Scott County Tennessee's Happenings . . .

Dorothy Campbell - Sep 2, 2009

Scott County’s Happenings . . .

From Founding in 1849 to 1999

{EDITOR'S NOTE When Scott County observed the nation's 200th birthday in 1976, the late CARMEL BURKE of Oneida published a little booklet for the occasion, listing some of the highlights and happenings in Scott County, Tennessee and America over a 200-year period. Using excerpts from his booklet (for the 1849-1976 period) as a starting point, the FNB Chronicle has put together the following listing of memorable historical milestones. From 1976 until the present, we have researched the headlines of the local newspapers to bring it up to date.}

1849 - Scott County was created from parts of present day Anderson, Campbell, Morgan, Fentress and Pickett counties. Huntsville was chosen as a site for the courthouse, because, according to some people, it was within one day's ride by horse from all areas of the county.

1850 - Scott County had 1,905 people. Tennessee had a population of 1,002,717.

1851 - First courthouse built at Huntsville.

1859 - Homestead (Helenwood) settlement started.

1860 - Population of Scott County was 3,519. Population of Tennessee was about 1,100,000.

1861 - Civil War. Scott County soldiers served on both sides. Senator ANDREW JOHNSON visits Huntsville. Tennessee seceded from the U.S.A.

Scott County seceded from Tennessee. The county court sent a messenger to Nashville to inform them that a new "Independent State of Scott" had been formed. This action caused hatred at Nashville, and Confederate soldiers were sent here in small groups to punish these mavericks. These raiders also came to capture horses and food or supplies. A few minor skirmishes were held at Huntsville, Straight Fork, Buffalo, Brimstone, near Winfield and at Station Camp on the Big South Fork River. Most fighting was done between Home Guards or local citizens and guerrilla groups or Confederate soldiers. We were basically loyal to the Northern Army.

1865 - President LINCOLN was assassinated, and ANDREW JOHNSON became the 17th President.

1869 - First transcontinental railroad finished.

1870 - Scott County had a population of 4,054. Tennessee had a population of 1,258,520.

1876 - Telephone invented by Bell.

Coca-Cola was developed as a headache remedy by a pharmacist (Pemberton) in Atlanta. It was 13 years later that three Chattanooga lawyers started to bottle the new soft drink.

1879 - The electric light was invented by EDISON.

1880 - Scott County had 6,021 people. Tennessee had 1,542,359 people. '1

THOMAS HUGHES established Rugby in neighboring Morgan County for a place where the second sons of English families could work for a living.

1881 - Glenmary Coal &Coke Co. started. It was first Crooke Coal & Mining Co. Operations were large at both Glenmary and nearby Coal Hill. This town was the largest community in Scott County.

1882 - Presbyterian Church established at Huntsville.

1885 - Presbyterian Academy operated at Huntsville (and continued to operate up to 1909). Until this time students had only primary education available in Scott County. The Mossop Memorial School for girls operated an academy in Huntsville until it moved to Harriman after a fire. It was supported by Presbyterian missionaries from Pennsylvania.

Barton's Chapel, Congregational Church, was established at Robbins by WILLIAM E. BARTON.

1887 - Scott County Call, county's first newspaper, started at Helenwood. The press was bought from The Rugbian.

1889 - The Cumberland Chronicle newspaper started at Huntsville. The press was purchased from the Scott County Call

1890 - Population of Scott County was 9,794. Population of Tennessee was 1,767,518.

1891 - First Sears Roebuck Catalogue printed.

1892 - C. CROSS opened a store in Oneida.

1897 - Bottling plant for soft drinks opened in Oneida (Coca-Cola and Nehi have been bottle here).

Oil and gas wells had been drilled and had produced in Glenmary, Oneida and No Business.

1898 - Spanish American War. Scott County men went to both Cuba and the Philippines.

1898 - Telephone system built between Helenwood and Huntsville.

1900 - Population of Scott County was 11,077. Population of Tennessee was 2,020,616.

1901 - City Hotel was the first hotel built in Oneida.

1902 - Southern Clay Mfg. Co. started a brickyard at Robbins.

1903 - First Baptist Church founded in Oneida. New River Lumber Co. started at New River.

The WRIGHT Brothers were the first to successfully fly an airplane. It flew 120 feet at Kitty Hawk, N.C.

1904 - First National Bank established at Oneida.

1905 - Mr. L. E. BRYANT built his house at Bear Creek (Roberta) near his mining operation. He was a graduate of Heidleberg University in Germany and had geologists from Princeton who helped him at his operation.

Oneida receives its first of three charters of incorporation.

The Rockwood Mills of Rockwood built a hosiery mill in Oneida.

1906 - Pearson's Flooring Mill (forerunner of Hartco) started production in Oneida.

The Tennessee Railroad started from Oneida to South Oneida, and then on to Paint Rock, Norma and later to Fork Mountain.

1907 - The Church of Christ was established in Oneida.

1908 - Huntsville High School built.

Dr. M. E. THOMPSON starts his medical practice in Scott County.

The Treat School for Boys was established at Helenwood and operated until 1917. Its Summer Campus was at Oaks Bluff, Mass. on Martha's Vineyard, and its Winter Campus was in Scott County. These students were from some of America’s wealthy families. The best known were probably the DODGE brothers (of the motor company family), and HORACE DODGE, Jr. was best remembered. Others were the nephew of J.P. MORGAN (of the New York banking family); the son of the president of B&O Railroad; the son of a Lexington, Ky. racehorse farm owner; the son of Dr. GRANDALL of St. Louis; and TOM ROBERTS (son of a Texas oil man).

HENRY FORD built his Model T car.

1909-   Norcross Mill was built at Norma. I It was one of the largest in the South. A clothes pin factor was also built to employ women.

Statewide prohibition in Tennessee.

Early industries in Scott County included a Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, a Nehi Bottling Plant, Ice Plant, Lumber Mills, Hickory Mill, Bucket Factory, Handle Factory, Bowl Factory, Coal Mining; and other wooden products firms.

1910 - Scott County had 12,947 people. Tennessee had 2,184,789 people.

First telephone system was built in Oneida by Mr. O. C. CONATSER.

1914 - Jellico Grocery Co. built a wholesale grocery store in Oneida.

Dr. D. T. CHAMBERS starts medical practice at Norma.

The JOHN CARSON Farm was subdivided in Oneida and created Alberta Ave., Baker St., Carson St., and Davis St., (western half of Oneida).

1915 - The Scott County News started in Oneida by Mr. BELL. He sold it to Mr. C. W. WRIGHT, who operated it for many years. The press was purchased from The Cumberland Chronicle.

The O&W Railroad starts between Oneida and Jamestown (it was chartered to extend to Glasgow, Ky.).

Large lumber mill built at Verdun.

The Oneida Independent School System was chartered in Oneida. A two-year high school was built on Main Street.

1916 - Mr. H. F. COOPER built the Cooper Block on Depot Street in Oneida.

1917 - Oneida receives its final charter of incorporation (its second was taken by the State of Tennessee because the town passed a cargo tax on freight cars used to haul local resources from the county).

Russell Producing Co. bought the oil wells at Glenmary and in Morgan County. A refinery was built between Sunbright and Burrville and gasoline from here was sold under the trade name of "Dixie Vim".

U.S. enters World War I. Many servicemen from Scott County were trained at Camp Paris, S.C. and most of them went overseas with the 30th Division. Sgt. ALVIN C. YORK from Pickett County was the hero of that war.

1918 - Flour mill was built in Oneida at the present Texaco site.

1920 - Bad train wreck (passenger) at New River. People killed.

Scott County's census was 13,411. Tennessee's census was 2,337,885.

1921 - Oneida Masonic Lodge established.

Kiwanis Club organized in Oneida.

1922 - The American Legion organized in Oneida.

Mr. H. F. COOPER (and others) build a private water and sewer system in Oneida.

1923 - Construction of U.S. 27 was started

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to improve and rebuild it for automobile use from Kentucky to Morgan County.

The First Trust and Savings Bank was chartered in Oneida.

The Oneida Bank and Trust Co. opened in Oneida.

1925 - Five hotels (Commercial, Cross, Gibson, Grandview and the King) were open in Oneida. A large concentration of machinists and metal skills were found in the railroad shops in Scott County. There were six railroads operating within the limits of Scott County during this period the Southern, Tennessee, O&W, Ritter, K&T and the Ketchen railroads. Oneida was a booming town and new industries were moving in because of the resources and the railroads.

1926 - Scott County Fair is organized.

1927 - Dr. FOUST was shot and killed at a movie in Robbins by BEN FOWLER. Mr. FOWLER was the only Scott County resident to be electrocuted at Nashville.

J. W. WEST (Deputy Sheriff) was also shot and killed by BEN FOWLER at the movie where Dr. FOUST was killed.

1928 - Streets in Oneida paved with concrete and bricks.

1929 - The "Big Flood" (considered the 100 year flood) saw water cover New River Bridge.

Tornado hits parts of Scott County.

The Stock Market crashes signaling the start of the Great Depression, which lasted until 1939.

1930 - Television invented in USA.

Mr. T. COLEMAN DuPONT purchased the land and gave it to Kentucky for the development of Cumberland Falls (State Park).

Population of Scott County was 14,080. Population of Tennessee was 2,616,556.

1931 - Passenger Train "Ponce DeLeon" wrecked at Helenwood and many people were killed.

1933 - The Goodyear Blimp landed on the C. CROSS farm in Oneida.

Tornado does damage at Huntsville.

Commander HENRY BARTON CECIL of Scott County was killed when his U.S. Navy blimp, The Akron, crashed in New Jersey.

TVA created.

New Deal programs started.

1934 - MAYNARD KING shot and killed in downtown Oneida.

Congress established the Smoky Mountains National Park.

1935 - Explosion destroys much of Helenwood. A house caught fire and spread to the Masonic Hall, where dynamite was stored.

1936 - President ROOSEVELT came through Oneida on a train on his way to Chattanooga to dedicate Chickamauga Dam.

C. W. WRIGHT ran for governor of Tennessee.

Norris Dam was completed.

1937 - C. CROSS dies in Oneida.

1938 - Pickett State Park dedicated. It was built with CCC labor.

1939 - HENRY SMITH died in Oneida.

1930s - Tennessee Highways 52 and 63, and U.S. Highway 27 were improved for the growing use of the automobile and truck traffic.

1940 - Scott County had 15,966 people. Tennessee had 2,915,841.

World War II starts in Europe.

HOWARD BAKER, Sr., of Huntsville, ran for governor of Tennessee.

1941 - Flood in Oneida.

Plane crash at Glenmary airport kills GEORGE WEBB and a Mr. TOWE of Knoxville.

USA enters World War H when Japan bombs Pearl Harbor on December 7. Scott County men and women served around the world.

1942 - Oneida High School burned.

Dr. M. E. and MILFORD THOMPSON build the first medical clinic in Oneida.

1944 - WALTER “Smoky” LOWE earned his title as a much decorated soldier in World War II for his fighting in Europe.

1945 - USA drops atomic bomb on two Japanese cities (Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

World War II ends. VE Day in Europe (May); VJ Day in Japan (September).

United Nations founded at San Francisco, California.

Oneida Elementary School burned.

1946 - Tennessee Highways 52 and 63 were paved for the first time.

Stone courthouse burned at Huntsville.

Mr. CHARLES TIBBALS purchased the Pearson Hardwood Flooring Mill in Oneida.

1947 - Brick courthouse built at Huntsville.

1949 - American Legion (War Memorial) building was dedicated in Oneida during the Scott County Centennial.

W. M. RITTER Lumber Co. Mill burned at New River.

1950 - Scott County had 17,362 people. This was the largest count ever. Tennessee had 3,291,718.

The Lions Club was organized in Oneida.

HOWARD BAKER, Sr. was elected to the House of Representatives of the USA.

1951 - The Town of Oneida purchased the Private Water and Sewer System.

1954   - The O&W Railroad closed all operations between Oneida and Jamestown.

The Scott County Chamber of Commerce was organized.

1955 - Land purchased in Oneida for a 53 acre Industrial Park.

The Hickory Mill was built at the Tea Room area of Helenwood.

1956 - Scott County Hospital opened with 42 beds.

Boss Manufacturing Co. locates factory in Oneida.

1957 - Industrial water lines and a water tank built in Oneida.

Highland Telephone Cooperative was organized in Scott and Morgan counties to replace the antique Continental Telephone System. The new phone coverage was later extended to McCreary County, Ky.

Russia launched the first satellite.

1958 - Citizens Gas Utility District was created and purchased the private natural gas company that served between Sunbright and Oneida.

USA launches first satellite.

1959 - WBNT Radio started operations.

Mine explosion at Brimstone kills nine miners.

Passenger train, The Crescent, wrecked at Glenmary. People were killed.

1960 - Population of Scott County was 15,413. Tennessee's population was 3,567,089.

Scott County Airport was built between Oneida and Helenwood.

1961 - New water and sewer plant constructed in Oneida.

1963 - President JOHN F. KENNEDY assassinated by LEE HARVEY OSWALD in Dallas, Texas. LYNDON B. JOHNSON becomes President.

Southern Railway constructs new high railroad bridge across New River.

1964 - Congressman HOWARD H. BAKER, Sr. died.

1965 - Huntsville incorporated.

Scott County Hospital expanded.

1966 - Pine Creek Watershed (Howard H. Baker, Sr. Watershed Lake) built near Oneida for city Water supply.

HOWARD BAKER, Jr. elected to the U.S. Senate.

U.S. Post Office and Federal Building constructed in Oneida.

1967 - Ponderosa Golf Course completed.

First National Bank of Oneida constructs new headquarters on Alberta Ave. •  Oneida Vocational School opens.

1969 - USA lands first man on the moon (NEIL A. ARMSTRONG).

"Oil Boom" starts in West Oneida.

1970 - Scott County's population was 14,762. Tennessee had 3,924,164 people.

1971 - New Scott High School finished.

Four-lane highway constructed through Huntsville.

1973 - Watergate Investigation started in Washington; Senator BAKER was appointed Vice Chairman of the Senate Investigating Committee.

SPIRO AGNEW resigned as Vice President of the U.S. GERALD FORD chosen to replace him.

1974 - RICHARD M. NIXON resigned President of the U.S., and GERALD FORD became the 38th President.

Gasoline shortage felt because of Arab Embargo. Long lines seen at service stations, and some stations closed.

U.S. Corps of Engineers announces authorization of the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.

Tornado hits Scott County with heavy damage near Oneida and Jamestown.

1975 - Largest flood (50 year flood) since the 1929 flood does heavy damage.

Highway 63 project started at the Scott-Campbell county line to rebuild and improve this route.

1976 - Plans announced for new overpass from Depot Street to South Oneida.

High Point bridge opened.

Independent Herald, new newspaper, started in Oneida.

Scott County had a Bicentennial Celebration, which included many types of activities.

Expansion begun at Scott County Airport.

1977 - HOWARD H. BAKER, Jr. assumes U.S. Senate Minority Leader post.

New Municipal Services Building built in Oneida

Ship's bell off of USS Tennessee given to Scott County for display at Courthouse

1978 - Tennessee Constitutional Convention vote taken March 7th.

National Park Service establishes Big South Fork park headquarters in Scott County.

1979 - Huntsville's ARZO CARSON chosen director of TBI, WM. PAUL PHILLIPS becomes youngest District Attorney in state.

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First National Bank observes 75th Anniversary.

1980 - County's population 19,259; Tennessee's count is 4,590,750.

1981 - Big South Fork Development Association hosts groundbreaking for Leatherwood recreation area.

1982 - Railroad Overpass constructed in Oneida, results in closing Main Street crossing.

President RONALD REAGAN spends the night with BAKER family in Huntsville while for opening of World's Fair in Knoxville.

1983 - Scott County Historical Society chartered; IRENE BAKER of Huntsville chosen president.

County's unemployment is state's highest at 26.49% in September.

1984 - Gov. LAMAR ALEXANDER chooses BILL SWAIN for seat on State Board of Education.

McDonald's restaurant opens in Oneida.

State's Homecoming '86 observed countywide.

Oneida Bank and Trust Co. fails; assets assumed by Energy Bank.

1985 - Log raising held for Winfield Municipal Building, county's third incorporated community.

First National Bank's Huntsville branch placed on Historic Register.

Seven astronauts die when space shuttle explodes following launch.

National Guard unit formed in Scott County.

1986 - Bandy Creek recreation site dedicated in Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.

Sheriff MARION CARSON resigns following federal indictments on drug trafficking.

1987 - Fruehauf Corp. announces $20 million plant for Scott County. •  Senator HOWARD H. BAKER, Jr. accepts appointment as President Reagan's Chief of Staff.

1988 - Tibbals Flooring Co. sold to Premark International Corp.

Oneida School supporters launch fundraising drive for new facilities.

RSCC and Tennessee Tech announce plans to establish off-campus facility here.

1989 - Scott County Hospital leased to Community Health Systems of Brentwood.

Gov. NED McWHERTER on hand for opening of Fruehauf plant in Huntsville.

1990 - County's population: 18,358; state population: 4,877,155.

Oneida Schools go from brink of extinction to threshold of excellence with multimillion building, academic improvement program; Oneida's HOWARD TIBBALS and B. RAY THOMPSON Charitable Foundation provide bulk of funds.

Scott County Attorney TOM PHILLIPS named as U.S. Magistrate.

1991 - Highland Telephone Cooperative institutes its first-ever payout to its member-owners as $2.17 million in capital credits given back.

Popular local physician Dr. GEORGE KLINE dies.

1992 - Collections begun for establishment of E-911 system for Scott County.

State, others pledge funds for Scott County Higher Education/Roane State Community College facility in Huntsville on property donated by BILL SWAIN.

Oneida High School football team defeats Battle Ground Academy for state championship.

1993 - 18-inch snowfall blankets county in March with drifts as high as five feet in some areas.

JOY BAKER, wife of Senator HOWARD H. BAKER, Jr., dies following a lengthy illness; several national dignitaries attend funeral including former President George Bush.

First-ever election of Commissioners for Huntsville Utility District held in August.

1994 - Scott County Industrial Development Board forced into receivership.

Oneida girls basketball team defeats Celina in state championship game.

1995 - Scott-McCreary counties designated as federal Enterprise Community.

$1 million pledged to build new Scott County Office Building.

EARL McDONALD pledges $1 million for scholarships at Scott County Higher Education Center (RSCC).

Experimental black hear release in Big South Fork approved.

1996 - Tornado hits Norma Road area; paralyzed man, son escapes serious injury when mobile home demolished.

New 18-bed wing opens at Scott County Hospital.

Groundbreaking held for new $3.5 million Tennessee Technology Center in Huntsville.

Hartco sold to Triangle Pacific Corp.

1997 –  Former President JIMMY CARTER visits county to participate in “Hammering om The Hills” home-building project.

Huntsville Utility District gets $4 million from federal government to expand water plant, build new reservoir.

$50000 endowment to Roane State Community College is friends' gift to W.H. BILL SWAIN on his 75th birthday.

1998 - New Tennessee Army National Guard Armory opens on Airport Road.

18-inch snow strikes county in February; probably most severe winter storm in county's history; damage estimates top $5 million; 444 still without power a week later.

Helenwood incorporates; becomes county's fourth incorporated community.

First National Bank announces plans to construct 13,740 square feet central office in Helenwood-Huntsville area.

1999 - Scott County celebrates its Sesquicentennial!