27-W       23
Felix Lewellen   Missouri   1 Sep 1856   5th PM   St. Clair   39-N       27-W       35
Felix Lewellen   Missouri   1 Sep 1856   5th PM   St. Clair   39-N       27-W       24

1857 - Land Grant
Felix Lewellen   Missouri   1 May 1857 5th PM   St. Clair   39-N       27-W       23
Samuel Lewellen Missouri   1 May 1857         5th PM   St. Clair                 39-N       27-W       27

1858 - Land Grant
James F Lewellen Missouri   15 Jan 1858   5th PM   St. Clair   38-N   27-W       1
James F Lewellen Missouri   15 Jan 1858   5th PM   St. Clair   39-N   27-W       23

1859 - Land Grant
James F Lewellen Missouri   1 Jun 1859   5th PM   St. Clair   39-N       26-W       30
William Lewellen Missouri     1 Jun 1859           5th PM   St. Clair                 39-N       27-W       27

1860 census shows:
   RAWLEY LUALLEN 58 (1802) Virginia
   Catharine 64
   Mary Janie 29
   Alse 27
   Catherene Ryan 14

1913 - Elmo E. Lewellen died Dec. 22
1913 - Samuel D. Lewellen died June 28

1915 - Nancy M. Lewellen died Nov. 18

1925 - Julia A. Lewellen died Feb. 3

1930 - Unknown Lewellen died Aug. 29

1935 - Fred J. Lewellen died Nov. 10

1937 - Marian A. Lewellen died June 16

1941 - Jania A. Lewellen died in Sept.

1948 - Warren J. Lewellen died in May

ST. LOUIS (city of) created 1864 and became an independent City in ___

1847 - Green Berry Lewallen died September 7.   (Source ? ) He was the son of Charles Lewallen and was born Virginia.   His wife was Elizabeth Carter.   He was in the 1840 Jefferson County, KY census as G. B. Lewallen)

1859 - John Lewellen died at the age of 43 years on Jan. 21 (born 1816)

1863 - Zadock Lewellen died Feb. 28 in Co. K 25 Regiment of Missouri Vol. Inf, Civil War.   He was the son of Zadock   born Pennsylvania and died Iowa 1878.   Zadock (Jr) was born 1834 in Ohio.   See Iowa.   His brother, James died in the Civil War, Phelps County

1880 - Gomer Lewellen in census.   He and his father, Ebenezer, arrived from Wales into New York.   He married in Hamilton County Ohio.   1850 census shows him in Pennsylvania, 1870 in Ohio.   His wife was Leanna Rabin, and children were Dora (1859), William (1861), James F. (1862), Goerge W. (1864), Edward (1869), Alice (1873), Jeannie (1877), Nellie (1883), Charles (1885).   Some of his family moved to Colorado and some to Oklahoma (per posting on GenForum)

1907 - Annie Lewallen born Sept. 3, 1907 died at age 11 years, 10 mo 23 days.   Born Hull, Illinois.   Father Otis Lewallen born Hull, illinois and Effie Causey born Salem, Missouri.   Address:   3894 Windsor PL.

1911 - Mary Lewellen died Oct. 15

1923 - John H. Llewellyn died March 14

1931 - Alice W. Lewellyn died June 26

1943 - an infant Llewellyn died in May

1946 - Jean Llewellyn died in Oct.

1947 - Mae D. Lewellyn died Nov. in St. Louis City
1947 - Julia X. Llewellyn died in August

1948 - Mary Llewellin died in February

1957 - Albert D. Llewellyn died June 3


1911 - Mary Elizabeth Lewellin died

1921 - Victoria Lewellen died Nov. 1

1937 - John A. Lewellen died Feb. 15

1957 - Selena M. Lewellen died Dec. 24
1957 - Warren E. Lewellen died Dec. 24


1902 - Land Grant:  
Ella Lieuallen     Missouri     9 Dec 1902           5th PM   Stone                     21-N       22-W       20
Jesse Lieuallen   Missouri     9 Dec 1902           5th PM   Stone                     21-N       22-W       21
Thomas Lieuallen   Missouri 9 Dec 1902           5th PM   Stone                     21-N       22-W       18


1930 - Marshall Monroe Lewellen died Dec. 5

Created 1837 from Greene

1850 - Census shows:
   H. Lewallen 36 (1814) TN widow
   C. Lewallen 17 (1833) TN female
   M. J. Lewallen 15 TN female
   E. A. Lewallen 13 (1837) N Carolina female
   M. J. Lewallen 11 (1839) TN male
   J. V. Lewallen 9 (probably John born 1840) male
   S. E. Lewallen 8 (probably Sarah born Arkansas)
   G. W. Lewallen 7 Missouri
   J. R. Lewallen 4 Missouri
     R. B. Lewallen 3 Missouri
   E. Lewallen 2 Missouri

1850 - Robert Lewellyn   Issued 40 acres 16 December 1850
Section 10 Twp 23-N range 21-W Meridian 5th PM Co. Taney
1850 -Robert Lewellyn   Issued 10 December 1850   Acres: 80   Cancelled Document
Accession #: MO5340__.406   Lnd Office:   Springfield   0     23-N     21-w     5TH PM     Taney
1850 and 1860 - Robert Lewellyn issued land in Jasper County

1860 - Census shows:
Hannah Lewallen 44 (1816) KY
   John 20 (1840) TN
   Jessee 18 TN
   Sarah 16 (1844) Arkansas
   George 15 MO
   James 13 MO
   Robert 12 MO
   Elizabeth 11 (1849) MO

1884 - Charlie Lewallen was born May 18 at Branson, son of Robert Lewallen.   Charlies's children were:     1.   Bill Lewallen born 10/22/1907 Branson, MO     2.   Frank Lewallen born 2/5/1910 Branson, MO     3.   Ray Glen Lewallen born 6/21/1918 Branson MO
4.   Carl Lewallen born 9/8/1923 Branson, MO     5.   Tammy Lee Ray Lewallen born 9/2/1925 Branson MO     6.   Lacie Lewallen born Branson, MO
(from Llewellyn book)

1890 - Robert B. Lewallen Issued 7/17/1890   Acres:   146.55   Accession #:   MO5930__.164
Land Office: Springfield   S1/2SW     13/     22-N     22-W     5th PM   MO   Taney
N1/2NW     24/     22-N     22-W     5th PM   MO   Taney
NWNE     24/     22-N     22-W     5th PM     MO     Taney

1910 - Jesse Lewallen died Sept. from surgical shock, gunshot wound (accidental).   He was born Sept. 9, 1870 in Missouri.   Father John Lewallen born Ind and mother Martha Blue born MO.   Death certificate signed by J. R. Lewallen of Oasis, MO who gave info.   Undertaker was George Lewallen of Hollister

1912 - in Buchanan County, MO, James W. Lewallen died.   He was the son of John and Martha Belyeu...see that county.

1916 - Aug. 7.   John R. Lewallen died of "catarik? of stomach and bowels..." at age 54 years 9 months 7 days.   . Born Nov. 10, 1862, Green County, MO, son of John Lewallen and Martha Belew.   Death certificate signed by George Lewallen of Hollister, Missouri.

1927 - Ruba Lewallen died at the age of 1 year 2 months on Apr. 13 of pneumonia.   She was the daughter of Arthur (born MO) and Jose (born Ark).

1928 - Alva Lewallen age 3 years 6 months died.   Father Arthur Lewallen, mother Josa (Hampton).   Died in Melva, Missouri.
1928 - Roba Lewallen died April 13

1929 - Martha Angeline Lewallen died Jan. 20

1931 - May 21.   Thomas Lewallen died of stomach cancer.   He was born May 1, 1873 Christian County, son of John and Martha.   His wife was Ollie Manship.   She was of Hollister and the informant for the death certificate.   Buried at Gobblers Knob Cemetery

1935 - Sada (Lewallen) Ellison died Jan. 27 of vascular insufficiency of the heart.   She was the daughter of John and Martha Lewallen and the widow of Francis Marion Ellison.   Informant was Mrs. K.W. Stottle of Hollister (Ollie Ellison Stottle, her daughter)

1949 - Dock Merriam Lieuallen died Jan. 9 of T.B. in Hollister at the age of 67 yrs 2 months 2 days.   He was employed by the railroad.   Parents were John Marion Lieuallen and Martha Bilyeu, both born Christian County as was Doc born there.   His wife was Elsie Calvin Lieuallen.   He was buried at Gobbler Knob Cemetery.
1949 - George Washington Lewallen died Dec. 23.   He was born Dec. 22, 1865 in Christian County.   He was 84 years 1 month and one day and died from peritonitis.   He was the son of John and Martha Lewallen and his wife was Bedia Lewallen who was the informant.   He was buried at Gobblers Knob Cemetery.

1954 - Jesse Lewallen Sr. died of carcenoma of stomach in Branson.   Son of Robert and Angelina (Davis).   Wife:   Leona K.   Born Aug. 22, 1892. Buried Lewallen cemetery.
1954 - Sarah Kathryn (Lewallen) Wilson died Nov. 22.   She was a widow and the daughter of John and Martha Lewallen.   She died from arterioscierotic heart disease and buried in the Ozark Memorial Park at Branson.

1957 - Willie Lewallen died Aug. 21.   He was born July 26, 1884 in Christian County, MO.   He died from lympho-sarcoma.   He was the son of John and Martha (Bileyue) Lewallen.   Informant was Rebecca Lewallen of Hollister (no doubt his wife.)   Burial at Gobblers Knob Cemetery in Hollister

1958 - Bedia Lewallen died Mar. 18 of carcinoma of colon.   She was born Carol Co., Ark Oct. 11, 1878, daughter of W. W. Williams and Polly (Brashears).   Her husband was deceased.

Created 1845 from Shannon, Wright (formerly Ashley, changed to Texas 1845)

1860 - Census     Sherrill, Texas County
               G.M. Prewitt, 30 born TN
               Sarah Prewitt, 37   (Sarah is Sarah Lawson Lewallen from
                   Scott County, TN) (born TN
               Elizabeth Prewitt, 6 born MO
               Andrew Prewitt, 4 born MO
               Sarah L., 1 born MO
               Nancy Luallen, 18, born Tennessee
               Susan Luallen, 14, born Tennessee
               Elihu Luallen, 12 ***transcriber wrote Leton, original born TN
                   writing reads Lihu, short for Elihu
               Thomas Luallen, 10 born TN

1864 - Elihu Luallen, Private, Company A, 45th Inf. Reg., Union

1867 - Elihu married Mary Gentry Nov. 24.   Mary died and left two children of this marriage:   William R. and Elva J.   He married (2) Rebecca Jane Stilwell who raised the children from his first marriage as her own, including Walter J. Luallen.   Elihu's father is Matthew Lewallen in Campbell County, TN (1821-1868)

1874 - Elihu Luallen, Land Grant, U.S. General Land Office Records, October 10
Elihu Luallen     Missouri   10 Oct 1874         5th PM   Texas         28-N       12-W       14   (Lived on this land until he died 1916, per Darlene Griffin)

1876 -   Elihu Louallen (21-45)  
           Elva J., 1 yr.  
           (Elihu and Mary had another child, William J.   Both Mary & baby William
             seem to have died by 1876)

1878 - Elihu Luallen married Rebecca Stillwell Sept. 15 (unsourced)

1880 -   Census   Clinton, Texas County
           Elihu Luallen, 33
           Rebecca J., 20
           Elva J., 7
           Cyntha, 11 mo.

1900   - Census     Clinton, Texas County, MO
           Elihu Luallen, 53 (shown as Liherd but is really Lihu, short for Elihu)
           Rebecca J., 40
           James W., 19   (James Walter)
           Fred, 14
           Maggie, 15
           Ethel, 13
           Claud, 19
           Clide, 3
           Dottie, 6
           Tony, 4
           Maude M, 2
Elihu died November 30, 1916 and is buried in the Mt. Ararat Cemetery in
Douglas County, MO. See Douglas County

(info on Texas County from Darlene Luallen Griffin


1923 - Samuel Lewellen died July 10

1928 - James Lewallen died Feb. 22

1929 - Robert J. Lewallen died Dec. 12
1929 - M. M. Lewallen died Aug. 8

1934 - A. J. Lewellen died in December

1947 - Mattie T. Lewelling died in May

1954 - Charley Lewallen died.   He was born May 30, 1889, son of Jake and Nancy (Webb) Lewallen.   He died in State Hospital #3 and buried in the Hospital Cemetery.


Created 1818 from Cape Girardeau

1910 - Lewis L. Lewallen in Cedar Creek, Wayne County.   He was born 1864 in Missouri; his father was William Lewallen from Kentucky and mother was Sarah Lewallen from Tennessee.   His wife was Ida M. age 39 and children Lewis W. 18, Fred 14 and Ethel E. 12.   Lewis and his parents and siblings were from Liberty Twp, Madison Co. KY.   See that county.

1920 - Lewis is shown as a widower age 57 born MO, father born KY and mother born Missouri.   Also living in Wayne county was Fred Lewallen (born 1895) age 25 and his wife Ruth age 20

1930 -   Lewis L. Lewallen age 66 born 1864 Missouri, wife Annie age 36 and Taylor Cox 16 his stepson.

1936 - 263 acres of the land of L. L. Lewallen was donated for Boy Scout camp by Fred Lewallen and Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Ward.   (Mrs. T. A. Ward was probably Ethel E. Lewallen).


1869 - LAND Grant - Asa Lewellen     Missouri 5 May 1859   5th PM   Worth     65-N       30-W       5
1869 - Land Grant - Asa Lewellen     Missouri   1 Oct 1859   5th PM   Worth   65-N       30-W       6


Information from various postings on the site.

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Aug 16, 2009

My Luallens (spelling changed when moved from TN) were in Texas and Douglas Counties from 1860 on.

Billie Harris - Aug 16, 2009

Darlene, if you'll send me the information on who they were, when they were in the counties, etc., I'll insert it so we'll have everything together.   I   personally find these chronologies for states good reference tools.

My e-mail is halnbillie@sbcglobal.net

Clete Ramsey - Sep 13, 2009

World War I Dead: Merle Thurman Lewelling & Vernie Denzil Lewellyn


I can add some details to two men listed under Jackson County on your Missouri chronology.   Gathering those details, I went off on a few tangents.

There’s information on Merle T. Lewelling and Vernie D. Lewellyn in the Missouri State Archives “Soldiers' Records: War of 1812 - World War I” at

[NOTE: broken link]

The notes in brackets are mine.

Army Serial Number: 2,184,469
Race: White
Residence: 1410 East 6th Street, Kansas City, Missouri
Inducted at: Larned, Kansas; 4 September 1917
Age at Induction: 29 years, 1 month
Place of Birth: Salem, Indiana
Service: Company E, 356th Infantry, 4 September 1917 to 11 November 1918
Grades: Cpl 6/19 [19 June 1918]
Served Overseas: 4 June 1918-11 November 1918
Remarks: Killed in action 11 November 1918. Father, William Penn Lewelling, Larned, Kansas, notified.

Googling a little, I found this biographic sketch of Merle Thurman Lewelling in “Indiana World War Records -- Gold Star Honor Roll: A Record of Indiana Men and Women who died in the service of the United States and the Allied Nations in the World War (1914-1918),” published by the Indiana Historical Commission, Indianapolis, in 1921.   Under Washington County, it reads:

“Lewelling, Merle Thurman - - - Corporal
Son of William P. and Ada D. Lewelling; born August 15, 1888, Salem, Ind.   Graduate of Northern Illinois College of Optometry.   Optometrist.   Entered service September 15, 1917, Kansas City, Mo.   Reported as the first man from seven states to report at Camp Funston, Kan., for training.   Assigned to Company E, 356th Infantry, 89th Division.   Overseas June 3, 1918.   Killed in action 11 November 1918, Armistice Day, near Beaumont, just before crossing the Meuse River.   (Burial place not known.)”

Camp Funston was on Fort Riley, southwest of Manhattan, Kansas.   It was one of sixteen Divisional Cantonment Training Camps established at the outbreak of World War I.   Major General Leonard Wood, a physician who had served as the Chief of Staff of the United States Army (1910-1914), commanded Camp Funston.   The 89th Division, known as the “Middle West Division,” trained at Camp Funston.   One estimate was that more men in the 89th were from Missouri than from any other state.

The 1910 census shows Merle T. Lewelling, age 11 (b. August 1888, IN), living with his parents -- farmer Wm. P. Lewelling, 38 (b. March 1862, IN), and Ada Lewelling, 32 (b. January 1865, IN), married 13 years -- and younger brother Wilber A. Lewelling, 9 (b. January 1891, IN), in the north part of Washington Township, Washington County, Indiana.   Salem, Merle T. Lewelling’s reported birthplace, is the seat of Washington County.

The LDS FamilySearch Web site has an IGI Individual Record identifying the parents of William P. Lewelling as William Lewelling (1818-1880) and Ruth (Overman) Lewelling (1822-1908).

Another IGI Individual record lists the parents of the 1818-born William Lewelling as Shadrach Lewelling and Sarah (Hobbs) Lewelling.

The LDS FamilySearch Web site has an IGI Individual Record noting William P. Lewelling married Ada D. Peden in Washington County, Indiana, on 31 March 1877, a date consistent with the 1910 census information.

In 1880, William P. Lewelling was living in a Washington County household headed by his widowed mother, Ruth Lewelling:

LEWELLING Ruth Head Widowed Female White 57 IN NC NC Keeping House
LEWELLING Thomas S. Son Single Male White 22 IN IN IN Farmer
LEWELLING William P. Son Single Male White 18 IN IN IN Farm Laborer
BANTA Jane Sister-in-Law Widowed Female White 68 NC NC NC Visiting in Family
RENICK Alice Niece Single Female White 26 IN IN IN Teaching School
HOGDEN Walter Cousin Single Male White 22 MO IN IN Farm Laborer

IGI Individual Records note Jane Lewelling (b. 1812, NC), a daughter of Shadrach Lewelling and Sarah (Hobbs) Lewelling, married Jarvis P. Banta (b. ~1808, NC).

During its November 1877 term, the Supreme Court of Indiana heard a case, “The Western Union Telegraph Co. v. Lewelling,” in which Western Union appealed a lower court decision in favor of William Lewelling.   In the earlier case, William Lewelling had alleged that a Western Union agent had failed to deliver a proper message, delivered to him during office hours on 22 September 1874 in Salem, Indiana, which had been accompanied by payment or tender of the usual charges.   The message was from William Lewelling to his sister Jane Banta, in care of T.A. Banta.   It appears Jane Banta was living in Bloomington, India, at the time.   In the telegram, William Lewelling advised his sister Jane that their mother had died on the evening of 21 September 1874, and that she would be buried at 11 o’clock on 23 September.   Jane Balta apparently never received the telegram.   The draft message had been delivered to the Western Union office in Salem by farmer Josiah Diefendorf (58, who lived three miles north of Salem) at the request of William Lewelling.

In 1870, William P. Lewelling was resident in this household in Washington Township, Washington County, Indiana:

Dwelling 384

LEWELLING William 52 Male White IN Farmer
LEWELLING Ruth 48 Female White IN Keeping House
LEWELLING George F. 14 Male White IN At Home
LEWELLING Thomas S. 12 Male White IN At Home
LEWELLING William P. 9 Male White IN At Home
LEWELLING Sarah 87 Female White NC At Home

I assume the 87-year-old Sarah Lewelling was Sarah (Hobbs) Lewelling, the widow of Shadrach Lewelling.   According to William Lewelling’s telegram to his sister, she died in September 1874.

In 1880, Ada Peden was living in a Washington County household headed by her father, Charles Peden (47, b. IN).   The household included, among others, Ada’s mother Rebecca Peden (42, b. IN) and brother A. Thurman Peden (12, b. IN).   Perhaps the middle name Thurman in Merle Thurman Lewelling and A. Thurman Peden repeated in the Peden family?

In 1870, Ada Peden was living with her parents in the household in Dwelling 382, Washington Township, Washington County, Indiana, separated by only a household headed by Josiah Diefendorf (54, b. NY) from the household headed by the 1818-born William Lewelling.

Rooting around for information on Merle Lewelling, I found a bit about his younger brother Wilbur.

There’s a record in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, for the 4 February 1922 marriage of Wilbur A. Lewelling to Coral E. Lozier.

The Social Security Death Index has an entry for a Wilbur Lewelling, born 21 January 1891, who died in Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, in July 1977.

The Social Security Death Index has an entry for a Cora Lewelling, born 19 September 1887, who died in Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma, in February 1974.

On to Vernie D. Lewellyn.

Army Serial Number: 3,261,268
Race: White
Residence: 1518 Troost Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
Inducted at: Kansas City, Missouri; 24 June 1918
Age at Induction: 25 years, 7 months
Place of Birth: Monroe City, Missouri
Grades: Private
Service: Casualty Company, 152nd Depot Brigade, 24 June 1918 to 28 July 1918; 12 Company, Replacement Group, Medical Department, Camp Greenleaf, Georgia, to 22 August 1918; 4 Corps Replacement Battalion to 29 October 1918; 314th Sanitary Train to 10 November 1918.
Served Overseas: 27 August to 10 November 1918
Remarks: Died 10 November 1918 of wounds received in action.   Mother, Mrs. Oscar P. McNess, Lawrence, Kansas, notified.

Camp Greenleaf, an Army Medical Corps training camp, was on Fort Oglethorpe, located on the Civil War Chickamauga battlefield.

The 314th Sanitary Train, in which Vernie D. Lewellyn was serving when he was killed in action, was an element of the 89th Division controlled by the division surgeon.   In addition to a headquarters and a medical supply unit, the 314th had an ambulance section with motorized and animal-drawn ambulance companies, a field hospital section with motorized and animal-drawn field hospital companies, and eight camp infirmaries.   I don’t know in which part of the 314th Vernie D. Lewellyn served.

I found a WWI draft registration for Vernie Denzil Lewellyn of 1518 Troost Ave, Kansas City, Missouri.   It listed Vernie Lewellyn, age 24, as having been born on 5 December 1893 in Monroe City, Missouri.   He was a “Natural Born Citizen.”   It listed his race as “Dutch” and his marital status as “Married.”   It listed his height as “Tall.”   It listed his build as “Medium.”   It listed his eyes as “Blue” and his hair as “Dark Brown.”   It listed no disabilities.   Vernie Lewellyn was employed as a paper box maker at the National Paper Box Company.

There is an Application for a License to Marry issued by Jackson County, Missouri, to Oscar P. McNees, age 41, of Douglas County, Kansas.   His intended was Mrs. Elizabeth M. Lewellyn, age 42, of Willow Springs, Howell County, Missouri.   Oscar P. McNees signed the application on 7 August 1910.

On the 1900 census, Oscar McNees, 32 (b. March 1868, TN) and Elizabeth McNees, 34 (b. March 1867, IL) are living in Wakarusa Township, Douglas County, Kansas.   The Oscar McNess household also included sons Murlin, 4 (b. April 1896, KS) and John, 1 (b. December 1898, KS), as well as stepdaughter Mable Osborn, 12 (b. October 1887, KS), and stepson Clifton, 10 (b. September 1889).

There’s a Douglas County marriage record for Oscar P. McNees and Sarah E. Osborne dated 7 March 1893.   That date is generally consistent with the 1900 census, which reflects Oscar and Elizabeth McNees as having been married for 8 years.   It also shows Elizabeth McNees as having had four children, all still living.   I assume the 1900 Elizabeth McNees was Sarah Elizabeth (--?--) Osborne McNees.

I found Vernie Lewellyn in this “Llewellin” household on the 1900 census in Liberty Township, Clay County, Missouri:

Dwelling 71

LLEWELLIN Charles Head White Male 38 (b. Feb 1862) Married MO KY KY Telegraph Operator
LLEWELLIN Lutie Wife White Female 32 (b. Mar 1868) Married Children 4/4 MO KY VA
LLEWELLIN Floyd Son White Male 13 (b. Mar 1887) Single MO MO MO At School
LLEWELLIN Percy Son White Male 11 (b. Dec 1889) Single MO MO MO At School
LLEWELLIN Jodell Daughter White Female 8 (b. Nov 1891) Single MO MO MO At School
LLEWELLIN Vernie Son White Male 7 (b. Dec 1892) Single MO MO MO At School

I assume Lutie Llewellin was the Mrs. Elizabeth M. Lewellyn, who would later marry Oscar P. McNees.

I suspect the 18-year-old Charles in this household on the 1880 census in Monroe Township, Monroe County, Missouri, was the father of Vernie Lewellyn:

LEWELLYN John W. Head Married Male White 59 KY VA MO Farmer
LEWELLYN Mary E. Wife Married Female White 54 KY MO MO Keeps House
LEWELLYN Charles L. Son Single Male White 18 MO KY KY Farmer

I found a World War I draft registration card for Vernie Lewellyn’s brother Floyd.   It lists his full name as Floyd Sullivan Lewellyn.   His address was 425 W. 15th Street, Kansas City, Missouri.   His date of birth was 21 March 1887, which is consistent with the March 1887 birth date listed for him on the 1900 census.   He was a “Natural Born Citizen.”   His place of birth was listed as New London, Missouri.   New London is the seat of Ralls County, which neighbors Monroe County to the east.   He was listed as married.   He was a telegrapher with the Western Union Company at 7th and Main Streets in Kansas City, Missouri.   His personal particulars were Caucasian, tall, and slender build, with light blue eyes and dark brown hair.   He had no disabilities.

I found a 33-year-old “Floyd S. Llewellyn” heading a household on the 1920 census in Kaw Township, Jackson County, Missouri:

LLEWELLYN Floyd S. Head Male White Married MO US US Telegrapher/Western Union
LLEWELLYN Cordelia Wife Female White 40 Married IL IL IL No occupation

Cordelia Jane “Delia” Laman, a daughter of Andrew and Margaret Laman, is reported to have married Floyd Lewellyn on 12 January 1914. It’s not clear where they married.

I think this was the household of Cordelia (Laman) Lewellyn’s father Andrew in Greenbush Township, Warren County, Illinois in 1880:

LAMAN Andrew Self Married Male White 36 IL NY OH Farm Laborer
LAMAN Margaret Wife Married Female White 25 IL --- IL Keeping House
LAMAN Mary M. Daughter Single Female White 3 IL IL IL
LAMAN Cordelia J. Daughter Single Female White 7M IL IL IL
LAMAN Cornelia J. Daughter Single Female White 7M IL IL IL

I assume Cornelia was Delia’s twin sister.

A Floyd S. Llewellyn (1887-?) and Cordelia J. Llewellyn (1879-1946) are listed as having been buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery outside Clarinda, Page County, Iowa, as are Cordelia’s parents, Andrew (1843-1930) and Margaret (1855-1944) Laman, and at least one of Cordelia’s sisters: Nora Ellen (Laman) Montgomery (1889-1976), the wife of William Burl Montgomery (1884-1947).

I can’t find a Missouri Certificate of Death for Floyd S. Lewellyn.   However, there is a Missouri Certificate of Death for Cordelia Jane Llewellyn:

Place of Death: Parkville RFD 3, Platt County, Missouri
Usual Residence: Parkville RFD 3, Platt County, Missouri
Length of Residence in Community: 21 years
Date and Time of Death: 14 February 1946; 7:55 PM
Cause of Death: Carcinoma of Liver
Attending Physician: Chas. C. Montgomery, MD, 306 E. 12th Street, KC, MO
Date of Birth of Deceased: 26 October 1879
Age at Death: 66 years, 3 months, 18 days
Birthplace: Henderson County, Illinois
Personal Particulars: Female, White, and Married
Name of Husband: F.S. Llewellyn
Age of Husband if Alive: 58 years
Father’s Name: Andrew Laman
Father’s Birthplace: Illinois
Mother’s Maiden Name: Margaret Ann Joliff
Mother’s Birthplace: Illinois
Informant: F.S. Llewellyn
Informant’s Address: RFD 3, Parkville
Date of Removal: 15 February 1946
Burial Place: Clarinda, Iowa

Samuel King Montgomery, the father of Nora Ellen (Laman) Montgomery’s husband William, is reported to have been a physician.   Samuel had a brother Charles, who also was a physician.   I don’t know if the Charles C. Montgomery who was the Attending Physician at Delia Llewellyn’s death was that Charles Montgomery, some kin of his, or just coincidence.

I’ll quit here.

Perhaps you or some other reader can add more details.



Billie Harris - Sep 13, 2009

Clete, thank you.   This is wonderful.   It sounds to me like this group from Jackson County would be descendants of William Lewelling of Randolph County, N.C.   I'm glad you posted that and instead of trying to incorporate it above, I'll refer to your posting here.

GREAT find and research.   Thank you so much.   I can't tell you how much information such as this helps.