Descendants of Walter Davis Lewallen, son of Andrew L. and Malinda

Billie Harris - Jun 17, 2011

From Scott County, Tennessee and its Families

WALTER DAVIS LEWALLEN was born April 4, 1831 in Morgan County, Tennessee.   He was the son of ANDREW L. and MALINDA DAVIS LEWALLEN.

Walter married ANNA BROWN October 5, 1848 in Morgan County, Tennessee.  

Anna Brown was born May 24, 1833 in Tennessee.   She died August 29, 1906 in Scott County, Tennessee.

Walter Davis Lewallen died April 4, 1896 in Scott County, Tennessee.

Walter and Anna are buried in the Lewallen cemetery near Wolf Creek on Nydeck Road, Morgan County, TN.   They have a clearly marked headstone.

Theylived in Wayne County KY from about 1856 until 1967 where a large part of his family was born.   Walter was a farmer in Kentucky and in Tennessee.   He returned to Scott County in 1867.


1.   ANDREW RUSSELL born July 17, 1849 Morgan County.   Married NANCY DERICK CARPENTER October 15, 1868.   He died May 22, 1937.

2.   NANCY MALINDA born April 20, 1851 Scott County.   Married James S. (Sam) Stonecipher April 4, 1875.   Nancy Malinda (Lewallen) Stonecipher died July 1, 1924 Marion County, IL.

3.   MARY ANN born March 24, 1853 Scott County.   Married Curtis Stonecipher Aug. 15, 1872 in Scott County.   Mary Ann died April 17, 1945 in Centralia, IL.

4.   JOHN GRANVILLE born May 5, 1855 Wayne County KY.   He died of accidental gunshot wound when he was a boy.

5.   SAMUEL ANDERSON born Sept. 18, 1857 Wayne County.   Married Anna C. Young Sept. 9, 1879 Scott County.   He died in Yamacraw (sic) KY, date unknown.

6.   RHODA ELIZABETH born Mar 15, 1860 Wayne Co KY.   Married Amos York.

7.   WILLIAM JASPER born Mar. 7, 1863 Wayne Co., KY.   He died in Vancouver, Washington.

8.   JOSEPH BUSTER born July 5, 1865 Wayne Co, KY.   Married Epsy Galloway.   He died Aug. 5, 1898.

9.   LEVI WAYNE born July 14, 1867 in Scott County, TN.   He died Nov. 19, 1896 when kicked by a horse.

10.   CYNTHIA W. born July 25, 1869 Scott County.   Married Frank Rose Mar 15, 1888.   Cynthia died Jan. 29, 1892.   Frank died July 17, 1895.

11.   JAMES DAILY born Dec. 30, 1871 Scott Co TN.   Married Marlina Thompson Sept. 12, 1902 Scott County.   He died Feb. 11, 1943

12.   ABSOLON FRANKLIN born July 3, 1874 Scott County TN.   Married Estella Risden Dec. 19, 1899 Scott County.   Frank died Sept. 27, 1938

13.   HENRY W.   was born and died on Mar. 15, 1876 Scott Co.

Compiled by Wayne F. Lewallen.   Submitted by Hester E. Jenkins.

Barbara Hensley - Jun 18, 2011

Billie, I know this isn't the correct place to put this but have a problem with that so here goes: from the Randolph County, NC Gen. Society Journal:   Bastardy bond
16June 1791 Sarah Dollarhide accuses Jonathan Lewelling as father of her child. William Lewelling   is the security

Billie Harris - Jun 18, 2011

Barbara:   That's very, very good information to have.   I'm going to copy and post it and give it   its own heading.   Thanks, and if you come up with anything else, post it, please.   And, frankly, we have very little on Jonathan so it's good to get this.