History of Preble County, Ohio (Miss Llewellyn), Philip Anna, James H., Kentucky)

Billie Harris - May 7, 2011

Found this on a GenForum posting.

History of Preble Co, Ohio 1881

[page 40] Preble County in the War of 1812 - Silas Fleming's Company ...privates...Thomas Lewellen, Phillip Lewellen...

[page 52] Civil War - private in Company H. Isaac Lewellen...

[page?] Mrs Cynthiana Beall, daughter of John Pottenger, married Alfred Beall. He came from Maryland with his uncle, Thomas Beall, in or about the year 1825. Their children are: Ellen (deceased), William, Susan, wife of Finley Hoffman; Anna, wife of Charlie Kelly; Reuben, who married Miss Llewelyn; and James, not married.

[page 138] Samuel Weist was born in Camden, in 1849, where his parents now reside. In 1875 he was married to Elizabeth Lewellen, born in 1858. They have had no children. Mr Weist lives on the farm in Washington township now owned by his father. His wife's parents reside in Dixon township.

[page 165] James H. Lewellen was born in Dixon township in 1830. His parents, Philip and Anna Lewellen came to Preble county from Kentucky at an early day, and settled in Dixon township. They were the parents of eleven children.

[page 193] Jacob Featherling was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, from which place he moved to Ohio. He first settled in Delaware county in 1832, and afterwards, in 1835, moved to Montgomery county. His wife, Parmelia Lewellen, died in 1864. Eight children were born to them, three only of whom are now alive, namely: Cephas C., George and Eliza.

[page 230] Philip Murray was born in Somers township in 1814. His father, Thomas Murray, was born in Ireland in 1779, and his mother, Martha Lewellen, was born in this country in 1788. They were early settlers of Somers township. In 1844 Philip Murray married Elizabeth Bader, who was born in 1823, and died in 1856. Four of the six children by this marriage are living. In 1857 Mr Murray married Elizabeth T. Moren, who was born in 1820. Two children have been born by this marriage. In 1862 Mr Murray became township treasurer, which office he held for four years. Until the year 1834 he was a farmer. In that year he took charge of a saw-mill on the Killough farm, in Somers township. He has been connected with the saw-mills located on the Camden and Richmond pike, on the farm of John Mills, then on the farms of John Douglas and Thomas McQuiston. In the year 1858 he quit the milling business and engaged in the dry goods business at Morning Sun until about the year 1866, when he again engaged in the saw-milling business.

[page 300] Thomas Murray, was born in Cornwall parish, county of Donegal, Ireland, in 1779. In 1806 he emigrated to Philadelphia. The same year he came to Preble county, Ohio, and settled in section twenty-eight, Somers township. His wife, Martha Lewellen, was born 1788. Her parents, John and Catharine, emigrated from Kentucky in 1806 and settled in this township, where they resided twenty-seven years. They then moved to Dixon township. Thomas Murray died in Somers in 1859. He had ten children, five now living: John resides in Somers, Thomas in Butler county, Ohio; Phillip at Morning Sun, Israel township; William in Somers, and Sarah A., wife of Daniel Peters, in Camden.

[page 300] John Lewellen and his wife, Kate DeVall, originally from Virginia, came to Somers township in 1809 from Kentucky, and settled on Paint Creek on the farm now owned by Mrs Julia Burson. They reared a family of ten children, of whom three are living, and Mrs Murray, is the only one in Preble county.

[page 300] Phillip Lewellen removed to this township from Kentucky about the year 1810. He was born in Bullet county, Kentucky, in 1795, and died in Dixon township, this county, in 1877. His wife (Anna Runyon) was born in 1793 and died in 1874. They had a family of thirteen children, the following of whom are at this writing living: Julia (wife of Jonathan Burson), Martha (wife of Stephen McWhinney), Bafford, John, Sarah (wife of James Skinner), Dennis, Jane (wife of Daniel Ockerman), James Harvey, Isaac and Jehu. Nancy, Wilson and Catharine are deceased. Wilson died in the service during the late civil war. James H. was born in 1830, and married Frances M. Gavin, who was born two years subsequently.

Billie Harris - May 8, 2011

There's more on this line in the History section under Ohio - Chronology.   Phillip would have been the son of John.   Here's a little:   I've seen that John was in the Revolutionary Army in Pennsylvania.   Below I see mentioned New Jersey so where exactly he was from, I don't know.   There was a Philip Lewallen in early Loudoun County, Virginia so it could be John was his son, but ???

1809 -   Preble Co., Ohio History:   "John Lewellen and his wife, Catharine Eleanor Duvall (Kate DeVall), originally from Virginia , came to Somers Township in 1809 from Kentucky , and settled on Paint creek.   They reared a family of ten children.   Martha Lewellen Murray was the only one of their children to remain in Preble County .   John and Kate resided in Somers Township and then moved to Dixon Township , Preble County , Ohio ."  
1809 - Martha Lewellen married Thomas Murry May 2
1809 - Nancy Lewellen married James Addington June 15

1812 - From Aug. 30 until February 28, 1813, Thomas and Phillip Lewallen served in the War of 1812 under Col. Fleming.

1815 - (note this date may be incorrect and I may have copied the date information wrong...bh)
   From "Preble Co., Pioneers (Ohio) R97.11P.7ru Somers Tp, pg 19:  
   "John Lewellen and his wife Catherine (DeVall) came from Virginia through Kentucky to Somers Tp in 1809 and settled on Paint Creek.   They were the parents of ten children.   He was a patriot of the Revolutionary War of 1812.   He was a flour inspector.   He was the father of 8 children and came from New Jersey in 1815.

1815 - Phillip Lewellen married Hannah Runion Jan. 5 (Note:   Per census, Phillip was born about 1794 in KY)   Also note.   There was a Phillip Lewallen and a Thomas Lewallen serving in the War of 1812 from the same county in Ohio.   They were in Lt. Fleming's company and served   from August 30. 1812, until February 28, 1813

Landy Gobes - May 9, 2011

The County Histories are wonderful sources, but they also make the kind of mistakes that get made in oral history.  

John and Catharine Duvall Lewellen came from KY to OH in 1806 (or 1809) depending on which of these dates you believe.   I believe it was 1806.   Their children were: Thomas, Martha, Phillip,   Dennis, Catharine, John Lewis, Sarah, and Daniel.

John did serve in the Rev War from PA.   He was born in VA (I believe Loudoun Co.)   Catharine was born on the line of (now) WV and PA.   Her parents' property went back and forth from VA to PA until the Mason Dixon line settled the issue.   It is now in Fayette Co, PA.

I have never heard of John being from New Jersey.   The census data says VA.   If you read that paragraph you will see that they have John settling there in 1809 and 1815.   I think the 1815 sentence belongs in another biography.

Sons Phillip, Thomas, and John Lewis (and maybe more) did serve in the war of 1812.

Nancy may be another Lewellen daughter that I don't have listed.   I will check on that.

Martha, my ggggrandmother did marry Thomas Murry in 1809, and the reporting on the Murray family looks correct to me.

Thomas Murry was arrested for operating an illegal still.   Thomas seems to have had a contentious nature.   In addition to being fined for retailing liquor, he had numerous court appearances, some against his inlaws, the Lewellens.