Descendants of Daniel Llewellyn of Charles City County, VA.

Billie Harris - Feb 8, 2011

The male descendants of Daniel Llewellyn and Ann Price-Hallom-Llewellyn seems to have come come to an end with their son, Daniel, but there remains a question of who the Richard and Thomas mentioned in the timeline below were and who was the Daniel Lewelling in Amelia County.   In reviewing some of the records, it seems Daniel's property wasn't near where Richard and Thomas lived.  

There will be a separate posting on the descendants of Thomas of Amelia County (father of Jesse Lewelling and husband of Susanna) made in the next day or so.

The genealogy for the descendants of Daniel and Ann appears to be the following.   If anyone can add to this, please post a reply below.

Daniel arrived in the colonies 1633.  


   Married James Crews of Bacon's Rebellion   (See below)
   It doesn't appear they had children.

   Married Richard (or Robert) Jones.   Richard Jones died 1676
   Son:   Richard Jones
             Richard married Amy Batte .   They had a daughter named Amy and a son Llewelling Jones.   Note that this family also lived in Amelia County.   See last posting

   Wife - ? Stith (see below).   They had one daughter.
   Daughter - name unknown.   Married an Eppes.
   Grandson - Llewellyn Eppes.
   Died 1712.   His Will, made out 1710 left his plantation to his grandson, Llewellin Eppes and if he died without issue, then to his nephew, Richard Jones (son of Martha Llewellyn Jones.)  

BUT ..... Who was this Daniel Lewelling?

Amelia County, Virginia.   Daniel Lewelling sold 100 acres on the lower side of Beaver Pond Branch of Flatt Creek, part of a 1,730 acre grant to Samuel Cobbs in 1754.   Testators were Thomas Wren and John Roberts.   Daniel's land remained in Amelia after Prince Edward County was formed from it 1752 while Jesse's was in Prince Edward.   Jesse was probably the son of Thomas and Susanna Lewelling.   A posting on descendants of   Jesse will be in the next couple of days.

Here's what we have:

Charles City County was an original shire and formed 1634

1620 -   Robert Hallam arrived in Virginia August on the Bonaventure.   Ann Price arrived the same year.   (Some of the Hallam information came from a posting on GenForum by William Roper.)

1623 –  Robert Halam is shown in the Virginia Muster of Feb. 16, 1623/4   and lived at “neck of the Land” and lived adjacent to Robert Hallam.

1624 - John PRICE is shown to be age 40 at January 20-February 7 1624/5, while his wife Ann is shown to be age 21

1628 –  John Price died.  

1633 -   Daniel Lewellin   of Chelmsford, Essex, England, was a 1633 headright, along with George Baker, of Henry Perry. Perry also claimed headrights of John Carpenter whose daughter would marry William Baker, grandson of the 1st John Baker. Perry's wife was the widow of Richard Pace, and the mother of Richard Baker's wife. Daniel Lewellin married Ann Baker, daughter of John Baker (1604-1654).   (sources unknown)

1634 –  Daniel Lewellin was a witness to a deed of Charles Manger 8 Feb. In 1634, Lewellin witnessed a land transaction at Flourdieu Hundred (Captain William Barker of Flourdieu Hundred),  
1634 - From "Early Virginia Families Along the James...." John Cawsey, Planter, of Chas. City in Va. unto Walter Auston, Gent of Causes Cleare, by estimation 200 acs neare Sherley hundred, S. upon Henry Watkins Cr., N upon the main land, E upon the Company land & W upon land of Robert Brown.   Consideration: 1,000 wt of Tobacco & 1 cowe already to him delivered.   Feb. 7, 1634, page 78, signed John Cawsey.   Witnesses:   Richard Milton, DANIELL LUELLIN

1636 –  Ralph Wyatt to Richard Johnson, Roger Davis and Abraham Wood –  21 yr lease.   Dated last day of Dec.   Witness DANIELL LEWELLIN
1636 –  Note this property was in Henrico County:
Patent of Robert HOLLOM
02 Jun 1636
To All to whome these presents shall come I Capt John West Esq. Governr etc send greeting etc. Whereas By Letters etc. Now Know yee that I the said Capt. John West Esq. doe wth the consent of the Councell of State accordingly give and grant unto Robert HOLLOM one Thousand acres of lande situate lying and being in the County of Henrico butting Southerly upon the land of Edward OSBORNE Westerly upon the maine river Northerly up towards the ffalls Easterly up into the maine woods the saide lande lying right opposite against a Creake called the fallen Creake. (The Saide one thousand acres of land being due unto the said Robert HOLLOM by and for the transportation at his owne expense coste and
charrges of twentie psons into this Colony whose namesare in the records mientaned Under this pattent To have and to hold etc. dated the second of June 1636.
Names:   James Place, Rich Ferris, Nobr? Perfitt, Jon Nickols, Richard Baly, Edwd Hollom, Tho Smith, Anah Clarke, Francis Nissell?, Humphrey G. ?? Zell?, John Read, Qirk Dixon, James Roddey, Barth Cooke, Masry Aston, Humphrey Cassell, James Hormer, Tho Morethorpe and two Negro all servants.

1637 –  “Cavaliers and Pioneers” shows Henry Perry, son and heir to Capt. Wm. Perry, 20000 acres known by name of Buckland, Chas. Cittee Co. 18 Dec.   Bequeathed by Will of his father 5 Aug. 1637.   One of the names appearing under this record is DANIELL LEWELLIN
1637 - "Early Virginia Families Along the James River, Their Deep Roots and Tangled Branches, Henrico County, Goochland County, Virginia" by Louise Pledge Heath Foley shows:
   Capt. Thomas Paulett, 2000 acs, Chas. Citty Co., 15 Jan. 1637, p. 514, Bounding to the River S, N.W. to the main Ewd. to land of Capt. Perry, W. upon Berkeley hundred land & extending by the river side from herring Cr to gutt of land dividing this from sd Berkley hundred, Due for the per. adv. of himself & brother Chiddock Paulett & trans. of 38 pers:   Jon Trussell, And. Hore (or Hooe), Edw. Shippey, Tho. Cox, Wm. Havert, Evan Morgan, JON. LEWELLIN, Walter Nichols, Jon. King, Phi. Major, Jon. Towell, Jon. Long, Rich. Carpenter, Jon Cuninghorm, Jon Beldam, Eliz. Clarke, Elias Tally, Tho. Gregory, Wm Cooper, Susan Hate, Wm Rose, David Flood, Peter Low, Robt. Chapyn.

1638 –  Robert Hallam died between Nov. 1637 and May 1638
1638 - 6 May, a regrant of Robert Hallom’s land to Ann Hallom, widow, and to the heirs of Robert Hallom. "1,000 acres lying in Henrico, N by E into the woods, S by W upon the river, W by N towards Bremo, adjoining the lands of Richard Cocke, E. by S. towards Turkey Island Creek"

1642 –  Daniel Llewellyn of Chelmsford Co., Essex, England arrived and settled near Shirley Hundred. (records documenting this are unknown.)   NOTE above that he arrived 1633 as a headright.     According to “Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666” by George Cabell Greer, Clerk of Virginia Land Office, Daniel was brought to the colonies by Henry Perry.   Also arriving was JON. LEWELLEN in Charles River County, by Capt. Thomas Paulett.

1642 –  Joseph Royall 600 acres Aug. 20, bounding on the land of Edward Madden above Sherley Hundred, N.&E. on the river to Dockmans Creek, adj. DANIELL LEWELLIN, W. & by N. Trans of 12 persons.
1642 - “DANIELL LEWELLYN, Gent. 856 acs. The Northermost part beg. Above Mrs. Heyman, N. on the upper branches of Turkey Island Cr. And S. on the head of Mr. Aston’s land.   The southernmost part extending to Mr. Aston and W. upon Joseph Royall between Dockermans Cr. And Sherley Hundred.   Trans. Of 17 pers:   Michael Peacock, Charles Edgar, Tho. Morgan, James Foster, Robert Hopps, Tego Frayle, Hen. Hitchcox, Robert Ward, Tho. Richardson, John Devall, Robert Hallome, Frances Hallome, Eliza Jackson.   Page 845.   Oct. 27

1643 –  ca Sarah Hallom married Samuel Woodward.   For good Woodward information, see:
[NOTE: broken link]

1644 - "General Assemblie, James City I, Oct. 1644. Mr. Fra. Poythress, Burgess for Charles City. Daniel Llewellin for Henrico."

1645 - From "Early Virginia Families Along the James River..."  
   DANIELL LUELLIN 270 acs. Chas. City Co. 26 Oct. 1650, p. 268.   Lyeing on the head of Shirty (Shirly) hundred commonlyknown by the name of Richard Levell, bounded W. upon the head of Shirly hundred, E. by S. upon land of Mr. Walter Aston & upon a former devdt of his own.   Trans. of 6 pers:   Edward SHEPPARD, Sam Pediston, Edward Baker, Fra. Clarke, Kath. Allen, Wm. Breman, John BULL, Wm. Sucker.   (Note:   the last 2 names enclosed in brackets.)

1650 –  ca.   Sarah Hallom Woodward married   John Sturdivant.   According to a posting on GenForum,   Sarah and John Sturdivant had son u/k b. 1662 killed by Indians in 1684, along with his father John Sturdivant.   Other children:, Daniel Sturdivant-b.1665., Chichester Sturdivant-b. 1668., Llewllyn Sturdivant-b.1670 and Matthew Sturdivant-b. 1672.   One source says the children were Daniel, Matthew and Chichestor (no mention of Llewellyn)
1650 -

1650 - Sept. 20.   Survey of the "Rich Level" portion of Shirley Hundred for JAMES LLEWELLEN

1653 - From Early Virginia Families Along the James River...
   Capt. DANIEL LUELLIN, 200 acs, lying in or neer Sherly hundred, which was late in possession of Edward Gardner, dec'd, bounding E. into the woods, W. upon the river, N. upon 40 acs purchased of Edward Maddin, and S. upon land lately belonging to serjeant John Harris.   Sd land formerly granted unto sd LUELLIN by order of the Quarter Court dated -- and alsoe for trans. of 4 pers:   Jon White, Geo. Midlemore.   11 july 1653, p 26

1654 - “Margaret (2) named in her father’s will as MARGARET CRUSE, was witness 1654 to a deed for a portion of ‘Turkey Island’ given by her half sister, Sara (Hallam) Woodward; , her husband was probably James Crewes of Charles City, merchant, who was closely associated with DANIELL LLEWELLYN SR.. in numerous business transactions.   (Note by Billie.   (1) Is this the correct date?   (2)   If James Crews was Margaret’s husband, then there may have been more than one; either that or she must have been deceased by 1676.   There was a James Crews involved with Nathaniel Bacon in the Bacon Rebellion and because of his association with Bacon, he was hanged.   Bacon died of natural causes in 1676 and   Crews was hung in 1677.   At that time, James Crews owned at least a portion of Turkey Island in Henrico County.   William Randolph purchased Turkey island from Crew’s niece, a Whittington, in England.   There may have been a nephew also, but I do remember this discussion on the Randolph MyFamily site and there was a Wittington who sold the property.   At any rate, James Crews of Bacon’s Rebellion made a Will the1676 and did not name a wife or children)

1655 –  66 Lt. Col. Walter Aston to pay to Capt. DANIEL LLEWELLEN one terce of goodsack –  to the bill of Mrs. Susanna Major, or produce the person of Capt. Batt who married Mrs. Major.
1655 - From "Early Families Along the James River..."
   Capt. DANIEL LUELLEN, 636 acs Chas. City Co. 10 Mar. 1655, p. 379.   270 acs. on the head of Sherly hundred, commonly known bythe name of rich Levell, E. upon land of Mr. Walter Aston, & N. uon his own land; & 200 acs in or near Shirly hundred, which was in possession of Edward Gardner, dec'd, N upon 40 acres of land purchased of Edward Madison & S upon land lately belonging to Serjant John HARRIS, 63 acs in Sherly hundred, beg. at land of sd LUELLINS lately purchased of Robt. Partin, Senr & Robt Partin Junr & sold to Mr. John Meares; 63 acs another part being in Sherly hundred or Bermuda hundred, lately belonging to Michael Turpin; 43 acs next to land lately belonging unto Joseph Royall, dec'd, next towards Sherly hundred maine, 270 acs by patent dated 26 Oct. 1650; 200 acs by patent 11 July 1653; 63 acs purchased of Dorothy Baker, the relict of John Baker; 63 acs purchased of Michael Turpin, 40 acs purchased of Edward Maddin.   All of which several parcels were ordered to be included in one patent.

1655 - 58 - Ordered that the court make good the debt and damage against Capt.
Daniell Lewellin for the escape of Elias Webb for want of a prison according to act. Page
116. The order obtained by Capt. Daniell Llewellin late sherr agst the court for the escape
of Elias Webb is reversed and made voyd and the sd escape appearing by default and
neglect of the sd sherriffs officer Mr. Charles Sparrow plt agst Webb is left to the benefitt
of his proceedings agst the sd sherr

1656 - Aug. 26.   Deed of sale of 60 acres.   Daniel Llewellin to Col. Edw. Hill

1657 - The earliest record of Christopher Woodward, Jr. was in Charles City Co. dated Feb. 9, 1657 when he was allowed and paid his share of the crop made at Capt. Llewellin's plantation.

1660 - From "Early Virginia Families Along The James River..."
   Col. Edw. Hill, 2476 acs. Chas City Co., 8 Dec. 1660, p -- (450).   416 acs lying in Shirley Hundred bounded S on the swamp that parts *** Island, E on Mrs. Aston, N. on Joseph Royall, & W. on the main river.   The following names and places are mentioned in this record, which is badly mutilated:   John Meeres, Cameages Cr., M--. Ashton, --- LEWELLIN, Turkey Island Cr., Mrs. Haymans land316 acs. by purchase, 850 acs deserted by John Meeres was granted to sd Hill 3 Oct. 1659, by order of the Quarter Ct & due for trans of 17 pers.* The residue likewise due for trans. of 26 pers.*

1663 - From Early Virginia Families Along the James River...
   Major Wm. Harris, 450 acs, Henrico Co. 22 jan. 1663, p. 304 (278).   N side of James River, Ewdly, side of the Poplar Cr & Edwdly, run of 4 Mi Cr & called by the name of Slashes, bounded S on the head of land former in possession of DANLL LEWELLIN, E. on Maborne hills & s.w. on land of Brian Smith, trans of 9 pers:   Morgan Williams, Adam Rosse, Margary Forgott, Mary Bourne, Nich. Gyles, Tho. Deere, Wm. Blackman, Margt. Floyd, Ann Gay.
   Thomas Ludwell, Esqr., 961 acs, 1 furlong & 26 perches, being an irregular tract known by the name of Timber Slash, Henrico Co., 16 June 1663, p. 103 (599).   Beg. at cor. tree between Mr. Cocke & Mr. CREWES, hard by a Cart path &c. E by the 4 Mi. Cr. &c. W. up on land of Thomas Taylor, E. by land of Bryan Smith &c. Trans. of 20 pers:   Phill. Ludwell, Wm. Broadrib, Wm. Drakeford, Ann Drakeford, Wm. Hughlett, Robt. Jarrett, Rich. Crome, Rich. Talbot, 2 Negroes; Tho. Barton, James Duckett, Richard Heywood, Robt. Ward, John Venne, Dan. Cormacke, Hugh Berry, Ralph Parkson, Seth Dobson.

1663/4 Feb. 6 –  Will of DANIEL LLEWELLYN   is in Prerogative Court of Canterbury, England.   Names wife ANN, son DANIEL LLEWELLYN, daughter MARTHA JONES, daughter MARGARET CRUZ, son-in-law (actually his stepson) ROBERT HALLAM.   (Note:   Ann was a Price and married a Hallam, then married Daniel Llewellyn, also note that Daniell Lewellyn brought a Frances Hallom to the colonies 1642)   The will reads:
         Daniel Llewellyn of Chelmsford, Essex, England, Planter of Charles City County, Virginia.   Will dated February 6th 1663/4, proved March 11th 1663/4
“Lands, tenements, heriditaments, in Charles County in upper part of James River in Virginia, to wife Anne for life, then to son Daniel Llewellyn.   Ditto as to goods but to daughter Martha Llewellyn Jones, Daniel’s sister, two seasoned servants.   Also to son Daniel Llewellyn best suite, cloake, coate, and hatt, second best hatt with sivver hatband, all Linnen and my sayle Skinn Truncke, to friend Mary Elsing of Chelmsford, spinster, for care, one of best white rugs and my piece of Dowlas, saving sufficient for a winding sheet to bury mee.   To Mary Deerington of Chelmsford, widow, one of worst white rugs.   To daughter Margaret Llewelyn Cruse 40 shillings for ring and to her husband ditto.   To son-in-law (stepson) Robert Hallam ditto.   To Master Chr. Salter living in Wine Court without Bishipgate and Anne, his wife, 10 shillings each for gloves.   Goods sent over from Virginia this spring and summer to be sold for debts due, rest to son Daniel.”
Executors:   Thomas Vervell of Roxwell, Essex, Gent.:   James Jauncey of Cateaton Streete, London, Merchant; Giles Sussex of Thomas Streete, London, Hottpresser; and Master William Walker of Colchest, Essex, Shopkeeper
“To be buried in Parish Church of Chelmsford, neare the Reading Deske, and friend Doctor James Michelson to preach.”
Witnesses:   Robert Lloyd, Tim Code, senior, scivenor.

1664 - From "Early Virginia Families Along The James River..."
   Geo. Bullington, 503 acs, Henrico Co. 21 June 1664, p. 224 (133).   On N. side of James Riv. beg at Thomas Feelds Cr Trans of 10 pers:   JAMES CREWS, Jno Tomson, Mary Huffe, Wm. Harding, Eliz. Arnell, Wm English, Negro, margaret, Eliz Hart, Edw Cocke.
   Mr. John Beauchamp & Mr. Richard Cocke, Sr. 2994 A. 2 R., 35 p. 2093 acs. part of S. side of Chickahomeny Sw., running S &c to a run called Col. OWINS Quarter, W. by S. to a run above the Pamunkey path &c. over the run called Cow Taile Quarter &c. 901 acs, 1 rod in Henrico Co. on N. side of James River known by the name of the forke of the Cattails Run & bounded N & by W. to the head of land formerly surveyed for Mr. Rich. Cock, Sr., along his line 367 (3900>   Trans of 60 pers:   Corn, Canida, Neale White, Lucy Davis, David Gload, Wm Shewmaker, Robt Browne, Mary Deth Langford, John Elkes, Jno Gunter, Jno Beauchamp, Wm Andrews, Henry Bullocke, Humph. Miles (or Mills), Rich Hayward, Jno Parke, Wm Partridge, Eliz Bridges, Rabecca More, Robert Sherly, Rich Dennis, Henry ___, Jno Sanders, Timothy Isar, Robt Marsh, Wm Hensy, Saml Knibb, Geo Price, Ester Barfield, Henry Watkins, Kath. Smith, Wm Baldin, James Foster, Jno Hine (or Hind), Robert ___, Ann THOMPSON, SIMON OWIN, Jno Myles, Salsbury Land, Geo. Hinton, Ed Lester, Jno Smith, Henry Flag, Owin Davis, Wm Lowder, James Hickman, Wm. Coxon, MARY CREWS, Margery Baker, Edw. Crump, Wm. Walkner, Margery Spencer, Mary Stone, Danll Jordan, Ann Jordan, Gilbert Jones, Clent. Bayly, Tho. Gully, Richard Varling, Phill Sparkes, Tho. Read
1664 - Certeficat is granted to Curtis Land for his right to 800 acres of Land proved in
Court for 10 persons imported vidz:     Will Coleby             Hannah Greene      
THOS LLEWELLYN           Bishopp Sheppard           Maudlin           Sara Stills
Tho Stone     Maria Aston   Abram Storey     Maria Sheward
and six persons assigned by Mr. Hamelin out of a Certificat on record vizt:
         Sam:   Henrick                       Tho:   Perun
         Ste:   Persian                       Tho: Richmond
         Sam: Moses                           Michaell Talin

1665 - Daniel Llewellin brought Thomas Hooper to court for hog stealing.   According to Mary Bird, aged 23, it seems that "a week after harvest her master and mistress being gone, Thomas Hooper and one Gerrard and an Indian boy, servants of her master Capt. Edwin Hill, did drive some hogs out of the yard at Shirley Hundred which did belong to Mr. Llewellin..."   Judgment was for the plaintiff.   (From "Autographs 1701-02".

1666 –  May 15.   Ann Price Hallom Llewellyn was apparently deceased by this time.   DANIELL LLEWELLYN at this time repatented his father’s land which became due him as son and heir
1666 - From "Early Virginia Families Along the James River..."
   DAVID LUELLIN (LEWELLIN) (....note by Billie...this was actually Daniel and just transcribed as David) 636 acs Chas Citty Co. 15 May 1666, p. 518 (635).   270 acs commonly known by the name of Rich Levell, bounding W upon the head of Shirly Hundred, E. & S. upon land of Mr. Walter Ashton & N. upon his own land; 200 acs in or near Shirly Hundred, which was late in the possession of Edward Gardner, dec'd, bounding W. upon the River, N. upon 40 acs purchased of Edward Maddin & S. upon land lately belonging to Serj. Jno HARRIS, 63 acs in Shirly Hundred, beg at land sd LUELLIN lately purchased of Robert Partin Sr. & Robert Partin Jr & sould to Mr. Jno Meres; 63 acs another part in Shirly or Burmody hundred lately belonging to Mr. Michaell Turpin; 40 acs being next to and lately belonging to Joseph Royall, dec'd; next towards shirly hundred.   Granted unto Capt. DANLL. LUELLIN, DEC'D, 10 Mar. 1665, & now become due sd DANLL as son & heire.

1676 –  Robert (name also given as Richard) Jones, husband of MARTHA LLEWELLYN, died.

1677 –  DANIEL LLEWELLYN called himself the son-in-law of Capt. John Stith.

1680 –  April in Henrico County, John Sturdivant and Sarah, his wife, of Charles City County to Samuel Woodward a tract of land at Turkey Island patented by the relict of Robert Hallom and granted to her, the daughter and heir of Robert Hallem and her two sisters the whole tract containing 1,000 acres.

1683 - In a dispute over land, on 21 Mar. Joseph Royall gave bond of L. 500 to Capt. Daniell (2) Llewellyn pending the outcome of survey of 523 acres, Charles City.  

1687 –  ca.   Amy Batte married Richard Jones, son of Richard and MARTHA LLEWELLYN Jones.
1687 - Sept. 2.   Fragment of a note of John Nash?.   Found inside a "Christian Directory" published 1678.   Book purchased 1706 by Robert Carter

1688 - Richard Lewellyn was security of an estate (or was this Flewellen? (from Rick Llewellyn's site)
1688 - Richard was defendant in a lawsuit and granted a non suit against William Irby
(from Rick's site)

1689 - John Lett received 2 days attendance as evidence against Richard (from Rick's site)

1690 - Richard mentioned in judgment for non-appearance (from Rick's site)

1690 - ca Llewellen Epes was born, son of Littlebury Epes and ? Llewellen.   He died 1758.   His wife was Angelica Bay and their children Elizabeth, Llewellen, Mary, Ann, Angelica, Temple and Peter.

1693 - Will of John STITH, Sr. of Westover Parish, Charles City County, Virginia, Gentleman.
To oldest son John, all land I live on and my mill lately built, and all other lands belonging to me except my land on eastern branch of Herring Creek, which I give to my son Drury.
To my daughter Jane, now wife of Capt. Daniel Luellin, 5 pounds.
To my daughter Ann, now wife of Mr. Robert Bolling, 10 pounds.
To my daughter Agnes, now wife of Mr. Thomas Wynn, 5 pounds.
All rest of my estate divided in three parts to my wife Jane and sons John and Drury. Drury is to take his share of personal estate at plantation left to him, but if more than his share, then surplus to the other two.
To my loving friend Hugh Davis, 20 shillings to buy him a ring.
He is to settle any difference among my executors. Dated 13 Nov 1690
Wit: James Batty, Frances (FH) Batty, John Gay, Hugh Davis
Signed John Stith     Recorded 3 April 1694
Codicil: I originally divided my estate in three parts. Since marriage of my son Drury, I have allowed him his third of my personal estate and made over the plantation left in my will. Therefore rest of estate is now divided into 2 parts for my wife and son John. 3 Oct. 1693.
Wit: William Cole, John Jones, Thomas Grig
Signed: John Stith     Recorded 3 April 1694
               From: Charles City Virginia Records 1737-1774, p. 185

(John Stith's wife, Jane, was previously married to Thomas Gregory, and 2nd, Joseph Parsons. Her maiden name is not known. John Stith married Jane in the latter part of 1656.)

1699 - “List of County Officers in Charles City County” 17 June 1 shows DANIELL LEWELLIN

1700 - From Early Virginia Families Along the James River...
   William Randolph, Gent. 1230 acs Henrico Co. 7 May 1700, p. 270, 480 acs part thereof called Curles, formerly Long Feild, being part of patent to THOMAS HARRIS dated 25 Feb. 1638, with the Swamp & Marsh, beg. at a Cr over against Capt. Martin, N. on back of Sw., E.S.E. into the woods towards Bresso W.N.W. upon the main river, Ac. 750 acres, commonly called the Slashes, lying on the poplar Brook on head of lands formerly Capt. DANIEL LEWELLIN's, E. along the heads thereof two (to) Mawborn Hills, ac.   Late in the seizen & inheritance of NATHANIEL BACON, Jr., Esq., dec'd from whom it escheated by his attainer for high treason, as by inquisition under William Randolph, Each'r., Ac. 21 july 1698, who hath paid to his Majestie's Auditor & Receiver Generall, Ac., the valuable consideration of 150 lbs Sterling, Ac.

1701 - .   Presumably DANIELLl (2) was deceased by 1701 when 2 of the original witnesses, William Randolph and Frances Epes, acknowledged the bonds in Henrico Court

1702 –  “English Duplicate of Lost Virginia Records” shows DAN’L LEWELLIN as a Justice July 8
1702 - The land that belonged to Capt. Littlebury Epes, William Epes and Capt. Francis Epes by patent of 1000 acres for transporting 20 people at this time was in Prince George County and in 1704 Littlebury Epes is on the Quit Rent rolls there with 633 acres.

1704 –  “English Duplicate of Lost Viginia Records shows LWLIN (LEWELLAIN) DAN’L 600 acres in Charles City Co.
1704 -   Quit Rent Roll shows Danll Lowelin

1710 - Extract from Daniel Llewellin's Will bequeathing "Rich Level" plantation to his grandson Llewellin Epses.   There was a provision that if Llewellin Epes died without issue, the property was to go to his nephew, Richard Jones.

1712 - "Daniel Llewellin lived about an hours ride from Westover.   In William Byrd's diary, he writes on June 22, 1712, "I heard this day that Capt. Llewellin died on Thursday last which surprized me because I knew not that he had been sick."   Two days later, Colonel Epes (a) wrote inviting Byrd to Llewellin's funeral on the 26th.   "It was very cool, that my wife and I resolved to go to the funeral of Captain Llewellyn.   About 11 o'clock we sent in the   coach and got there soon after 12.   There were abundance of people.   Mr. Anderson gave us a sermon.   We had wine and biscuits according to custom.   We stayed there till 6 o'clock and then returned and our horses performed very well."

1714 - Richard Llewellyn received 278 acres adjoining land of Drury Stith in Charles County.   Note:   See Prince George County.   Could Richard have been Flewellin?   See 1730

1722 - Richard Llewellyn received 296 acres adjoining his old land   (In 1723 in Prince George County he received 209 acres on the south side of Warwick Swamp).

1728 - Richard Llewellyn witnessed a Will

1730 - Thomas FLEWELLIN of Westover Parish, Charles City Co., to Benjamin Harrison of same, for 5 pounds, land on West side of Herring Creek Swamp, being part of a tract   Richard FLEWELLIN, father of said Thomas , etc. signed by Thomas FLEWELLIN, 6 Jan 1730

1764 –  Dec. 4.   Stephen Cocke and Amy Jones, daughter of Richard Jones, who consents.   Witnesses to the marriage: Llewellyng Jones and Andrew Redford.   Surety:   Llewellyn Jones.   (Note:   Richard Jones was the nephew of Daniel Llewellin who made his Will out 1710/11.   See 1710 entry above.

“Adventures in Purse and Person” pages 274-5 shows:
“Ann (---) Price (b 1604) who came to Virginia in the Francis Bonaventure and was living with her (1) husband John Price at neck of land, Charles City, 1623 md (2) 1636 Robert Hallam and (3) probably by 1640 Daniell Llewellyn, who was in Virginia by 19 Sept. 1633 when he was a headright (See Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nell Marian Nugent (1934).   Abstracts of Va. Land Patents and Grants 1623-1666), page 78.
“Llewellyn received a patent, 27 Oct. 1642, for 856 acres on the ‘upper branches of Turkey Island Creek’ and adjacent to ‘Mr. Ashton’s land’ in which he claimed among 17 headrights.   Robert Hallom and Frances Hallom.   (See P. 128 of above).   As shown in an account of the Hallam family, he had taken over by 1644 the management of their affairs in Va.   He served as Burgess from Henrico 1642-1644 and from Charles City 1646, 1652, 1655-6, as Justice of Charles City 1650 and as Sheriff 1656.   (See the Colonial Va. Register by Wm Glover Stanard (1902)   See page 62, 66, 69, 72.   Also Va. Colonial Abstracts Ser. 1 by Beverly Fleet.   34 v. Series 2 by the Rev. L. O. Duvall.   3 v.   Both series devoted largely to abstracts of Virginia County Court Records.   Page 34 XIII, 76).   His will 6 Feb. 1663/64 –  11 Mar. 1663/64 England recites he is Chelmsford, Essex (Eng) planter, bequeaths ‘lands, tenements, hereditaments in Charles Co. in upper part of James River, in Va to wife Anne for life, then to son, Daniell Llewellyn, ‘mentions his daughter Margaret Cruse and her husband’ and son-in-law (step-son Robert Hallam and directs that he be buried in the Parish Church of Chelmsford ‘neare the reading deske’.   (See Va. Magazine of History and biography Richmond 1893---) pages 53 and 54.   The Martha Jones mentioned in the will appears to have been a sister rather than a daughter of Llewellyn.
“Apparently Ann (----) Price-Hallom-Llewellyn was deceased by 15 May 1666 at which time Daniell (2) Llewellyn repatented his father’s land now became due him as son and heir. (See Cavalier & Pioneers, P. 561)   the name David given in the patent obviously is intended for Daniell, since the patent names ‘Daniell, son and heir’; several parcels of land near the 1642 grant to Llewellyn Sr and acquired separately were grouped and a patent for a total of 636 acres issued to Daniell Sr. 10 Mar. 1655, Cavaliers and Pioneers, p. 317.)
“Issue:   (There is no record that Daniell Sr. had been previously married; moreover, his bequest of his Va. Holdings to his wife during her life and then to his son is evidence of the mother-son relationship; a son by a former marriage would have received his separate inheritance.
“2.   Daniell (2), Justice of Henrico 1681, 1696 (See Va. Colonial Abstracts XIII 95, 102) in 1677 called himself the son-in-law of Capt. John Stith.   (See William & Mary Quarterly (1) V111   238).   In a dispute over land, 21 Mar. 1683, Joseph Royall gave bond of L. 500 to Capt. Daniell (2) Llewellyn pending the outcome of a survey of 523 acres, Charles City.   Presumably Daniell (2) was deceased by 1701 when 2 of the original witnesses, William Randolph and Frances Epes, acknowledged the bonds in Henrico Court.   (Va. Co. The Myra Kingsbury (1906-1934).   4 v. 1619-1622, II 1622-1624, III 1607-1666, IV 1623-1626   (Henrico D. 1697-1704).
“Margaret (2) named in her father’s will as Margaret Cruse, was witness 1654 to a deed for a portion of ‘Turkey Island’ given by her half sister, Sara (Hallam) Woodward, her husband was probably James Crewes of Charles City, merchant, who was closely associated with Daniell Llewellyn Sr. in numerous business transactions.   (See Virginial Colonial Abstracts X 44, X1 8, 22).”

There is an article regarding Daniell Llewellyn in “William and Mary College Quarterly –  Old Letters of the Seventeenth Century” Vol. 8, pages 237 through 245.   Because of the length, I have not included the same herein.   One thing it does mention which may be of some significance in doing a genealogy on this family is “This second Daniel left no sons, but a sister appears to have married Col. Littleberry Epes of Charles City, since Llewellin Epes was his son.”


An   act to dock the entail of certain lands, whereof Lewellin Jones is seized, and for settling other lands and slaves in lieu thereof.  

     I. WHEREAS Richard Jones late, of the county of Amelia, gentleman, was in his life-time seized in fee simple of a tract of land in the parish of Raleigh, and county aforesaid, on Cellar creek containing by estimation one thousand and six acres; and being so seized did, by his last will and testament in writing bearing date the sixteenth day of December, one thousand seven hundred and fifty-eight, devise the same to his son Lewellin Jones in fee tail, and the said Richard Jones soon afterwards died so seized, whereupon the said Lewellin Jones entered into the lands so devised to him, and was and is thereof seized as tenant in fee tail. And whereas the said Lewellin Jones is sized in fee simple of and in a tract of land containing eight hundred acres, in the said county; four hundred acres of which were granted to Batte Jones by patent, bearing date the fifth day of June, one thousand seven hundred and forty-six, and by his death without issue descended to the said Lewellin Jones in fee simple, and the residue thereof joining to the said four hundred acres granted to the said Lewellin Jones by patent, bearing date the day and year last mentioned; and is possessed in his own right of the following negro women slaves, to wit, Tabb, Fanny and Phillis; and it is represented to this general assembly, that it will be greatly to the benefit of the said Lewellin Jones and his family, if he was allowed to dock the entail of the said one thousand and six acres of land, and to settle the said eight hundred acres of land with the slaves aforesaid, to be annexed thereto, to the same uses. And forasmuch as notice hath been published three Sundays successively in the several churches in the said parish of Raleigh, that application would be made to the present general assembly for an act to this purpose, pursuant to your majesty's instructions: And whereas the said eight hundred acres of land are under mortgage to Thomas Tabb, gentleman, of the county of Amelia, for the payment of a certain sum   Entail of certain lands whereof Lewellin Jones is seized, docked.

Billie Harris - Feb 9, 2011

I think I've answered my own questions on who Richard and Thomas and the other Daniel were.   I'll be posting the information in the next day or so, but I'm sure going to need some help in bringing the line on down.   Check back.

Landy Gobes - Feb 10, 2011

Billie, are the Thomas and Susanna you mentioned in the first paragraph above, parents of Jesse, the same Thomas and Susanna Lewellen who bought property in Loudoun County, VA in 1759 and sold it in 1772?

They would have been having children from the 1740's to 60's, maybe starting a little earlier, based on tithing records of their sons.


Billie Harris - Feb 10, 2011

Landy, I'm not sure.   I'm still working on that line and it's a little more complicated than Daniel's (above) since Daniel didn't have any male descendants.   Thomas and Susannah did.

Billie Harris - May 5, 2011

Note the 1730 information:

1730 - Thomas FLEWELLIN of Westover Parish, Charles City Co., to Benjamin Harrison of same, for 5 pounds, land on West side of Herring Creek Swamp, being part of a tract   Richard FLEWELLIN, father of said Thomas , etc. signed by Thomas FLEWELLIN, 6 Jan 1730.

It would seem Richard (father of Thomas) had died by 1730.