TX/AL Lewallens who match Sexton dna

Carol Redd - Aug 8, 2010

DNA results for Lloyd Sexton, grandson of John Preston Sexton, b Sept 1859 Morgan Co, TN show an exact match w/ William Michael Lewallen s/o William Marvin Lewallen and Katherine Mosely and grandson of William Marvin Lewallen and Pauline Sherrill.   Calvin is the son of Wiley Lewallen and 3 of Wiley's son, Harry (1828), Jesse (1830)   and Andrew(1832) were born in TN, but were in AL by 1850.   Since Calvin's descendants are an exact match, John Preston Sexton's father must be a close cousin if not brother to Calvin or his father Wiley.   Need to expand dna results to 67 to help identify more closely-related Lewallens in Morgan/Scott Co, TN as possible fathers of John Preston Sexton.

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The DNA you are seeing is my brother's.   Mike took the test for me, as he is the only male relative close by.   I am Cindy Lewallen, daughter of William Marvin Lewallen and Katherine Mosley Lewallen.   My grandfather was William Marvin Lewallen and my grandmother Pauline Sherrill.

"Granddaddy"   was born 9/11/1899 in Texas, d. 3/9/1968, buried in Chilton Texas.
Pauline (Grandmother) was borh in 1903, died in Pueblo, CO 1999.   Both are buried in Chilton.

William Marvin's father was William Calvin, b 1873 in TX, D 1906
Mother was Opal Mittie Wren b June 1881 in Mississippi.


The following Lewallens are an exact dna match w/ John Preston Sexton's descendants.   According to Cindy Lewallen, her gr.grandfather was William Calvin, b 1873 TX.   In checking census records for him in 1900 Falls Co, TX, he lists both parents born in AL.   His neighbor in that census appears to be his brother, Tom F. Lewallen b 1876 TX, both parents born AL, and in fact, his mother Serelda b 1850 AL/AL/AL is living with him.   Tracing backward, it appears that Wm. Calvin's father was James Lewallen, shown in the 1880 Falls Co, TX census w/ wife Seralda, both sons, Wm Calvin and Thomas and youngest sister, Anna.

In tracing Cindy's ancestors backwards, William Calvin Lewallen born 1874 TX appears to be the son of James Lewallen b 1853 in AL.   It would appear that since we can only find James and Seralda together in one census (1880) that they must have md after the 1870 census was taken.   The birthplace of both his father and mother are left blank. So, James may have still been in his father's household for 1870.  

There is a James Louallen in the Cherokee Co, AL census for 1870 and in searching previously for this family, the father's name is Calvin, which lends credance to this being the correct James Lewallen   of Falls Co, TX who named his son William Calvin, even though his age is stated in 1880 as 27, but in the 1870 census and 1860 census, this James' age is listed as 21 and 11 respectively.   I've always heard to take the earliest census as it is most likely to be correct.

Calvin Luallen is shown living next door to Wiley Luallen in both   the 1870 and 1850 Cherokee Co, AL census, somewhat suggesting he is the son of Wiley (1795 NC) and Mary "Polly" (1795 NC)Luallen.

1900 Justice Pricint 5, Falls Co, TX
William C Lewallen   26   TX/AL/AL Nov 1873 md 1899
Mittie O Lewallen 18 MS/NC/NC Oct 1881
William M Lewallen 8/12 TX/TX/MS Sept 1899   William Marvin Lewallen 09/11/1899 McLennan, TX

Tom F Lewallen   24 TX/AL/AL Apr 1876
Sereda A Lewallen 49 AL/AL/AL Oct 1850 MOTHER widowed
Mary J Lewallen 17
?Iddie O Lewallen 13
William H Everitt 64

1880 Falls Co, TX (pg 33 of 33 per Ancestry)
The two Lewallens above are sons of James Lewallen b AL 1856 as shown in the 1880 Falls Co, TX census
Serelda is listed as born AL, father b TN, mother b AL
Jas. Luwellen   27 (1853) AL - f/m fields left blank
Sarelda Luwellen 27 (1853) AL/TN/AL
Wm. Luwellen 7   (1873) TX   parents may have been md about 1872 and would have been about 19 if their ages are correct.   However, Sarelda's age in 1900 is listed as 49.
Thomas Luwellen 4
Anna Luwellen 1
1870 Cherokee Co, AL (pg 4 of 10 per Ancestry)
C Louallen   47 (1823) NC
Araminta Louallen 37 (1833) TN
Mary Louallen   25 (1845)
James Louallen   21 (1849) age matches 1860
Henry Louallen   19 (1851) Listed as William in 1860
Andrew Louallen   17 (1853) age matches 1860
Catharine Louallen 15 (1855) age matches 1860
Lucinda Louallen   11 (1859) This would have to be Elizabeth in the 1860 census
Levi Louallen   9   (1861)
Lorena Louallen   7   (1863)

Neighbor:This is most likely parents of Calvin Lewallen.
W. Louallen   71 (1799) NC
Pollie   70 (1800) NC
E. Witt   24 (1846) AL daughter   This would likely be sister of Calvin Lewallen
M. Witt   8 AL
F. Witt   6 AL

Most likely candidate for father of James Luwellen b AL 1853 who named son Wm.   Calvin b 1873 TX and matches dna of John Preston Sexton descendant.
1860 Gnatsville, Cherokee Co, AL (pg 138 of 157 per Ancestry)
Calvin Luallen   37 (1823) NC
Araminta Luallen 24 (1836) TN Must have married sometime after 1850 - may be Araminta Isham
Mary Luallen   15 (1845) AL - obviously NOT Araminta's child unless her age is mistated.
Joseph Luallen   13 (1847) AL - obviously NOT Araminta's child unless her age is mistated.
James Luallen   11 (1849) AL- obviously NOT Araminta's child unless her age is mistated.
William Luallen     9   (1851) AL - obviously NOT Araminta's child unless her age is mistated.
Andrew Luallen   7
Catharine Luallen   5
Martha Luallen     3
Elizabeth Luallen 5/12

1850 Cherokee Co, AL (pg 53 of 170 per Ancestry)
Calvin Luallen   27 NC
Eliza Luallen   23 AL Eliza may have died after 1850. Calvin md a 2nd time to Araminta who might possibly be neighbor, d/o William and Sarah Isham
Mary Luallen   5
Joseph Luallen   3
James Luallen   2
Louisa Coats   25

Wiley Luallen   55 (1795) NC Listed in the 1870 census as 71 w/ wife Pollie (nickname fore someone named Mary) as 70 (1800).  
Mary           55 (1795) NC
Harry?   22 TN (1828)
Jesse   20 TN (1830)
Andrew   18 TN (1832)  
Jane           12 AL (1838)
Rhoda   11 AL
Eliza             7 AL

William Isham   45 (1805) TN?? PA??
Sarah   42
Mary           20
Bolin                 18
Aramitta           16 (1834)   CBR remembers seeing an Isham family living next door to some Lewallen family - this MUST be Calvin's 2nd wife.
Allen           14
Jada           12
Ellizabeth         10
Charles   8
Carroll   5 (male)

Other Alabama Lewallens for consideration - Jackson Co, AL 1830 forward.   Of particular interest is Daniel and Elizabeth who named a son Preston as did each succeeding generation.   Daniel was supposedly born TN, but who were his parents and where in TN was he born?

Anna 1771-1780 only in 1830 census - shows her w/ 1 male & female age 20-29(b 1801-1810) & 1 male age 15-19 (1811-1815)

Daniel 1781-1790 Daniel's birthplace is extrapolated from son Madison's 1880 Jackson Co, AL census and he is most likely to be b closer to 1790 based upon wife's age shown as b 1793 in the 1850 census

Freeman 1791-1800 1795 per 1850 census - birthplace unknown

John 1781-17901790 per 1850 census - birthplace unknown
In searching for Cindy's ancestor, William Marvin Lewallen, CBR first found a John P. (Preston) Lewallen b Oct 1848 in AL.   While this could NOT be the same William M. Lewallen, it is possible that he is directly related.   Jackson Co and Cherokee Co, AL have only one county in between them.   John P. Lewallen b 1849 seems to be the son of Madison Lewallen b 1823 in AL, and whose parents are both born TN per the 1880 Jackson Co, AL census.   How might they be related to Wiley (1795 NC) and son, Calvin (1823 NC) w/ whom John Preston Sexton has an exact dna match at 37 markers?
Does the Lewallen FTDNA Project have any descendants of the Jackson Co, AL group?  
IF so, how do they match w/ John Preston Sexton's descendants?
The census for 1830 and 1840 Jackson Co, AL show Daniel, Freeman and Anna Luallen
The census for 1850 shows Elizabeth Luallen living next door to John Luallen, 60, and he is next door to Freeman 55.   Both John and Freeman's place of birth is listed as unknown.   Elizabeth's is listed as TN, Freeman's wife was born KY, and John's wife was born NC.   This works to exclude John and Freeman as the father of Madison Luallen whose parents were stated in the 1880 census to both be born TN.   The fact that Elizabeth is listed as a slave owner in the 1850 Jackson Co, AL Slave schedule and Daniel was the only one in the 1830 and 1840 census to be shown as owning slaves, CBR concludes that Daniel must have died between 1840 and 1850.   IF the 1880 census for Madison Luallen is correct, then Daniel was born in TN 1781-1790.  

1900 Fackler, Jackson Co, AL
John P Lewallen     51 (1849) AL/AL/AL md 1878
Tennessee A Lewallen   40 (1860)
William M Lewallen   21 (1879) Madison as shown in the 1880 census
Sarah J Lewallen   19
George Lewallen   12
Annie B Lewallen   9
James F D Lewallen   6
Emma G Lewallen   4
Alabama Marriages show J.P. Lewallen md T. A. Lovelady June 2 1878 in Jackson, AL

1880 Jackson Co, AL (pg 2 of 9 per Ancestry)
J. P. Lewallen           29 (1851) AL/AL/AL
Tennefou Lewallen     22 (1858) TN/TN/TN
Madison Lewallen   1   (1879) AL/AL/TN

Madison   57 (1823) AL/TN/TN
Sarah   54 (1826) AL/KY/KY
Mary E.   35
Daniel 28
Kate   22
Elisha 21
Alice   16

AND, LOTS OF STEWARTS/STUARTS FROM TENNESSEE!   Could there be a Stewart/Lewallen connection back in Tennessee in Morgan/Scott Co??

1870 Fackler, Jackson Co, AL
Madison Lewallen     47 (1823)
Sarah Lewallen       47 (1823)
Mary E Lewallen       25 (1845)
Nancy J Lewallen       23
John Lewallen       20   (1850)   listed in 1850 as 2, (b 1848), 9 b 1851 in 1870
Daniel Lewallen       19
Kate Lewallen       16
Brickell Lewallen       13
Elisha Lewallen       10
Sarah Lewallen         8
Alice Lewallen         7
Amanda Lewallen   5

1870 Fackler, Jackson Co, AL
Jas Lewallen   23 (1847) s/o Madison and Sarah
Nancy Lewallen   20 (1850)

1860 Bellefonte, Jackson Co, AL
Madison Luallen   37 (1823)
Sarah Luallen   37 (1823)
Elizabeth Luallen 16
Nancy Luallen   14
James Luallen   11 (1849)
John Luallen   9   (1851)
Dane Luallen   7 Daniel in 1870
Catharine Luallen 6   Kate in 1870
Brickell Luallen   4
Elisha Luallen   3 10 in 1870
Sarah Luallen   5/12   8 in 1870

pg 11 of 11 per Ancestry
Nancy Luallen 70 (1790) NC living alone John must have died

Neighbor:This woman and her children were living w/ John and Nancy in the 1850 census
Jane McCarver 33 KY   GA in 1850
Sarah   19 TN   AL in 1850
Malinda   16 AL   not listed in 1850

1850 Jackson Co, AL (pg 71 of 100 per Ancestry)
Whose son is Madison Luallen? f/m both b TN per 1880 census.   From the fact that John'sFreeman's wives are shown to be born NC/KY respectively, and Elizabeth is the only one listed as born in TN, then it appears that Madison is s/o Daniel (1781-1790 TN) and Elizabeth (1793 TN)
Madison Luallen   25 (1825) AL
Sarah Luallen   28 (1822) AL
Elizabeth Luallen 6 AL   (md abt 1844)
Nancy Luallen   4
James Luallen   3 (1847)
John Luallen   2   (1848)

(pg 70 of 100) No other Lewallens listed on previous page, but Madison in on the following page.
household 508
Elizabeth Luallen 57 (1793)   TN Speaks to her being mother of Madison Luallen
Preston   18 (1832) AL 5 - 9 in 1840
Daniel   15 (1835) AL   5 - 9 in 1840
Andrew   13 (1837) AL under 5 in 1840
This would almost have to be Daniel's family since Elizabeth is listed in the 1850 Slave Schedules and Daniel was the only one who owned slaves in the 1830 and 1840 census.  
IF Daniel was born 1781-1790 as is indicated in both the 1830 and 1840 census, then if would almost certainly have to be extreme upper NE. TN or middle TN closer to Nashville.  
Did he have brothers who stayed in TN?  
Were John and Freeman (a name found also in the Sexton family of Scott/Morgan Co, TN) his brothers?   Why did they not know where they were born?
Daniel and Elizabeth are shown in the 1830 census as having one son younger than Madison b 1826-1830 and 2 sons born 1816-1820, one daughter b 1826-1830 and one daughter b 1811-1815.

household 509
John Luallen       60 (1790) place of birth is unknown???
Nancy   60 (1790) NC
Jane McCarver 26 (1824) GA
Sarah McCarver 11 (1839) AL
Nancy McCarver   8 (1842) AL
Riley McCarver   6 (1844) AL

household 510
Freeman Luallen   55 (1795) place of birth is unknown???
Mary Luallen       43 (1807) KY
Cynthia Luallen   11 (1839)   AL
Leroy Luallen   9   (1841)   AL
Margaret Luallen   7   (1843)   AL
Louis Luallen   4   (1846)   AL
Margret Luallen   7   (1843)   AL Did they list Margret twice? Actual census record shows the last name repeated on the first Margaret listed, w/ ditto marks everywhere else.

(page 35 of 100 per Ancestry)
Catha Luallen 32 (1818) KY
Jordan   12 (1838) AL
Mary             8 (1842) AL
Charles     6 (1844) AL

Jackson Co, AL                   Daniel   Freeman           John
                     (1781-1790) (1791-1800) (1781-1790)
Free White Persons - Males - Under 5:     D1
Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9:   D3
Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 14:               F1   J1
Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19:   D1             F1
Free White Persons - Males - 20 thru 29:   D1
Free White Persons - Males - 40 thru 49:       F1
Free White Persons - Males - 50 thru 59:   D1             J1
Free White Persons - Females - 5 thru 9:       J1
Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 14:   D1               F1   J1
Free White Persons - Females - 15 thru 19:   D1
Free White Persons - Females - 30 thru 39:               F1
Free White Persons - Females - 40 thru 49:   D1
Free White Persons - Females - 50 thru 59:               J1    
Slaves - Males - 10 thru 23:             D1
Slaves - Males - 24 thru 35:             D1
Slaves - Females - Under 10:     D1
Slaves - Females - 36 thru 54:     D1
Total - All Persons (Free White, Free Colored, Slaves): D14     F5   J5

Jackson Co, AL             Daniel Luallen         Freeman       Anna
                   (1781-1790)   (1791-1800) (1771-1780)
Free White Persons - Males - Under 5:     D1           F0
Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9:   D1           F1
Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 14:   D2
Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19:   D1               A1
Free White Persons - Males - 20 thru 29:           A1
Free White Persons - Males - 30 thru 39:       F1
Free White Persons - Males - 40 thru 49:   D1
Free White Persons - Females - Under 5:   D1
Free White Persons - Females - 5 thru 9:   D1
Free White Persons - Females - 15 thru 19:   D1
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29:                 A2
Free White Persons - Females - 30 thru 39:   D1             F1
Free White Persons - Females - 50 thru 59:                 A1
Slaves - Males - Under 10:     D2
Slaves - Females - Under 10:     D1
Slaves - Females - 10 thru 23:     D1
Free White Persons - Under 20:     D8             F1     A1
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49:     D2             F2     A3
Total Free White Persons:           D10             F3     A5
Total Slaves:               D4
Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored): D14       F3     A5
Freeman Luallen
Anna Luallen

John Preston Sexton - said to be the son of a Lewallen woman.   DNA shows he was the son of a Lewallen man.   Robert Bailey, Roane Co, TN historian, believes John Preston Sexton was the son of Mary Ann Stewart, who was an illegitimate child, as was her mother.   Mary Ann was the granddaughter of Nancy Stewart (a seemingly unmarried woman for most, if not all, of her adult life). Dinetta Stewart was Mary Ann's mother, also an unmarried woman.   Mary Ann was living in her grandmother's home w/ her mother in the 1860 Morgan Co, TN census only two households away from two Lewallen families.

1860 Morgan Co, TN
John Preston Sexton is living w/ Fielding Sexton in Fielding's mother's, Rhoda Sexton, home.   William Sexton, Fielding's father, had died before 1860.

Dist 4, (pg 6 of 16 per Ancestry)
Mary Ann Stewart, 17, was living w/ her mother, Dinetta 43 and grandmother, Nancy Stewart 69

1860 Scott Co, TN Dist 9 (pg 1 of 9 per Ancestry)
Michael Lewallen 21 (1839)
Flemon Lewallen 21 (1839)
neighbor of Michael Robins 100 (1760) VA

1870 Princeton, Caldwell Co, KY
Feland Sexton   32 (1838) (Fielding)
M A Sexton   27 (1843) (Mary Ann)
J P P Sexton   10   (John Preston)
N C Sexton   7 (Nancy)
Caroline Sexton   5
G A Sexton   2 (Andrew)
Easter Sexton   2/12

1880 Morgan Co, TN census (pg 4 of 8 per Ancestry)
Feeling Sexton   47
Mary A. Sexton   38
John Sexton   20
Nancy Sexton   17
Catherine Sexton   15
Andrew Sexton   12
Esther Sexton   10
Sarah A. Sexton   6
Parelda Sexton   2
William Sexton   1M
Isaac Taylor   23
Dinetia Steward   63 Mother of Mary Ann

William Lewallen   32 (1848) TN/TN/TN
Sarah   32
James G   8
Susan F.   6
Mary E.   4
Arminda     2

1900 Morgan Co, TN, Dist 108 of Civil Dist 5 June 8, 1900 (pg 10 of 29 per Ancestry)
John   Sept 1859 40 md 16 yrs (md 1884) TN/TN/TN
Julia E.   June 1865 34 md 16 yrs 9 born/6 children living   TN/TN/TN
Joseph   M. Oct 1884 15   TN/TN/TN - 1st child after marriage
Bertha H.   Jan 1887 13 TN/TN/TN
Lee R.   Apr 1891 9 TN/TN/TN
Lenard F. J une 1894 6 TN/TN/TN
Mary B   Oct 1895 4 TN/TN/TN
Maggie E.   Aug 1898 1 TN/TN/TN

1920 Morgan Co, TN Dist 50 of Civil Dist 4 (pg 23 of 24 per Ancestry)
Emory River Road
John P Sexton   59
Julia E Sexton   49 (1871) conflicts w/ 1900 census showing her born June 1865 which is more likely
Willie Sexton   19 (1901)
Ray Sexton   28 (1892)
Ida Sexton   16 (1904)
Bartley B Sexton   12 (1908)

Sexton: Freeman 21 and Mabel 22
         : Maggie 34 (1886) widow, Carson 16 (1904), Reed 12 (1908), Hattie 8 (1912), Johnnie daughter 5 (1915), John Stringfield 55 (1865), Lizzie 54 (1866)
Hood: Ervin 47 (1873) TN/TN/TN, Allie 30, Chester, Elmer, Lola, J.B. Ervin Hood is about 8 yrs younger than Julia Evie Hood.   Is this a younger brother?   There is a James Hood, age 8 (1872), son of Joseph and Sarah E. Hood in Dist 14 of Roane Co, TN.   Since Evaline is also listed as the same age as Julia Evie Hood, it is reasonable to believe that this is her brother.   1910 and 1930 census show him as Ervin E. Hood b 1874 or 1873 respectively

Billie Harris - Aug 8, 2010

Carol, has a descendant of Fielding or his brothers had a DNA?   I know John Preston's descendant has but am wondering if Fielding or one of his siblings have had one?

So far, we haven't found who Wiley Lewallen's parents were.   It's been assumed that Anderson (father of Sheriff John) was his father but there's nothing to substantiate it and if anything, to me it appears Wiley was probably a nephew.   Descendants of Anderson have also tested and are identical matches with Wiley's descendants.   Most, or many, of Anderson's descendants stayed in Morgan and Scott counties while Wiley is never found in documentation there.   Wiley was born ca 1795 in North Carolina as was his wife, Mary.   They moved to Tennessee, probably McMinn County, and from there moved to Calhoun, Cherokee counties, Alabama (I believe another county, too, without checking.)  

Ironically, both of their descendants (Anderson and Wiley's)   also match with that of William Lewelling's descendant.   William Lewelling died 1795 in Randolph County, North Carolina.   His family were Quakers; some active in the underground railroad for slaves, and were horticulturists, some of whom migrated with wagon trains of fruit trees to Oregon.

Your question on who was Madison Lewallen in Jackson County?   I'm not sure and maybe someone else can answer but maybe he was the son of Charles Lewallen.   See the following, and scroll down to Jackson.

[NOTE: broken link]

Carol Redd - Aug 10, 2010


Thanks for your response.   I answered my own question as to who were the parents of Madison Lewallen of Jackson Co, AL.   I'm fairly certain Daniel and Elizabeth Lewallen.   They were parents of Preston (1832), Daniel (1835), and Andrew (1837) all born in Jackson Co, AL.

The other Jackson Co, AL families in 1830/1840 were headed by Freeman (1790) and John (1795), both are listed in the 1850 Jackson Co, AL census with "unknown"   for place of birth.

My interest in this group is completely related to the use of the name Preston and also that they were living just one county over from Calvin Lewallen whose descendants match w/ John Preston Sexton.

I thought of testing Fielding's other sons, but only John Preston's birth was at question.   I realize it's always a possibility that Fielding's father might have been a Lewallen, but I don't have unlimited funds to test everyone.   So, for now, I'm willing to accept that the family story was in part true and that it was a Lewallen who fathered John Preston Sexton.