Still seeking connection - Andrew Lewallen of Scott Co., TN

John Carter - May 17, 2010

I've been posting this same query for several years on many different Lewallen boards (including previous incarnations of this MyFamily board, which don't show in the archives).   Here's the query:

Seeking parents & other info on Andrew Lewallen, b. ca. 1829, TN. He & wife Elizabeth (maiden name prob. Lawson) are in 1850 Scott Co, TN census. Their two children showing in the 1850 census were:

1. Ewel Lewallen (b. ca. Apr 1848, d. 01 Mar 1916, married 09 Mar 1871 to Louisa McCullah)
2. Redin Lewallen (my gr-gr-grandfather) (b. Oct 1849, d. aft. 1910, married Malinda (poss. a Griffith or York, but prev. married to a Jeffers) on 25 Mar 1869 in Scott Co, TN)

Their other children include:

3. Perneta/Pernita "Neetie"/"Needie" Lewallen (b. ca. 1851, d. after 1920, married William Delk on 29 Mar 1873 in Campbell County, TN)
4. Jasper Lewallen (b. ca. 1856, d. 29 Mar 1933, married Mary Jane Delk--sister of William above--on 21 Dec 1873)
5. Andrew Lewallen, Jr. (b. ca. 1858, d. after 1900)
6. Columbus Lewallen (b. ca. 1862, d. unknown)

The 1850 Scott Co, TN census shows Andrew & Elizabeth as having been enumerated "next door" to Sheriff John Lewallen. Perhaps this is indicative of a connection between the two families, but so far the connection is unknown.

Sheriff John's brother Andrew was Andrew "L" Lewallen, b. ca. 1793, & therefore NOT my Andrew. This Andrew "L" also had a son named Andrew Russell Lewallen, but he was b. 28 Oct 1824 & m. Perliscia Anne "Phebe" Davis, and was therefore also NOT my Andrew.

Any help on my Andrew Lewallen (b. ca. 1829) would be greatly appreciated!!

Billie Harris - May 18, 2010

John, I, too, checked your previous postings and from what's showing, this is your first post on this particular MyFamily site and had you posted before, either I or one of those who are descendants of the Scott County Lewallens would have tried to find an answer for you so I don't understand why your previous post doesn't show up.   Anyway, I hope someone who descends from John can help figure this out.

Andrew seems to be a rather common name for these particular Lewallens so it's hard to determine who your Andrew was.   I was under the impression that he was probably a nephew of John's.   Is it possible he was a son of John's?   Was John married at an early age to someone before he married Delila Reed?  

Take a look at what we have.   As you know, Scott was formed 1849 from Fentress, Morgan and Anderson.   More than likely the family was all in Morgan before it became Scott.

[NOTE: broken link]

Mary Harris Johnson - May 18, 2010

I have John and Delilah having a son named Andrew who was born Feb. 9, 1842 in Scott County and died Jan. 15, 1906   and is buried in Temple, Texas. He married Barbara Blevins. I think your Andrew might be a nephew of   Sheriff John Lewellen. After leaving Tn.,   the Lewallens   started spelling their name Lewellen. My grandmother is Cash Up's Daughter.

Resa Miller - May 19, 2010

Maybe we should try to figure out all of Anderson Grant Lewallen's grandsons.   I know Andrew was a popular name in the family.   I descend from both Andrew Leutain and Andrew Russell Lewallen.   Have you been in touch with any of the Delk descendants?   Maybe since they liked the family so well, you might find out from them.

John Carter - May 23, 2010

Hi, Billie, Mary & Resa.

Thanks very much for your responses!   (Sorry it took me a few days to realize I needed to check back and see if there were any replies).

First of all, Billie, I need to apologize for my confusing statement about having previously posted my query on "previous incarnations of this MyFamily board, which don't show in the archives."   What I meant was, there was a previous Lewallen site here on MyFamily, of which I was a member, and after a few years for some reason the original owner of that site decided to end/delete the entire site.   Everything was gone.   Later, someone pointed me here to your site, and at first I thought it was a "re-birth" of the same site, but it was later clarified to me that the two sites were started by different people, although dedicated to the same Lewallens.   That other site is where my queries were, and of course those wouldn't show up in the archives of this new site.   Sorry for the confusion.

Your speculation that "my" Andrew Lewallen (b. ca. 1829) might be a nephew of Sheriff John is something I've long wondered as well.   Another researcher had suggested to me once that my Andrew could possibly be a son of Sheriff John's brother Joel (who is shown in the 1830 Morgan Co census to have a male child under age 5), but this was only speculation and I was never able to find out anything further about Joel's family (or much about any of Sheriff John's other brothers). (That is, besides Sheriff John's brother Andrew L. Lewallen who had a son named Andrew Russell Lewallen [b. 1824], as Resa mentioned).   Andrew Russell went on to marry Perliscia "Phebe" Anne Davis.

And with Sheriff John already having one nephew named Andrew, born 5 years before my Andrew, it would seem a bit strange for one of the other brothers to also name a son Andrew when there was already an Andrew Lewallen of that generation in the family.   Stranger things have happened and I've seen first cousins with the same name before, however.

I don't know whether Sheriff John may have had a wife prior to Delila, but even if so, he would had to have fathered my Andrew at around age 16 in order for the dates to work out.   But I think this point is moot because (as I just noticed in my documents) Sheriff John also had a son named Andrew by Delila ... he's listed as "Andrew Lewallen Jr" and was age 8 at the time.   (I see now this is the Andrew that Mary mentioned above).   So ... not only is here an example (mentioned above) of two first cousins (Sheriff John's son and Andrew L's son) being named Andrew Lewallen, thus making it even less likely (one would assume) that yet another brother would also name a son Andrew (the grandparents would have 3 grandsons named Andrew Lewallen!) (though still within the realm of possibility, I guess), but it pretty much rules out the possibility of Sheriff John having fathered my Andrew from a wife before Delila--surely we can hope he wouldn't name two sons with the same name!   Ha ha.

So ... this is why it has always been frustrating for me to try to figure out where my Andrew came from.   I've been trying to solve this mystery for 15 or 20 years, with no luck.

Billie, thanks very much for the link you provided, showing Lewallen history.   I see the 1850 Scott Co census entries for my Andrew and Sheriff John.   (You've listed Sheriff John's son "Andrew Jr" as age 5 but he was age 8).   The Jane Blankenship (b. 1874) and Filetus Lewallen you've listed are my great-grandparents.   (Filetus was a son of Redin Lewallen, in turn the son of my Andrew Lewallen).   The Ewel Lewallen in Campbell Co in the 1880 census was my great-great-granduncle (son of my Andrew).   Ewel married Louisa McCullah.

Resa, I've been in touch with a couple of Delk cousins (descendants of my Andrew's daughter Perneta/Pernita who m. William Delk), but they aren't able to trace back any further than I have.

Anyway, I look forward to any suggestions you all might have.   Yes, it might be beneficial to make a comprehensive list of all of the grandchildren of Anderson Grant Lewallen.   Thanks very much for your help!

Take care,

Mary  Hubbell - May 26, 2010


Just so you won't throw out any ideas. We have a few families in my line that have children with the same name.

Brothers didn't care what the others named their children when they followed traditional naming patterns. That's why it is so hard to sort through who belongs to where in some families. We've discussed 'naming patterns' before so I won't repost that.

Keep in mind that if a man's first wife died and remarried a woman whose father had the same name as either his father's or his first wife's father - their first child might (big might but I've seen it done) be named the same thing as their older half sibling. Normally this doesn't happen unless the half sibling is deceased but I've at least one line it didn't matter.

Also, never forget the power of $$$. If Uncle John is rich and is more likely to leave something to a family who names a child after him - everyone is going to give it a go.

So, Andrew could be John's nephew. He could also be the illegitimate child of a Lewellen relationship - even one of the girls who might not have been married at the time of his birth.

Carol Redd - Jul 26, 2010

Mary!   Didn't think about Andrew b 1829 as being the child of Sheriff John's sister who had either not married or took back her maiden name when the man turned out to be a scoundrel!

Learning lots about the Lewallens of Scott Co, TN in a very short couple of days.   I appreciate any help any of you might shed on my theory about Andrew and Elizabeth (Lawson) Lewallen's children and whether or not my own John Preston might belong to them.   Thanks, Carol

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Jul 27, 2010

Hi Mary!   Just reread your post today.   In the case of my Luallen/Lewallens, the boys and men often had a given name but went by a totally different name all of their lives.   For example, my father was named Troy but went by Jack (which all of his legal documents say).   My grandfather was named James Walter but all of his adult life he was known as Walter (his children did not know his name was James) some point in his early years he went by the name Nettie (???!!!).   That practice occurs in other male Luallens in my line as well.   So two children in the same family could have the same names that would appear on a
census record but were probably called something else.   They made it very hard for us.   Sometimes I think our early ancestors would shake their heads in disbelief at all our efforts to gather information about them.   By the way, I am STILL looking for parents/siblings of my Matthew Lewallen.   To John and Carol, a few years ago I was contacted by someone who was also looking for Andrew Lewallen's parents.   He had a theory that my Matthew (who married Sarah Lawson), Vicy Ann Lewallen (who married Jacob Lawson), and Andrew (who married Elizabeth Lawson) were siblings and perhaps John Lewallen is their uncle.   Billie, if I can find his email address, he would be someone to invite to our site.

Billie Harris - Jul 27, 2010

Darlene, the more we invite, the better.   Hopefully everyone will free to invite other researchers.   Just click on "Add Members" under the Member section, fill in the information in the blanks, then click "invite' at the bottom of the page.

John Carter - Mar 22, 2011

Hi, Darlene.

My sincere apologies for only now having just seen your message from last July.   I sure wish there was a way for this site to notify us whenever there's a follow-up to a message!   (Or maybe there is and I just haven't figured it out yet!   ha ha).

The theory you mentioned by the man who had contacted you is very interesting.   Did you ever find his email address?   As for your Matthew & Sarah Lawson--who were Sarah's parents?   Is she connected to Jacob Lawson and my Elizabeth Lawson?   And regarding Jacob, is this the Jacob who was a brother of Elizabeth?   I show him as married to a "Louisan" as per the 1850 census, but perhaps this was just a variation of "Vicy Ann"...?

Anyway, my Elizabeth (and Jacob, if he is one-and-the-same) were children of Samuel Lawson and Amelia/Emilia "Milly"/"Milla" McDonald Lawson, but I don't show them as having any daughter named Sarah.   Perhaps my data is incomplete.

Thanks again for your message, and sorry I am so late in replying.

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Mar 22, 2011

Hi John!   My Sarah Lawson Lewallen is the daughter of Thomas Lawson & Nancy Jeffers Lawson.   She was born in 1823 in Campbell County, TN.   I'm not sure how Thomas & Samuel are related.   Thomas' father is Randolph.   I still have not found parent/siblings/cousins for my Matthew Lewallen.   My cousin had the DNA test done and did not match with any of the Lewallen lines who have tested.   Matthew & Sarah were married in 1841 in Campbell County.   Sarah's parents moved every few years (KY-MO-KY).   They are found on the same census in 1850 (Scott County was formed from Campbell & Morgan Counties).   After Matthew's death around 1852, Sarah & children follow her parents to MO.   They eventually move back to KY & Sarah returns to Scott County.   Sarah's mother was killed by poachers at the beginning of the Civil War in KY; Thomas remarries two more times and moves to TX where he died at a very old age.   At this point, I don't think that Matthew, Vicy Ann, and Andrew are siblings.   Cousins...maybe...or perhaps Matthew was raised in a Lewallen household and took the Lewallen name.   Do you have any information on the Lewallen/Luallens in Anderson County, TN?   I have wondered if my Matthew is from that area although my gut feeling is that he is from Morgan County.   Anyway, thanks for responding to my post.   It is always good to share ideas.

Carol Redd - Apr 2, 2011

I see where   you say your Lewallen cousin tested, but did not match anyone else.   Did he test with Family Tree DNA?   If so, what is his kit #.   Have you uploaded his data into Ysearch?

I ordered a test kit for a Llewellyn in Jellico, Campbell Co, TN, but he hasn't returned it nor will he accept/return my phone calls.   His grandfather was born in Wales!   This is why I so badly wanted to have his dna results.   That might open up our research in Wales.   Some may ask what good it is to have results behind our known ancestors.   If we cannot connect using the traditional paper-trail, dna helps us move past the brick wall.   It does not tell us the missing info as to who is actual parent, but it proves our lineages behind that brick wall.

Could you post Matthew & Sarah (Lawson) Lewallen's children and their dates of birth?

Billie Harris - Apr 2, 2011

Carol, I believe the results of her cousin's test are posted on FamilyTreeDNA but I'll send them to you.  

Darlene, I'll go ahead and answer the question about your ancestors.
Matthew Lewallen, born 1821 in TN.   Married Sarah Lawson 1841 Campbell County, TN.   They   had two children:   Susannah, born 1846 and Elihu born 1848.   He lived in Morgan, Campbell & Scott Counties, TN (the county lines kept changing--he stayed in the same place).   Elihu settled in the Texas/ Douglas County area of MO.   Elihu changed the spelling of the name to Luallen.

If I'm not mistaken, John Carter's ancestor was also from Campbell County, Tennessee.   That's why I'd really like to see a DNA of his Lewallens.

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Apr 2, 2011

Thank you, Carol, for your interest.   In addition to Susannah (b. 1846) and my ggrandfather Elihu (b. 1848), Matthew & Sarah Lawson Lewallen had a son Thomas (b. abt 1850, after the 1850 TN census).   Thomas appears on the 1860 MO census with his mother and siblings as a 10 yr old.   I have no information on either Sussanah or Thomas after 1860.

Billie Harris - Feb 3, 2011

John, noting there are several males who descend from your Andrew, have you traced their descendants on down?   The reason I ask is that if we don't have a DNA from a male Lewallen who descends from Andrew and it's possible to get one, maybe we should just to confirm there is a relation between Andrew and "Sheriff" John.

John Carter - Mar 22, 2011

Billie, sorry for the delayed response.   (Is there any way for this site to give us a notification when there's a follow-up to a post?)

Anyway, that's an excellent idea!   I wasn't aware the descendants of the Scott County, TN (and surrounding area) Lewallens had begun a DNA test.

Yes, I am aware of male Lewallen descendants of my line (descended from Andrew, b. ca. 1829).   In fact, at least four of my Lewallen male cousins are Facebook friends of mine and it would quite easy to ask them.   Before doing so, can you give me a little background about the project?   In other words, is someone here in the group "spearheading" the project, what is the cost, what types of samples are taken (blood vs. mouth swabs), etc.?

Thanks very much for suggesting this!

Billie Harris - Mar 22, 2011

John, glad to see you back on the site.   I realize we all have priorities and certainly family and work are the most important.  

Unfortunately, MyFamily doesn't notify a person if there's been a response to their posting because this is a "private" site.   Public ones such as GenForum, you will be notified.   But when you get on the site, if you want to read what you haven't already read, you'll see "What's New' at the top of the page.   Click on that.   I think the listing only goes back a month or two though, am not sure.

Our DNA tests go through FamilyTreeDNA.   You can go to their site - - for information.   If you have one of your Lewallen cousins do a test, you'd want to contact that organization and have the test kit sent to the person testing and you would make arrangements for payment (via credit card, check, etc).   Be sure to mention that it's to be with the Llewellyn, Lewallen, etc. group because you'll get a group pricing.   I'm not really sure what it is at the moment but they do have "specials" occasionally with reduced rates.

The DNA tests themselves are very simple and painless.   A kit with two vials are sent to the person testing.   There are two small swab sticks.   Before eating or drinking two mornings in a row, a swabbing inside the mouth is done with one of the sticks which is then put in one of the vials.   After the swabbing is done the second morning and put in the other vial, both are put in an envelope and mailed back to the company.   It takes about two months to get the results.  

You can have as many markers tested as you want but my personal recommendation is to have 25 markers tested first.   If you want additional markers tested, you can do it later from the same swabbings; no new test necessary.   Others may differ with me and feel 37 markers necessary but the 25 to begin with is my feeling and, too, it's less expensive.

If you want to see the names and lines of those who've tested so far, look at this posting:

[NOTE: broken link]

I hope one of your Lewallen cousins will test for you.   If you have any questions, you can contact Carol Redd who's a member of this site and our DNA coordinator.

John Carter - Mar 22, 2011

Hi, Billie.
Thanks for the info on the DNA testing.
Since my cousins are interested in family but not necessarily to the degree of pursuing genealogy (like me), I would take it upon myself to offer to pay for whichever one of them would decide to participate in the DNA test, once I ask them.   For that reason, though, I need to budget myself accordingly since I'm between jobs at the moment.   I'm very eager to follow-up on this, however, and will try to get back with this effort as soon as possible.
Thanks again!

John Carter - Mar 22, 2011

Hi again, Billie.

One other thing I just noticed--

You mentioned:
"Unfortunately, MyFamily doesn't notify a person if there's been a response to their posting because this is a "private" site.   Public ones such as GenForum, you will be notified."

However, Dorothy Campbell had mentioned in an email to me earlier today that there was a way to change the notification settings.   I just checked, and sure enough, there is.   If you go to "Edit Account" and then to "Site Membership," there is a setting entitled:   "Instant Notification of Replies to My Postings - receive an immediate e-mail update when anyone replies to something I have added to this site."   I just placed a check mark in this box, so I hope to be receiving notifications now.

Just wanted to let you know.

Billie Harris - Mar 22, 2011

After I wrote that and was thinking, yes there is a way to get a list of what's been posted.   Sometimes they're sent on a daily basis, sometimes a weekly, and sometimes not at all.   On the Randolph MyFamily site we used to have complaints continually that people weren't receiving notices and that was their only way of getting on the site so time after time after time I'd tell them not to rely on those notices and to go directly to the MyFamily site.  

I don't use that feature and instead go directly to the site so if you do receive notices, would you let me know how frequently they're received.

Sue Cooper - Mar 24, 2011

I receive a notice every time something new is posted to this site, it says something like "Look what's happening at Llewellyn, Lewallen, etc site"

John Carter - Mar 24, 2011

Hi, Billie.
Well, apparently the notices aren't working after all.   I've not received a single one, and yet there are new posts here (replies to mine) for which I received nothing.
(Sue wrote that she gets a notice for everything added to the site...   Well, I didn't really want to get notified for EVERYthing, just replies to things I'd posted, so I didn't choose the EVERYthing option.   So, perhaps the "EVERYthing" option functionality works, but not the functionality for the selective notification).
Bummer.   I'm way too busy to remember to keep checking back here, and after a while it tends to float to one of the back burners of my brain.   Oh well.   I'll try to remember to check once in a while.
Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

John Carter - Mar 26, 2011

Hi, Billie.

I'm getting ready to ask my cousins if one of them would be willing to participate in the DNA test.   I had a question I wanted to ask... I noticed you suggested that I ask Carol Redd but she hasn't yet responded to any of my other recent posts (not about the DNA test), nor has she answered an email I sent directly to her a couple of days ago, so I'm not sure if she might be busy or traveling or something.

Anyway, my question is:   I looked at the participant chart you provided a link to, and have also looked at the chart on the Llewellyn project page of the website.   I noticed the charts are a little different, with the one on the company website being categorized by Paternal Ancestor Name (I'm presuming the furthest-known-back paternal ancestor) and the one here on our site being categorized by (participant name?)   But I'm just trying to tie this all together with any familiar names of the Scott County Lewallen family (such as Anderson Grant Lewallen, Sheriff John Lewallen, etc) and I don't see any of those familiar names listed.   Is that particular Lewallen family included in the results?   If so, which participant corresponds with that family?   (Perhaps I'm not recognizing any names because they've listed paternal ancestors who are further back than Anderson Grant Lewallen?)

The reason I ask is because that is the Lewallen family that I'd be attempting to connect with by way of asking my cousins to participate in the DNA test.   I realize the test would still hold value for the worldwide Llewellyn community as a whole irregardless of connecting with any of the Scott County branches, but it's the potential connection with the Scott County branches which is the motivating factor in my pursuing this (and for paying for my cousin's participation).   (If you recall, my ancestor Andrew Lewallen b. 1829 was enumerated next door to Sheriff John Lewallen [son of Anderson Grant Lewallen & Lucy Rice] in the 1850 census, and it's a connection to that family that I'm trying to establish by getting a cousin to participate in the DNA test).

(I realize it won't show me the specific nature of the connection, but knowlege that a connection of some type exists would be a start).

Any light you can shed to help me understand who (which branches) has/have been tested so far would be greatly appreciated.


Billie Harris - Mar 27, 2011

John, if you'll give me a couple of days, I'll put something together and post it in the History section about all the individuals testing and their earliest known ancestors.   I've e-mailed Carol and she said she's extremely busy right now.

As far as I can tell just glancing through this morning, there have been two individuals who've tested for Anderson's line, one is Carol Redd's relative and the other is Richard Lewellyn who's a member of this site.   I'm not sure how Rick's line goes but the information I have is that one of the lines goes from Anderson through Andrew through Andrew's son, Walter Davis,   and William Davis' son William Jasper.   Unless Rick descends through Sheriff John, it doesn't appear we've had a descendant of his to do a DNA.

We could really use more DNAs and if we have someone who's tested for a particular line already, we could use another person to test just to substantiate the line.   There are quite a few who've tested and while it seems they would connect with one of the other lines, the results show they don't.   It's always possible there was an "adoption" back in time somewhere, i.e., a widow remarried and the children took the father's surname.

Anyway, check back and I'll see what I can come up with regarding DNAs and piecing together the participants and the ancestors.

Jim Martin - Mar 25, 2011

Is there any tie to Etta Lewallen. This is the information I have received on her so far.

I received this information from Billie Harris in 2009. I had done some research on my own but believe it is wrong can anyone verify this?

Jim, I believe this is probably the way your ancestors go:

ANDERSON LEWALLEN, b. abt. 1764, VA, died 1825, TN, married Lucy Rice 6/8/1784 in Prince Edward County., VA.

Anderson and Lucy   had
Zachariah, b. 1785, VA
Anderson Grant, b. 1786, VA
Thomas, b. 1788, VA
Andrew Leutian, b. 10/7/1796, Wake Co., N.C
Mary, b, 1802, NC
JOEL, b. 6/10/1803, NC (yours)
William, b. 8/2/1809, NC
John, b. 2/12/1812, Morgan, TN, died 11/16/1896, Taylor, TX   John married Delilah Reed in 1833, Campbell, TN.

JOEL LEWALLEN born 1803 married Rachel Young
Joel and Rachel had:
CAMPBELL (yours), Eiza, Isaac, Anderson, Elizabeth, Andrew, Nancy, Columbus, Louisa, Lucinda & Wm

CAMPBELL C. LEWALLEN, b. 8/1839, TN married Malinda (Milla/Millie) Ann Young 10/12/1865.   Their children:

Arminda, b. 1866, KY
Millie, b. 1868, KY
JOHN HARRISON, b. 8/26/1870, KY (yours)
Mary Jane, b. 1872
Louisa Delilah, 1874, Scott, TN
Nancy Elizabeth, 1878, TN
Ulysses Matthew, 1884, TN

JOHN HARRISON LEWALLEN, wife Liddie.   They were the parents of

ETTA LEWALLEN, born 1908 who married Homer Martin.


What's confusing is the Johns in Scott County but I think from the above we find:  

1.   John F. Lewallen was born 1851.   He's listed in the 1870 census   as the son of Andrew and Polecy Lewallen, and he's listed in the 1910 census with wive Mary and daughter Ettie (born 1903).

2.   John H. (for Harrison)   Lewallen was born 1870.   He's listed as a son of Campbell (1839) and Milla.   Campbell lived a couple houses from Joel (1800) and Rachel (Young) Lewallen.  
   In the 1900 census, Campbell (1839) and Millie ( Campbell and Malinda Young were married in Scott County, TN 1865) live next door to John (1870) and Liddie.  
   the 1920 census lists John H. (KY 1870) and Liddie and one of the children is Etta (1909).

Apparently after Campbell and Malinda (Milly) married, they moved to Kentucky for a period of time - from about 1866 to 1870, where John H. and two of his siblings were born.   It's possible the move was to Wayne County, KY, where another John Lewallen was living with his wife Delila in 1870 with their family, the oldest of whom was also named Campbell (born 1850).   This John with wife Delila were related as you'll see above.

John Carter - Mar 26, 2011

Hi, Jim.
Just speculating here, but the "Andrew and Polecy Lewallen" you mentioned sound like Andrew Russell Lewallen & Perliscia Anne Davis Lewallen.   I understand Andrew Russell Lewallen (b. 1824) to be a son of Andrew Leutian Lewallen (b. ca. 1793), in turn to be a son of Anderson & Lucy.
I don't have documentation of this, however, so you will want to explore further.
Good luck!

Billie Harris - Apr 1, 2011

Any idea when Joel was born or died?   I've just looked at North Carolina (Randolph County where William Lewelling died 1799) and there apparently was a Joel in that family.   That particular Lewelling's DNA matches with Anderson's.