Camp Lewallen, Boy Scout Camp, Missouri

Billie Harris - Jun 20, 2011

I have an article which I've taken an extraction from.   I'm not sure who sent it to me in 1978 but they wrote:   The Lewallen land was donated to the Boy Scouts in 1938-39 by Mr. L. L. Lewallen and surviving members of his family.   Mr. Lewallen died prior to the deed to the Boy Scouts being completed.   His son Fred Lewallen was very active in Scouting and completed the transaction.   For many years Fred was Superintendent of schools in Chaffee, MO.

Fred Lewallen has been dead for many years, i really don't know for how long - at least ten years.

Enclosed news article of the dining hall dedication is from a paper dated November 3, 1939.   Perhaps this might be of some help in your research.

I've extracted a small portion of the article:

"Members of the Lewallen family, who gave a big portion of the tract to the Southeast Missouri Area Council, were introduced.   L. L. Lewallen, whose farm was a part of the tract, died recently.   Those introduced were his son, Supt. Fred Lewallen of the Chaffee public schools, and his daughter.  

"The group stood in silent prayer in memory to the late Mr. Lewallen.   Dr. Parker praised the family for contributing the major part to the Scouting cause ... "

One note I see written says the daughter was Minnie.