James Lewallen born 1836 died 1890, and Descendants

Billie Harris - Jun 20, 2011

The following information was submitted by Loyd Siebert Lewallen in the 1970's.

Born May 1, 1836 in either Tennessee or Arkansas
Wife:   Louisa Rowlen (her parents were German).   She was born Dec. 6, 1843 and died April 28, 1921 in Tayer, MO.


1.   David Luther Lewallen (was the 9th child).   Wife, Helen.   He was born June 12, 1882 Thayer, MO and died Dec. 1952.   Children:

   A.   Loyd Siebert Lewallen, born June 26, 1909 Thayer MO.   Wife Ruth Mary Reiner.   Children:
         a.   Lois Helen Parduhn
         b.   Sandra Ruth O'Brien
         c.   Robert Woodbury Lewallen
         d.   Linda Marie Baker
   B.   Ruth Violet Tennison, born 1912 Tayer, MO.
   C.   Viola Hilligoss
   D.   Raymond Lewallen
   E.   D. L. Lewallen born 1921

2.   Mary C. Birchette, born Tayer or Couch, MO.

3.   George Lewallen

4.   William (Will) Lewallen

5.   Modena Bland.   Lived Madison, Iowa.

6.   Thomas Lewallen

7.   James (Jim) Lewallen born 6 miles east of Thayer, MO.

8.   Mack Lewallen

9.   Nannie Young (married Henry Young) born 6 miles east of Thayer, MO.

Some of the above are buried in Rose hill Cemetery 6 miles east of Thayer MO near Couch and Jeff, MO.   Thomas and James (numbers 6 and 7 above) are believed to have died in a place for people who lose their minds.