Richard Lewelling, son of Abel and Hannah of Norfolk County, Owen, Taylor, Hodges

Billie Harris - Apr 29, 2011

For a long time, I had erroneously assumed Richard Lewelling's wife was an Owen because of the Will of William Owen, Sr. in which he names Richard Lewelling, Edward Davis, and Richard Taylor as his brothers-in-law.   WRONG.   Each of these individuals married   MANNING sisters.

1679 - Will: of Richard Taylor, 29 Mar 1679, Norfolk Co., Virginia. 67 Testator: Richard Taylor Residence: Norfolk Co.
Executor: my wife, Margaret Taylor Date Signed: 29 March 1679 Date Proved: 21 May 1679 Signature or Marks: Richard Taylor Witnesses: ROGER HODGES, ELLINOR (x her mark) OWENS Bequests & Devises:
To my wife, Margaret Taylor--one third part of my whole estate,
To my friend, John Landing--two cows and hay
To my daughter, Margaret--one cow
To my son, Richard--one two year old and hay for
To my daughter, Suzan--one yearling hay for wch properly
To Richard--? and cow
To my god son, Richard Hodges--one cow
To my god daughter, Elizabeth Daniel--one cow
To my son John--the plantation that I now live on
To my son Richard--all my land on north side of G Creek and against my house
And if my wife remains a widow my sons to live with her until they come of age of one and twenty years and if she marry then to be at age
To my son John at age eighteen--I give all my wearing clothes with ? yards of canvas
To my son John--two guns, my old gun and the gun I bought of Jno Fallack
To my son Richard--one musket wch I bought about of the
1679 -   NOTE entry of 1710.  
Will: of Margaret Taylor, Aug 1679, Norfolk Co., Virginia. 65 Testator: Margaret Taylor Residence: Norfolk Co.   Date Signed: 5 April 1679 Date Proved: 15 Aug 1679
Signature or Mark: Margaret M Taylor Witnesses: ROGER HODGES Richard R Harris
Bequests, Devises:
To my 4 small children--all my goods
To my son John--to have his share of
I appoint guadians: my BROTHER ROGER HODGES   may have my daughter Margaret, my brother THOMAS MANNING--my daughter Suzanna, & WM OWENS--my son Richard
To my son John may live upon the plantation with his stock
I appoint my brothers Roger Hodges, Jno Manning & Thomas Manning and my loving friend Wm. Owens to be my overseers over my son John and to putt whomever they shall think fitt to live on ye plantation w/him.
As for my son Thomas, after his years nursing to be at his disposal of my overseers and in ? time his share to remain on ye plantation with my son John

1710 -   The will of WM. OWEN, SR. (Book 9, p. 45 Norfolk Co.) names his three bros-in-law EDWARD DAVIS, RICHARD TAYLOR and RICHARD LEVELLING. (Dated Dec. 10, 1710).
Will: of William Owens Sr., Between 10 Dec 1710 and 18 May 1711, Norfolk Co., Virginia. 6,85 Testator: William Owens Sr. Residence:
Executor: my three brother-in-laws, Edward Davis, RICHARD LEWELLING and Richard Taylor             Date Signed: 10 Dec 1710 Date Proved: 18 May 1711
Signature or mark: William (W his mark) Owens
Witnesses: Jno (I T his mark) Taylor, Rich'd (R B his mark) Bunting, Sen'r &
Tho. Nash Sen'r
Bequests, Devises:
To my son, Wm. Owens--one parcel or tract of land adjoyning to Richard & Jno Taylor and so running unto the woods adjoining the eastward side on a place called the cow (?) and along the old road going to the western branch as for the crooked chickopine and on to southwest side joyning on a new road as goes to the western branch as far as the first branch is here there has been a timber bridge and so up the northward side of the main run as far as the place called the Livesake Glade & so from thence to the Crooked Chincopine before mentioned
To my son, John Owens--the plantation I now live on and the house, orchards, clear grounds and woodland grounds (?) adjoyning to out road going to the western branch as far as the crooked chincopine and joyning upon EDWARD LEWELLING his land only my free and loving wife Mary to have her life in the mannor plantation without any interruption
To my son, Edward Owens--all my lands on the southwest side of the new road going to the western branch and so joyning on Jno. Taylor's land and George Ballentine's land and .......
To my son, Thomas Owens--part or parcel of my land which is called by the name of the western branch Bridges and so joyning on Edward Hues and RICHARD LEWELLING and EDWARD LEWELLING.
I desire that my wife nor none of my sons cutt no timber nor burn lightwood now nor wayes improveish that part of land which I have given to my son Thomas until he comes of age to enjoy it himselfe
I also will that my four sons Wm, John, Edward, and Thomas personally enjoy there legacies every part or parcell accordingly as I have given it to them and there heirs lawfully begotten of there boyes for ever and in case either of my sons dies without heir that part or parcell of land shall be equally divided amongst the other three brothers and I entail it from age to age that it may not be sold except it be from one brother to another
To my son, Edward--my muskett
To my son, Thomas--my long gun
To my son, William--three iron wedges, two small axes, and one grate one
To my son, John--two grate wedges, my best coat, vest & breeches
To my daughter, Anne Owenings--one pewter dish, one pewter bason, and half a dozen pewter plates to be delivered at her marriage day
To my daughter, Mary Owens--one pewter dish, one pewter bason, and half a dozen pewter plates to be delivered at her marriage day
To my daughter, Elizabeth Owens--one pewter dish, one pewter bason and half a dozen pewter plates to be delivered at her marriage day
To my two eldest daughters, Ann & Mary--to have a cow delivered to them at their wedding day
To my wife, Mary--all the rest of my personal estate good and chattels both within and without during her natural life and after her decease to be equally divided between all my children


Richard LEWELLING''s wife was Elizabeth Manning
William OWEN's wife was Elinor Manning (apparently his first wife) because his Will names wife Mary.  
Richard TAYLOR's wife was Margarett Manning
Edward DAVIS' wife was Mary Manning whose first husband was Roger HODGES.

You'll notice the surname of Bunting in the above.   The Buntings, Veales, Taylors, Owens, etc. all lived on adjoining property in Norfolk.