Anderson S. (Cash-Up) Lewellen (1836-1912), Sarah Mcdonald

Billie Harris - Jul 8, 2010

From "Scott County, TN. and its Families."


"ANDERSON S. (Cash-Up) LEWELLEN was born June 4, 1836 in Scott Co. and died Feb. 26, 1912 in Temple (Bell Co.) Texas.   He was the second child of John (First sheriff of Scott Co) and Delilah Reed Lewellen.   John was the son of Anderson and Lucy Rice Lewellen.   Anderson was the son of Alexander Llewellyn.   Delilah was the daughter of Isaac (Scott County's first Trustee) and Phariba Hatfield Reed.   Isaac was the son of John and Nancy Morris Reed.

"On Feb. 27, 1857 Anderson married Sarah (Sally) McDonald.   She was born Dec. 18, 1833 and died Aug. 3, 1869.   Sarah's father was Allen McDonald and her mother was Lakie Jeffers.   Allen's parents were James and Sarah McDonald.

"Sarah and Anderson had eight children.   They were Columbus, James B., Nancy Almira, John Riley, Allen, Campbell, Sherman (my father) and Effie Arlena.   Allen died at age 10.   He and his mother are perhaps buried in the Big South Fork area.  

"On Nov. 14, 1869 Anderson married Nancy McDonald.   She was the younger sister of Sarah.   She was born Nov. 19, 1835 and died March 5, 1900 in Temple, Texas.   She and Anderson had four children.   they were Sarah Balzora, Ebinezer, Balsada and Gran.

"On May 8, 1902 he married Sallie Jane Boyce.   She died in Temple, TX on Oct. 2, 1906 and is buried in the Hillcrest Cemetery there.

"Anderson was a Justice of the Peace in Scott County.   Scott County records show that he performed the Wedding ceremony for his father, John and Emily Reed McDonald.   He also married his brother, Andrew and Barbara Ann Blevens and another brother, Campbell and Millie Ann Young.

"Anderson and Nancy Lewellen left Tennessee and Scott County about 1873 and came to Texas by wagon train.   They came with other fmaily members including his father and stepmother, John and Emily, six of Emily's children, their two daughters, Tennessee and Texas, and five of John's and Delilah's children, Isaac, Andrew, Columbus Scott, Elizabeth (married Lebut McDonald) and Lucinda (married Calvin Bell and their families.   They settled around Temple (Bell County) Texas.

Anderson's nickname was "Cash-Up."   times were hard the first few years for him and his family.   If he worked for anyone or sold something he wanted his money immediately so the nickname "Cash-up."

"He had a crippled leg.   My mother told me that during the Civil War "They" came to get him to go serve and he would not go so "they" shot him in the leg.   (He had one son named Sherman and one son named Grant.)

When he died in 1912 his estate was valued at over $32,000.00.

"This family of Lewellens that came to Texas spelled their name with an e and the same family that stayed in Tennessee spelled it with an a.   I do not know why.   Do you?"

Submitted by Kelly Lewellen, His youngest grandson.