Llewellyn Quakers in S C

Kay McKinnon - Sep 22, 2009

Llewellyn Quakers in S C
From Quaker Families in South Carolina & Georgia by William   F. Medlin p. 59   Hugh Llewellyn listed in Wateree/Bush River Meeting Spartanburg 1750.  
Shadrack Llewellyn 1797 @Bush River/Cane Creek   Union Co.
p.78   James Addington, son of Joseph m. 1810 Nancy Lewellyn.   The Addingtons were in Bush River meeting   Union Co.   S C
(my aside) It appears that many of the Quakers from this area moved to Ohio.
p.110   Luellyn, Hugh ch. Martha b 1752 Pa d 1826 m1786 Benj. Wofford.

Billie Harris - Sep 22, 2009

Kay, this is new to me.   I haven't come across Shadrack even being in South Carolina and here's evidence he attended the Quaker meeting 1797.   I wonder if Shadrack was from the Shadrack and Debora (Burson) line.

There's also record of Nancy marrying James Addington 1809 in Preble County, Ohio, so it would seem they moved from Preble to Union County, SC right after their marriage.   Nancy was the daughter of John Lewellen of Preble and so far, that line of Lewellens' DNA doesn't match with any of the others.   I can't find James Addington in the 1810 census so they may have been moving at the time the census was taken.   The 1820 census shows a James Addington in Buncombe County, N.C. and one in Wayne County, Indiana.     Ironically, we find descendants of Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewallen in both of those counties/states at that time but yet it doesn't appear there's a connection with the Preble County, Ohio, Lewallens.

Hugh Lewellyn only had the two daughters and we have information on that line but the other information on Shadrack confuses me.   There was a Shadrach in Buncombe County 1810 so I wonder if he lived in South Carolina, then North Carolina, or...was he just visiting when he attended the meeting?     Guess this calls for more research.

Landy Gobes - Sep 23, 2009

Billie,   Do we have other Quaker records of other Lewellens in Preble Co, OH?  

Thanks,   Landy Gobes

Billie Harris - Sep 23, 2009

Not that I'm aware of.

Resa Miller - Oct 2, 2009

Interesting, I also have Addingtons in my tree from S.C. it appears they lived there about the same time.   I guess this gives me something else to look into.   My first Addington married a Logan.   Did you see any Logans listed?