1709 Information re Edward Lewellen, Norfolk Co. VA

Billie Harris - Feb 25, 2011

Book 8 f. 66, dated 11 May 1709

"...Thos. Harbert and Margarett his wife of ye Southern branch pras ct of Elizabeth Rivher prish in ye County of Norfolk Ship Carpenter...to Edward Lewellen of the same...100 Acres...on ye North Side of a Creek ... Called ...paradise Alias broad Creek...East...Joyning to Diggbys Land...now in ye possession of Wm. Wallis...west...Trees Dividing itt from Jno Ballentines Land.
Thomas Harbert           Seale
Margaret X Harbert Seale"

Book G folio 73, dated 15 Jan. 1727:

"John Harbett of Princess ann County and Thomas Prescott of Norfolk County...100 acres...East Side of Indian Creek...as appears by a Deed of Sale made by phillip Haward and Recorded In ye sd County records ye 26th November 1706...unto Richard Johnson..."
John Herbert."

Book 18 Falio 125 Dated 16 Aug. 1758

"Peter Harbert of the County of Princess Anne...to...John Simmons of the same...Land...near the head of Indian Creeke in Norfolk County...may contain eighty-eight Acres..."
Peter Herbert and Seale
Mary X Herbert and Seale.
her mark"

Deed Book 20 p 110   dated 15 April 1762...Release...

"Mary Herbert Executrix of ... of Markham Herbert decsd Late of the County of Norfolk...unto William Herbert of the same County Ship Carpenter...85 Acres...One Moiety of ...170 Acres...formerly the Property of Willoughby Herbert and by him the said Willoughby sold to Capt. Thomas Herbert decsd:   as by Deed recorded in the Secretarys Office in the City of Williamsburg the 15th of October 1740..."

Mary X Herbert and Seale
Her mark"

Clete Ramsey - Feb 25, 2011

Trying to solve the Gracie Stokeley-Richard Lewelling mystery I learned that many of the Lewelling men in Norfolk County, Virginia, in the 18th century appear to have been shipwrights clustered on Paradise Creek, off the south branch of the Elizabeth River.

Today, much of the north bank of Paradise Creek is the southern boundary of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.   From 1945 through 1981, the shipyard operated a sanitary landfill on Paradise Creek to dispose of salvage waste, abrasive blast grit material, boiler fly and bottom ash, residential trash, and industrial wastewater treatment plant sludge. From October 2004 through April 2005, as a part of a Superfund cleanup, the Navy removed hazardous waste from the former landfill and re-created tidal wetlands.   The non-profit Elizabeth River Project includes a long-standing plan, seemingly held up by a lack of funds, to create a nature park along Paradise Creek.   I have a 2003 Elizabeth River Project report outlining the Paradise Creek restoration plan.   It has photographs of the creek and a few paragraphs about its early history, including an 1893 map of the area.

Norfolk County records include these transactions:

16 May 1721.   Richard Llewellyn Se. [Senior?] sell [sells] to Abell Llewellyn for five shillings 100 acres on the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River; one hundred acres, more or less, on Paradise Creek; also at the same time and date, 60 acres in the same locality.

18 March 1741.   Luke Llewellyn and Martha his wife deed to William Bustion for five shillings 100 acres on the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River, a tract on which Luke Llewellyn now lives; also 19 March 1741, to William Bustion, Jr., for £30 (thirty pounds) 100 acres more or less.

22 August 1795.   Deed Book 36, p 53.   David and Sophia Culpepper of Norfolk County to Ralph Pigot of Portsmouth, for £18, -?- acres on the South side of Paradise Creek, on the South Branch of Elizabeth River, formerly the property of George and John Bowness and confiscated during the Late War.   As will more fully appear by James Lewelling's and wife deeds and release to the aforesaid Bownesses.   Wit: And. Kidd, William C. Veale, Wilson Williams, Annas Culpepper relinquishes dower.

Billie Harris - Feb 26, 2011

Clete, great information and thanks for posting it.   We had there was a transaction between Richard and Abell 1721 but didn't have the property description.   Same with Luke and Martha 1741, and now we have it and it's very helpful.  

Also, the information for 1795 is something new that we didn't have.   The Culpeppers and Veales were connected to the Lewellings.

The Annas Culpepper who relinquished her dower in 1795 may have been (probably was) Annas Lewelling, daughter of William Lewelling who died 1752 in Norfolk.   Daniel Culpepper was one of the witnesses to William's Will.  

William Lewelling (just mentioned with daughter Annas) was the son of Edward Lewelling.   Edward was the brother of Richard Lewelling.   Both Richard and Edward were sons of Abel and Hannah Lewelling.  

Regarding the 1721 transaction, Richard was probably selling to his son, Abell.  

Luke mentioned 1741 was also a son of Edward and Margaret (Ballentine) Lewelling.

Again, thanks.   Great piece of info and interesting about Paradise Creek.