History of the Luellen and Cook family by Robert J. Luallen

Billie Harris - Jun 20, 2011

Today I came across an old typewritten page dated Feb. 14, 1973, entitled "history of the Luallen and Cook family by Robert J. Luallen."   This family appears in Henry County, Indiana, having come there from Preston County, West Virginia.   The paper is so old that it's faded and I can't make out if the surname is spelled Luallen or Luellen.

"...My great, great, great Grandfather David Luallen and his wife Abigail Jones Luallen came from West Virginia in 1838 (or 6?) and settled in Stony Creek Township, Henry County, Indiana.   Their son, Jesse Luallen, was born in Preston County, West Virginia on August 17, 1827.   This is verified.

"David was born 1798 on April 19th and died on May 1, 1853.   Abigail Jones Luallen, his wife, was born on August 9, 1797 and the time of her Will was June 7, 1852.   12 children were born to David and Abigail and 10 of them lived to maturity.   Six were living in 1884 according to the census.

"Children were:

"Jesse Luellen - born in Preston County, West Virginia on August 17, 1827 and brothe to James G. Luellen, my great, great, great grandfather.

"James S. Luellen born in 1832 according to the 1860 census of Henry County, Indiana.



"Eliza Rogers

"Sue Luellen - I think this was Sue, I could hardly read the writing it was so faded on the will filed in the Henry County Court House.

"Jonathan Luellen - Must have been part of the Luellen household since Abigal was living with his family according to the census.   1850 census and his wife was never in this census.   (Dates hard to read...bh)

"James S. Luellen, great, great, grandfather and Arthela Davis Luellen were married according to the clerk's records in Henry County on August 27, 1857..."

End of what I have.