Gershon Anthony Llewellyn b 1882 Illinois

Billie Harris - Jun 22, 2011

From one of the questionnaires I sent out many years ago.

GERSHON ANTHONY LLEWELLYN was born Sept. 20, 1882 Gilespie, Illinois.     His children were Gene Albert Llewellyn born Sept. 13, 1924 Long Beach, CA, and Mary elizabeth Llewellyn born Sept. 30, 1926 Pasadena, CA.

Gershon's brothers and sisters were:   Mervin Llewellyn, Llewellyn Llewellyn, Johnathan Llewellyn, Thomas Llewellyn, Cora Llewellyn, Mayme Llewellyn, Rachael Llewellyn and Lizzetta Llewellyn

All the children were born in Pennsylvania and Illinois.   Gene Albert provided the information and said he believed his grandparents were born in Wales.