Can anyone verify this information for Etta Lewallen from TN

Jim Martin - Mar 24, 2011

I recived this information from Billie Harris in 2009. I had done some research on my own but believe it is wrong can anyone verify this?

Jim, I believe this is probably the way your ancestors go:

ANDERSON LEWALLEN, b. abt. 1764, VA, died 1825, TN, married Lucy Rice 6/8/1784 in Prince Edward County., VA.

Anderson and Lucy   had
Zachariah, b. 1785, VA
Anderson Grant, b. 1786, VA
Thomas, b. 1788, VA
Andrew Leutian, b. 10/7/1796, Wake Co., N.C
Mary, b, 1802, NC
JOEL, b. 6/10/1803, NC (yours)
William, b. 8/2/1809, NC
John, b. 2/12/1812, Morgan, TN, died 11/16/1896, Taylor, TX   John married Delilah Reed in 1833, Campbell, TN.

JOEL LEWALLEN born 1803 married Rachel Young
Joel and Rachel had:
CAMPBELL (yours), Eiza, Isaac, Anderson, Elizabeth, Andrew, Nancy, Columbus, Louisa, Lucinda & Wm

CAMPBELL C. LEWALLEN, b. 8/1839, TN married Malinda (Milla/Millie) Ann Young 10/12/1865.   Their children:

Arminda, b. 1866, KY
Millie, b. 1868, KY
JOHN HARRISON, b. 8/26/1870, KY (yours)
Mary Jane, b. 1872
Louisa Delilah, 1874, Scott, TN
Nancy Elizabeth, 1878, TN
Ulysses Matthew, 1884, TN

JOHN HARRISON LEWALLEN, wife Liddie.   They were the parents of

ETTA LEWALLEN, born 1908 who married Homer Martin.


What's confusing is the Johns in Scott County but I think from the above we find:  

1.   John F. Lewallen was born 1851.   He's listed in the 1870 census   as the son of Andrew and Polecy Lewallen, and he's listed in the 1910 census with wive Mary and daughter Ettie (born 1903).

2.   John H. (for Harrison)   Lewallen was born 1870.   He's listed as a son of Campbell (1839) and Milla.   Campbell lived a couple houses from Joel (1800) and Rachel (Young) Lewallen.  
   In the 1900 census, Campbell (1839) and Millie ( Campbell and Malinda Young were married in Scott County, TN 1865) live next door to John (1870) and Liddie.  
   the 1920 census lists John H. (KY 1870) and Liddie and one of the children is Etta (1909).

Apparently after Campbell and Malinda (Milly) married, they moved to Kentucky for a period of time - from about 1866 to 1870, where John H. and two of his siblings were born.   It's possible the move was to Wayne County, KY, where another John Lewallen was living with his wife Delila in 1870 with their family, the oldest of whom was also named Campbell (born 1850).   This John with wife Delila were related as you'll see above.