Andrew Lewtian Lewallen, son of Anderson

Billie Harris - Apr 12, 2011

Could someone tell me where the middle name of Andrew was found?   So far all I've found is his initial of L.   Surely it's documented someplace.

Mary  Hubbell - Apr 13, 2011

I've wondered this too since it is so strange. If there are no sources I do have some thoughts for both him and William L. Lewellen. Could Lewtian be an incorrect transcription of Lewallen written by someone that didn't know how to spell the name - hence the beginning 'Lew' and the tian - being a guess from 'llen'? Another thing I wonder is if the L. found in each name is actually from a document where the men left their sign - "L".

I've seen things like this often. I know I probably tire you with my examples but here's one we've been trying to fix for years. In my Irey line you'll find a "John B. Irey" all over the internet. No one has ever come up with a document that shows where the "B." comes from. We finally traced down the origin to one researcher who says her mother told her but she refuses to ask her mother where she found it. In fact, she gets quite testy, claiming "My mother does not lie!" We don't think her mother lies but we do wonder if she accidentally came across a record that stated "John B. 1757" and mistook "B." meaning born for an initial. All we've ever asked her is what is the original document so we can see if that could be the case.

If we could see the original document where the "L." is found, we could probably discover the same answer with these two men. OR if we could see the original document where the name Lewtian is.

While we're talking about names. I notice that in my files I found a history that claimed John Lewellen's father was Edmond Anderson Llewellyn. Another thing I just read was a query about Anderson Grant being Lucy's cousin or uncle??? Have we ever figured that out?

Billie Harris - Apr 13, 2011

I have my own thoughts about Anderson's parents, but it's nothing that can be proven yet.   My thought is that his mother was a Rice so it is possible Lucy was a cousin.

And you're right about the "L."   Sometimes when men who were unable to write signed a document, they'd simply put their last initial.   And generally, it was in between the first and last name.