John Llewellyn, first sheriff of Scott County TN

Billie Harris - Jun 18, 2011

The following is from

From Scott County, TN and its families
and was submitted by Kathleen Lewallen Fulwiler, however, I'm not so sure where she received information that Alexander was Anderson Llewellyn's father.   So far, nothing has been given to tell us who Anderson's father was.


"My great grandfather, John Llewellyn, was the first sheriff of Scott County (1850-1858).   He was born in Morgan County TN Feb. 12, 1812, the son of Anderson and Lucy Rice Llewellyn and the grandson of Alexander Llewellyn.   His parents were married in Prince Edward County VA in 1784.   They came to Morgan County in 1811 from Wake County, NC.   The Llewellyns were originally from Wales.

"John married Delilah Reed in 1833.   Delilah was born in what is now Scott County in 1815.   She was the daughter of Isaac Reed (1790-1854) and Phariba Hatfield Reed (1795-1840).   Isaac was the first trustee of Scott County in 1850.   John and Delilah had 10 children.   Delilah died May 24, 1865.   Her burial place is unknown..

"John married Delilah's sister, Emely Reed McDonald Dec. 8, 1865.   They were married by John's son, Anderson S. Llewellyn who was a Justice of the Peace.   Emely was a widow with six children.   She took care of Delilah during her illness.

"Emely was born Feb. 9, 1834.   They moved to Wayne County, KY where their two daughters were born.   Tennessee, born June 4, 1868, died May 19, 1945.   Texas born April 17, 1870, died Oct. 6, 1946.   John and Emely, with their children, went to Texas, now Temple, Texas, in 1873.   In 1879 they went to Taylor County, Texas and lived until 1886 when they returned to Bell County, Texas.   In 1894, they returned to Taylor County in the Shep Community.   John bought 180 acres of land and lived in the dugout until he could build a house in front.   The old farm house still stands and is owned by Tennessee's daughter, Vada Hurt Dean, born in 1903, who is living in Abilene, Texas.

"John died Nov. 16, 1896.   Emely died March 17, 1907.   They are buried in Bluff Creek Cemetery near Bradshaw, Texas, 30 miles from Abilene, Texas.   They have a lot of descendants all over Texas.

"John and Delilah's 10 children were:

"Isaac b. 1934, m. Nancy Jeffries, m Saphama Davis, m. Fannie Lane, d. 1908.

"Anderson S., b. 1836, m. Sarah McDonald 1852, m. Nancy McDonald 1869, m. Sally Jane Boyce 1902, d. 1912.

"Elizabeth b 1837, m. Elihu McDonald 1855

"Campbell C. b. 1839, m. Malinda Young 1865, d. 1918

"Andrew, b. 1843 m. Barbara Blevins 1855, m. Sarah Elizabeth Foster 1873, d. 1906

"William Harry, b. 1853 m. Elizabeth Hembree, d. 1870.

"Nancy, b 1845, m. Haden Burke, 1862, d. 1879

"Columbus Scott, b. 1847, m. Dorcas Koger 1866, d. 1934

"Louisa Ann b 1849, m. William Walker 1871, m. Peter Burke ?

"Lucinda, b. 1850, m. Calvin Bell 1870, d. 1828

"Tennessee * b 1868, m. James Ewing, 1902, d. 1946

"Texas * b. 1870, m. C. Bancom Hurt 1889, d. 1946

"* Tennessee and Texas were John and Emely's daughters."