Matthew Lewallen in Tennessee

Billie Harris - Apr 2, 2011

Here are the listings of the Matthew Lewallens (variations of spellings) we have documented so far in Tennessee in numerical order:


1827 - In pursuance of an entry made by MATTHEW LUALLER ... for twenty-five acres of land at one cent per acre of No. 634 Dated 26th February 1827.   I have surveyed for MATTHEW LUALLER twenty-five acres of land in said county on the middle fork of Wolf Creek ... corner of a fifty acre survey of WALTER DAVIS ... Surveyed 14th August 1827.   ANDREW LUALLER & JESSE LUALLER, S.C.C.   Original Book B, page 18.


1840 - Census shows Matthew LewAllen in North Fork with 6 free whites under 20 and 2 free whites 20-49.   On the same census page are Justin, Lilborne (?) Hatfield, Gunter, Huff, Jinkins.
Also in Izard County for 1840 is Jesse LewAllen

(Probably from Morgan town, see above)


Should the following be in McNairy or another county?
1840 - Taxpayers include:
LEWALLEN, Matthew - 600 acres - $113 - $.84


1841 - Matthew Luallen married Sarah Lawson, Allen McDonald, J.P.


1849 - P-306 Inventory of the personal estate of Moses Sexton deceased Notes one on Riley Long for hearing an interest from the 18th of Oct. 1849.
   One Note   ....   MATHEW LEWALLEN $1.00

1850 -"Ordered by the court that John Jeffers be appointed overseer of a second class road from Samuel Lawsons to the James Town road and have isac Reed, JOHN LEWALLEN, Isac Jeffers, ZACHARIAH LEWALLEN, Jacob Aron Philips, Nathan Bowlin, MATHEW LEWALLEN and he have said hand to keep same in repair."

1850 - Census shows:   Matthew Lewallen 29 (1821) TN
Sary Lewallen 27
Nancy ??? age 17
Susannah Lewallen age 4
Elisha Lewallen age 2
Living next door to them was Thomas Lawson age 47, Nancy 42, Elisha 20, Lewis ? 17, Jeremiah 16, Elswick? 15, Henry 12, Lucinda 10, Laky? 6, Amanda 2.

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Apr 2, 2011

Mathew, Sary, Susannah, & Elihu are on the Scott County, TN 1850 census.   I have a copy of the original.   Could they have been counted in both counties?   Sarah's parents Thomas & Nancy Lawson are on the Scott County census as well.   Sarah was not ever very far from her family, moving to MO when her parents did after Mathew's death.   She remained in MO when her parents moved to KY where her mother died.   Sarah then returned to Scott County, TN after the Civil War where she married Greenberry Boling.   Nancy Hix, 17, also is listed as being in the Scott County, Tn household.

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Apr 2, 2011

My Matthew Lewallen was born abt 1820.   There is a Matthew Lewallen who is the son of Jesse.   I think that he might be the 1827 & 1849 Matthew.   Jesse had another son Henry.   It is doubtful that my Matthew would have 600 acres at the age of 19.   There is a Matthew Lewallen listed as a taxpayer in Morgan County 5th District in 1836 along with Andrew Lewallen, John Lewallen, Jack Lewallen, William Lewallen, and the heirs of Henry Lewallen.   I think it is possible that my Matthew is Henry Lewallen's son (named after his brother) but as yet I have no proof.   Jesse Lewallen and his sons lived in KY also.

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Apr 2, 2011

Sorry Billie, to keep replying, but I have different information.   I have the 1827 entry regarding the 25 acres of land on Wolf Creek being in Morgan County.   I have a copy of this from the Morgan County, TN Land Survey Book A&B 1824-1836, by Robert L. Bailey.   This part of Morgan County later became part of Scott County when it was formed.

Billie Harris - Apr 2, 2011

Sometimes info given to me is wrong, or maybe I've copied the counties wrong.   I just checked Ancestry and the 1850 census for Matthew does show him in Scott County, not Sevier, so I'm editing theo riginal post to show that.   The 1840 census doesn't show Matthew in McNairy either and I can't seem to find him listed for 1840 on Ancestry's census data.   I did find a Matthew in the 1840 census in Arkansas which I'll edit in.

Carol Redd - Apr 4, 2011

I would doubt that Matthew would be listed as head of a household in 1840 if he didn't marry Sarah Lawson until 1841.