Sale of land of A. Lewallen, 1826, Arkansas

Billie Harris - Jan 3, 2010

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NOTE that I have put in caps some information myself, but the original information can be found at the above site  

To me, it appears   A. LEWALLEN was the original owner/patentee, and then it went to Sampson Gray.   It appears it was being sold for taxes.   Is that what it looks like to everyone else?  



THAT the undersigned, Sheriff of the County of Independence in the Territory of Arkansas, will offer for sale, at the Court-house door, in the town of Batesville, the Seat of Justice of said County, on Monday, the 6th day of November, 1826, the following described tracts or parcels of land, lying and being situate, in the said county of Independence, in the Territory aforesaid, or so much thereof as will be sufficient to pay the Taxes and Costs due thereon for the years hereinafter set forth, unless the said Taxes and Costs shall be paid on or before said day of sale.

Sale to take place between the hours of 8 o'clock in the fore-noon and 5 o'clock in the after-noon of said day, and to be continued from day to day, until the whole are sold.


- Turner, John
Noland, William - Noland, B's Heirs
- Foster, William
- Cain, Robert
Cotton, A.W. - Bennett, George
- Taylor, D.
Noland, William - Black, George
- Talbot, William
- Mullin, Hugh
- Kidd, A.
Noland, William - Tannehill, Z.
- Graves, Thomas
- Wolf, W.L.
- McGill, S.
Tubbs, B. - Yates, R.
- Fargaasher, F.
Cotton, A.W. - Guynn, John
- Gerring, George
- Johnson, James
- Butterfield, D.
Fountain, Gideon - Ausburn, I.
Graves, E. & Co. - Southwick, William
Gillispee, D.
- Robertson, S.
- Foster, George
- McHan, Thomas
- Knox, A.'s Heirs
- Burk, John
Noland, William - Kingland, N.'s Heirs
- Barker, William
Cotton, A.W. - Pierson, George
- Smith, A.
Cotton, A.W. - Saul, H.
Gray, Sampson - LEWALLEN, A.
- Witham, Charles
- Rains, Robert
- Pool, William
- Oliver, William's Heirs
Miller, James' Heirs - Miller, J's Heirs
- Gester, Aaron
- Wheeler, R.J.
- Smith, William
Cotton, A.W. - Cook, N.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Swartwoot, E.
Cotton, A.W. - Howard, E.
- Fleming, R.
Cotton, A.W. - Carney, S.
Cotton, A.W. - Keach, James
- Osberry, Spencer
- Gilstrap, Edward
- Atkinson, R.
- Maker, John
Noland, William - Chiesborough, E.
- Hair, D.
- Savage, John
- Crawford, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Burham, R.
Cotton, A.W. - Hasting, William's Heirs
- Conner, J.O.
Cotton, A.W. - Francis, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Ford, William
- Vining, Simon
Cotton, A.W. - Siler, J.'s Heirs
Russell, William - Allen, Horace
Noland, William - Oliver, John B.
Cotton, A.W. - Goss, H.F.
Noland, William - Stafford H.
Campbell, Jessee
Campbell, Jessee
Cotton, A.W.- Campbell, Jessee
Dana, J.D. - Brown, G.
Waldo, Z. - Harring, J.
- Button, H.D.
Cotton, A.W. - Wright, J.'s Heirs
- Donnelly, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Hoskins D.
Cotton, A.W. - Steers, R.
Cotton, A.W. Putman, E.
- Lewis, A.
Noland, William - Hutchinson, J.
- Door, William
- Conant, A.
- Bramner, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Saunders, F.
Cotton, A.W. - Steadman, T.T.
- Jones S.
- Barker, Ross
- Kinkle, I.
- Wilson, Charles' Heirs
- Weisner, J's Heirs
- Morsey, Levi
- Cooper, Charles
Gillispee, D. - Valerie Thomas' Heirs
- Baker, Thomas
- Carter, Linder
- Silvester, M.'s Heirs
- Jamerson, John
- Sawyer, N.
- Wilson, J.
- McDonald, J.
- Webster, H.
- Danker, H.
- Fowler, George
- Waystaff, R.
Cotton, A.W. - McCabe, H.
Cotton, A.W. - Knight, William
Cotton, A.W. - Goldsmith, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Brown, D.
Cotton, A.W. - Taylor, E.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Boatright, D.
Cotton, A.W. - Borris, R.
Cotton, A.W. - McGlaughland, George
Cotton, A.W. - Mitchel, William
Noland, William - Manuel, J.
- Sutley, H.
Noland, William - Sedgewick, J.
- Yoder, A.
Cotton, A.W. - Ireland, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Livingston, A.
Cotton, A.W. - Ewung, N.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Stockwell, William
- Wincoop, F's Heirs
Noland, William - Jones, M.
Cotton, A.W. - Blauford, Ora
Cotton, A.W. - Harper, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Smith, T.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Lemmons, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Waddle, John
- Densmore, R.
- Bunch, Eli
- Wells, R.B.
- Waller, J's Heirs
Younge, John L. - Calhoun, William
- Goodspeed, Luther
Noland, William - Holbrook, S.
Cotton, A.W. - Gilds, Joseph
Cotton, A.W. - Campbell, William
Cotton, A.W. - McCommick, E.
- Green, B.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Begly, P.
Cotton, A.W. - Butler, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Barnett, L.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Cushing, C.C.
Cotton, A.W. - Danthridge, L.
Cotton, A.W. - Evans, William
Cotton, A.W. - Knight, A.
Cotton, A.W. - Bowman, H.
Cotton, A.W. - Travis J.
Cotton, A.W. - Johnson, William
Cotton, A.W. - Butler, William
- Palifox, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Snora, E's Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Braddock, J.
Turners, A. - Luther, E.
Cotton, A.W.- Andrews, T.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Moore, D.
Cotton, A.W. - Bask, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Davis, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Land, William
Cotton, A.W. - Smith, H.
Cotton, A.W. - Buck, R.
- Harford, S.
Cotton, A.W. - Rumsey, William
Cotton, A.W. - Penhattin, D.
- Tarman, F.'s Heirs
Noland, William - Quates, William
Cotton, A.W. - Butler, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Dixon, H.
Cotton, A.W. - Colvin, William
Cotton, A.W. - McCoreland, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Ganey, William
Cotton, A.W. - Yomen, William's Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Banage, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Boyan, E.O.
Cotton, A.W. - Lochard, R.
Cotton, A.W. - Camp, Bin
Cotton, A.W. - Harris, D.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Webb, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Plant, Samuel
Cross, Eli - Auford, Anthony
Dorsin, Michael - Shanklin, William
Shirreff, George - Watkins, James
- Ragster, William
- McElhaney, R.'s Heirs
- Smith, R.
- Robertson, J's Heirs
- Holmes, J.
- Hall, A.
- Twist, Stephen
- Robertson, T.
- Bridges, J.
- Billington, J.
- Smith, J.M.
Noland, William - Smith, J.W.
- Barley, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Moneyham, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Loyd, J.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Fulton, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Johnson, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Anderson, P.
Cotton, A.W. - Smith, Thomas
Cotton, A.W. - Smith, T.V.
Cotton, A.W. - Turner, H.
Cotton, A.W. - Cavenon, William
Cotton, A.W. - Winkles, F.T.
Cotton, A.W. - Summons, M.
Cotton, A.W. - Battles, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Madden, R.
- Fugitt, B.
- Cooper, S.
- Glynn, H.
- Hays, W.
- Howard, H.
- Moore, J.
- Satterfield, H.
- Newbern, William
- Raney, D.
Noland, William - Bean, Moses' Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - McCarty, D.
Cotton, A.W. - Miles, D.
Cotton, A.W. - Wayham, W.
Cotton, A.W. - Buel, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Johnson, William
Cotton, A.W. - Vanderford, John
- Williams, Thomas
Cotton, A.W. - Hill, E.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Ball, Jame's Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Mullen, Samuel's Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Carroll, William
Noland, William - Ingram, B.
Cotton, A.W. - Kretger, John
Cotton, A.W. - King, Hugh
Cotton, A.W. - McDonald, John
Cotton, A.W. - Brage, H.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Blanchard, H.
- Inrey, A.
Cotton, A.W. - Rumsey, William
Cotton, A.W. - Ballow, William's Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Rittenhouse, H.
Cotton, A.W. - Sapp, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Cook, Thomas
- Playton, Thomas
- Fulcher, William
- Caddy, John
- Roache, Jessee
Cotton, A.W. - German, B.
Cotton, A.W. - Peter, William
- Lark, Jacob
- Stiles, Samuel P.
Cotton, A.W. - Faulkner H.'s Heirs
- Philbrook, D.
Cotton, A.W. - Harris, Samuel
Cotton, A.W. - Peel, R.
Cotton, A.W. - Martin, E.
- Bradford, William
Cotton, A.W. - Castle, A.
Dudley, William Jr. - Dudley, William
Sterns, Lewis - Sterns, Lewis
- Crosley, A.
- Teasley, William
- Fitzgerald, John
- Weyant, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Trammell, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Thompson, John
- Myers, John
Cotton, A.W. - Eastman, Jesse
- Bell, William
Cotton, A.W. - Chambers, H.
Cotton, A.W. - Menage, Charles
- Gates, Sylv.
- Holdir, William
- Lease, John
Russell, William - Carne, B.R.'s Heirs
- Turner, Josiah
- Walker, Nathaniel
- Smawley, Nathaniel
- Gibson, Samuel
- Dane, J.'s Heirs
- Hall, Cyrus
- Corbell, J.'s Heirs
- Richardson, E.
- Allbread, Eli
- Bartley, J.
- Bell, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Abbott, Enoch
- Deimy, J.W.
- Otis, Joshua
Cotton, A.W. - Sneed, Charles
- Doss, D.D.
- Hancock, Moses
Simms, A. - Hill, Hiram
- McCramiel, J.
Cotton, A.W.- Nayley, C.
Cotton, A.W. - Minard, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Stone, Lewis
- Downs, S.
Wilson, William - Hamnt, Thomas
Nelson, Thomas- McDonald, William
- Green, J.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Quick, John
Cotton, A.W. - Norton, P.
- Ashbury, R.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - McNair, R.
Cotton, A.W. - Jones, Solomon
- Carlisle, R.
Cotton, A.W. - Carthins, A.
- Stancell, John's Heirs
Burr, Philo - Conce, H.H.
Grisham, J. - Davis, D.
Cotton, A.W. - Lantz, Peter's Heirs
- Bates, E.
- Boyd, William's Heirs
- Miller, F.
- Pratt, J.
- Williams, B.
- Wing, D.
- Hardell, Thomas
Cotton, A.W. - Purnell, B.
- Waldrope, R.
- Smith, John
Cotton, A.W. - Cary, A.
Foot, I. - Bunie, F.
Russell, William - Ruddell, R.
- Curd, Spencer
Tibbits, Samuel - Nobles, S.
- Houge, William
- McLaughland, John
- Flanegin, J.'s Heirs
- Friday, J.
Cotton, A.W. - Graham, R.
- Ghent, George
- Keeling, J.W.
- Beard, E.
- Coulterain, R.
Cotton, A.W. - Rowe, Giles
- Granadier, D.
- Tibbis, Samuel
- Rimes, B.
- Woolcott, J.G.
- White, Z.
- Ouderwood, A.
- McNee, J.'s Heirs
Peeler, Hiram - Bryan, -'s Heirs
Peeler, Hiram - Berkley, B.E.
- Stanton, Thomas
- Jones, E.'s Heirs
- Murphey, William
- Maddas, J.
Dyer, Aaron - Shaw, L.D.
- Doyle, Peter
Shaw, D.J. - Fenton, C.
- Waldrope, J.'s Heirs
- Tilman, L.
- Smith, J.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Stockton, Samuel
- Ordley, John
- Forester, Henry
- Hill, Henry
Russell, George - South, V.
McGunigle, G.K. & W. - Jimb, John
Cotton, A.W. - Jones, J.B.'s Heirs
Cotton, A.W. - Dodson, William
Cotton, A.W. - Names, Eaton
Fairchild, John F. - Pierson, Elijah
McAlister, Daniel
Ward, Andrew - Ward, A.
Morrison, Fergus S.
Long, George W.

Charles Kelly, Sheriff and Collector of Independence County, Arkansas Territory
Batesville, August 22d, 1826

Billie Harris - Jan 4, 2010

Incidentally, this would be Aaron Lewallen who received the 160 acres for his service in the War of 1812.

Kay McKinnon - Jan 6, 2010

Billie, I want to argue.   I appears to me that the sale has not yet happened.   Sampson Gray, the current owner,   is the one who owes the taxes on the land. He may or may not have gotten it   from A Lewallen who was the original owner or patentee of the property.   To me this only says that   Lewallen was first individual in possession of the tract.

Billie Harris - Jan 6, 2010

Kay, thanks for commenting.   It's nice to have dialog about some of these questions so I appreciate it.   It's the only way we can come up with answers.

I'm not quite sure what you want to argue about though.   You're right in that the sale hadn't happened but it was going to happen according to the notice unless, of course, he paid the taxes between the date of the notice and Nov. 6.

If you're saying the land from Aaron didn't necessarily go to o Sampson Gray, then you may be right.   Aaron's bounty land was sold for taxes in 1824 and who bought the land and owned it between 1824 and 1826 other than Sampson Gray we don't know.

   That the following list of Military Bounty Lands, furnished to the undersigned, Sheriff of the county of Independence, by the Auditor of the Territory of Arkansas, situate in said county of Independence, which were listed and entered for taxation for the one thousand eight hundred and twenty-four, and the taxes assessed and levied thereon to the several persons hereinafter mentioned, agreeable to the sums annexed to their respective names in conformity with the Act of the General Assembly of said Territory, in such cases made and provided, will be sold at Public Auction, on Wednesday, the twenty-seventh day of October next, by the undersigned, Sheriff as aforesaid, at the Court House in the town of Batesville, in said County, or so much as thereof as will be sufficient to pay the taxes, costs, charges, due thereon; which said sale will continue from day to day until said lands shall be disposed of.

The name included Aaron Lewallen

Sue Cooper - Jan 7, 2010

Aaron Lewallen received 160 acres, Bounty Land, for his service in the War of 1812.   This property was listed in the "Arkansas Gazette" for the years 1824, 1825, 1826, and 1827 as Military Bounty Land in Independence Co, AR to be sold for back taxes, Aaron Lewallen is named among the property owners.   However, in a deed recorded in Jackson Co, AR Deed Book A, pages 8 & 9, dated 6 March 1827, Aaron Lewallen, late a soldier in Captain Seldons Co. of Rifleman of the US Army   surrendered his title to the property back to the US Government by virture of an act which Congress passed on 22 May 1826 authorizing certain soldiers to surrender their bounty lands.   Much of the land which the Government awarded as Bounty Land was uncultivable so Congress finally passed an act which allowed the soldiers to give the land back.   Hope this helps.