Sheila Wingate - Dec 8, 2009

Super fantastic article !....   Could you do the same for the Thomas Llewellyn line down through Worthy Lewallen?   Thank you for all this hard work!

Billie Harris - Dec 8, 2009

Sheila, I must confess that I didn't intend to put all of this on the site just yet.   I have a private MyFamily site where no one else is on but me and my intention was to copy everything I could find and try to figure out Shadrach and Debora's descendants and the descendants of William of Randolph County, N.C. because of the same names and the places where they lived, and do it as time permits after the holidays.   Some of the above may be relevant to them, some may not.   I also wanted to differentiate between the two and try to find a male Llewellyn descendant of Shadrach's who might do a DNA for us to see if the two lines are related as I suspect they are.   Apparently I checked the blank that adds to the Llewellyn MyFamily site as well because here it is.

After the holidays when I get a chance, I'll go through and copy what I can find for Thomas's line and perhaps those of you working on it can piece the information together.   Do we have a descendant of Thomas' who's had a DNA yet?

Sheila Wingate - Dec 9, 2009

I have an uncle who MIGHT do a DNA test... but he can be tempermental about doing it...don't know for sure, but I could ask.

Also, I thought we had seen a DNA test among the ones that you have posted before that was a Thomas ancestor, but I could be wrong...   After reading what you published above on Meshack, I realized that that is what I had hoped to find on this website, hence my reason for joining.... How does one get all that kind of info?   Going to the courthouse and just reading all docs for the county?   It is just fascinating that that much info is available.... Or is it because it is VA where all history begins in this country?   Being from the Fairfax area the first 22 yrs of my life, and learning how to do family history research after I moved, has certainly helped me appreciate US History I studied in school a whole lot more, and put some things in perspective.    

So thanks again for the "mistake" you made... I'm excited!

Billie Harris - Dec 9, 2009

Is your Thomas the one born 1771?   If so then yes, we've had three candidates do the DNA.   Click on this link:

[NOTE: broken link]

If so, then Diane Langston has considerable information on her website.   Perhaps she can tell us if there are any other surnames that match with her line of Llewellyns.

Sheila Wingate - Dec 10, 2009

My Lineage is Thomas, Thomas, Jesse John, William, Joseph, Worthy, Taylor, Vester, my mother, and then ME...   So from looking at where you sent me.. I would say that there is no DNA test for my line.   And I'm not so sure that Diane is correct on the Thomas that married Ruth Vernon as his second wife.... but that is another story for now, I suppose.   Jesse John b 1689, d about 1788, is the father of Shadrack b 1736 and Meshack b 1738, both in Frederick, VA.   It is that Shadrack that is the father of Abednego that died in TN that you talk about.   Does that agree with your findings?

Billie Harris - Dec 10, 2009

The Shadrach who was the father of Abednego that died in Tennessee would have been born about 1736 but I've never found his birth year/place,   I know it's been said he was born in Frederick County, VA and was the son of Jesse but so far no documents have surfaced for that county showing any Llewellyns, at least none of which I'm aware.

Sheila Wingate - Apr 18, 2010

I see the info you have posted from Thomas through William, but do you have anything on Joseph Lewellan who probably died in IN?   I am aware of his last marriage which caused such a scandal due to his age.   And do you have ANYTHING on Worthy's children other than for his daughter, Rhoda, who married Aaron Smith? 3 or 4 of his sons fought in the Civil War, and 2 of them at the Battle of Vicksburg.

Billie Harris - Apr 21, 2010

Sheila, refresh my memory.   How old was Joseph when he married that caused a scandal?   I don't know if it's the same Joseph but there was one in the 1830 Decatur County, Indiana census.   Also on that census was a Benjamin and William.

There are two postings on the site for Worthy and, if I'm not mistaken, we have one or two people on this site who descend from him or at least have some connection to him.   Hopefully one of them will read this post and answer your question.   But here are the postings you might want to read:

[NOTE: broken links]

Landy Gobes - Jan 20, 2010

Billie, in your Washington/Westmoreland/Fayette Co info:

The John Lewellen who served in the Rev War in 1776 was married to Caty Duvall according to the DAR info.   He is the John Lewellen who died in Preble Co, OH in 1827.

The John Lewellen who died in PA in 1833 is a different man.

Landy Gobes

Billie Harris - Jan 20, 2010

Landy:   You may be, and probably are, right.   By any chance do you have information on John Lewellen's service in the Revolutionary War?   I've searched Ancestry for a John Lewellen (soundex spelling) in the Rev. War and can't find one.   Nor can I find him in other postings on the internet as being in the Revolutionary War and yet it appears he was in it.

Landy Gobes - Jan 24, 2010

Yes, I have two documentations of John Lewellen's service.   The first one is in the "DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, Part II, by the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Centennial Administration, President General Mrs. Eldred Martin Yockim, 1984"   It says:

"Llewellyn: Lewallen, Lewellen:
 John: b c 1760-65   d a 2-25-1827 OH
       m Catherine DeVall
       CL   (info:   Continental Line)
       PS (info:   Patriotic Service)

The second is from the Pennsylvania State Archives

"Lewallen, John

County     WESTMORELAND     Unit   MILITIA

Certificate     746B       Paid 0.7.5 pounds

Certificate issued 12 Dec. 1785
Register, vol. A p 250

Militia Loan of 1 Apr 1784 $ 30 Mar. 1785, "Public Debt." Records of the Comptroller General at D.P.R."


Billie Harris - Jan 24, 2010

Thank you.   I've found that Ancestry doesn't always have this information so appreciate it when it's posted.   It helps.

I was thinking that maybe John was a son of Shadrach's.   We don't have a DNA from Shadrach's descendants to compare with others, but on the other hand Shadrach may have been related to William Lewelling who died in Randolph County, NC and his DNA doesn't match with a descendant's of John so at this point, I'm not sure.   Hopefully time will tell.   But John must have gone from Pennsylvania to Virginia to Ohio because of the records in Ohio.

Here's what we have in Pennsylvania which shows him in the same county as Shadrach at the same time.

[NOTE: broken link]

Landy Gobes - Jan 25, 2010

Thank you for ALL your helpful info, Billie.   I am amazed at the volume of documented material you have provided us, and I am happy to help.

I do see that John was in the same county of PA as Shadrach at the same time, but there is no listing of a John in Shadrack's children.

However, as I was searching the above I found that Phillip Lewellen, b 1737, (son of Samuel Lewellen who married Hannah Wilks Jones), married Mary Oldacre.   There is a John listed in the lineup of their children!   the next daughter, Martha, was born in Bethlehem, Washington Co, PA.   Mary Oldacre, Quaker, died in Preble Co, OH - another potential clue.   In the Henry Oldacre, father in-law of Phillip Llewellyn genealogy online I found that Mary Oldacre's sister married Jonathon Burson in Loudon Co, VA and died in Preble Co, OH.   There are also other Quaker Bursons from Loudon who ended up in Preble Co, OH.

I have always thought that John must be a grandson of Samuel since he lived and married so close to the Cheat River where Samuel ran the ferry.   Last clue:   John and Catherine Lewellen's later children are named for her siblings, but their older children are Thomas, Martha, and Philip - his siblings and father.  

To be continued - I am excited to have a trail to follow!

Billie Harris - Jan 25, 2010

Good detective work.  

You mentioned Burson and know, of course, Shadrach's wife was a Burson and was Quaker.   When Deborah married Shad, he wasn't a Quaker and joined later.   Certainly the given names of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, plus Isaac (one of Shadrach's sons) were biblical names so whoever the father was, he must have been a religious person.   But I don't believe we have all of Shadrach and Deborah's children listed; there MAY have had others who were out and on their own when Deborah and the children went to the Monthly Meetings.   Take a look above at Rachel Lewellen.   She wasn't named in the Monthly Meetings with Deborah and she would have been too young to have been a sister of Shadrach's so I'm pretty sure she was one of their daughters since Deborah's mother's name was Rachel and was no doubt named after her.

Personally, Washington and Westmoreland PA and Loudoun Co. VA were all large areas in early years so I believe there was more than one Lewellyn/ Lewallen/ Llewellyn family living in the counties from what we have so far. It's a matter of figuring out who was connected to whom I suppose.

Keep up the search.   I'm as anxious as you to find the answer.   As I said, good detective work.

Landy Gobes - Jan 29, 2010

Here is where I am with my search for the parents of the John Lewellen who died 1827 in Preble Co, OH (John of Preble Co).   Researchers on the internet can be divided into 4 groups:

One group believes he is the son of Philip Lewellen who married Mary Oldaker.
In favor of this belief:   John would have grown up close to Catherine Duvall his wife,   Mary Oldaker, his “mother,” died in Preble County, his cousins would have been Bursons who are also connect to Preble Co, and he named a son Philip.   However, Philip Lewellen and Mary Oldaker were not married until 1762-3, and had other children right away.   If John was born to them it would have been before marriage and Mary would have been 16.

Another group believes John was born in Monongalia Co, VA and is the son of Thomas Lewellen   who was the son of Daniel Richard Lewellen b 1710 and Mary Burk(e)s from Amelia Co, VA.   This does not seem possible because this Thomas was born in 1750.   Also, with this lineage John has no connection to the Lewellens from the Cheat River section of VA/PA even though his wife’s parents lived just above the Cheat River.

Another group cites the family legend that the 3 brothers from Wales were Thomas, Shadrack, and Meshack, that Thomas married the widow Jones and had many sons, among them John of Preble Co.   John did name his first son Thomas, and this theory puts him near the Cheat River.   However, John b 1760 was even younger than Doctor making his mother 44 if she had her first child at age 16 and possibly older than that.   Many people believe that the Widow Jones married a Samuel Lewellen.   They list John as Samuel’s oldest child, born in Wales in 1731 and most others do not put a John in this list of boys.   The “legend” says the boys were Thomas, Philip, John, Samuel, Dennis, Frank, and Doctor.   If John is connected to this family he is most likely to be a grandson of whomever married the widow Jones.   I have not been able to connect him to Sons Thomas, Samuel, or Philip so far, however.

Billie suggested I try Shadrack Lewellen and Deborah Burson as John’s parents.   I have not found him listed this way on the internet, but it does make sense.   Shadrack and Deborah were listed as married in 1754, 1758, or 1759.   John could have been their oldest son, although a son Abednego is listed in 1760 on some lists.   Isaac and Meshach Lewellen, who were John’s younger brothers if he is son of Shadrack and Deborah, come to the same county in KY where John lives.   And as I said earlier other Lewellens and Bursons from Loudon Co, VA come to Preble Co, OH.

Shadrack, Thomas,   Samuel, and Philip Lewellen (all of an age to be John’s father) were all living in Loudon Co, VA 1759-1763 when John of Preble was born in VA and all migrated to the VA/PA border area where John was living when he served in the Rev War and when he married.   Any one of them COULD have been his father.   Right now Shadrack seems the most possible to me.   Any opinions, ideas, or better yet, facts?

Landy Gobes