Hugh Llewellyn's father

Kay McKinnon - Oct 15, 2009

From David Duncan Wallace's "History of Wofford College" (1951 Vanderbilt U. Press) p.19
Joseph Wofford "married in 1768 Martha Llewellyn, daughter of Hugh Llewellyn whose father was born in Wales".   Footnote indicates that this info came from Leonardo Andea who was quoting J W Gladney.   "She (Martha) was born in Pennsylvania of Quaker parents and brought while young by her father to South Carolina."

Billie Harris - Oct 16, 2009

Kay, thank you for posting that information.   There are other records, too, that say Hugh came from Wales so it appears he was the first of his particular family to come to the U.S.   Hugh only had the two daughters and one was, as you point out, Martha who married Joseph Wofford.   The more substantiation we find for things like this, the better but I didn't realize the Woffords were connected to Wofford College.

Here's information on Wofford College.   I'm going to give it a separate listing, too, just in case we need to refer to the Woffords.