Henry Brooks md Beadie Lewallen

Carol Redd - Apr 28, 2011

found this post on Genealogy.com by Harley Gene Salsman and discovered he's on this site, too.

(8) Beadie Lewallen (B) January 1883 AR. (M1) Henry Brooks 1898 Indian Territory OK. (B) September 1863 MO.
Beadie & Henry Had 3 Girls - Bertha Mae Brooks (B) February 13, 1899, Ruby Brooks & Eula Brooks.
(M2) Joseph G. Beck Aft. June 02, 1900 OK. (B) March 1862 AR. (Or) Itawamba, Mississippi "No Children"
Joseph G. Beck's First Wife: (M1) Frances Woods September 15, 1884 Wadesville, OK. Kiamitia Co. (B) September 1860 Indian Territory OK. "Choctaw Indian"
Joseph & Frances Had 9 Kids.
Wallace Carney Beck, John Beck, E. Oliver Beck, Gilbert Beck, Sam Beck, Elizabeth Beck, Grace Beck, Tandy Beck, Eula Mae Beck

Do you have any more info about Henry Brooks?   parents, etc?   I have Brooks who named their sons, Emory Luallen and Cicero (a name I've seen used by the Scott/Morgan Co, TN Lewallens) and am wondering if I might have a double connection.   These Brooks were born in Cocke Co, TN, but moved away first to NC, then back to SC which is where their Brooks family originated.

Hoping you might have a little more info about Henry Brooks.