Reminiscences of Adams, Jay & Randolph Co. Indiana - Meshac Llewellyn

Billie Harris - Nov 29, 2009

The book entitled "Reminiscences of Adams, Jay and Randolph Counties" by Mrs. T. A. Lynch (1897) is on Ancestry and tells about the family of Meshac Llewellyn whose three oldest sons were Shadrach, Meshec and Abednego.   There were young brothers and sisters and this was a Quaker family.   I can't seem to copy and paste the information but it says Shad was a "little off" and subject to fits and it tells about some Indians that were teasing him and he shot and killed one of them.  

The Randolph County Indiana Llewellyns would be descendants of Shadrach and Deborah Burson Lewellen, but from what we have, their son Meshack moved into another state and not Indiana so obviously somewhere there's confusion.   Who is this Meshach?   Was he a grandson?  

Any help in resolving this matter will be appreciated.

This site has info on the book: