Carter - connection to Lewellyns

Billie Harris - Apr 4, 2011

I'm confused about the Carter connection to the Lewellyns and want to make sure I have this all clear in my head.

As I understand it, one or two descendants of Sarah/Sally Carter have had DNA tests and they match with some of the Lewallens/Sextons, etc.   The group of Lewellyns they match with seem to have originated in Prince Edward County, VA, moved to Wake County, N.C., then into Tennessee and other states.

The way the Carter genealogy goes - and correct me if I'm wrong - is:

Joseph Carter had a son John.   John had, among others, a daughter

SARAH (SALLY) W. CARTER born ca 1800 Bedofrd County, Virginia and died after 1900.  

According to a posting on Ancestry, Sarah was born 1798 in Bedford and in 1822 Bedford County, she married Charles Edward Carter.   Charles Edward Carter was born Clarke County, Virginia.   Sarah died 1900 in Bedford County at the ageo of 102.  

Charles Edward Carter was born April 16, 1796 in Audley, Clarke County, Virginia, and died 1840 at the age of 44.

Clarke County wasn't formed until 1836 so obviously at the time Charles Edward was born, it was still Frederick County.

Sarah and Charles had:

1.   Benjamin Franklin Carter born 1823 Bedford
2.   Sarah Ann Carter born 1825
3.   Michael James Carter born 1827
4.   Andrew Jackson Carter born 1828
5.   Berry Lafayette Carter Sr. born 1830 and died 1913

One of Sarah's sisters was Elizabeth Carter.   She was born 1800 in Campbell County, Virginia, and married Green Berry Lewallen.   Green B. Lewellyn (son of Charles Lewellyn) was born March 15, 1792 in Campbell and died Sept. 7, 1847 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Descendants of Sarah and Charles Carter have had DNAs and the DNAs match with the Lewellyns.

Am I right so far?  

Okay. We'lls take a look at the Lewallens we have in Bedford County, but first another question:
Sarah and Elizabeth had brothers.   Have any descendants of the brothers had DNAs?   If not, it's important to get one because this connection could go back much farther than Sarah.   More on one possibility later.

                                 Lewellyns in CAMPBELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA:

1803 –  Nov. 14/15 CHARLES LEWELLEN married   Mary Akers (Quaker).   Charles Lewellen (b) and John Akers (b).   M.R. 15 November 1803 by Henry Brown lists the groom as Charles Lewallin. (b = bond and w = witness)   (Note:   This was probably Charles Jr because Charles Sr died 1804.  

1804 - Charles Lewellen is said to have died.   Charles was the father of Greenberry Lewallen who married Elizabeth A. Carter 1809.   He probably had other children, too, but a copy of his Will hasn't been obtained.   (Looking at these postings, we can probably assume Charles R. had Green Berry, Elizabth, James and Charles Jr.

1805 –  Dec. 12 - SALLY LEWELLEN (Elizabeth) married Richard Thurman, surety JAMES LEWELLEN
1805 –  July 26 –  JAMES LEWELLEN married Sally Harrison (Quaker).   Morrison Bryan (b) and James Lewallen (b); Morrison Bryan (w) and James Bryan (w).

1809 –  Dec. 26 -   GREEN B. LEWELLEN married Elizabeth A. Carter (Quaker).   Green B. Lewellin (bond) and William George (bond); William Clement (witness) and William George, Jr. (witness)   It's said they were in Missouri by 1811 when their daughter, Lucinda, was born.

1810 - Census shows:
   CHARLES LEWELLEN 26-45; female 16-26; 3 females 0-10; 1 male 0-10
   JAMES LEWELLEN 16-26; female 16-26; female 0-10

1812 –  Mar. 5 - POLLY LEWELLEN (Elizabeth) married Ambrose Gills, surety JAMES LEWELLEN (Quaker)

1816 –  Dec. 31 -   BETSY H. LEWELLEN (Elizabeth) married Richard Baugh (Quaker)

1820 –  Census shows:
     CHARLES LEWELLEN 45 up; female 26-45; female 16-26; 2 females 10-16; male 10-16; 3 males 0-10; 2 females 0-10; male 26-45; female 16-26
   JAMES LEWELLEN 26-45; female 26-45; female 10-16; 3 females 0-10; 2 males 0-10    
   ELIZABETH LEWELLEN 26-45; 2 females 26-45; 2 males 16-26
1823 –  July 14 -   JOHN LEWELLEN married Elizabeth Bryan (John) (Quaker)
1832 –  Sept. 22 -   JOHN LEWELLEN married Sarah Martin (Quaker)
1843 –  Jan. 19 -   ALFRED LEWELLEN married Frances Walker (Elizabeth)   Surety –  MARCUS LEWELLEN
1844 –  June 10 -   ANN E. LEWELLEN married Maurice Hamersley   (Quaker)

1849 –  Dec. 10 CATHERINE LEWELLEN married Simon P. Akers (Quaker)

                               Lewellyns in BEDFORD COUNTY, VIRGINIA

1789 - Aug. 8 SUSANNAH LEWELLEN married William McIntire

1810 - No Lewallens or variations in census

1814 –  May 13 -   GREEN B. LEWELLEN to Jonathan Cundiff, his 1/7th interest in the lands of his father, CHARLES LEWELLEN, deceased; that will fall to him after the death of his mother, ELIZABETH LEWELLEN; Charles Lewellen’s Will is recorded in Campbell County, Va.   (See Amelia and Campbell Counties)

1818 –  Dec. 24 - GREEN B. LEWELLEN from William Hopkins, et ux.   Lots 1 abd   #8 in the town of Little York

1818 - J. Ayres vs G. Lewellin.   Judgment in favor of plaintiff.

1819 –  Jan. 30 -   MARY LEWELLEN (of   Pr. Edw. Co) from Hy Campbell’s heir ? acres, head waters of Little Otter River
1819 –  Dec. 6 -   GREEN B. LEWELLEN (Mortgaged) to Alex Kasey, personal property

1820 –  Census shows, among others:
   SALLY LUALLEN, female 45 up, male 16-26 in the Northern District
   GREEN B. LEWELLEN, 26-45; female 26-45; male 0-10; 2 females 0-10; male 0-10 in the Southern District

1821 -   WILLIAM LEWELLEN married Frances Hodges
1821 - Aug. 6 -   WILLIAM J. LEWELLEN married   Susanna Tyler (surety –  John Tyler)

1822 –  Sept. 12 - GREEN B. LEWELLEN to Sheriff J. H. Otey 8-1/4 acres, he declared himself an ilsolvent debtor and assigned his land to the sheriff to get out of debtor’s prise.

1823 –  Jan. 30.   WILLIAM J. LEWELLEN to James McGline, personal property, including a set of shoemaker’s tools
1823 –  May 28 - MARY LEWELLEN from Hy Campbell’s heirs, 70 acres, joining Mrs.Lewellen’s land on headwaters of Little Otter

1825 - Anderson Johnson Lewallen was born March 30.   He died Jan. 1, 1879 in Hancock Co., IL.

1826 -   Will dated Jan. 16 of MARY LEWELLEN, probated May 22, 1826 named son WILLIAM A. LEWELLEN and Lucy Oliver's children
1826 –  Feb. 27 -   WILLIAM A. LEWELLEN (Frances S.) to Thos. R. Oliver, 50 acres, waters of Little Otter

1827 - Dec. 10 -   ASA LEWELLEN married Lucinda Parker (Ezra)

1830 –  April 3 –  GREEN B. LEWELLEN to William Ore, personal property
1830 –  Census shows:
   GREEN B. LEWELLEN, 30-40; female 30-40; male 15-20; female 15-20; male 10-15; female 10-15; male 5-10; male 0-5; 2 females 0-5 (Neighbors included Holden, Parker, Johnson, Kennell)
   WILLIAM LEWELLEN 20-30; female 30-40; female 5-10; male 5-10; male 0-5; female 0-5
   ASA LEWELLEN 20-30; female 20-30; female 0-5; male 0-5

1830 - Green B. Lewellen sent to 10 years prison for passing counterfeit money.   He served two years and was pardoned 1832.

1832 - See 1830 above re Green B. Lewellen

1835 - Feb. 23 - CHARLES LEWELLEN married Keziah Hall

1840 –  Census shows:
   SALLY LEWELLEN 50-60; female 20-30

1841 - At the division of the lands of Elisha Hall, Lot #9, 6-1/4 acres was assigned to KEZIAH LEWELLEN on Feb. 15
1841 - ASA LEWELLIN was witness to a marriage of his sister-in-law.
NOTE:   By 1860 Asa and Lucinda Lewellen were in Cedar County, Missouri

1846 –  Dec. 27 -   CHARLES LEWELLEN (Keziah) to James K. Sheon, his wife’s interest in Elisha Hall’s land on Rock Castle Creek

1850 –  Census shows:

1855 –  May 17 -   CHARLES C. LEWELLEN (Keziah C.) to James K. Shoan, 62-1/4 acres, lot #9 in the partition of the lands of Elisha Hall

1860 - Sept. 23 - SARAH E. LEWELLEN married William M. Lust

It was said Green Berry was in Missouri 1811 when their daughter Lucinda was born, but look at the postings in Bedford County.   Either he never left the county or returned soon after leaving.   It does appear he had financial poblems.

Given the fact Sarah's husband is given and there's an exact date of his birth provided, it appears to me she did marry and her children were all legitimate.   Just my opinion though.

Something that was in the back of my mind but I can't make the connection yet goes back to the late 1600's and early 1700's and involves the Lewallens, James Crewes who was hung for his part in Bacon's Rebellion, and the Carters.   James Crewes married Margaret Lewellyn.   But Giles Carter married a Hanna, surname unknown.   I just wonder if maybe Giles married a widow Lewallen and the children might have taken the Carter surname

Maybe not, but it was something I considered.   But one way or the other, I really believe the Lewallen connection was before Sarah/Sallie.

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Carol Redd - Apr 5, 2011

I don't know if anyone else recognizes this or not, but we are all very fortunate to have Ms. Billie Harris working on our trees!   Thank you, Billie.   You're one special researcher, and I, for one, am very grateful.   Being one of the newbies here, I read a little of your research in the History about Crewes, Carter, Lewellen connections.

Angela, Rob and Ken - have any of you researched Charles Carter's ancestors?   Since it was said that he was of a "different Carter clan", it seems reasonable that your ancestors knew something about him.   IF he took the Carter name, but was really fathered by a Llewellyn, this could provide the reason why Sally Carter's children bear the Llewellyn dna.   Is there any info on Charles Carter's siblings?

Unfortunately, as is my predicament since John Preston Sexton had no known siblings, if Charles Carter had no brothers or ones which we cannot pin down, we'll never really know whether the Llewellyn dna was introduced via Charles Carter or if Sally had at least two sons by an unknown Llewellyn.   And, that's the limitation of dna!   Just as paper-trails end, so does dna.   It can prove a link to previous ancestors, but sometimes the generations in the middle are muddy and cannot be proven as to which Llewellyn was the real father.   Some secrets do get taken to the grave and remain there.

Billie Harris - Apr 5, 2011

Thanks for the compliment, Carol.   It's only that I enjoy it so much, though don't always have time to research..  

I've tried to find Audley in Clarke County, Virginia, where Charles Carter is said to have been born.   Maybe some of you from Virginia might know if there is such a town.   If so, I can't find it on the internet.   There was an estate by that name

It would seem since Sarah married Charles Carter, we should be looking at the Charles Carter line.   Maybe someone can furnish that for us.   I wonder if it might go back to Giles Carter who, as I referred to above, was connected to the early Lewellyns, Crewes, etc.

Billie Harris - Apr 5, 2011

Okay.   Here's someone those of you researching Carters might want to contact, if you haven't already.

Dick Zieman.   Dick was on the Randolph MyFamily site with me and he's full of knowledge on the Carters, including descendants of Giles Carter.   His e-mail is

Angela Carter Ridder - Apr 5, 2011

Sally did not marry Charles Carter. There is no written evidence. Some Carters have believed that so much that they have created a marriage date. If it is found that Charles CARTER is the father of her children then we will have an instant kinship to George Washinton's sister. It makes having Charles Carter as the father of Sally's children an advantage.
However, in some information from historic documentation, Sally was in the paperwork as single after her children were born. I can't put my fingers on it now as my desk is covered. All of my life my father and all of my relatives told me that Sally NEVER married. Sally had Berry who had Berry who had Roy who had James (my father) His 67 marker test matched Carol's father EXACTLY. Our family group DOES NOT match any other Carter's Ydna on the Carter Cousins website. In fact the first marker of our group is a 12 and all other Carters have a 13. I feel that the connection is one of Charles Llewellan's sons who will be found to be the father of Sally's children and Charles' brother will be found to be the ancestor of Carol's father.

Angela Carter Ridder - Apr 5, 2011

By the way, Ken is our family historican and he has done tons of research on Charles Carter the father of Charles Carter (the junior) who some believe fathered Sally's children. I thought he emailed one of you with this huge amount of info. He gave lots of compelling evidence that Charles Carter was the father of Sally's children, but there is NO wriiten evidence.

Billie Harris - Apr 6, 2011

If documentation shows she was single, then I accept that.

Billie Harris - Apr 6, 2011

Have you considered Green Berry Lewallen as the father of the children?   The DNA would be the same as Charles'.   But in seeing the children given for Sarah/Sally it appears the last child was born 1830.   Green Berry was sent to prison that year.   He was released two years later and if my recollection is correct, he left Virginia for another state (Missouri?)   although I can't find him in the 1840 or 1850 census for any state.

One may not think that a man would have an affair with his sister-in-law but it does happen.

Here's the list of her children that you gave me and I'm posting it here for my own future reference.

SARAH (SALLY) W.6 CARTER (JOHN5, JOSEPH4, JOSEPH3, WILLIAM JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1800 in Bedford County, VA, and died Abt. 1900..  


Sarah (Sally) grew up on her father’s farm Craddock’s Creek in south side Bedford County. She is buried in the Blankenship Cemetery on land owned by Richard Blankenship on Rt. 737, between Stone Mountain and Moneta in an unmarked grave.


Burial: Bedford County, VA

Children of SARAH CARTER are:

29.               i.       BENJAMIN FRANKLIN7 CARTER, b. 1823, Bedford County, VA; d. 07 Jul 1893, Bedford County, VA.
30.             ii.       SARAH ANN CARTER, b. 30 Nov 1825, Bedford County, VA; d. 06 Mar 1916, Bedford County, VA.
               iii.       MICHAEL JAMES CARTER, b. Abt. 1827.
Michael left the area as a young man and was never heard from.
31.             iv.       ANDREW JACKSON CARTER, b. 10 Oct 1828, Bedford County, VA; d. 1911, Bedford County, VA.
32.             v.       BERRY LAFAYETTE CARTER, SR., b. 23 Oct 1830, Bedford County, VA; d. 09 Jan 1913, Carter’s Mill, Bedford County, VA.

Billie Harris - Apr 6, 2011

G.B. Lewallen is in the 1840 census for Kentucky.   Chances are it's the same person but there are more children in the household than what is listed in the Carter genealogy for him.