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Billie Harris - Sep 2, 2009


1850 - Census shows:
   John Lewallen 46 Pennsylvania, Ann 44 PA, Morgan L. 21 PA, Lydia J. 19 PA, William 17 PA, Abigail 12 PA, Catherine 8 PA, Philip D 5 PA, Alfred 3 PA and Mary A. Stantz 26 PA

1893 - Nellie Lewellen and Elmer K. Edminston were married April 6, 1893.

(Formed 1805 from Washington County)

1847 - Lee Township, Thomas Lewellen died. (Born 1777) His Will left to his wife, not named, the farm in lieu of dower.   Also names sons Abraham Lunsford and George W.


1820 - Census shows Jesse Lewallen

1823 - Jonathan Lieuellin was born about this year.   He died Nov. 18, 1887

1846 - William Thomas Lewellen and Lucinda Phillips were married.   William Thomas was born 1823 in Loudoun County, VA. per his Civil War records, probably the son of Jesse Lewellen.   (NOTE, however that there was a Jesse Lewallen in the census for this county 1820 so the question is...was William Thomas born in Loudoun County or born in Belmont County....bh)   See Hamilton County below.


1876 - Harry Luallen was born June 22.   He died Medicine Lodge, Kansis.   His wife was Maude and they had two children:   Charles E. Luallen born May 7, 1909 Sharon, Kansas, and Georgia Marian Barker.   (Harry was the nephew of John and Sam Luallen)


1820 - Census shows Abner Lewallen with 10 whites in his household. (See Stark County 1840 and 1850)   He may have been the father of Sarah who married a Cooney - see Stark County.


1870 - Census shows Gomer Lewellen (see Hamilton County previously.   In 1880 he was in St. Louis County, MO.  


1850 - Census shows Charles Lewallen age 16 Ohio living with Huff family.


1812 - War of shows Henry Llewellyn of Capt. Beymer's Company.   Henry is shown in the 1812 Federal Census for Amwell Twn, Washington Co., PA.
Also enlisting was Zadoc Luellen (born ca 1787)   who was from Washington County, PA also.   Zadoc enlisted in the War of 1812 april 23.   He was in the company commanded by Capt. Lowery.   He was honorably discharged at Zanesville OH Sept. 9, 1813 because of being lame.   See Iowa for more info on Zadoc whose wife was Sarah   (died Iowa 1855) and he had one son Zadoc Jr.   Zadoc is shown in Guernsey County as late as 1826.
1812 -   Zadok Luellen married Sarah Sickles   Note:   The marriage date was the date he went in service.

1815 - Betsey LeWallen married Tobias Lent in August.   They were married by Robert Thompson, J.P. on the 29th day of June
1815 - Sarah Lewallen married James Stanley (about 1815)
1815 - Mary Ann Llewellyn married David Batson
1815 - Harriet Llewellyn married Samuel White

1816 - Francis Luallen owned 200 acres
1816 - Tobias Lent owned 160 acres.   Property was taxed in his name through 1831.   No land ownership in Lent name 1832

1817 - Oct. 6. Vol C page 178 Deeds.   Francis and Lucinda his wife of Guernsey Co sell to Jeremiah Tole of the same place.   (Note:   Francis was from Washington County, Pennsylvania.  

1818 - June 4.   vol C page 254 Deeds.   Francis Luallen and Lucinda his wife to Joseph Russel of Sussex Co. DE

1820 - Federal census shows in Richland Township:
   Francis Luallin, 2 males 26-45, 1 male over 45, 2 females 16-26 and 1 female over 45
   Zedoch Lewallin 2 males 1-10, 1 male 26-45, 1 female 0-10 and 1 female 16-26
   Tobias Lent   1/2/-/2-/1     2/2/1/1/-

1821 - Francis Luallen listed as a non-resident owner of land

1823 - Zadock Luallen listed as a non-resident owner of 160 acres.   (Not listed as property owner again but listed for personal property tax 1826, 1829, 1832
1823 - Francis Luallen listed as resident owner of 200 acres

1824 - James Luellen listed on tax records as resident owner.   The property was formerly listed in the name of Francis Luellen.   In 1825 it was shared with Samuel Luellen.

1825 - Lucinda Lewallen, James Luellen and Samuel Luellen listed on tax records.   Samuel's land was formerly Francis' and is listed in 1831, too.   Lucinda's listed in the Personal property tax   (She was probably the widow of Frances Lewellen)

1825-1831 - Land formerly owned by Francis Lewellen in richland Twp, taxes paid by Samuel Lewellen.

1826 - Zedoch Luellen listed on tax records

1828 - Will of Tobias Lent dated Aug. 9, probated Sept. 29.   Executors Stephen Ballard and Ludlow Lent.   Witnessed by David Gist and Ezekiel Sayre.   heirs:   wife Elizabeth, son Ludlow, daughter Tamer (unmarried), daughter Mary, Daughter Margaret and son William.

1829 - Elizabeth Lent is listed for personal property tax from 1829-1831  

1830 - Census shows Elizabeth Lent   1/-/1/-/1     -/1/2/-/-/1

1840 - Federal census show William Llewellin, Spencer Twp

1850 - Federal Census shows William Llewellyn
1850 - Census shows Henry Lent aged 25 farmer born Ohio, Elizabeth 60 born Pennsylvania.


1847 - John Nelson Lewellen was born in Cincinnati and d. 1913 Corydon, Wayne, IA, wife Annie M. Hand.   His parents were William Thomas Lewellen (born 1823 Loudoun County, VA) and Lucinda Phillips.   They were married 1846 in Belmont County, OH.   John Nelson Lewellen's siblings were:   1.   Sarah E. Lewellen b. 1849 OH, d. circa 1860.
2.   George Washington Lewellen b. 1852 Marietta, Washington, OH, d. 1929 Portland, OR, wife Mary Maria Marsh.   3.   Anna Melissa Lewellen b. 1855 Pattonsburg, Daviess, MO, d. 1892, husband John Ryan.   4. Wm. M. R. “Marion” Lewellen b. 1859 Corydon, Wayne, IA, d. 1886, Corydon, Wayne, IA.

1856 - Gomer Lewellen married Leanna Rabin Mar. 29.   He and his father, Ebenezer, arrived from Wales in N.Y.   Gomer is in PA 1850, OH 1870 and St. Louis 1880.


1850 - Census shows:
   Thomas T. Lewallen 40 England living with Margaret Bewick 34 England and George Bert 60 England


1820 - Census shows Jacob Lieuallen

1823 - Rebecca Lewallen married William Hunter 16 January
1823 - Jane Lewallen married Archibald Martin 13 February (may have moved to Illinois in 1833 where he died in McLean County in 1868.   Jane may have been born in New Jersey)

1824 - Axy (sic) Lewallen married John Hunter 13 Mary

1865 - Samuel Vance Luallen was born Dec. 12, son of Clement and Elizabeth Ann Llewellyn.   Samuel's wife was Martha C. (born Nov. 13, 1870 Lichfield, MN) and their children were Doyle E. Luallen, and William Vance Luallen (born Gage OK 8/7/1906).   Clement Llewellyn had a brother John Llewellyn.   Both changed their name to spell Luallen, per a descendant.  


1820 - Census shows William Luellen

1823 - Phillip Luellen married Hannah Birch Jan. 4.   Note:   There was a Philip Lewallen/Philip Luallen in Adam's Battalion (1812-13) Ohio Militia.   Same individual?   There was also a Thomas Lewallen in Adams Battalion Ohio Militia 1812 and a Thomas Lewallen in 1st Regiment (Mills) Ohio Militia 1812.

1830 - Census shows William Luellen

1840 - Census shows Vincent Lewellen, William Lewellen, Thomas J. Lewellins

1850 - Census shows:
   Peter DeWit 37, Vincent Lewallen 36 Ohio (or PA), Esther 30, George 12, Henry 9, William 6, Sarah 0


1835 - Parmelia Lewellen Featherling died.   Jacob Featherling was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania from which place he moved to Ohio.   He first settled in Delaware county in 1832 and afterwards, in 1835, moved to Montgomery county.   His wife Parmelia Lewellen, died in 1864.   Eight children were born to them, only three of whom are now alive, namely:   Cephas C., George and Eliza.


1830 - "History of Morgan County, Ohio, with Portraits and Biographical Sketches" by Charles Robertson, M.D. shows:
   "William LLEWELLYN came from Delaware County, Pennsylvania to Muskingum County, Ohio, and thence in 1830 to Penn Township, Morgan County.   His son, Thomas, one of the oldest residents of the township now resides in Pennsville.
   "Parry LLEWELLYN came a little later to this township where he died in 1879.   the Llewellyns were Friends.   Parry married Rebecca Sidwell and was the father of Elizabeth (Coler), Baker, Sidwell (dead), Mary (Hopper), Caroline (Hooper), Melissa (Parsons), Jesse and Maggie A. (Waterman)."
NOTE:   This family descends from Morris Llewellyn

1849 - Amos Llewellyn was born September 14.   He died 1854.   He was the son of Thomas and Martha (Hollingsworth or Holloway) Llewellyn (unverified)


1873 - Mary C. Lieullen of Monroe County, to Peter Martin of Noble County Jan. 2

1874 - Amanda Lieullen married Robert V. Danford Feb. 14
1874 - July 7.   Settlement of accounts and probate Court - J. Lieullen, gardn of Ruehers heirs


1840 - Census shows   Jesse Lewellen 5 sons 1 dau (See Monongalia Co., WV)

1850 - census
Jessee Lewellen 64 m farmer Va
Sarah Lewellen 63 f housewife Va
Harrison Lewellen 36 farmer Va
John R. Lewellen 29 farmer Va
Daniel Lewellen 24 farmer Va
Isaac Lewellen 20 farmer Va
   From here the family moved to Wayne County, Iowa


1846 - Emily Llewellyn born Mar. 9.   She died May 11, 1911 Adams County

Formed 1808 from Montgomery and Butler counties

(NOTE:   John Lewallen born 1760 moved to Preble County Ohio where he died. John Lewellen served in the Revolutionary War.   He enlisted as a private from Westmoreland Co, in PA, served in the PA militia.   (certificate issued 1785 PA State Archives)

 This line of Lewallens did not match with others with DNA test.)

ALSO NOTE Meshach Lewellen who was the son of Shadrach and Deborah Burson apparently   lived in this county according to a history book but it must have only been for a short period of time because by 1819 they were in Randolph County, Indiana.   They had come from Hardin County, KY.

1806 - John and Catharine Lewellen emigrated from Kentucky in 1806 and settled in this township (Somers) where they rsided 27 years.   Page 230 and page 300 of Preble County history:   Philip Murray was born in Somers township in 1814.   His father, Thomas Murray was born in Ireland in 1779 and his mother, Martha Lewellen, was born in this country in 1788.   They were early settlers of Sommers township.   In 1844 Philip Murray married Elizabeth Bader who was born 1823 and died 1856.   ... (more on the Murrays can be found in the history book.   Page 300:   Thomas Murray was born in Cornwall parish, county of Donegal, Ireland, in 1779.   In 1806 he emigrated to Philadelphia.   The same year he came to Preble county, Ohio and settled in section 28, Somers township.   His wife, Martha Lewellen, was born 1788.   Her parents, John and Catharine, emigrated from Kentucky in 1806 and settled in this township where they resided twenty-seven yers.   They then moved to Dixon township.   Thomas Murray died in Somers in 1859.   He had ten children five now living:   John resides in somers, Thomas in Butler County Ohio, Phillip at Morning Sun, Israel township, William in Somers, and Sarah A, wife of Daniel Peters, in Camden.

1809 - History of Preble, page 300:   John Lewellen and his wife, Kate DeVall, originally from Virginia, came to somers township in 1809 from Kentucky and settled on Paint Creek on the farm now owned by Mrs. Julia Burson.   They reared a family of ten children, of whom three are living, and Mrs. Murray is the only one in Preble county.

1810 - History of Preble, page 300:   Phillip Lewellen removed to this township from Kentucky about the year 1810.   He was born in Bullet county, Kentucky in 1795 and died in Dixon township, this county, in 1877.   His wife (Anna Runyon) was born in 1793 and died in 1874.   They had a family of thirteen children, the following of whom are at this writing living:   Julia (wife of Jonathan Burson), Martha (wife of Stephen McWhiney) Bafford, John, Sarah (wife of James Skinner), Dennis, Jane (wife of Daniel Ockerman), James Harvey, Isaac and Jehu.   Nancy, Wilson and Catharine are deceased.   Wilson died in the service during the late civil war.   James H was born in 1830 and married Frances M. Gavin who was born two years subsequently.

NOTE:   Philip was the son of John and Catharine Duvall Lewallen.

1808 - John Lewellen, of Montgomery County , Ohio , buys land in Preble County , Ohio , on 11 May 1808

1809 -   Preble Co., Ohio History:   "John Lewellen and his wife, Catharine Eleanor Duvall (Kate DeVall), originally from Virginia , came to Somers Township in 1809 from Kentucky , and settled on Paint creek.   They reared a family of ten children.   Martha Lewellen Murray was the only one of their children to remain in Preble County .   John and Kate resided in Somers Township and then moved to Dixon Township , Preble County , Ohio ."  
1809 - Martha Lewellen married Thomas Murry May 2
1809 - Nancy Lewellen married James Addington June 15

1812 - From Aug. 30 until February 28, 1813, Thomas and Phillip Lewallen served in the War of 1812 under Col. Fleming.

1815 - (note this date may be incorrect and I may have copied the date information wrong...bh)
   From "Preble Co., Pioneers (Ohio) R97.11P.7ru Somers Tp, pg 19:  
   "John Lewellen and his wife Catherine (DeVall) came from Virginia through Kentucky to Somers Tp in 1809 and settled on Paint Creek.   They were the parents of ten children.   He was a patriot of the Revolutionary War of 1812.   He was a flour inspector.   He was the father of 8 children and came from New Jersey in 1815.

1815 - Phillip Lewellen married Hannah Runion Jan. 5 (Note:   Per census, Phillip was born about 1794 in KY)   Also note.   There was a Phillip Lewallen and a Thomas Lewallen serving in the War of 1812 from the same county in Ohio.   They were in Lt. Fleming's company and served   from August 30. 1812, until February 28, 1813

1816 - Thomas Lewellen married Polly Crane Jan. 16   See 1815 comment about War of 1812

1818 - Phillip Lewellen was a buyer at a sale of Anna Clements, deceased, Dixon Tp either 1815 or 1818

1819 - Catherine Lewellen married Phillip May Jan. 10

1820 - Census shows:
   Thomas Lewallen and Samuel Lewallen in Washington District on the same page.   Others on the same page include a number of Hardys, Cox, Stephens, Hester, Crawford
   John Lewellen, John Lewellen and Philip Lewellen all in Dixon township on the same census page.   One of the Johns was over 45 and one under.

1824 - John Lewellen witnessed the Will of Thomas Massic dated June 4
1824 - Sarah Lewellen married David Truax Apr. 8

1825 - Lewis Lewellen married Charity Runion Dec. 13
1825 - Mrs. Cynthiana Beall, daughter of John Pottenger, married Alfred Beall.   He came from Maryland with his uncle, Thomas Beall, in or about the year 1825.   Their children are:   Ellen (deceased), William, Susan wife of Finley Hoffman, Anna wife of Charlie Kelly, Reuben whose wife was a Miss Llewellyn, and James, not married.

1826 - John Lewellen listed in the Will Book A, page 107.   His Will was dated Dec. 9, 1826 and recorded Feb. 3, 1827.   Wife Caty.   Sons Thomas (eldest), Philip (2nd son), Samuel (3rd), John L. (4th), Dennis (5th) and Daniel (6th son.   Daughters Martha Murry (eldest), Caty, Mary, Sarah Truas (should be Truax...bh)   His second son, Philip, and Josiah Conger were named Executors.   Witnesses to the Will:   Thomas Gray, Lucinda Gray and Mary McDouale

1828 - Daniel Lewellen married Ruth Allen Mar. 12

1830 - Census shows:
   John L. Lewallen age 20-30.   Neighbors Lewis, Conger, Burson, Rice, Truax.   On the next page was   (NOTE:   Per 1850 census, John L. was born ca 1802 KY)
   Philip Lewallen.   Neighbors Harris, Conger   (per 1850 census, Philip was born ca 1794 KY)
   Thomas was in the same township (Dixon) as John and Philip
   Daniel Lewellen in Washington township

1830 - James H. Lewellen was born in Dixon township.   His parents, Philip and Anna Lewellen came to Preble county from Kentucky at an erly age and settled in Dixon township.   They were the parents of eleven children.

1833 - Nancy Lewellen married Robert Rhea Aug. 8

1837 - Nancy Lewellen married Israel Patten May 4

1838 - Julia Ann Lewellen married Jonathan Burson Jan. 2.

1840 - Census shows
   Daniel Luallen with one male under 30 and one female under 30 in Washington Township.   Neighbors were White, Stephens, Wilkinson, Crane, May, Truitt
   Phillip Lewallen with one male under 5, two males under 10, one male under 15 and one male under 40, one female under 5, two females under 10, two females under 15 and one female under 40.   Neighbors included Samuel Park, William Lough; also Abraham Harris, Thomas, Roberts, Smelley, Patterson, Morris

1842 - John Lewellen married Lavinia Shannon Dec. 1
1842 - Sarah Lewellen married James Skinner Sept. 15

1846 - Dennis Lewellen married Lethia Ann Griffen Oct. 8

1847 - March 11 - Bafford Lewellen (born 1820) and Nancy Peters were married when he was 27 years old and she a few months younger.   They moved to and lived in Andrew County, Missouri, and were the parents of nine children.   Bafford died 1897-1900 Andrew County, MO.

1849 - Samuel Weist was born in Camden 1849 where his parents now reside.   In 1875 he was married to Elizabeth Lewellen born 1858.   They have had no children.   Mr. Weist lives on the frm in Washington township now owned by his father.   His wife's parents reside in Dixon township.

1850 - Census shows:
     DANIEL LUALLEN 42 (1808) Ohio
   Ruth 47 (1803) born Ohio
   Isaac B. 5 OH
   Katharine 10 OH
   Nancy 16 OH
   Samuel 8 OH
   William 18 OH
   Neighbors:   Bellinger, Fry, Bell, Williamson, Perrigen, Wolverton, Jones.
1850 - Wilson Lewellen married Lucy Ann Truax Mar. 28 (Wilson probably descends from John and Catherine Duvall Lewelln...bh)

1851 - A. L. Lewallen, son of Bafford and Nancy (Peters), was born   Bafford was born Ohio 1820.

1853 - Newspaper obit.   Mar. 17.   Died at the residence of her father in Dixon Tp on the 1st inst. Mary Ann Lewellen, youngest daughter of John L. Lewellen, aged 19 years 9 mos 5 days
1853 - Thomas H. Lewellen married Frances M. Gavin Nov. 10

1855 - Dixon tp.   Sept. 6.   Died at her residence in Dixon Tp Preble Co on 31st ult., Mrs. Charity Lewelland, consort of Lewis Lewelland, age 63 years 10 months and 13 days.   She came to Preble County in the year 1826 and in 1827 married Lewis Lewelland.   She leaves a huband and family of children.

1860 - Census shows:
   Philip Lewallen (1794) KY, Ann 67 (1793) NC
   Dennis Lewallen 32 Ohio, Leatha Ann 32, Sarah 12 Laura 9, Susan 4 Catherine 1 and Ellen Griffin 61
   Bafford Lewellen 40 (1820) Ohio, Nancy 39 VA, Caroline 12, Elizabeth 10, Andrew 9, Albert 8, Joseph 7, Ambrose 3, Sarah 1
   Isaac Luallen 28 OH, Nancy 23, Jane 4, Sarah 2, Frances 8/12
   John Luallen 26 OH, Elizabeth 24

1864 - Parmelia Lewellen Featherling died.   Jacob Featherling was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania from which place he moved to Ohio.   He first settled in Delaware county in 1832 and afterwards, in 1835, moved to Montgomery county.   His wife Parmelia Lewellen, died in 1864.   Eight children were born to them, only three of whom are now alive, namely:   Cephas C., George and Eliza.

1875 - Elizabeth Lewellen married Samuel Weist.   See 1849.   (She lived in Dixon Twp)

(formed 1808 from Columbiana)

1818 - From a posting on the internet:   Sarah Llewellyn ( or other spelling ) Born in Stark Co., Ohio and died 13 Apr 1872 possibly in Hillsdale Co., Mi   She married Charles B. Cooney on 13 Mar 1836 in what is now Cleveland, (Cuyahoga County)   Ohio. Charles born 18 Sep 1810 D. 19 Sep 1891 in Charlevoix, Mi.   Sarah is buried in Billington Cemetery in Ohio

1840 - Census shows:
Abner Lewallen, Thomas Lewallen and William Lewallen.   Abner and William are shown on the same page of the census and living right next door to William was Charles Cooney (Charles Cooney married Sarah Lewallen)

1850 - Census shows  
   Abner Lewallen age 71 (1779) New Jersey and Mary 71 New Jersey
   Thomas Lewallen 49 New Jersey, Rhoda (or Perhoda) 46 New Jersey, Sarah 19 NJ, Mary 16 NJ, Joshua 10 NJ, Henry 8 NJ   (See 1820 Columbania County)


1869 - By this year Noah Llewellyn married Cecelia Davis.   Both were from Wales.   6 children:   Carline born 1869 OH, David 1871 OH, William 1872 OH, Elizabeth 1875 OH, Aldine 1878 PA and Frederick 1880 PA.   (See New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. where many Llewellyns from Wales lived)
Note:   Marlea Llewellyn descends from Noah.   His parents were William and Elizabeth Llewellyn.

Date --   Elizabeth Llewellyn Summerhays died.   She was born Feb. 5, 1889 Philadelphia.   In 1911 she married Elmer Summerhays who died 1955.   She died in Texas   and is buried in Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio, where she lived for 47 years, coming from Hammond, Indiana.   Survivors:   Mrs. Betty S. Thoman of San Diego, Richard of Fort Worth, Texas.   Her parents were Thomas Llewellyn (1855-1892) and Elizabeth (Rees) Llewellyn.   Thomas was born South Wales and died in Cook County, Illinois.  


1806 - Jonas and Rachel (Lewallen) Hatfield and their children - Deborah, Thomas, Martha, Rachel, Mary, Jonas, Ann, John and Nathan moved to Warren County, Ohio.   By 1810 they were in Wayne Co. Indiana
NOTE:   See Washington County, PA.   Descends from Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewallen)


1850 - Census shows Abner Lewallen 33 New Jersey, Nancy 32 NJ, Elizabeth 13 Ohio, Abigail 10 OH, Mary 8 OH, Eliza 8 OH
(Abner was born ca 1779 and married ca 1816 in New Jersey.   I've found different surnames given for his wife...bh

1867 - Abner Lewallen died May 24 and is buried in the Cogswell Cem.,

Landy Gobes - Sep 8, 2009

Billie, Thank you for the Chronology!   It is very useful.   I do have a correction.

In Preble County, John Lewellen was born in VA in 1760. (rather than 1780 - Catherine Duvall, his wife was born in 1763, and their older children in the 1780's.)

Most, but not all of these Lewellens mentioned in Preble County are the children of John and Catherine Lewellen.

Billie Harris - Sep 8, 2009

Landy, I'll make that correction.   Did you find anything in the Loudoun County, Virginia, posting or in the Pennsylvania - Chronology posting that would help?