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Billie Harris - Jan 21, 2010

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(formed from Berkeley County which was formed in 1772 from Frederick County, Virginia)

1830 - The family of John Llewellyn settled hear Harper's Ferry, Virginia, where he was a 'machinist.'   His father was Thomas, his mother Mariah, sisters Ann and Mariah and brothers Thomas and William.   All were born in Wales, John in 1812.   the family came to America about 1830 to settle at Harpers Ferry where the father and his three sons worked at the Amory there.   By 1836 John was in Texas and he fought in the Battle of San Jacinto.   The family he left back at Harpers Ferry went to Macon, Georgia, during the Civil War.   Two of John's sons, Joseph E. and Alfred H. M. were with Hood's Texas Brigade.   John had a third son, John T. and one daughter, John Llewellyn married Sally Russell in Virginia after 1836.   The sons and daughter are buried in Texas but efforts to locate the graves of John and Sally Russel Llewellyn have been fruitless.   John's sister Ann married W. M. D. Copeland, and they are buried in Belmont County, Ohio.   A Copeland allied name is Boswell.   John's second sister Maria did not marry....   (from Llewellyn Traces, which continues:   ... Alfred H. M. Llewellyn, 'the first county judge of Archer County, Texas, to serve in the 'new' courthouse,' died 4 November 1926, rather than on the date given in the newspaper account...")


1851 - Doctor Lewellen married Susanna Rine May 9

1857 - Asa Lewellen 30 wed Elizabeth Blake 29 - Apr 30, 1857

Created 1776 from the District of Augusta (Virginia)

1770 - ca Samuel Lewellen moved from Loudoun County, VA to this area. ---
The earliest known ancestor of the Jones family was the mother of Jacob Jones, who married (second) Samuel LEWELLEN, and removed with him from near Wilmington Delaware, to Loudoun County, Virginia, where they lived until about 1770. The Lewellens then moved across the mountains and settled on Cheat River, establishing the old Lewellen Ferry, in Monongalia County, Virginia, now West Virginia, near the Pennsylvania line. Samuel Lewellen obtained a grant of land here in 1771, and his name is prominently metnioned in the old records among the early settlers of the county. Of the children of Samuel LEWELLEN the names of the following of been preserved: Philip, Jacob, Benjamin, Thomas, David, Asa, Mary, Samuel, Doctor, who is said to be the eighth child. Their descendents settled in West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and Indiana and were scattered throughout the United States

1775 - ca.   The Lewellen Ferry was opened about 1785 by Samuel Lewellen on the Cheat River.   It was also known as the Lime Ferry

1775 - Samuel Lewellen was Elder of the First Baptist Church in West Virginia.   Hannah Lewellen, his wife, was also a member.   (unsubstantiated)

1780 -   Lewis Duval filed a deed of indenture making sure that his land would go to his sons with the provision that his wife could live there for the remainder of her life.   In the event that his sons and wife predeceased him, the land would go to his daughters.   In the document he named his children as Dennis, John Lewis, and Daniel, Catherine, Margaret, and Jean and his wife as Margaret Driscal.   The Deed was filed 1780 in Monongalia County, VA but luckily was filed 1806 in Fayette County, PA.   because the courthouse in Mongalia County burned.   (Lewis and Margaret Driscal Duvall were the parents of Catherine Duvall who married John Lewellen who died in Preble County, Ohio.   John Lewellen was in the Revolutionary War, enlisting in Pensylvania)
   Lewis and Margaret appear to have resided on the same piece of land from settlement around 1776 to their respective deaths.   The land in question, named :Strife" and located on Grassy Run, is located in Springhill Twp, Fayette Co, PA.   It is situated very close to the present day border with WV.   At the time of the indenture, 1780, the border between VA and PA was disputed.
 (Info from Landy Gobes)

1780 - ca   Samuel Smith Lewellen was born, parents unknown.   He died in Delaware Co., IN, on 1 Mar 1841; he was 61. Buried in Mar 1841 in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Delaware County (Liberty township) IN.   His wife was Elizabeth Gough and their children were Rawley L., Nancy, Felix

1781 - April.   "the board met at the mouth of Elk Creek in a community beginning to be called Clarksburg.   The place was named for the famous pioneer general George Rogers Clark....In October a meeting was held in the home of Samuel Lewallen.

1782 - Certificate in Right of Settlement, and 2 Pounds Sterling paid by SAMUEL LEWELLIN into the Treasury of the Commonwealth.   SURVEY 08 Mar 1782.   Area: 400 acres in Monongalia Co VA, on the waters of Indian Creek, adjoining the lands of BENJAMIN WILSON.   Land Grant 01 Sep 1783. VA Grants H, p. 484-485.

1785 - June 24: Monongalia Co: Samuel Canly: 1000 acres adjoining lands of THOMAS LEWELLIN, Jacob Jones, Edward Johnston and Samuel Ruble: Land Office Grants Q, 1785 pg 303 on reel 57: Library of Virginia Archives Section

1786 - 1786 Dec 19: Hedgeman Triplett: 20 acres adjoining land of JOHN LEWELLEN, Edward Johnson, and Jacob Cozand including a Mill seat on Morgans Run: Land Office Grants # 7, 1786-1787 pg 661 on reel 73: Library of Virginia Archives Section

1799 - 24 Mar. Samuel Lewallen at the age of 19 married Elizabeth Gough, daughter of Joshua Gough & Charity Lunsford.   Elizabeth was born Mar. 24, 1779 Monongalia County and died Aug. 7, 1849 Delaware Co. IN at age of 70.   Their known children were Rawley L. (1802 - ?), Nancy (1803-1847) and Felix (1822-1904)

1803 - Land grant 1797.   In this Land Grant it states the land is adjoining lands of James ROSS & John LEWELLIN. Dated 1803

1804 - 30 Jul   Thomas Lewellin wed Mary dau of Joshua Gough

1806 - John Lewellen born.   (See bottom of page)

1810 - Census shows:
   Doctor Lewellen (see Loudoun County, VA)
   John Lewellen
   Samuel Lewellen
   Samuel Lewellen
   Thomas Lewellen
   T. Lewellen Jr.

1812 - 09 Jul   Jabish Jones wed Mary dau of Thomas Lewellen
1812 - The War of 1812 shows Thomas Lewellen, Asa Lewellen, Philip Lewellen, Benjamin Lewellen and Samuel Lewellen.
1812 - It has been said Thomas Lewellen (born 1740) died this year, wife Tabitha   (documented?)

1815 - 30 Dec 1815 , 04 Feb 1816 David Lewellen wed Abagail dau of Benjamin Jones

1820 - Census shows:
   Doctor Lewellen

1822 - 26 Jan   John Ryan wed Nancy dau of Samuel Lewellen

1823 - Jacob Lewellen was born this year and said to be the son of John and Jane (Gregg) Lewellen.   His siblings were John (half brother), William G., James, Jeremiah and Rebecca.   the family moved to Pennsylvania.

1824 - 19 Jul 1824/22 Jul 1824 Thomas Lewellin wed Mary A. dau of John Stafford

1826 - Doctor Lewellen, son of Samuel, was born.   Some say his real name was Zadoc.   (See Witchita, Kansas, information.   He died there 1901.

1826 - 16 Sep / 23 Oct 1828? Benjamin Dragoo wed Susannah dau of Samuel Lewellin

1827 - 28 Feb 1827/08 Mar 1827 William G. Goff wed Milley dau of Thomas Lewellin

1828 - 11 Sep /26 Sep John Lewellen wed Sarah dau of John Haymond   (hammond?)

1829 - colder Lewellen, daughter of John and Sarah was born.   He died the same year.

1830 - 04 Sep/09 Sep   John Lewellin wed Mary dau of Aaron McDaniel
1830 - 21 Jul.   John Gogh wed Abagal Lewellen
1830 - Census shows:
   Doctor Lewellen

1831 - 14 Jul   Daniel Gough wed Abagail dau of Samuel Lewellin

1833 - 04 Jan John Gould wed Matilda dau of John Lewellin

1835 - 31 Aug /03 Sep   John Williams wed Mary dau of Samuel Lewellen

1836 - 15 Jun/ William G. Lewellen wed Mary dau of George Norris

1839 - 23 Mar Joseph H. Lewellen wed Louisa dau of Henry Fry

1840 - Census shows Doctor Lewellen
1840 - 07 Dec George Utt Jr wed Eliza dau of John Lewellen
1840 - Coleman Luellen born.   Bates, 1888 Greene Co, Pa History, page 821
Coleman Luellen, carriage and wagon manufacturer at Mount Morris, Greene county, Penn., was born in Monongalia county, WVa Feb 8, 1840. He is a son of William G. and Mary Norris Luellen, also natives of West Va and of Welsh and English extraction. Mr Luellen was reared on the home farm in West Virginia, where he received his education. He worked on the farm until 1861, when he went to Greene county, Penn., to learn the blacksmith trade. He then enlisted under Capt J.B. Morris, in Co F 7th Va Vol Inf and served three years and two months. After his return from the war, Mr Luellen learned the wagon-maker's trade and has successfully engaged in that business at Mount Morris since 1868. He was united in marriage Oct 5, 1876 with Catharine, daughter of Philip and Rhoda Dulaney Hite. Their children were: Carrie L., Benjamin F., James W. and Luretta B. Mr Luellen is a Republican and a member of the G.A.R. Post, No 450. He and wife belong to the Methodist Episcopal church.

1847 - Doctor Lewellen died Feb. 3, 1847
   He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War (Pennsylvania), a ranger in Capt. George Miar's 5th Co.   His birth date was August 25, 1757 Virginia.   His wife was Cathrine.IA

1850 - Census shows:
All in the Eastern District
   John Lewellin 71 VA, Jane 58 S.C., Jeremiah 24 VA
   Next Door:
   Jacob (shoemaker) 27 VA, Mary 26, Aaron 6, James, John T 3
Neighbors:   Lyons, Claybought, Conners, Jenkins, Beaty, Bell, Goodman
   Benjamin Lewellin 60 VA, Rachel 55 NJ, Charles 26, Rebecca 20, Mary J. 19, Leean 15
   Asa Lewellin 58 VA, Catherine 56, Hannah 20, John 18, Isabella 17, Susanna 15, Lydia 13, Asa B. Cooler 10
   (living next door to Asa was Jesse)
   Jesse 28, Sarah 28, Thomas 3, Mary A. 1
     Thomas Lewellin 50 VA, Martha 47, Amanda 19, George 17, Mary 14, Sarah 11

1851 - 27 Sep Wm Lewellen wed Eliz. E. Martin
1851 - Jeremiah and Jacob Lewellen and Mary, Jacob's wife, granted land to George Beals in exchange for Beals caring for John and Jane Lewellen.   It would appear Jacob and Jeremiah were probably leaving the area.

1852 - Feb. 1 Jane (Gregg) Lewellin died and is buried in the Zion Cemetery.   Her marker shows her to be the wife of John Leuellen and was born March 7, 1791.

1852 - 04/07 Mar Charles Lewellen wed Christena Ann Protzman
1852 - 12/17 Feb   Hannaniah Hunter wed hannah dau of Asa Lewellen

1853 - 06/07 Oc Mark Carney wed Rebecca dau of Benj. Lewellen
1853 - 14 Dec Wm Price of England wed Mary Jane dau of Benjamin Lewellen
1853 - Martha Fowler, died 1853 Monongalia Co, 59y, 8m 20?d cancer?,born Monongalia Co, farm wife, married, husband John Fowler, dau of Doctor & Ruth Lewellen, informant John Costelo

1854 - no name Lewellen, male, died Jul 15, 1854, no age given, born Monongalia Co, son of Jacob & Mary Lewellen.   Also given as a son of Jacob is William G. Lewellen (born 1865 and died 1942) who married Araminta Robbins and when she died, he married her sister Ada.   Araminta and William had Harry Jacob, Rachel E., Florence E, Richard Herbert, Ella, Howard and with Ada he had Susan and Gertrude.

1855 - 16 Nov Jacob Simmons son of Geo & M. Simmons, 25, born Huntington Co, Pa, resident of Monongalia Co, WV wed Jemima dau of Jesse & A. Lewellen 20 born Monongalia Co, WV
1855 - Josephus Lewellen, died Jul 28, 1855, 1 month 14day. son of Wm F. and Elizabeth Lewellen, born Monongalia Co

1858 - 16/17 Jan Mathew son of And. & Eliz. Larkin 28 born Ireland, resident of Monongalia Co, WV wed Amanda? dau of Thos & Martha Lewellen, 26 born Fayette Co, Pa, resident of Monongalia Co, WV

1860 - Luvina Lewellen, died Aug 15, 1860 Monongalia Co, 2months 28days, dau of J. & Mary Lewellen; informant Jacob Lewellen, father

1861 - Ruth Hastings, died 1861, age 22, born Monongalia Co, dau of Jesse & Nancy Lewellen, husband Thos Hastings

1861-1865 - Said to have been in the Civil War (need substantiation): Stephen Lewellen, Samuel Lewellen (died in service), A. G, Lewellen, W.A. Lewellen and Aaron B. Lewellen (an uncle)

1866 - Will of Asa Lewellen.   Names wife Katherine and ten children:   Ruth Cooly, Elizabeth Sargent, Jesse, Catherine, Ann, Hannah, John S., Isabel, SusannahR., Lydia S.   Names his son, Jesse and his son-in-law, Hananiah Hunter as executors.
1866 - Asa Lewellen, died May 15, 1866 in Union Twp, disease of bladder, 76 yrs old, farmer, wife Catherine

1867 - Georgia Ann Lewellen, died Aug 29, 1867 Grant Twp, brain fever, 10yr old, born Monongalia Co, dau of Wm A. & Elizabeth Lewellen

1869 - Thomas Lewellen, died Aug 13, 1869, 1yr old, drank oil, born Grant Twp, son of Wm & Elizabeth Letterman

1870 - Thos J. Lewellen, died Aug 30, 1870 Monongalia Co, inflamation of bowels, 2y 10m 14d, born Monongalia Co, son of A.G. & E.A. Lewellen

1871 - Fred M. Lewellyn was born Mar. 18 Morgantown, son of Charles.   Charles was also born in this county at the Laurel Iron Works

1871 - Martha Lewellen, died Nov 7, 1871 Grant Twp, cause of death unknown, 68y 7m 0d, dau of Philip & Rosina Cusart, born unknown, housewife, spouse Thomas Lewellen
1871 - Jesse Lewellen, died Jul 12, 1871 Union twp, dropsy, 75y 2m 11d, father Doctor Lewellen, born Va, farmer, spouse Ann Ryan; informant A.G. Lewellen, son

1873 - Sarah Lewellen, died Dec 15, 1873 Union Twp, heart disease, 52y 5m 15d, dau of D. & E. Roderick, born Pa, housekeeper, spouse Jesse Lewellen

1874 - 29 Oct   Jesse Lewellen, blacksmith 45, widower, born Fayette Co, Pa son of Asa & Catherine, resident of Monongalia Co, WV; Margaret McHans? dau of Cornelius & Margaret, 41, single, born Monongalia Co, WV.

1875 - Willey Lewellen, died May 12, 1875 Monongalia Co, of fever, 2months, son of J. & Margaret Lewellen, born Monongalia Co, informant Jesse Lewellen father

1877   - 22 Mar   Isaac Riggs son of Isaiah & Dorcas Riggs, 46, widower, born and resident of Monongalia County, WV; wed Catharine dau of Asa & Catherine Lewellen, 50, single, born Fayette Co, Pa, resident of Monongalia Co, WV
1877 - Hugh Lewellen, died Apr 6, 1877 Monongalia Co, pneumonia, 1y 6m ?d, son of A.G. & E. Lewellen, born Monongalia Co, father A.G. Lewellen informant

1878 - Jon Lewellen (born 1808) died.   See bottom of page

1879 - William G. Lewellen, died Mar 17, 1879 Union Twp, pneumonia, 63y 2m ?d, son of Jesse & Sarah Lewellen [in another place I have his parents as John & Jane so needs to be rechecked], born Monongalia Co, farmer, spouse Martha

1881 - Mary E. Ryan, died Oct 28, 1881 age 22, born Grant District, dau of G.W. & M.E. Lewellen, W.T. Ryan husband
1881 - Catherine Lewellen, died Aug 8, 1881, cause of death old age, 78y 6m 2d, imformant Geo Fowler, friend

1883 - 30 May Thos A. Lewellen son of Chas & Christina, 26 born Monongalia Co, WV resident of Westmoreland Co, Pa wed Carrie Anderson dau of Wm & E?, 26 born and resident of Monogalia Co, WV

1883 - Martha Lewellen, died Mar 4, 1883 Union District, consumption, 46yr, informant Jennie Lewellen, sister

1885 - Abba Lewellen, died May 30, 1885 Union Twp, consumptive, 19yr, informant Jennie Lewellen, sister

1887 - 23? May   Ulysses Harod? son of Edgar & Rebecca, 21, born and resident of Monongalia Co, WV wed Jennie Lewellen dau of Wm & Martha, 24 born and resident of Monongalia Co, WV

1887 - 03 Sep H.N. Lewellen son of Geo & Martha, 24 born and resident of Monongalia Co, WV wed S. Gertrude Price dau of John & Emma 15 born and resident of Monongalia Co, Wv

1893 - 19 Jun Wm M. Lewellen son of J.W. & Sarah Ellen, 24 born Pa resident of Pa wed Ora A. Weaver dau of Eldridge and Rhuhama, 20 born and resident of Monongalia Co, WV
1883 - 05 Nov Elias M. Lewellen son of Wm & Elizabeth, 28, born and resident of Monongalia Co, WV wed Carrie Nuzum? dau of Joel & Lavara, 23 resident of Monongalia Co, WV

1895 - Lyda Lewellen, died Aug 26, 1895 Union District, of deysipas, 59y 6m 18d, dau of Asa & Catherine Lewellen, born Feb 13, 1836, unmarried, informant Susan Lewellen, sister

1896 - 24 Dec George H. Lewellen son of A.G. & Eliz. 26 born Monongalia Co, WV wed Maude Beatty dau of Anne, 22, born Monongalia Co, WV

1898 - 23 Jul Clark son of Garrett & Elizabeth, 23 of Monongalia Co, WV wed Mary F. dau of John & Sarah Beaty, 19, of Monongalia Co, WV

1905 - Charles Lewellen, died Jun 25, 1905 Morgantown, heart failure, 34yr, single, glassworker, informant H.S. Taylor

1911 - William A. Lewellen, died Oct 10, 1911 Monongalia County, cardiac thrombosis, 82y 9m 15d, retired, widower, W.C. Maser physician
1911 - Elizabeth Lewellen, died Jun 16, 1911 Monongalia county, of pneumonia, 80y 3m 27d, married, W.C. Maser physician

1912 - S. Arlie Lewellen, died Jun 7, 1912 Pittsburg, cause unknown, 50y, painter, married, wife Mrs Lewellen

1914 - Myrtle Lewellen, died Dec 30, 1914, rheumatism, 35y, Jenkins & Brown undertakers

1915 - Miss Lewellen, died Sep 9, 1915 Stewartstown, dropsy, 82y, single, Jenkins & Brown undertakers

1916 - Jessie Lewellen, died Sep 17, 1916 Cheat Neck, typhoid fever, 32y, H.C. Powell physician

1921 - Thomas Lewellen, died Aug 19, 1921 Morgantown, poisen, 18y 8/1? 16d, M.H. Brown physician


1830 census shows:
   David Lewellen with 5 males under 5, one male under 15 and one male under 40, three females under 10, one female under 15 and one female under 40.   (Can't tell who neighbors were because the census was in alpha order)

Book on the History of Preston County, West Virginia lists John Lewellen, Hannah Lewellen and Doctor Lewellen

RANDOLPH COUNTY (originally in Virginia)

1830 - Census shows:
   Phillip Lewellen with one male under 5, one male under 10, one male under 15, one male under 40, 2 females under 5 and one under 40
   Rowley Lewallen with one male under 5, one male under 10, one male under 30, 2 females under 5 and 1 female under 30


1857 - Isaac M. son of Jacob & Jane Means, age 22, wed Maria dau of John & Sarah Lewellen, age 18 - May 28, 1857

1858 - Lewis son of Jno & Sarah Lewellen, age 21, wed Harriet dau of Abraham & Rebecca Wilson, age 19 - Dec 2, 1858

1865 - John C. son of John & Sarah Lewellen, age 21, wed Rebecca dau of Saml & Frances Jones, age 19 - Oct 8, 1865

1882 - John R. Cole of Barbour Co, Va age 25 wed Laura E. Lewellen age 19 - Mar 9, 1882

1895 - Ulysses G. Shroyer age 29 wed Myrtle Lewellen age 21, Oct 14, 1895

1897 - Willis B. Lewellen age 29 wed Myrtle E. Guseman age 26; Jun 16, 1897

1898 - Arvey B. Shroyer age 26 wed Lula Lewellen age 21, Apr 7, 1898

1901 - William R. Lewellyn age 22 wed Emma J. Moore age 28; Aug 25, 1901


The following was taken from the Llewellyn, Lewallen, Luallen, etc. book


John Lewellen, born Feb. 6, 1806 Monongohelia, W.   Va.   Died Oct. 9, 1878
Married Sept. 25, 1828 Sarah Haymond, born 8/8/1808, daughter of Rebecca Wilson and John Haymond..   Children:
1.   Colder Lewellen, born 7/6/1829 Monongahelia, W. V.   Died 7/9/1829
2. William Wilson Lewellen, born 10/21/1830 Monongahelia, died 4/17/1837
3. Elizabeth Lewellen, born 4/15/1833 Monongahelia; died 7/23/1903.   Married William Stalnaker
4. Lewis Lewellen, born 4/17/1837 Monangahelia; married Harriet Wilson 12/21/1858
5. Maria Lewellen, born 5/2/1839 Monangahelia; married Isaac Means 5/28/1857
6. John Clark Lewellen, born 7/1/1844; married Rebecca Jones 8/3/1866
7. Wartman Lewellen, born 7/10/1849; died 7/5/1851

“the Abbridged compendium of American Genealogy" edited by Frederick A. Virkus:   (Vol 6 page 332)
…”5. –  Jacob Jones (1732-1829) his mother Hanna, m. 2d Samuel Lewellen) to Monongahela Valley, 1770 and first settled on Dunkard Creek, now Pa. where 1777 his oldest children, Mary and John, were captured by Indians, to Cheat Bottom, now in Preston County, Va.; finally settled on a larger grant of land near what is now Knottsville, W. Va. 1795;…”
 “…4.   William (1774-1843) b. in the woods, Monongalia Co., Va., during Indian raid…”
 It is further written that John, son of Jacob, escaped after 5 years from the Indians and married Ann Gough.

Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette Co., Pa. N.Y.” by Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1912 reads on pages 778 and 779:

“LEWELLYN.   This distinctively Welsh name appears in America in various forms, such as Llewellyn, Lewellen, Flewellen, Fluellen; in the forms with initial F, attempt is made to approximate the pronunciation of the double L, which is a sound very difficult for others than the Welsh to produce.   The forms with single l are simplificiations, avoiding both the difficulty of pronunciation and the double initial.   While the Welsh are not numerically one of the most prominent elements in American life, they are much more numerous than might at first be supposed.   Such common names as Jones are indicative of Welsh ancestry.   Except in certain parts of the country, as in some sections of Pensylvania, the Welsh are hardly felt as a people separate from the English, and for this reason have not received the attention which their position merits.   In fact, the Welsh are of the same stock with the pre-Roman inhabitants of England, and thus identical with one of the elements which have entered into the formation of that very mixed race, the ‘Anglo-Saxon’.
   “(1)   John Lewellyn, founder of this family, was born in Wales.   In that principality also he married.   Immigrating to America, he settled in Virginia.   Children:   James of whom further; William G., born about 1816 died in 1880, married Mary Norris.
   “(II)   James, son of John Lewellyn, was born in Virginia.   He removed to Masontown, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, where he was a blacksmith.   He was a Democrat and a Presbyterian.   He married Susanna Wolfe.   Children:   Jacob, living in Kansas, Jane, living in Kansas; Margaret, living in Fayette county, Pennsylvania; Lewis C. of whom further; John I., living in Fayette county, Pennsylvania; James living in Kansas; Susan living at Morgantown, Monongalia county, West Virginia; David living at Morgantown, Monongalia county, West Virginia; LeRoy, living at Tarentum, Allegheny county, Pennsylvania.
   “III) Lewis C., son of James and Susanna (Wolfe) Lewellyn, was born at Masontown May 7, 1847.   He was educated and brought up in Fayette county.   Although his school attendance was limited to the common schools of Masontown,   he wis a fine mathematician.   Until 1892 he followed his trade, that of blacksmith, but since that time he has been in the revenue service of the United States government.   He is active in politics and is a Democrat.   With his family he attends the Presbyterian church.   He married Sarah Ellen, daughter of John and Nancy (Weltner) Hague, born at Masontown, July 1853, died in July 1896.   Her father was a native of Fayette county and her mother, a daughter of John Weltnr, also lived in that county.   Children:   1.   Clement Gregg of whom further.   22.   Elizabeth, after finishing the public schools of Masontown, attended the Southwestern Normal School at Claifornia, Washington county, Pennsylvania; the University of West Virginia at Morgantown; and the University of Chicago; in each of the universities she won the highest honors; she has also spent one year abroad; at the normal school, California, Pennsylvania, she has since been for seven years a training teacher, and she now holds a lucrative position in the high school at Pittsburgh.   3.   Pearl, attended the Southwestern Normal School; after graduating therefrom she studied two years in the University of West Virginia, taking a classical course; at the normal school and at the university music was a special object of her attention, and while taking her two years’ classical course at the university she also graduated in music; her musical studies have since been continued at Oberlin, Ohio; at the University of Chicago; and in private, under an eminent instructor; two years were spent in musical study in the schools of Vienna, Austria.   4.   Alameda attended the Normal School, but on account of health did not continue her education beyond this stage.   5.   Charles, graduated from the Southwestern Normal School; during his course there he was winner of an oratorical contest between ttwo societies in the school; he afterward graduated from the law school at the University of West Virginia, and is now a member of the law firm of Stelring, Higbee, Matthews & Lewellyn, of Uniontown, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, for two years he was principal of high schools of North Union township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, and for one year a principal at Brownstown.   6.   Dana, deceased.
   “IV)   Clement Gregg, son of Lewis C. and Sarah Ellen (Hogue) Lewellyn, was born in Green county, Pennsylvania, June 23, 1872, but was brought up at Mcclellandtown, Fayette county, Pennsylvania.   Here and at Masontown he attended the public schools.   From these he went to the Southwestern Normal School and in 1897 he graduated from the normal school at Indiana, Indiana county, Pennsylvania.   At Waynesburg College, Waynesburg, Green County, Pennsylvania, he did special work in pedagogy.   In 1890 he began teaching in Henry Clay township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania.   For six year he taught in Washington county.   Having had charge of the high schools at West Newton, Westmoreland county and at Brownsville, Pennsylvania, he was in 1901 elected principal of the Brownsville high schools.   Four years later he was elected county superintendent of schools at Fayette county, and he was re-elected in 1908 and again 1911.   He has also been for seven years a member of the Brownsville city council.   He is interested in all public enterprises, among his special interests being the Young Men’s Christian Association and the new hospital.   His fraternal societies are Brownsville Lodge No. 60, Free and Accepted Masons; Chapter No. 164, Royal Arch Masons, in which is now an officer; Olivet Council of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, St. Omar Commandery No. 7, Knights Templar, in which for two years he was eminent commander; Uniontown Lodge of Perfection, in which he is an officer; the Consistory in Pittsburg; the Mystic Shrine; and the Syria Temple, Pittsburg.   He is active in Masonry, and has taken thirty-two degrees.   He is past officer of th Blue Lodge, the Commandery, and the Lodge of Perfection.   He is a Democrat, and a member of the Presbyterian church.   Mr. Lewellyn has not married.”