KANSAS - Chronology

Billie Harris - Feb 3, 2010


1859 census shows:
   Lawellin, Abednago, Jackson Township, page 006 (would probably be the son of Benjamin Lewellin, see article following.
   Lawellin, Jeptha, Jackson Township, page 004
   Lawellin, Jeremia S., Jackson Township, page 002
   Lewellin, Benjamin, Jackson Township, page 002 (would be a son of Mesach Lewellin of Loudoun County, VA.

NOTE:   A query posting in Llewellyn Traces, Sept. 1989, reads:   "Benjamin Lawellin (ca 1796-1866) had a daughter, Martha Jane, who is in family Bible with birthdate 30 August 1843 (born in Indiana) and may be the Martha (with no date or birthplace in his household in the 1860 census of Anderson County, Kansas Territory, but after that she is 'lost'.   Tradition says she went to Oklahoma.   Has anyone ever run across her in searching Oklahoma death or marriage records; perhaps not as Martha but as Mat or Mattie, Pat or Patty, Jane or Jennie (etc) Lawellin, Lewellen, et al., even Llewellyn.  

MORE:   Article from the History of Randolph Co., IN re Mesach Lewellyn. "Born probably in Loudoun Co., VA sometime between 1760 and 1765. He was the son of Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewellyn. He married Hanna (Brooks?) ca. 1790, probably in Washington Co., OH (possibly this should be PA). During his moves west he lived in Washington Co., PA, Hardin Co., KY, and Preble Co., OH before coming to Randolph Co. in 1816."   The article goes on to say there were 9 known children, but probably more. Seven were born before he arrived in Randolph Co and two of them were already married. The ones mentioned in the article are "Nancy (1791) and Shadrach (1794) in Pennsylvania; Deborah (1796), Benjamin (1796) and Isaac (1802) in Kentucky; Rachel (1805) and Mary 'Polly' (1808) in Ohio and Elizabeth (1825) in Randolph Co., IN."
   "Until after he arrived in Ohio and possibly after he came to Randolph Co., Meshack (the name is spell both ways) was a Quaker. He seems to have switched to the Methodist Episcopal Church late in life. His wife, Hanna, remained a Quaker."
   Meshack died about 1832; his wife in 1842. There is a little more on their children, one of whom, Benjamin had a son Abednego who moved to Kansas.

1870 - Census shows:
   Lewellin, A., Jackson Township, page 093
   Lewellin, J. S., Jackson Township, page 093
   Lewellin, J. W., Jackson Township, page 095
   Lawellin, Judy J., Jackson Township, page 095
   Lawellin, Rebecca, Jackson Township, page 093


1859 census shows:
   Lewellen, Doctor, Chelsea, page 001 (he would be the son of Samuel Lewellin from Loudoun County, VA, then Monongalia County, WV.
   Lewellen, William, Chelsea, page 001
1864 through 1867 - Doctor Lewellyn is shown in Butler County


1880 - Census shows the Hurst family.   Elizabeth A. Llewellyn, b. Tuscarora, Schuylkill, PA, 1841, married Joseph W. Hurst or Hirst (spellings vary), a coal miner, and lived in Falls Township, Chase County, KS acc. to the 1880 census. Their children included: William Hurst, born IL/ Polly, b. IL/ Joseph, b. IW/ Mary, Iva, Maggie, Seth, all b. KS. Elizabeth died around 1893 in Deepwater, Fairview Township, Henry County, Missouri. The John Hurst family lived in Henry County, Missouri, perhaps related to her husband.   Elizabeth was the daughter of John and Catherine Llewellyn, John was from England.


1870 - Census shows:
   Llewellyn, Walter, lola Township, page 043


1859 Census shows:
   Luellan, Jackson, Centropolis Township, page 010

1870 - Census shows:
     Luellen, Slyvester, Franklin Township, page 060


date unknown - Ambrose Lewellen lived here.   He was the son of Bafford and Nancy Peters Lewellen who lived in Preble County Ohio, Andre County, MO, and Bafford was born 1822 Kentucky


1865 - Sarah Emmaline Lewallen who married Andrew Jackson Hogan in Johnson City, Kansas, 28 September

1870 - Census shows:
   Luellen, Foster, Springhill Township, page 678
   Luellen, John, Shawnee Township, page 664


1870 - Census shows:
   Luellen, Elias, Lincoln Township, 049


1870 - Census shows:
   Luellen, Jacob, St. Marysville, page 517
   Luellen, John, St. Marysville, page 519


1918 - William Penn Lewelling of Larned, was told his sonMerle T. Lewelling had been killed in action while in the service.   WILLIAM LEWELLING LINE

1922 - 4 February marriage of Wilbur A. Lewelling to Coral E. Lozier.   Both died in Oklahoma.   WILLIAM LEWELLING LINE


1870 - Census shows:
   Lewellen, Henry, Monmouth,   page 98


1901 - Doctor Lewellen   died July 11.   He was born Apr 1826 probably Monogalia Co, Va son of Zadock Lewellen was an early settler of Wichita, Ks and there are many comments about him in the book, WICHITA CENTURY: A Pictorial History of Wichita, Ks 1870-1970.
         Page 490 "Doctor Lewellen had about 16 children and at least 51 grandchildren, by both marriages. He suffered a stroke in his later years. He had lived a varied life in his 75 years, coming from pioneer stock that forever pushed onward to new frontiers, and opened the west for those still here today. Lewellen street in Wichita, down by the Arkansas River at 10th Street, is named in his honor.
         Family members say that Doctor Lewellen's name was Doctor, and other sources say his name was Zadoc, and nicknamed "Doc." or Doctor. He was the son of Dr. Samuel Lewellen, who had seven other boys and none of them showed an interest in medicine. He then named his 8th son, Doctor, so he would have at least one more "Doctor" in the house. It would seem that the family source would be the correct name."...


1870 - Census shows:
   Llewellyn, John, Center Township, page 377

WYANDOTTE COUNTY (Kansas City located in this county)

1918 - William Richard Lewallen died Feb. 6.   He was born 1850, son of Anderson Johnson Lewallen and Martha Butler.   Anderson was probably the son of William R. Lewallen and Susannah Tyler of Bedford County, Virginia.   Anderson died in Hancock County, Illinois