Claiborne Lewallen

Sue Cooper - May 24, 2010

I am very much interested in any and all information anyone may have on Claiborne Lewallen and the various spellings of both names.   We know he was the son of Jesse Lewallen proven by the will of his brother, John, recorded in Prince Edward Co., VA in 1787.   Claiborne is later found in Wake Co., NC and by 1813 is in Maury Co., TN (tax list).   I have found no mention of the name of his first wife.   I have just requested copies of his deeds from Wake Co., NC but he did not leave us much of a paper trail.   He died a very old man between 1840-1850 in Maury Co., TN.   Thanks for any information on Claiborne or any of his children.
Sue Cooper

Billie Harris - May 24, 2010

Sue, I was just going over the list of those who lived near Claborn/Claiborne in Maury and notice a lot of Peytons - Elijah, Elisha, Elias.   I checked to see if any of them might be somehow connected to the Lewallens but wasn't successful in finding anything.   I do know the Peytons were quite prominent in   colonial Virginia.   Often we find a given name of Peyton in our genealogies and it could be from these families or it could have been from Peyton Randolph who was president of the First Continental Congress.

For future record in case it's needed, the "Peytons of Virginia" (1796) shows a Capt. James Peyton married Susanna Threlkeld and had children Elijah, Elisha, Elias, Daniel, Evan, Anne, Ruth, Suky and Jemimah.   I'm not sure of the dates of their birth because the information wasn't provided on the posting I checked, but the Elias in Maury County was born ca 1794 and served in the War of 1812.   His wife's name was Deborah (last name unknown) and their children were Martha, Samantha, Mary, Eliza, Ophelia, Henry Marion (1837-1906), Rufus and Margaret.

All irrelevant more than likely, however, I did a search on GenForum for Maury County, Tennessee, and here's the only posting on there   posting.   Chances are you have this already because it also also pertains to the Youngs.

Young-Adkins-Lewallen-Butler-Oliver in Caldwell-Lyon-Trigg,KY
Posted by: Richard Lawson (ID *****2474) Date: August 29, 2003 at 20:50:55
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Pat (and researchers of Young-Adkins-Butler-Oliver & related families of Caldwell Co, KY),

I'm just beginning to gather more info about the descendents of Elizabeth Lewallen & Alexander Young, who were listed in the 1850 Fed Census of Maury Co, TN. I have no idea of what month & year members of this fam moved to Caldwell Co, KY, in the early 1850's. I do not know if Alexander died, and was buried, in MUTN or CaldKY. I still have no idea where you, Pat, found the name of John Clayburn Young. I had only found John C Young in his marriage record. These are just a few of the questions that I am still looking for answers to.

I just recently (around Jul 4th) found the listing of John (Clayburn) Young, and the several family members listed with him, in the 1860 FC of Caldwell Co, KY. I began posting follow-ups to your post on Jul 6th. Since that time, my ability to use computers (which I only use for family research & correspondence) has been quite limited due to pinched nerve in my neck. I only mention this to let readers of my follow-ups know it may take me a little extra time to answer their follow-ups, or direct e-mail messages, but I will answer them eventually. I'm scheduled for surgery on Sep 29th, so will also take a little time to recuperate.

In several of my previous follow-up posts, I attempted to share my latest update of what I had gathered about the Young-Adkins & related families, so far. This follow-up is more of a somewhat lenghty query of Caldwell Co, KY researchers concerning the many questions that I have had since I've been looking at various family records of that area. In addition to the questions my 1st paragraph, one main source of curiosity is why the Young & related fams listed in the 1850 FC of MUTN (many consectutively) scattered to so many different areas in the early 1850's, and why Alex'r Young &/or his family chose Caldwell Co, KY?

As in most cases of my gathering of famly histories of a family of a certain area, I look for the names of other families of that same name in that same county or area. What I have found over the last couple of months about the Young & related families of Caldwell Co, KY has me more confused than is usually the case. I would like to share some of these findings in hopes some fellow researchers can at least benefit from them, and that some might also be able & willing to help me answer some of my many questions.

It seems to me just a probable strange coincidence, but there seems to many connections between the families we Young, & related family, researchers are looking for, and the OLIVER family of early the Caldwell Co, KY area. This would probalby be even more strange to me if it were not for the fact that there were so many members of the OLIVER family in that area of KY, at such an early date. Before I actually start my summary of possible desc's of Alex'r Young & Elizabeth Adkins, and their various possible connections to the OLIVER family, I will list a couple of known-for-sure connections of members of the OLIVER family to families of the very same names as the names of known desc's of Alex'r & Elizabeth.

Sarah OLIVER md John W BUTLER on May 14 1839 in Caldwell Co, KY.

1850 FC of Caldwell Co, KY: (379-563); BUTLER, John W 36 OH, Sarah (OLIVER) 31 KY, Sarah A 8, Paulina M 6, Wm O(liver) 4 & David F/T 1 (ch b KY). [Paulina M Butler md Thomas TIMMONS on Jul 15 1870 in Lyon Co, KY-see 2nd marriage of George W Adkins].

Martha (Ann) OLIVER md James R ATKINS on Aug 10 1842 in Caldwell Co, KY.

1850 FC of Caldwell Co, KY: (393-783); ATKINS, James R 29 unk, Anne M(artha) (OLIVER) 32 VA, John J 7, Sarah E 5, Robert L 2 & Cornelia A 2 (ch b KY).

Martha (Ann) (OLIVER) ATKINS md Henry NEWSOM on Oct 18 1855 in Lyon Co, KY.

1860 FC of Eddyville, Lyon Co, KY: p755A; NEWSOM, Ann M(artha) (Oliver-Atkins) 42 VA, Francis M 1 KY; ATKINS, John J 17, Sarah E 16, Robert L 12, Cornelia 12 & Wm H 10 (ch b KY). [Sarah E ATKINS md Owen OLIVER on Jan 1 1865 in Lyon Co, KY].

I have not yet found any direct relationship between the ATKINS-BUTLER-OLIVER families that I have just mentioned and the ADKINS-BUTLER-OLIVER desc's of Alex'r Young & Elizabeth Lewallen that follow, except the OLIVER's are apparently all from one family.

The following is somewhat of my summary of the family & possible descendents of Alexander Young b 1805 KY, son of John YOUNG & Miss ADKINS, and Elizabeth LEWALLEN b 1808 NC, dau of Claiburne Lewallen & ____ ____ (& step-dau of Nancy (___) (HILL) Lewallen, b abt 1810 VA) who were md Dec 8 1828 in Maury Co, TN.

A dau of Alex'r & Elizabeth, Eliza Young md Isaiah W BUTLER on Dec 4 1849 in MUTN.

1850 FC of Dist # 5, MUTN: p606-847; Young; A(lex'r) 45 KY, Elizabeth (Lewallen) 42 NC, Almanza 13, John (C)17, Mary 9, Martha 7 & Newton 5 (ch b TN, none in school), [son-in-law] Butler, I(saiah) W 26 TN & [dau] Eliza (Young) 21 TN.

John C Young md Elizabeth HALEY on Jan 20 1851 in MUTN.

Halmanza Young md James Adkins on Aug 17 1852 in Marshall Co, TN.

[LDS-IGI: Martha Young md (no name of spouse) on ___ __ 1859 in Caldwell Co, KY. NOTE: I have found no supporting evidence of this marriage info submitted to the LDS Church records. CAUTION: While some source is generally required for submission, much more evidence/proof is needed for the marriage of this Martha Young, and I have no evidence/proof that this IGI listing refers to the Martha Young, who was a dau of Alex'r Young & Elizabeth Lewallen. My thought (which is mere speculation by me from work in progress at this point, and should not therefore be added to any further post/Gedcom of this Alex'r Young branch of this Young family) is that Martha Young listed in the LDS-IGI is the dau of Alex'r Young & Elizabeth Lewallen, and that she did marry in Caldwell Co, KY in abt 1858/9 (she would have only been abt 15/16 yrs old) and that she probably md James Adkins, after the death of her sister, (H)almanza (Young) Adkins. I have not yet been able to find an appropriate marriage for a James Adkins/Atkins to any Martha, or to anyone else after the supposed death of his wife, (H)almanza. It is also quite probable that James Adkins died in the early/mid-1860's, and that this Martha (Young) Adkins md (2) George OLIVER. I have not yet been able to find an appropriate marriage for either a Martha Adkins/Atkins to anyone else or for the George OLIVER (who was listed with a wife named Martha in the 1870 FC of Trigg Co, KY) to any Martha].

I have not yet found any listing of Eliza & Isaiah W Butler &/or ch? in the 1860 FC.

1860 FC of Princeton PO, Caldwell Co, KY: p52-355; Young, John (Clayborn) 28 TN, Bettie (Elizabeth Haley, dau of Robert Haley & Nancy CHILDRESS) 26 TN(should read VA-Charlotte Co), John W 4 (b 12/8/1855 Caldwell Co) KY, [John C's mother] Young, Elizabeth (Lewallen) 55 TN(should read NC) & [John C's sister] Young, Mary 18 TN. Apparently, John C's father, Alex'r Young, d in the1850's in MUTN or Caldwell Co, KY, as apparently also did John C's brother, Newton Young.

I have not yet found any listing of (H)almanza & James Adkins &/or ch? in the 1860 FC.

[There was a Mary E Young who md S S OLIVER on Mar 20 1866 in Caldwell Co, KY. I do not presently have any evidence/proof that this Mary E Young is the Mary Young who was a dau of Alex'r Young & Elizabeth Lewallen, but found no other Mary Young in 1860 FC of Caldwell Co, KY area of the appropriate age group to have md in 1866].

[As already mentioned, I have not yet found an appropriate marriage for Martha Young, dau of Alex'r & Elizabeth, except for my own speculation that she probably md (1) James Adkins in the late1850's & (2) George OLIVER in the late 1860's. I have also not yet found an appropriate marriage for the George OLIVER & Martha listed in the 1870 FC of Trigg Co, KY, who were undoubtedly md in the late 1860's].

I have not yet found any listing of Eliza & Isaiah W Butler &/or poss ch (except the possibility that the Thomas Butler listed with John Clayburn Young was one of them) in the 1870 FC.

1870 FC of Pricnceton PO, Caldwell Co, KY: p468-63/58; Young, J(ohn) C(layborn) 37 TN, S Elizabeth (Haley) 35 VA, J(ohn) W 15 KY, A(lbert) S(idney?) 4 KY & (Cora) Eliza 5/12 KY, [prob nephew of John C] Butler, Thomas 18 TN & [mother, of John C] Young, Elizabeth 65 NC.

I have not yet found any listing of Mary E &/or any S S OLIVER (or any OLIVER male beginning with the letter S that could possibly be the same as the male listed as S S OLIVER in the Caldwell Co, KY marriages) in the1870 FC.

I have not yet found any listing of (H)almanza & James Adkins &/or ch? (except the possibility that the Atkins ch listed with George & Martha OLIVER were ch of that couple, or at least of James) in the 1870 FC.

1870 FC of Wallonia Prct., Montgomery PO, Trigg Co, KY in household of George OLIVER 30 KY & Martha E (???) 32 TN, Atkins, George W 17 TN, John J(asper Vanburen/Van Buren) 11 MO, Isabel E 9 KY & Emmet J 7 KY. [Note: 6 year gap between George W & J J Vanburen. Likely, Geo. son of James & (H)almanza, and J J VB, Isabel & Emmet ch of James & Martha. Not many Martha's of this age group who were born in TN, and who md an OLIVER from Lyon Co, KY & moved to Trigg Co, KY during this same time period].

I have not yet found any listing of Eliza & Isaiah W Butler &/or poss ch (except the possiblity that the Thomas Butler 28 MO MO MO, listed in Princeton, was the same Thos Butler who was listed as Thomas Butler 18 TN in the household of John Clayburn Young in 1870, and that that Thomas Butler was a son of Eliza & I W Butler) in the 1880 FC.

I have not yet found any marriage record for Thomas Butler to Mollie (Mary) (???) who were listed in 1880 FC of CaldKY.

1880 FC of Princeton, Caldwell, KY: p456D; Butler, Thomas 28 MO MO MO, Mollie (???) 25 KY KY KY, Minnie 4 & Charlie 2 (both KY KY KY). [Nothing further yet found of this Thomas Butler & fam, or of any other poss desc's of Eliza & I W Butler].

John C Young md Louisa PRINCE on Apr 6 1874 in Caldwell Co, KY.

George (W) ADKINS md Mary (Jane) SWATZELL on Apr 27 1875 in Caldwell Co, KY.

1880 FC of Princeton, Caldwell, KY: p454D; YOUNG, J(ohn) C(layborn) 47 TN KY VA(should read NC), Louisa (PRINCE) 34 KY KY KY, Albert (S[idney?])14 KY TN TN(VA), Cora (Eliza)10 KY TN TN(VA), Amby 4 KY TN KY, Urey 8/12 KY TN KY, [listed as other] ATKINS, George (W?) 28 TN TN TN (Div) & [listed as other] CROW, John W 34 KY KY KY. [George W ADKINS md (2) Alva TIMMONS on Jan 20 1881 in Lyon Co, KY. John CROW md Emma J PRINCE on Jan 12 1881 in Caldwell Co, KY].

1880 FC of Princeton, Caldwell, KY: p430A; GRESHAM, Wm T 27 KY KY KY, [mother of Wm T] Martha A (CARTER) Gresham 56 KY OH KY, [sister of Wm T] Gresham, Lucy 16 KY KY KY, [brother of Wm T] Gresham, Robert L 13 KY KY KY & [listed as other] YOUNG, John (W) 26 KY KY KY. [John W YOUNG md Lucy GRESHAM on Dec 19 1883 in Caldwell Co, KY].

I will post the listings for desc's of John C Young for 1900-1930 in a subsequent post.

Mary E YOUNG md S S OLIVER on Mar 20 1866 in Caldwell Co, KY.

I have not yet found any listing for an S S OLIVER in any 1870 FC, or for any appropriate OLIVER whose name began with an S, although an S S OLIVER was md in Caldwell Co, KY in 1866 & 1873, and I would have naturally expected to find him & his family in that area in 1870. [There was a marriage of an S S OLIVER in Lyon Co, Ky on Jun 18 1878 to Louisa L OLIVER, but this S S OLIVER referred to the Strawther OLIVER listed in 1880 FC of Lyon Co, KY with his wife, Louisa L. I am naturally assuming that there were more than one S S OLIVER].

S S OLIVER md M S J VINSON on Sep 8 1873 in Caldwell Co, KY.

1880 FC of Princeton, Caldwell, KY: p438B; OLIVER, Mary (???)(S J VINSON) 35 KY KY KY, Forest 18, Alonza 13, Wm 12, Ann E 7 & Lucy J 4 (all ch KY KY KY). [CAUTION: I am spectulating that ALONZA & Wm were sons of Mary E (YOUNG) & S S OLIVER, and that Ann E & Lucy J were daus of S S OLIVER & M S J VINSON. Forest was evidently a son of S S OLIVER by a previous marriage. Does anyone have any clue who this S S OLIVER was, or where to find him &/or this OLIVER family in 1870??? There would be some Oliver family with ch Forest (J F?) 8, Alonzo/Lonza 3 & Wm 2].

LONZA OLIVER md Lucy HAMMONS on Apr 8 1886 in Caldwell Co, KY.

Evidently, this couple had a dau names Lula, b 1887 KY, who md Wm SIGLER (when/where in KY?), who had Bulah J, Maudie, Finley & Howard SIGLER, and who were living with h of h, ALONZO [OLIVER] YOUNG, in 1910 FC of Stewart Co, TN.

ALONZO OLIVER md Lydia G FOWLER on Oct 30 1888 in Lyon Co, KY.

Evidently, this couple moved to Trigg Co, KY, soon after their marriage, and Alonzo apparently began using his mother's maiden name of YOUNG as his own surname. I am presently waiting for the 1900 KY soundexes for Young & Oliver, that I have ordered, and hope to find this family in one of those soundexes. I have found members of this family in various 1910, 1920 & 1930 FC's of Montgomery & Stewart Co.s, TN, and I will post those listings in a subsequent post. Apparently, Alonzo & Lydia had eight ch: Dixie Frances (Mrs James RIPPY), H Lucy, Grover Cleveland, Dolly, Nora (Mrs Mathew BLACK), Aby, Margy/Maggie & Elmore F YOUNG.

1870 FC of Parkerville, Lyon Co, KY: p60B-189; FOWLAR(FOWLER), Alax(Alexander) 42 KY, Mary (E) J (CANNON) 36 KY, P(ernecia) F 16, J(ulia) M 13, J(osephine) E 8, John W 7, L(ydia) G 4 & (Martha)(A[nn?]) Fredonia 1 (ch b KY). [Pernecia F FOWLER md Drurey Wm OLIVER on Dec 12 1871 in Lyon Co, KY. Julia M FOWLER md George W OLIVER on Aug 21 1879 in Lyon Co, Ky. Josephine E FOWLER md Wm Asberry OLIVER on May 12 1881 in Lyon co, KY. Lydia G FOWLER md LONZO OLIVER on Oct 30 1888 in Lyon Co, KY. By 1880, Alex'r & Mary (Cannon) Fowler also had Isadora 8, Susan H 6 & Cordelia F 3].

Evidently, George W & Julia M (FOWLER) OLIVER moved to Trigg Co, Ky about the same time as Lonzo & Lydia G (FOWLER) [OLIVER] YOUNG. Apparently, George W & Julia/Julie had five ch: ____, ____, Sidney V, Ici/Icie Dora (Mrs Samuel GAFFORD), & Ivie/Bertie? OLIVER. Members of this OLIVER family were also listed in 1910, 1920 & 1930 FC's of Stewart Co, TN. I will also include those listings in my subsequent post.

I have not yet found any listing of (H)almanza & James Adkins &/or ch? (except the possibility that the George Atkins listed in the household of John Clayburn Young as 28 TN TN TN was the same as the George Atkins listed as 18 TN in the household of George & Martha Oliver of 1870 FC of Trigg Co, and that those Atkins ch listed with George & Martha Oliver were ch of (H)almanza & James Adkins, or at least ch of James) & (except for the possibility that the John Jasper Vanburen/Van Buren Atkins & Emmet J Atkins were at least the ch of James) in the1880 FC.

1880 FC of Eddyville, Lyon Co, KY: p27B; KINNIS, John 56 IN __ __, Mary (Hall) 53 TN VA VA, George (W) 25, Catherine (O) 23, Agnes/Ayris 19, Almeda/Almita (F) 17, Virginia (M) 14, William (B-"Barney") 12, Samuel (G) 9 & (Joseph) Fredrick 9 (ch KY IN TN), ATKINS, (John) Jasper (Vanburen) 22 & Emmet J 17 (both KY TN TN).

J J Vanburen ADKINS md Catherine O KINNIS on Dec 25 1881 in Lyon Co, KY.

Evidently, this couple had one dau, Ethel ADKINS b Oct 1882 Lyon co, KY-nothing further.

(John) Jasper VB ADKINS md Cynthia A PAYNE on Oct 29 1893 in Lyon Co, Ky.

Evidently, this couple had four ch: Addie, Arthur, Linn/Lynn (male) & John ADKINS. I will post more listings of this family for 1900-1930 in my subsequent post.

Emmet (J) ADKINS md Frances Belle MOORE on Oct 20 1885 in Lyon Co, KY.

Evidently, this couple had at least five ch including: (female) Dealey, Wm Kelley, Albert Sidney, Lilburn & Verna/Verney ADKINS. I will post more listings of this family in my next post.

It has taken me quite some time to type this post, offline, and it may take even more to type up the next one. I hope to be able to keep up with questions/correspondence from this post, in the meantime, and encourage all who have quetions &/or more information/stories about the various families mentioned in this post, to please post in follow-ups to this one and share them with us.

More later,
Richard lawson
Niangua, MO


Sue Cooper - May 25, 2010

Thanks Billie.   I should have also mentioned that when Claiborne left Wake Co., NC, ca 1807, he went to Warren Co., KY and was there in 1810, before arriving in Maury Co., TN by 1813

Billie Harris - May 26, 2010

Jesse, Anderson and Francis also had left Wake County by 1810.   They moved to Tennessee.   I wonder if it's possible Claiborne's in-laws moved to Warren County and that's the reason he went there.

Sue Cooper - May 27, 2010

A very good possibility, if only we knew who they were!!   He remained in KY only a few years and then went to Maury Co., TN.   Why Maury Co.?   So many questions?

Sue Cooper - May 27, 2010

When you say Francis, are you referring to Francis wife of Moses?   If so, she stayed in Wake Co. apparently dying there sometime after 1840.

Billie Harris - May 28, 2010

Yes, that's who I was referring to and in looking back, I see you're right.   She just wasn't in the 1810 census. so it could be she was overlooked or perhaps living with relatives.