Joseph Lewallen, born 1825 Maury Co., TN, d. OK., son of Aaron

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Linda Haas Davenport has a website with information on Joseph G Lewallen, born 1825, Tennessee.

Check her site which is in a better reading font and set-up than we have here.   You'll also note near the bottom of this page a site for the tombstone of Joseph.   Linda's web site shows him born Dec 24 1825 when actually, the month was July 24, 1825,   per the tombstone.

Joseph G LEWALLEN was born (1) 24 Dec 1825 in TN and died 16 Dec 1899 in OK (Burial in Indianola Cemetery, McIntosh Co, OK). He married Elizabeth (Lizzie) P DUE (2) 3 Dec 1849 in Maury County, TN. She was the daughter of John Wesley DUE and Nancy Ann SPENCE. She was born 6 Jul 1832 in TN. She died in 1925 probably in Candian, Pittsburg Co, OK.

Notes on Joseph G LEWALLEN:
   According to the census records Joseph's occupation thoroughout this life was farming. Joseph & Elizabeth were married 3 Dec 1849 in Maury Co TN. By Sep 1850 Joseph & Elizabeth (and Elizabeth's parents, Wesley & Nancy Due) were living in (3) Tippah Co, MS. Next door to Joseph & Elizabeth, in the William McNice household, were four Lewellyn children ranging from age 17 to 5 (more on them later).
   By 1853, when their first child, Charles, was born, Joseph & Elizabeth were back in TN. (On the 1910 Federal Census Elizabeth is reported to have given birth to 9 children of which 5 were still living. All 9 children are accounted for so it would appear they were married two + years before the birth of their first child.)
   By 1858, when their 3rd child was born, they were in AR. The first record found in AR is for the cash purchase of 200 acres of land in Independence Co. (Bureau of Land Management patent #12248)
   The family is found on the 1860 Census (4) in Ashley Township, Independence Co AR and the value of Joseph's personal propery was listed as 1,800.00. Although he's not found on the single page of the Independence Co 1860 Slave Census that kind of value in 1860 was almost always the value of owned slaves. On the same census Nancy Due (Elizabeth's mother) is heading up a household.
   There is a Civil War record for a Joseph G Lewallen living in AR. In 1862 Joseph would have been 37 years old and that's a bit old to have joined. However, I can't find another Joseph G Lewallen in AR around 1860 so I'll list the information here.
   The Civil War Records show: A Joseph G Lewallen enlised 1 Nov 1862 at Evening Shade, AR (5) and was assigned to Company D 8th Arkansas Cavalry as a private. His Civil War records report his name as both Lewallan & LEVALIN (Roll M376-14 US Civil War Soldiers). His specific job, at least in the beginning, was as a butcher. He was captured at Mound City, KS 24 Oct 1863 and sent to MP St Louis, MO 15 Nov 1864 then to Rock Island, IL 9 Dec 1864. His date of discharge is unknown at this time
   Between the 1860 & (6) 1870 Federal Census Joseph moved his family to Flippen, Marion County, AR. According the census records both Joseph & Elizabeth could read and write so it isn't surprising that they educated their children. The 1870 census reported Charles, Ellen and Henry attended school within the year.
   The (7) 1880 census reported the family living in White River Township (Flippin). Henry, Wesley, Emma and William were all attending school
   During the mid 1880s Marion County experienced a mining boom and many of Marion county's citizens staked claimes. Joseph was one of those. The Mt Echo Newspaper (May 14, 1886 issue) reported: "I was shown some very fine specimens of copper ore by Mr. Jo Lewallen, one of White River's best citizens, recently." Perhaps the ore came from a claim Joseph owned?
   The first mention I find of Jospeh filing a mining clain is found in Mining book K (I couldn't find any earlier books at the time) where on 21 January 1889 (8) he filed a claim he named "Evening Star". On the same day Joseph acted as a agent for Wesley P LEWALLEN for a claim called "Turning Point" located next to Joseph's Evening Star claim. On 25 Jan 1889 (9) Joseph filed another claim he called "Spanish Ridge". On 21 February 1889, Joseph witnessed a mining claim filed by Henry C Lewallen (10) called "Golena Bank" If these claims ever amounted to anything I haven't yet been able to find the record
   Joseph and his family often made the News and appeared in the local gossip columns of Marion county's Mt. Echo Newspaper.
   April 11, 1890 issue: "J. G. Lewallen, one of the staunch citizens of Flippin, dropped in to our office last Saturday, and made himself solid with The Echo for another year. He says there is some interest in mining matters out in his neighborhood."
   Oct 17, 1890 issue: "J. G. Lewallen, of Flippin, will move to town in a few days and will occupy the Carter property. We will be glad to have "Uncle" John (assuming a typo) with us."
   Nov 7, 1890 issue: "Mrs. Olive Carter moved out to her farm just west of town this week. "Uncle Jo" Lewallen, of Flippin, is moving into her town property."
   Mar 6, 1891 issue: "Uncle" Joe Lewallen has moved back to his farm in the Flippin Barrens.
   Before 1899 Joseph & Elizabeth were with their son Wesley in Indian Territory (OK). Joseph died 16 Dec 1899 in Indian Territory and is buried at the Indianola Cemetery in McIntosh Co. Elizabeth continued to live with Wesley until she died in 1925. At the moment her place of death and burial is unknown.
   In searching the web for more information on Joseph I found several Lewallen family trees on that list Joseph G Lewallen as the son of a Daniel Lewallen (b) 1790 in Anderson Co, TN (d) Jackson Co, AL and Elizabeth LAYNE (b) 1794, Marion Co TN (d) Tishomingo Co, MS. These trees lack sources, appear to be copied from one another and contain enough errors to be suspect.
   Other family trees on ancestry have the same David Lewallen married to Sarah (Sally) Young but have no sources to back up their claim.
   Another researcher, a professional genealogist, believes that Joseph's parents were Aaron Lewallen (b) ca 1797 in NC (d) either 1846 or 1873 and Sarah (Sally) Young (b) 1804 in NC, (d) after Mar 1885. According to the marriage records of Williamson Co, TN Aaron Lewallen married Sarah Young 13 Jan 1819. This researcher shows Joseph's siblings as: Elizabeth (b) ca 1833 in TN; Adeline (b) ca 1835 in TN; James (b) ca 1840 in TN; Sarah (b) ca 1844 in TN (married a Coats) and Thomas Marion (b) ca 1845 in TN. Four of these same children (Elizabeth 17, Adeline 15, James 10 & Thomas 5) were on the 1850 Federal Census in Tippah Co, MS living next door to Joseph & Elizabeth in the William McNice household. It appears that Sarah (Sally) Lewallen wasn't married to William McNice because she's listed as Sarah Lewallen on subsequent censuses.
Generation No. 1


I. Charles G. LEWALLEN was born in 1853 in TN. He died (11 & 20) 20 May 1886 in Flippen Marion Co AR. His place of burial is unknown. He married Emily Angeline ALLEN 25 Dec 1876 in Marion Co, AR. She was the daughter of John ALLEN and Sarah Elizabeth VANCE. She died (12) 25 May 1924 at the home of her daughter in Bronson, Bourbon Co KS and was returned to Henniretta OK for burial.

Notes for Charles LEWALLEN:
   Charlie's children often told me that their father was a school teacher who supplemented his income by farming. His being a school teacher is substantiated by the (13) 1880 Federal Census which reports the family living in Yellville with Charlie teaching school. He himself attended school in Mountain Home at the Mountain Home Academy (14) where he received his teaching certificate. In about 1885 Charlie filed a homestead claim located in Flippin and during the winter of 1885 Charlie moved his family to their new home in Flippin. However, Charlie didn't have much time to enjoy his new home. The Mt Echo (11) May 11, 1886 issue reported that Charlie had been confined to his room for six month with lung fever (tuberculosis) and the Jun 11, 1886 issue reported his death. He died at the young age of 33 leaving a wife and five children.
   My grandmother (Virgie Charlie Lewallen, the youngest child) always belived that her father had died before she was born and that Charlie wanted the child (boy or girl) to be named after him since none of the other children were. Unfortunately my grandmother died before I found the notice of Charlie's death in the Mt. Echo, a notice that proved Virgie was over two months old when her father died. I believe Virgie would have been pleased to know her father had a hand in giving her his name.
   I've never found any information on where Charlie was buried. Since he lived and died in Flippin I'm guessing he was buried there.

Notes for Emily ALLEN LEWALLEN:
   As far as I know there is no existing document or source that proves Charlie and Emily's marriage date. However, their children all agreed that their parents were married on Christmas Day 1876 at her home. At the time of their marriage Charlie was 23 and Emily was 15.
   A short ten years later, at the age of 25, Emily found herself a widow and the mother of five fatherless children, ranging from two months to nine years of age.
   I haven't yet received Charlie's Homestead File, but according to the Bureau of Land Management a patent to the property was issued, in Charlie's name, 23 Feb 1888 - two years after his death. Apparently Emily fulfilled the remaining requirements by herself. On the 1891 Marion Co Property Tax List Emily is shown as the owner of 40 acres of Charlie's original 120 acres and her father-in-law Joseph G Lewallen as the owner of the other 80 acres.
   A year after Charlie's death, over in Jimmys Creek township, Eli Henry McCracken's wife Belle passed away leaving Henry a 33 year old widower and the father of five motherless children ranging from a few months old to 8 years. There are no family stories about how Emily and Henry met, but Marion County's population wasn't very large in 1887. In any event the widow and the widower did meet and on (15) 15 Nov 1888 they married at Emily's home in Flippin. Emily was often heard to say it was like she suddenly had five sets of twins. Her children ranged in age from 2 to 11 years and Henry's ranged in age from 2 to 10 years.
   According to Emily's oldest boys the family Henry and his five children moved into Emily's house in Flippin. It is said in the family that Henry taught school and farmed, but supporting a family of 12 wasn't easy and it was even harder after the couple had another four children.
   Between July 1897 and the end of 1899 the family packed up and moved to Indian Territory. (16) My grandmother Virgie told many stories about that two month wagon trip. I have no doubt her thirteen year old perspective was much different than Emily's!
   After arriving in Indian Territory Emily gave birth to three more children making her the mother of thirteen children (although two of those children died as infants) and the step-mother of five.
   Times in Indian Territory were hard and my grandmother and her siblings' strongest memories were of never having enough to eat. No one went without food, but enough food to satisfy everyone was a different story.
   By 1924 Emily had been ill for quite some time (according to her letters to her Virgie). In Mar of 1924 Emily traveled to the home of her daughter Lucy in Bronson Kansas and passed away on (12) Mar 26th. Her body was shipped back to Oklahoma and she was buried in Henniretta, Oklahoma.

II. Ellen LEWALLEN was born on 3 Apr 1854 in TN. She died on 27 Nov 1945. She married Joshua Starr JENKINS in probably Marion Co AR

Notes for Ellen LEWALLEN:
   Starr Jenkins is listed in the landowner maps (here on the Marion Co site) as owner of land in Sec 7 TS19N R15W. By 1891 Ellen is listed as the owner of this property. Apparently Starr had died by 1891.

III. Theodocia "Docia" LEWALLEN was born in 1858 in AR. She married Biles Thompson. According to family lore the couple moved to Indian Territory.

IV: Henry C. LEWALLEN was born ca 1860 in Independence Co, AR and died 2 Aug 1889 (20) in Marion Co.

Notes for Henry C. LEWALLEN:
   Mt. Echo Newspaper, 23 Aug 1889 Issue: FLIPPIN ITEMS: "Mr. Henry Lewallen, one of Marion's best citizens, departed this life August 2nd, aged 29 years. He bore his two years suffering without a murmur, and left evidence of a bright hope beyond. To his many friends and relatives we tender our sincerest sympathy. W. H. White"

V: Wesley P "Doc" LEWALLEN was born 17 May 1862 (20) in AR. He died 18 Oct 1943 in Canadian, Pittsburg Co, OK. (17) He marrried 1st (18) Josephine (Jossie) FLIPPIN 26 Mar 1886; 2nd Ann DILL. Josephine (Josie) was born 29 Apr 1862, (20) daughter of Thomas H. P. Flippin and Mary M Summers. She died 21 Jul 1895 (20) and her death was reported in the Mt. Echo newspaper (I haven't yet located the article).

Notes for Wesley P LEWALLEN:
   Some online family trees give Wesley's middle name as Pershing.
   Wesley was often mentioned in the Mt. Echo Newspaper and was apparently active in county affairs. In Jul 1890 the Echo reported that Wesley was teaching school in Flippin. By Oct 1890 the Echo was reporting that Wesley was clerking in the store of H. A. Young and by Nov the Echo reported Wesley had moved into Yellville.
   In Jan 1889 Joseph Lewallen, Wesley's father, filed a mining claim for Wesley. The mine was located beside of one of Joseph's.
   Josie died in July of 1895 and perhaps because of Josie's death Wesley entered medical school. According to the Medical School Alumni Database [NOTE: broken link] Wesley attended the Kentucky School of Medicine, Louisville, KY from 1895-1901. (As a side note - Wesley's brother William B Lewallen attended school with him in 1895.) Where Wesley practiced medicine between his granduation in 1901 and 1903 when he was listed in the 1903-1904 Standard Medical Directory as a physician in Canadian (population 522) Choctaw Nation is unknown. From 1903 until his death in 1943 Wesley practiced medicine in Canadian, OK (19)
   The University of Oklahoma's Western History Manuscript collection has custody of Wesley's Patient Account Ledgers (1904-1932) and his Daybook (1926-1930).

VI. Emma Lee LEWALLEN was born Mar 1867 in AR. She died Jun 1926 in Muskogee, Muskogee Co OK. she married John William COWAN 17 Jan 1888 in Flippin, Marion Co AR. He was the son of Alfred COWAN and Louisa Elizabeth MEARS. He died Nov 1941 In St. Louis, MO.

VII. William B. LEWALLEN was born 12 May 1869 in AR and died 1 Nov 1911 in Bonham, Fannin County, Texas. He married Laura Bell WICKERSHAM Jul 1892. She was born 12 Aug 1873 in AR and died 24 Jun 1927 in Bonham, Fannin County, Texas

More on William B LEWALLEN:
   Mt. Echo Newspaper, Jul 29, 1892 Issue: "Will Lewallen and Miss Bell Wickersham surprised their many friends by quietly getting married last Thursday night. Rev. Thomas Wilson officiating. The Echo wishes the happy couple all the happiness possible." (same issue) Marriages: W. B. Lewallen, Union, 23 - Laura Bell Wickersham, Union, 25
   According to the Medical School Alumni Database [NOTE: broken link] William (along with his brother Wesley) attended the Kentucky School of Medicine, Louisville, KY in 1895. The website shows William attending only in 1895, but he must have attended medical school for longer than one year because by 1900 (and up to his death) William and Belle were living in Bonham City, Fannin County, Texas and William's occupation was listed as Physician. Both William & Laura are buried in Willow Wood Cemetery in Bonham, TX.

VIII: Walter N (or W) LEWALLEN was born ca 1872 in Flippin, Marion Co, AR and died 12 Sep 1894 (20) at the age of 22

IX: Mildnia "Dollie" LEWALLEN was born ca 1875 in Flippin, Marion Co AR. She married unknown FINLAND

Generation No. 2

I. Charles G.Jospeh LEWALLEN and Emily Angeline ALLEN had the following children.

1. John Howard LEWALLEN was born on 1 Nov 1877 in Marion Co, AR. He died on 4 Jun 1958 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co, OK (buried Flora Haven Cem, Broken Arrow, OK). He married (1) Louise GRAYSON DEERE (widow of unknown DEERE, Creek Indian) 21 Aug 1900 (2) Dolly HAWKINS ca 1907 (3) Lavada LASITER 17 Mar 1914.

2. Floyd Sylvester LEWALLEN was born on 6 Sep 1879 in Marion Co, AR. He died on 6 Aug 1964 in Owasso, Tulsa Co, OK. He married Sara Belle McCRACKEN the daughter of Eli Henry McCRACKEN and Isabel "Belle" OSBORN on 9 Sep 1900 in Hoyt, McIntosh Co, Indian Territory (OK). She was born 6 Nov 1881 in Marion Co, AR and she died 23 Feb 1964 in Owasso, Tulsa Co, OK.

3. William Wallace Harrison LEWALLEN was born on 29 Dec 1881 in Marion Co, ARk. He died on 30 Aug 1970 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co, OK. He is buried in Rest Haven Cemetery, Sperry, Tulsa Co, OK. He married (1) Mable HAWKINS Jul 1908 in McIntosh Co, OK (Bk 1, pg 184). She died in 1924 in Brush Hill, McIntosh Co, OK. He married (2) Eula unknown in probably Tulsa Co OK.

4. Elsie Mae LEWALLEN was born on 21 Mar 1884 in Marion Co, AR and died on 12 Jan 1969 in Collinsville, OK. She is buried in Floral Haven Cemetery, Broken Arrow, OK. She married Charles JOHNSON in Jun 1902 in OK.

5. Virgie Charlie LEWALLEN was born 18 May 1886 in Flippin, Marion Co, AR and she died 13 May 1978 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co, OK. She is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa, Tulsa Co, OK. She married (1) Daniel Lafayette WHITE the son of Pascal WHITE and Nancy Hazeltine JUSTICE on 28 Sep 1902 in Brooken, Indian Territory (OK). He was born 15 Aug 1879 in Bates, Scott Co, AR and died 26 Mar 1956 at his home outside of Turley, Tulsa Co, OK. She married 2nd Thomas SHEALY ca 1970 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co OK

V. Wesley P.Jospeh LEWALLEN and Josie FLIPPIN had the following children.

1. Henry Roscoe LEWALLEN was born Aug 1888 in Flippin, Marion Co AR and died 14 Mar 1889 in Marion Co, AR. (20)

2. Cecil LEWALLEN was born 18 Jul 1890 (20) in Marion Co AR. She married Henry Roberts after 1910 in probably Canadian, Pittsburg Co, OK

Notes on Cecil LEWALLEN
   Jul 18, 1891, Issue of Mt. Echo Newspaper, Yellville, Marion Co, AR "Born to Mr. & Mrs. Wes Lewallen a girl."
   Jan 2, 1891, Issue of Mt. Echo Newspaper, Yellville, Marion Co, AR "The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Lewallen has been very sick lately but is most well now."

3. Icel Fahy LEWALLEN (daughter) was born 20 Sep 1892 in Marion Co AR and died 2 Feb 1896 in Marion Co AR. (20)

V. Wesley P.Jospeh LEWALLEN and Julia Anna DILL had the following children.

4. James Norris LEWALLEN was born in Canadian, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma 4 Apr 1906 and died May 1972. He married Alta McCORMACK ca 1928.

5. Joe D LEWALLEN was born in Canadian, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma ca 1909.

6. Lorraine LEWALLEN was born in Canadian, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma ca 1912. She married Pat O'REIL. Pat is buried at the Eufaula Cemetery in Eufaula, Oklahoma

7. Eugene "Buddy" LEWALLEN was born in Canadian, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma ca 1919. He married Bertie WRIGHT.

8. William "Bill" LEWALLEN was born ca 1920 in Canadian, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

VII. Emma Lee.Jospeh LEWALLEN and John William COWAN had the following children.

1. Willie Belle COWAN was born Jan 1891

2. Elizabeth Nell COWAN was born Feb 1893

3. Charles Henry COWAN was born Mar 1895

4. Mildred H COWAN was born Dec 1900

5. Rachel R COWAN was born Feb 1902

6. Alfred H COWAN was born Feb 1904

7. John LeRoy COWAN was born Aug 1906

8. Inez B COWAN was born Sep 1908

9. Helen Beatrice COWAN was born 1911

VIII. William B. LEWALLEN and Laura Bell WICHERSHAM had the following child:

1. William Ralph LEWALLEN was born Apr 1893 in Indian Territory (OK)

Sources for Joseph LEWALLEN & ELIZABETH DUE:
(1) Tombstone in Indianola Cemetery.
(2) Middle TN Marriages - Vol 1 - Grooms; Marriage info found on LDS IGI: Film # 1985458 also TN State Marriages: 1780-2002, License # 1833. Married by J F Jordan, JP - certified in Statey TN May Court Term (probably 1850 - handwriting is hard to read and I can't find Statey).
(3) 1850 Federal Census: Tippah Co, Division 3, Mississippi; pg 507 ( page 33) Visitation Date 11 Sep 1850, Dwelling & family # 231, lines 7 & 9. (name listed as: Joseph Lewellyn)
(4) 1860 Federal Census: 1860 Census: Ashley Township, Independence Co AR, 29 Jun 1860, post office Batesville, pg 98 dwelling 657, family 646 (Nancy Due household #658). In 1860 the value of Joseph's real estate was 600.00 and his personal property was 1,800.00. That kind of value of personal property is usually the value of slaves. Even though Jospeh is not found on the 1860 Slave Census I'm guessing he did own slaves since by 1870 (after the Civil War) his personal property was valued at only 250.00.
(5)Arkansas Civil War Records ( No mustering information is listed
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Sources for Charlie LEWALLEN:
(11)May 14, 1886 Issue: Mt. Echo Newspaper Yellville, Marion County, AR. Flippin News: "Sunday evening I visited Charley Lewallen, one of my old classmates at school when we were boys, who has been confined to his room for six months with lung fever. He is yet hopeful of his recovery. (May 11, 1886. W B F)"
   June 11, 1886 issue: Mt. Echo Newspaper Yellville, Marion County, AR. " Since my last, Charley Lewallen gently passed from this earth to that better world above where sorrow never comes. Charley was a consistent Christian and an affectionate husband. He leaves a wife and four little children and a host of relatives and friends to mourn over his death. In times like this, when a family is bowed down with grief at such a loss, words of sympathy cannot alleviate the pain of suffering hearts. But the vicinity can not refrain from tendering the bereaved friends and relatives such heartfelt condolence as we can give, and may the divine Master be with them in their sad bereavement, and when they, too, follow after may they form a united family in the Christian's eternal home. -- W.B.F., Jr."
(13) 1880 Census: Marion Co AR, Union township Yellville Post Office, Soundex 9-108-5-41: Enumeration Date 2 Jun 1880 pg 5 dwelling 58 & family 55
(14)"Early Days & War Times in North Arkansas by Thomas Jerome Estes"; "In the winter and spring of 1877 I was a student at Mountain Home Academy, under the instruction of Professors A. J. Truman and J. S. Howard--two noble men and fine teachers. Jesse White and Charley Lewallen, also of Marion county, were class mates with me and other noble young men of other parts whose memory I cheerish."

Sources for Emily ALLEN LEWALLEN:
(12)Death Certificate: Emily Angeline McCracken: Bronson, Marion Township, Bourbon Co KS: # 6-1497. Female, White, Married to E.H. McCracken. Date of Birth Mar 26, 1861 age 63 years 29 days. Birthplace AR, father Jno Allen born TN, mother Elizabeth Vance born MO. Informant Mrs. Parsons of Browson KS. Date of Death May 25, 1924. Cancer of Stomach contributory: Acute Insufficiency of Heart. Removal to Hennirtta Ok for burial on 5/28/1924
(15)Mt. Echo Newspaper, 23 Nov 1888 issue": FLIPPIN FACTS: Married on last Sunday evening at the residence of the bride, in White River township, Mr. Henry McCracken to Mrs. Emily Lewallen, Esquire George Washington Sanders officiating. Henry says he got snowed under for treasurer, but he came out triumphant and victorious matrimonially. W. B. F."
(16)1900 Census: Choctaw Nation (now Haskell County) Indian Territory; TS 9N R18E (Brooken), Roll T623 #1850; Visitation Date: 13 Jun 1900; Census Taker John M White, Supervisors District #73, Enumeration district 76, Sheet 10, Page 85, Dwelling 174, Family 174.
   1910 Census: OK, McIntosh Co, Ft. Lumus Township (Stidham), Enumeration district 80, Date: 28 Apr 1910, Enumerator Stephen J. Cowan Roll # T624 #1250, Dwelling 80, family 81 (Soundex: 038-0080-0081)
   1920 Federal Census: Ryal Township, McIntosh Co OK, pg 10B (ancestry image 20); Visitation Date 28 Jan 1920, Farm; dwelling 180, family 195, line 75>

Sources for Wesley P LEWALLEN:
(17)Photo of Wesley Lewallen's tombstone
(18)March 26, 1886 Issue: Marriage license issued during the month of March, 1886 - Wesley P. Lewallen to Miss Josie Flippin. Same Issue: Flippin News:On the 21st inst. W. P. Lewallen was married to Miss Jo Flippin, at the residence of Mrs. Julia Flippin, Rev. Thomas Sutton officiating.
(19)1910 Federal Census, Canadian, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. Page 3B, visitation date 20 & 21 April 1910 ( page 6), Dwelling 51, Family 52. Occupation listed as Physician
   1920 Federal Census: Pittsburg county, Oklahoma Canadian Township. Series T625, Roll 1484, pg 21: Visitation Date 10 Jan 1920, supervisor district: 3, Enumeration Dist 183, Cheadle Ave, Dwelling 19, family 20. (ancestry images page 9)Occupation listed as Physician
   1930 Federal Census: Canadian, Pittsburg County, OK, pg 125, visitation date Apr 28, 1930, Dwelling & family 33 ( image page 3) Occupation listed as physician.

Sources for Births & Deaths
(20)Josie Flippin & Wesly Lewallen's family Bible. Copies of family information pages in the possession of Linda Haas Davenport

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