Absalom Lewallen (Lewis, Andrew)

Billie Harris - Jul 4, 2010

From 'Scott County, Tennessee and Its Families"


"Absalom Lewallen came to the Oneida Area from Oklahoma.   He married Nancy Acres.   They had a son, Lewis, born August 3, 1878.   Lewis worked as conductor and frieght agent for the railroad in Oneida.

"Thomas York and Sally Bowling were married and had a son Andrew born August 3, 1849.   Andrew married Lucinda Newport.   He was a farmer, trader, and Landowner.   They had thirteen children including a daughter, Ardilla, born 1889.   Lwis and Ardilla were married and had three children, Homer, Olaf and Ardilla.   Homer and Olaf served in the Navy during World War II.   Olaf made a career of the Navy retiring as a Chief Petty Officer.   Upon retirement, he bought a farm in California and raised olivers.   He married Lana Mooney who had two sons, Don and Dale.   Homer worked for the Tennessee Valley Authority.   He married Elizabeth Griffith, daughter of I. W. and Corey Griffith.   They had two daughters Elizabeth Ann and Rosemary.   Ardilla married Horace (Jake) Jeffers.   they had six children, Don, Jan, Phil Harris, Judy, Joan and Jack.

"Submitted by Abe Jeffers."