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Billie Harris - Mar 29, 2011

In going through and extracting what we have on the Youngs, the following might help in research:


1790 - Deed to Robert Young: July, 2nd, 1790   In consideration of Ten pounds for every hundred acres, paid by Robert Young, for a tract of land containing 640 acres, lying on the west fork of Red River. Surveyed Feb 1785, by preemption Right Warrent #227, entry date: Jan31, 1784. The Grant was signed on 11th day of July 1788.. Land was located in Williamson county,which became a TN. county in 1799 Williamson county was taken from Davidson county

1796 - David Young (born Jan. 6, 1774) married Sarah Phillips on Dec. 9.   David died April 13, 1856 in Wilson County, TN.   After Sarah died, he married again. David and Sarah's children were:   James (born Sept. 28 1797), Elizabeth (Mar. 22, 1799), Joseph (?), Duke or Doke (Jan. 12, 1804), Carson (Nov. 1806) , David Jr (?)., Alpha (July 4, 1814), Sarah (Apr. 20, 1811) , Alexander S. (Feb. 15, 1813) , Mary (Polly) (Aug. 12, 1818) , Louisiana (Lucy Ann) (Apr. 11, 1820) and Francis.

1807 - I Joel Randolph OF Davidson Co. sold unto Josiah Hallum of same place a negro boy named Ted.   This 21 Dec. 1807.   Wit:   James YARBOROUGH and D. YOUNG.

1814 - Daniel Young was born in May.

1820 - John L. Williams in census on same page as John L. Young and John Kennedy.

1826 - Mahala Young married Harvey Jennett Sept.28

1830 - Mary Ann Hamilton was born about this year.   (See Pope County Arkansas; she married John Lewallen, born 1826 in Tennessee     They had a son Daniel Young Lewallen.   Mary Ann said to have also had a brother Oliver Henry Perry Hamilton.   Daniel Young Lewallen's wife Mary Elizabeth Kyle was born Shelbyville, Bedford County, TN


1830 - Census shows in Giles County the following Youngs:   A., A.E., E.A., Jarret, Jane, James, (2) John, R.K., S.Y. Jane, Spencer and William P. Young

1840 - Census shows A. Young age 20-30, Nancy Young age 50-60 (1780-90), William Young age 30-40, all living next to each other.

Created 1809 from Bedford

1813 - Thomas Young made his Will Feb 13; probated Nov.   The following names are mentioned....Wife, Mary Young   Children, William Young, (made him executor), Elizabeth Beard, Mary Beard, Jemima Young, Sally Young, Marjory Young, Nancy Young, Daniel Young, Franky N Young

1814 - May 6 - Aug 5.   John Young Jr. under indictment for "stealing cow hides," and under threat of a public whipping of 5 lashes across the bare back, but was finally acquitted.   John Young Sr. along with others, posted bond for John Jr. (Nov. 1814.   John Jr. mustered in at Nashville, TN and honorably discharged in May 1815.   Enlisted in Seminole War 1816 but left discharge of 1815 at father's house and when returned to father's house 13 years later, could not find it.   That would have been about 1828 or about the time John Sr. moved his farm to Maury County, TN.

1820 - Census shows on page 12 John Young Sr 220001-20010


1820 - Census page 347 shows John Young (Sr) 0211111001-0002001.

1822 - Will of Peter Young dated Nov. 16 and recorded June 6, 1824.   Names his wife Sally as sole executor.   His estate was given to his wife and children:   Margery P. Young, Peter R. Young, Sally Young, Cynthia Young, Evelina Young, Minerva Young, Permelia Young, Helena Young.   Witnesses were James Calvert and Katherine Calvert
1822 - Will of Robert Matthews Feb. 14 witnessed by John Matthews, George M ?, Daniel Y. ? , Michael C. Young

1828 - "Maury County TN Newspaper:   "Myself and Elizabeth Lewallen were married on the 8th day of Dec. 1828; we remained together the night we were married, and on the day following she left my bed and board without the least cause or provocation.   This is to forwarn all persons against harboring her or trading with her on my account, as I am determined not to pay any of her contracts unless compelled by law.   If any man harbors or protects her in any way, I will enforce the law against him."   Signed Alexander Young.
   NOTE:   This Alexander was probably the one born 1804 in the following posting:,Alexander,NC::young::6447.html
Note:   Posting on GenForum says Elizabeth Lewallen was the daughter of Claiborn Lewallen; Elizabeth and Alexander moved to Caldwell County, KY after the 1850 census sometime.

1840 Census - John Young (Sr) 10010000001-000010001.  
   Alexander Young 110001-101001, page 299
NOTE ABOVE.   Alexander Young married Elizabeth Lewallen Dec. 8, 1828 in Maury.   They aren't found in the 1830 census.
   James Young - 000001-000001
   Peter Young 00001-00001
   Robert Young 211001-000001

1845 -   Jan. 18.   Bill of Sale   Thomas K Young makes a sale of pigs and sow to a James A. Young.   William E. Erwin (Clerk) states he is personally acquainted with Thomas K Young.
NOTE:   It's said this Thomas k. Young was from Pennsylvania

1850 -   Documents state Thomas K Young owned 80 acres of land warranted by the U.S. Government #9805 dated October 24, 1855 issued to Thomas K. Young, Private in Capt Peter Rogett Company and Col. Benjamin Snodgrass Alabama (Volunteers) Militia Florida War Act of Mar 30, 1855. Thomas volunteered at Belfout, Jackson County on or about 26 Oct 1837 for a term of six months and continued in actual service of said war for the term of six months (Served 6 months 14 days) and was honorably discharged at Fort Mitchell, Alabama in 1838. Thomas presented his discharge certificate to the Maury Co, TN to obtain bounty land on Oct 19, 1850.
1850 - Census shows A. Young with wife Elizabeth.   This would be Alexander Young and Elizabeth Lewallen --
YOUNG, A. 45 (1805) KY, Elizabeth 42 (1808) NC, Almanza(Halmanza) 13 TN, John 17 TN, Mary 9 TN, Martha 7 TN, Newton 5 TN, .   Also in the household was I. Butler (isiah butler) and Eliza Butler.   Isaiah & Eliza Young   were md Dec 4 1849 in Maury County).

1853 - Jan 24, Bill of Sale, Maury Co., TN File G-? Mentions Thomas Young paying of a debt of $5.00 by giving up a grey mare and rifle.
1853 - May 30 - Deed of Trust, Maury Co., TN file G-544 Mentions a land deed was incorrect and a sum of $8.50 from Thomas Young to Edmond Grissom was corrected by correcting the deed.
   Note:   In 1855 Thomas Young applied for 80 acres of land in Cedar Co., MO and is found there after that.   Note in Cedar County when Thomas died, most of his children were in Arkansas.   --   1866 - April 17 Probate of Thomas K. Young.   In the matter of Thos K. Young Estate, John Kennedy says that to the best of his knowledge and belief the names of the heirs of the said Thomas K. Young deceased and their plazes(sic) of residence are as follows: Roseanah Young the widow, Sofiah Serels, Wm D. Young, John Young, James Young, Eliza Young all in the state of Arkansas and Martha Davison in Polk County, MO that the said Thomas K. Young died without a will that he will make a perfect inventory of, and faithfully administer, all estate of the deceased, and pay the debts as far as the assets will extend and the law direct, and account for and pay all assets which shall come to his possession or knowledge. Signed John Y. Kennedy on April 17, 1886

Created 1823 from Hardin county

1840 - Census shows David Young age 40-50 with 2 males 15-20, one male 20-30 and himself at 40-50 (1800-1810) two females 5-10, one female 10-15 and one female 20-30 and family.   Neighbors Smith, Thurman, Rea, Grayham, Ratliff

1846 - Thomas Marion Lewallen was born in Giles County and it's said that shortly afterwards, he moved to McNairy County.   He's shown with his mother and brothers in the McNiece household in 1850 Mississippi.   According to his mother's application for a pension (Sallie, wife of Aaron Lewallen),   Aaron died a few months before Thomas Marion was born.

1850 - David Young in census, age 54 born 1796 Georgia, wife Francis age 50.
   Same page:  
         James Young 26 born Alabama, Carline 24, born Alabama, Adeline 4 TN, David 3 TN, and Martha 1 TN
         James F. Young 26 Alabama, Malvena 24 Alabama

1850 - Alexander Young, wife Elizabeth (Lewallen) moved sometime from this county to Caldwell County, KY

1860 - Census shows:
   David Young 64 (1806) Georgia, Fanny Young 59 N.C.
   Next door:
   Franklin Young 36 Alabama, Melvina 35, Samuel, Nancy, Lavina, and Samuel Graham
   James Young 35 Alabama, Ailey 30 TN, Adeline, David, Martha, Charlotte, Sarah, Nancy and William all born TN

The Department of Interior requested a copy of Aaron Lewallen's signature and the names of his comrades in a letter dated 5 Feb 1885. On 7 March 1885 Sallie replied that Aaron could not write so she had no copy of his signature.   She said that three of his comrades were, Elijah Lewallen, his brother, Isam Young (no relationship given) and John Shering.   (Isham Young md Elizabeth Luallen in Williamson Co, TN, 1818)


1826 - John Andrew Young, born 1779 Pittsylvania County, VA. (not verified) died and is buried at Campbround Cemetery

1839 Millie Ann Young, daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth (Lewallen) Young, granddaughter of Andrew L. and Malinda (Davis) Lewallen was born.   She married her cousin, Campbell Lewallen 1865.

1855 - William Young and Solomon Young both sold land that was part of John Young's land grant. In 1855 William Young and Herod Lewallen, the husband of Phoeba Young, were administrators of John Young's estate.   (Note the 1860 Census for Scott County shows Solomon Young, wife Nancy and living in the household was Malinda Lewallen age 68

1865 - Campbell C. Lewallen (son of John and Delilah) married Malinda (Millie Ann) Young Oct. 12.   She was the daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth Lewellen Young and the granddaughter of Andrew L. and Malinda Davis Lewallen who were Campbell's aunt and uncle.   (Was this Morgan or Scott County?)


   B-122: 29 Aug. 1856, James S. Duncan of Scott Co. TN to William H. Crutcher of Davidson Co. TN, City of Nashville, $1815, two tracts; (1) 800 acres adj. 730 acre tract that I deeded to said Crutcher, corner of G.W. Krotts? land that I deeded to him; (2) 1500 acres corner Grant #26810, Black Wolf [Creek], 500 acre tract in name of J.F. Scott 19 Nov. 1835, 640 acre tract of Mathew P. Davis, excluding tract I sold to R. Lewallen and Mathew Young, being part of a tract I bought of H. Lewallen 31 March 1852 adj. said Crutcher's farm sold by me to him; wit. Tho. B. Eastland, John L. Brown.
     B-127: 11 Nov. 1856, Shadrick Lewallen bond to James S. Duncan for $1000, to make title to Town Lots 5 and 25 in Huntsville, Scott Co. TN; wit. L.C. Cain, P.C. (X) Hunt.
18 Jan. 1856, James S. Duncan of Morgan Co. TN to G.R. Brandan & Kimbush of same, $1, my interest to land formerly occupied by Solomon Young, on county line between Morgan and Scott Co., on E fork of Wolf Creek to Middle Fork, Anderson Lewallen's line; wit. Solomon Young, A.R. Lewallen

   B-176: 20 Feb. 1856, James S. Duncan to John Sexton, Scott Co. TN, $50, 300 acres in Dist. 2 adj. Oliver Parke's land on Mill Creek, incl. part of James Sexton's survey, adj. said Duncan's line; wit. B.M. Duncan, Jam? F. Leith.
22 Sept. 1857, Sheriff Baily Butram to James S. Duncan; per judgment in Circuit Court of Scott Co. TN on 26 March 1856 for $14.50 taxes unpaid for 1854 and 1855 on two tracts, of which Thomas McMarcas is owner, estimated as 5000 acres in Dist. 3; (1) beg. top of ridge, from Samuel Young's old place to New River, 3/4 mile NE of where said Young lived, being Entry #1725, Grant #22344 to J.F. Scott on 31 Dec. 1838; (2) beg. above where Jesse Triplett bored for salt water and on opposite side of New River, being part of Entry #1758 for 3?000 (5?000) acre Grant #22326 to J.F. Scott on 28 Dec. 1838; per judgement, on 18 April 1856 after notice of sale, on 1st Monday of July 1856, sold to Enoch R. Duncan for $14.50, the highest bidder, who sold his bid to said James S. Duncan, now Baley Buttram as Sheriff for $14.50 convey said land to James S. Duncan; wit. J.L. Smith, L.C. Cain

   B-313: 29 May 1857, Samuel C. Young of Anderson Co. TN to Thomas Duncan of Scott Co. TN, $50, 120 acres near Little Brimstone Creek above Rachels Rock House, conditional line between Joel Lewallen and Meeshack Hemree, Brimstone and Dry creek, Dempsy Massengale Sr.; wit. Riley Overton, Wm. A. Hembree. (MAD: acres and names as given)

1860 - Census shows   in District 3:   Solomon Young 39 (TN), wife Nancy 38, children Elizabeth 17, Martha 12, William 10, Alcy 7, Lelever 5, John 2, and Malinda Lewallen 68 TN.   (See 1855 Scott County which mentions Solomon Young and Herrod Lewallen.)

1865 - Campbell Lewallen married Malinda Young

1879 - Samuel A. Lewallen married Anna C. Young Sept. 9

1886 - William Lewallen married Malinda Young; married by A. R. Lewallen, J.P.

Formed 1799 from Davidson

1800 - ca   William Young was admin of Robert Young's Estate

1806 - Sallie Young married James Hunter

1808 - Ephraim Andrews died and his will recorded 1809.   His daughter was Elizabeth Andrews who married John YOUNG in Mecklenburg Co. VA ca 1765.   John and Elizabeth Young moved from Mecklenburg Co., Virginia, to Williamson Co,, Tennessee (year unknown) , with Ephraim Andrews.   Names given for children of John and Elizabeth Young include their oldest son William and a son David. (names unsubstantiated)

1809 - William Young married Rebecca Bugg (both born VA) on March 12.   John and Robert Ragsdale were the bondsmen

1811 - Lawrence Young married Susan Wilkins

1813 - Peter Young married Polly Lagrone

1813 - Isham Young enlisted in service in either June or October 16, 1813.   Exact place of enlistment not known but since he was a comrade in service with Aaron Lewallen, he may have enlisted from this county.   According to his pension records, he was a private in the U.S. Rifles under Major m. Morgan.   He was 6 feet tall, dark hair, dark eyes, fair complexion at the time of enlistment June 24 or Oct. 16, 1819.   He was born Georgia and enlisted for five years.   His Capt. was john O'Fallon, Captain W. morgan, Capt. James McIntosh.   He was discharged June 24, 1818 at Ft. Armstrong, Ill.   His term had expired.

1816 - Nathan Young married Susanna Cunningham   (From the internet, Susannah was the daughter of James and Margaret Cunningham who lived in Knox, Blount and McMinn County TN and info dcoumented.)   Nathan Young probably lived in McMinn 1830.

1817 - Ephraim Young married Polly Bugg

1818 - Elizabeth Leuallen married Isham Young Nov. 27.   Daniel Young and Isham Young signed the bond.   (See 1813 above).   Isham was discharged from service June 24 1818 at Ft. Armstrong.   Isham Young received bounty land in Linn County, MO. for his service, as did Elijah Lewallen.

1819 - Aron Lewallen married Sarah Young Jan. 14.   John Sherring signed the bond.

1821 - Alvin Young married Mary McLavin

1829 - David Young's marriage bond to Elizabeth Reed signed by a William Young in Williamson co. TN   Jan 22, 1829   (David is said to have been born ca 1804 - unsubstantiated).   Their children are said to be: William (b 1833 Williamson Co and died Christian Co KY, Nancy b 1830, Josiah b 1834, Giles b 1836, Clem born 1837, Mary J. b. 1841, Martha b 1847, David C. b 1851 and Manda L. b 1852

Created 1799 from Sumner County

1820 - David Young in census.

1840 - Census shows two David Youngs, one of those was younger but in the other household there was one male 30-40, (1790-1800) one male 60-70 (1770-80) and one male 70-80 (1760-70) with 2 females 15-20 and one female 50-60. (1780-90)

1856 - David Young died April 13.   He was born Jan. 6, 1774, first wife Sarah Phillips.   Married Dec. 9, 1796 in Davidson County.   Children:   Sarah, Alpha, Alexander F.   Mary (Polly), Louisiana (Lucy Ann), Francis, James, Elizabeth, Joseph, Duke, Carson and David Jr.   SEE DAVIDSON COUNTY



1784 - Isham Young transferred 575 acres to Walker Richardson.

Created 1793 from Burke and Effingham

1802 - ca Sarah Young, daughter of William and Mary (Henderson) Young was born.



1787 - Matthew Henry Young married Floria Josephine Todd in Aug


1800 - Census shows Matthew Young with four in the household under 16 and two over 16



1772 - Joseph Montfort of Hal to HOWELL FLEWELLIN same 13 Jul 1772, £66.13.4, 360a orig grt to Philip Lake who conv it to William Irby and has since become vested in sd Joseph Montfort, on N sd Pig Basket Ck, jng Robert Young, William Braswell, Robert Stanfield. wit Ambrose Ramsay, WILLIAM FLEWELLIN. recd Nov 1772.

1779 - James Daniel of Nash to Frederick Daniel of Nash, 3 Mar 1779, 140a on N sd of Pigbasket Ck or Braswell's Ck, part of tract grtd to Robert Young 1 Jun 1764, beg at a White oak then S 252p to a red oak, thence E 90p to a Water oak, thence N 252p to a red oak in James Daniel's back line, thence along sd Daniel's line W 90p to the first station. wit Howell Flewellen, David (x) Daniel. recd Jul 1779


Created 1785 from Washington.

1795 - Tax list shows: Daniel Young, David Young, Edward Young, Israel Young, John Young, John Young Jr and Samuel Young


1759   -   Indenture 7/8 May 1759 between Bernard Young of County Loudoun and Thomas Lewellin and James John, Yeoman of same county by deed 233 acres. 150 pounds va. Money paid by Lewellin and John. [p.27: Virginia County Court Records: Loudoun County, Virginia, Deeds 1757-1762. Ruth Sparacio, 1987]

1772 -   Jan 08 -   Marriage of Benjamin Burson and Hannah Young: among witnesses was Thos Llewellen