Earliest Maryland Lewellens

Billie Harris - Mar 2, 2011

In an effort to see if some of these early ancestors may have migrated into Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, etc., I've tried piecing together what we have for the early people in Maryland.   Here's what I've come up with.

Please add to it if you can, or if you think one of the descendants is in another state, post that info, too.


1671 JOHN LEWELLEN immigrated to the colonies

In 1677 he witnessed a Will.   1683 and 1686, there are indentures naming him.   In 1689 John and Audrey, his wife, signed documents.   In 1691 there's a document mentioning John.   In 1693 John witnessed a Will.   There's a document for 1698 mentioning Audrey as executrix for John Lewellen.

Sometime between 1698 and 1711, John died and Audrey married William Taylord because in 1711 Taylord made his Will naming Richard as a "son-in-law" but it should have been his stepson.

In 1715 there's an indenture mentioning Richard of St. Mary's County; the document is signed by him.   Richard must have married about this time because a John Llewellyn was born 1716 in St. Mary's County.   John died 1785; his wife was Elizabeth Jordan.

1721 Audrey Taylord died naming her son Richard Lewellen, grandson John Lewellen, granddaughter Margaret Lewellen, and others.

Nothing else shows for St. Mary's County until 1777 the Will of James Eden naming cousins Mary and Margaret Lewellen and one of the testators of the Will was Charles Llewellen.   Then, of course, John Lewellen died 1785, wife Elizabeth Jordan.   We don't have his Will but it's probable Charles was his son.   The 1790 census shows as heads of families Charles Lewellen with 27 slaves and Richard Lewellen with 18 slaves.   An 1825 document shows an act for the relief of John Lewellen and Mary his wife.   Mary was the only child of Jeremiah Booth.


In 1686 a testator of a Will was John Llewellen.   In 1719 the Will of Thomas Orrell named his daughter Jane Llewellen, son in law Richard Llewellen, grandson John Llewellen and granddaughter Margaret.

In 1722 Jane Llewellen died.   She was a widow at that time, and of Charles County.   The Will mentions land in St. Marys.   It names a daughter Margaret left in the care of a woman, and it mentions use of ... for Richard.

Based on the above, it would appear this genealogy went:

JOHN LEWELLEN died ca 1697/8   (St. Mary's County)
Married Audrey ? who married (2) William Taylord.
Son:   Richard Lewellen
       Richard married ?   Children:
       2.   JOHN LEWELLEN   (Charles County)
             Married Jane Orrell.   John died before 1722 when Jane died and was a widow.  
             (1)   RICHARD LEWELLEN
                   Probably had a son named
                         John who married Elizabeth Jordan; John died 1785.
                   He may have also had a son named
                         Charles who's shown in the 1790 head   of families in Charles County
                         with Richard.   They   both owned numerous slaves
                         COULD Charles be the one in Bedford County, VA who married
                         Mary Akers, a Quaker in 1803?   He was deceased 1804.
             (2)   MARGARET LEWELLEN
Audrey and John may have had other daughters.   There's mention of other people in Audrey's Will but it doesn't specifically name anyone as a son/daughter other than Richard.

THEN ....

We have in Talbot County 1701 a Will naming Morris Lewellin as executor.  

Also in Talbott in 1733 a Will naming Richard Rogers, and John and Margarett Lewellen.   That same year Margaret witnessed a Will.   In 1744 there's a letter from Mrs. John Lewellen.

It would appear the John Lewellen in 1733 had a wife named Margaret, not a sister.   WHO WAS this John and Margaret?

The Morris Lewellin lived in Chester County, Pennsylvania, from the 1680's, and I'll do information for that State the next time.

COMMENTS ? ? ? ?   Anyone know anything about the descendants of the Maryland Lewellens?