Jonathan Lewelling, Randolph County, N.C..

Billie Harris - Jun 18, 2011

Barbara Hensley posted this in a different section and so we can retrieve it when needed, it's getting it's own heading.

William Lewelling is the father of Jonathan.

 Barbara Hensley - Jun 18, 2011    

Billie, I know this isn't the correct place to put this but have a problem with that so here goes: from the Randolph County, NC Gen. Society Journal:   Bastardy bond
16June 1791 Sarah Dollarhide accuses Jonathan Lewelling as father of her child. William Lewelling   is the security.

Interesting piece of information because Jonathan didn't marry a Sarah Dollarhide.   His Will states:

1848 - JONATHAN LEWALLEN of Randolph County, North Carolina, wrote on April 28, 1848, his Will.   It was torn on the right side, missing words on that portion, and was difficult to read.   It mentions the following individuals:   wife JANE LEWALLEN; children W. LARIN LEWALLEN, DAWSON LEWALLEN, JOHN LEWALLEN, ELIZABETH LAX, MARY LUTHOR? , JANE (cannot read her last name), SARAH RAMSOWEN, REBECCA SLACK ?, l____?   LEWALLEN, LAVINA HANCOCK, ANN LEWALLEN,.   Michael Cox was named as the executor   (Note:   W. Larin may have been McLaren and it could have been read wrong, because there was a

Searching the internet, it appears Sarah was probably the daughter of one of Ezekiel Dollarhide's sons.   Ezekial was born 1730 and died 1791.     His son, Frances, was born 1750 in Caswell County.   He also had sons Ezekiel (b 1750 and married Mary Long), Aquilla and possibly John and Sylas although the only ones that seem fairly well confirmed on the net are Ezekiel, Aquilla and Frances.   The Caswell County 1784 Tax list shows Ezekiel, Aquilla and Frances.   The 1779 Randolph County Tax list shows Ezekiel.   He's shown on the 1790 Caswell census.   The 1791 inventory of his estate was 19 April by Robert Long and John McMillan in Caswell.   (Note Ezekiel Jr's wife was Mary Long.)   A ROUGH guess is that Sarah was the daughter of Ezekiel (Jr) and Mary Long.