Georgia Death Certificates

Billie Harris - Jul 10, 2008

The Site is called GEORGIA'S VIRTUAL VAULT, and among other things it has actual images of Georgia Death Certificates from 1919 through 1927.
Here is the URL to the death certificates page:

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There are Lewallens on there.   I haven't checked the other spellings of the name yet though.

Billie Harris - Jul 18, 2008

So we'll have the information, Bill Crawford found this Lewallen death certificate on the site:

[NOTE: broken link]

It shows JOHN WOFFORD LEWALLEN born July 12, 1847.  
Died at the age of 73 years 4 months 15 days on November 30, 1920.  
Father was JACKSON LEWALLEN, mother's name was Acrey

Does anyone know who Jackson Lewallen was?   Could Acrey have been a surname or was it a given name?

Note one of the previous postings about Wofford and a Wofford/Lewallen connection in Maryland in the 1700's.

Billie Harris - Jul 18, 2008

Her maiden name was Acree and that wasn't a given name.   Here's a posting on GenForum by Dennis Lewallen.   Bill has invited Dennis to this site but he hasn't joined; hopefully he will.

Louisa-Allen Acree in Franklin Co. GA
Posted by: Dennis Lewallen Date: May 18, 2001 at 03:47:46
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My ggg-grandfather, Jackson Lewallen of Franklin (later Banks)County, GA married Louisa Acree, daughter of Allen Acree around 1844. An old family history says that Jackson (who served Confederate army in Miss.) and Louisa died in Sand Mountain, Alabama. I am trying to establish the date of death and place of burial for Jackson and Louisa. One family history says Louisa was also born in Sand Mountain, which doesn't make sense, given the Acree family's strong presence in Franklin-Banks County. Any information to solve this mystery would be appreciated

Dennis Lewallen

John Corn - Aug 7, 2008

This is John Jackson Lewallen b. 1822 in Franklin Co, GA.   Per "Georgia Marriages to 1850",, John Jackson married Louisa "Vicey" Acree on 9 Jan 1845 in Franklin Co, GA. John Jackson & his oldest son John Wofford both served in Company D, 43rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry, CSA.   In the 1850 Franklin Co Census, Dist 32, Pg 323 - John Jackson lives next door to his father (John Franklin Lewallen) and Louisa's parents live 2 houses down from there.

Martha Lewallen - Aug 7, 2008

The 1850 Franklin County Census District #32 (this area around Nails Creek became Banks County when it was formed in 1859)
John Lewallen-M-55_Farmer born about 1795-value of property $600
Manda Lewallen-F-22
John Lewallen -M-25 How is this John Related to this family?
Abel Lewallen -M-22
Anna Lewallen -F-20
Priscilla Lewallen -f-9
Milly Lewallen-f-6
Julia Lewallen - 1
Living next door is son   John J. Lewallen and his wife Vicy and Family. This is his son and family.

How is the John age 25 related to this family???

John Corn do you have any idea?

We always wondered if this is John L. Lewallen.

Now I read your post to Billie about all the John and Jonathan's and I agree completely. Especially when you are hunting one, that you have no idea on birth date.
Nancy Watson was living with father Sanders Watson in the same district.

John Corn - Aug 8, 2008

Sorry, Martha - I don't have a clue.   John -55, Manda -22, Abel-22 and Anna -20 are John Franklin Lewallen & his remaining children (wife apparently died).   That leaves John -25, Priscilla -9, Milly -6, and Julia -1.   It seems reasonable to assume that these 4 are a separate family that is living with John Franklin in 1850.   However, I have not been able to locate any other census records (or any other kind of records) that refer to any of these 4 people at any other time in any location.

Bill Crawford - Aug 8, 2008

John, could the John-25 mentioned above be the one below that died in Civil War? You mentioned Jackson and John Wofford in 43rd. I can find Jackson but didn't John Wofford.

John Lewallen   Co. D, 43rd Reg. May 8, 1862; died July 19, 1862