John Granville Lewallen (1869 - 1958)

Billie Harris - Jul 5, 2010

From "Scott County, Tennessee and Its Famillies"


"JOHN GRANVILLE LEWALLEN was born July 26, 1869 in Morgan County Tennessee.   He was the son of ANDREW RUSSELL LEWALLEN and NANCY CARPENTER LEWALLEN.   He married CYNTHIA JANE GREER May 6, 1896 in Little Crab Tennessee.

"JOHN (Preacher John) was a Cambellite preacher, also known as a Christian preacher.

"The Desciples of Christ, a Christian denomination was founded in Pennsylvania in 1810 by Thomas and Alexander Campbell (hence the members were called Cambellites).   Following a separation in 1906, the conservative element became a separate denomination, Chruch of Christ.   The Church of Christ in Glenmary Tennessee is said to have been founded by the Lewellen's, John and others, and the Thompsons and Davises.

"Throughout his life Preacher John preached the Gospel, baptized true believers and married many couples within Morgan and Scott Counties Tennessee.

"JOHN GRANVILLE LEWALLEN died in Lenoir City Tennessee March 16, 1958.   CYNTHIA JANE GREER LEWALLEN was born December 11, 1876 in Little Crab Tennessee.   She was the daughter of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN and TALITHA GREER.   CYNTHIA G. LEWALLEN died July 22, 1936 in Lenoir City Tennessee.   CHILDREN:

"1.   OLIVE INEZ born in Burrville Tennessee February 22, 1897.   She died in Strawn Texas of pneumonia July 21, 1908 age 11 years.

"2.   ANDREW RUSSELL born March 25, 1899 in Fentress County Tennessee.   Married AMANDA RAMSEY.   Andrew was the twin brother of Benjamin.   Andrew died March 28, 1956 in High Point North Carolina.

"3.   BENJAMIN FRANKLIN born March 25, 1899 in Fentress County, Tennessee.   Married MATTIE ELIZABETH LITTLETON in Loudon County, Tennessee circa 1920.   He died July 26, 1968 in High Point North Carolina.   CHILDREN:

         "1.   BENJAMIN FRANKLIN JR. born September 30, 1921.   Married MAXINE HATTIE DURHAM May 30, 1942.   CHILDREN:   1.   Wayne Franklin born May 11, 1943.   2.   Carol Susan born July 18, 1948.

"4.   JOHN GRANVILLE JR. born July 27, 1901 in Morgan County, Tennessee.   Married BLANCH V. GREENWAY.   He died March 16, 1958 in Lenoir City, TN.

"5.   WALTER DE PEW born October 22, 1903 in Burrville Tennessee.   Married GRACE HANSEN.   Walter died September 1978 in Oregon.   CHILDREN:   1.   JOHN JULIUS born November 12, 1942.   Married ELEANOR LEVENTHAL.   2.   ROY WALTER born February 10, 1946.   married ELIZABETH BOLLES.

"6.   JAMES HOLLIS born June 30, 1905 in Burrville Tennessee.   Married LUCY PAULINE RAMSEY November 14, 1923 in Loudoun Tennessee.   CHILDREN:   1.   GARLAND WILLIS born September 23, 1924 in Monroe County TN.   2.   HARRY JOE born November 4, 1926 in Chattanoga, Tennessee.

"Submitted by Benjamin Franklin Lewallen Jr."