Rebecca Luallen and possible Davis connections

Carol Redd - Jun 30, 2011

Hi All,

I've been trying to sort thru Darlene's Davis DNA connections.   One such fellow has joined the Llewellyn Project and traces his ancestors back to Nathan Davis.   Here's what I have put together hoping to find the smoking gun - none yet, though.

1850 Scott Co, TN (pg 30 of 45 per Ancestry)
Andrew Luallen   55 (1795) (indexed by Ancestry as Smallen)
Malinda Luallen   57 (1793) Malinda Davis
Elizabeth Davis   100 (1750) VA probably mother or even grandmother of Malinda Davis
Rebecca Luallen 50   TN (1800) sister of Andrew?
Martin Luallen   13 TN (1837)   would appear to be son of Rebecca, but could possibly be Andrew's nephew thru another sibling.  
Rebecca's age and place of birth do NOT agree w/ other sources which site her as being born 1793 NC.   Could this Rebecca Luallen be a sister-in-law?   If so, who was her husband?

According to some sources, Andrew and Malinda Luallen had only one son, Herrod.   Andrew and Malinda are living w/ daughter, Nancy Young, in 1870.
Herrod Luallen is listed in Morgan Co, TN in 1840 as being b 1811-1820, and is on the same page as several Davis families.

Walter Davis Lewallen 22 (1828) TN Headstone shows b 1831 d 1896
Anna Lewallen 18 TN
A.R. Lewallen 1 (male)
Whose son is Walter Davis Lewallen???

Joel Lewallen 50 NC
Rachel Lewallen 50 NC
Cristener Lewallen 20 TN female
Clorinda Lewallen 15 TN

1860 Wayne Co, KY
Andrew Lewallen   66
Malinda Lewallen   69 (1791)
William Slaven   17
Rebecca Lewallen 58 TN (1802)   sister of Andrew?
Martin Lewallen   22 (1838)   would appear to be Rebecca's son, but could be Andrew's nephew thru another sibling.   Martin is w/ Rebecca in Daniel Davis' home in 1870.

1870 Fentress Co, TN July 28, 1870 (pg 2 of 14 per Ancestry)
Daniel Davis   46 (1824) TN
Margaret Davis   30 (1840) PA
Dodah Ann Davis   4 Most likely Rhoda Ann after Daniel's mother. - Suggests marriage was about 1865.
Walter A Davis   3   first son? named after Daniel's father?
Nella Davis   1
Malinda Davis   62 (1808)
Daniel's older sister was named Malinda and is shown in 1850/1860 as 36/46 respectively
Martin Lewallen   30 (1840)   Should be 32 Living w/ Rebecca in another's household speaks to his being her son.
Rebecca Lewallen   68 (1802)
Lavina Lewallen   24 (1846) KY Could Lavina be Rebecca's daughter or is she married to Martin?   If daughter, where was she in 1850 & 1860.   Suggests she is married to Martin.   In 1880 Martin Lewallen is found in Pulaski Co, KY w/ wife Malvina - easily misunderstood by a census worker as Lavina.

1880 Fentress Co, TN (pg 9 of 13 per Ancestry) INCORRECTLY indexed as Davico
Daniel Davico   53 (1827) TN/TN/TN
Margaret Davico   38 (1842) MD/Ireland/Ireland
Rhoda Ann Davico 13 (1867)
Walter H. Davico   12 (1868)
Nelley Davico   9 (1871)
Virginia A. Davico   7 (1873)
Mary C. Davico   3 (1877)
Malindy Davico   63 (1817) SISTER TN/Ireland/Ireland ??????   How could Malinda's parents be born IRELAND and Daniel's be born TN.   Seems like a census taker error.

Looking backward to find Daniel Davis:
1860 Sagefield, Morgan Co, TN   July 18, 1860 (pg 3 of 9)
Walter Davis   80 (1780)
Rhoda Davis   73 (1787)
Malinda Davis   46 (1814)
Daniel B Davis   35 (1825)
Milla Andrews   77 domestic servant

1850 Morgan Co, TN
Walter Davis   71 (1779)
Rhoda Davis   63 (1787)
Melida Davis   36 (1814)
James Davis   25 (1825) From the 1860 census, this would seem to be Daniel B. Davis

So, what is the relationship between Rebecca Lewallen and Daniel Davis?   And, more importantly, why does Matthew Luallen's dna match Davis descendants?   Was Rebecca Matthew's (1821 TN) mother?   She was certainly age appropriate regardless of which age we use.
1) We know that Rebecca Lewallen lived w/ her brother Andrew Lewallen and his wife, Malinda Davis b 1793.  
2) Rebecca Lewallen, along w/ Martin Lewallen (son of Rebecca?) was living w/ Daniel Davis in 1870.
3) The Malinda Davis who married Andrew Lewallen cannot be the same Malinda Davis in Daniel Davis' home in 1870
 a) In the 1870 & 1880 Fentress Co, TN census, Malinda Davis was listed as age 62 (b 1808 TN), but 63 in 1880.
 b) Walter Davis' household in 1860 shows Malinda 46 and Daniel B 35 (1825) and 1850 shows Melinda to be 36 and "James" 25, so this suggests Daniel's name is also James.

1840 Morgan Co, TN (pg 17 of 30 per Ancestry)
(pg 19)
Walter Davis 60-69 (1771-1780), wife 40-49 (1791-1800) 1/1   15-19 (1821-1825)
Walter Davis in 1850/1860 lists his age as 71/80 respectively.  
HIs wife's age is listed as 63/73 (b 1787), his daughter's age is 36/46 (1814) and son 25/35 (1825).  
It is possible that the daughter in the 1840 household is NOT Malinda and went on to marry by the 1850 census.  
Malinda may have been in   another household in 1840, but came home for 1850/1860.

(pg 1)
Wm. Davis 20-29   (1811-1820)
Under 5: 1/0

(pg 3)
Walter Davis   20 - 29: (1811-1820) 2/1
Under 5:   0/1

(pg 5)
M. P. Davis & wife: 40-49 (1791-1800)
Under 5:2/0
5-9: 1/1
10-14: 0/1

(pg 7)
Pleasant Davis 20-29 (1811-1820)1850 shows Pleasant Davis 31TN (1819)
Robert Davis 40-49 (1791-1800) 1850 shows Robert Davis 55 SC (1795)
Nathan Davis 50-59 (1781-1790); 20-29 yr old female (1811-1820) w/ 2 young daughters 1 under 5 (1836-1840) and another 5-9 (1831-1835)
AND Jackson and Herrod Luallen both   20-29 (b1811-1820)
Nathan Davis is the oldest Davis listed in this area of Morgan Co in 1840

(pg 9)
Thomas Davis 30-39 (1801-1810)

(pg 11)
I. S. Davis 30-39 (1801-1810)

(pg 15)
Hugh R. Davis 20-29 (1811-1820)
Wm. Lawson 40-49
John Lawson 30-39
Arny? Lawson (female) 80-89, 40-49 (1791-1800) and one daughter under 5

1830 Morgan Co, TN (pg 3 0f 31 per Ancestry)
Walter Davis 50-59 (1771-1780)
Robert S. Davis 40-49 (1781-1790) Ancestry indexed this as Robert L. Davis
Elisha Pruitt (40-49) listed on same page a few households away

previous pg:
Thomas Davis 20-29 (1801-1810)
Gilbert Pruitt 20-29

(pg 27 of 31)
Robert W. Davis 30-39 (1791-1800)  
Under 5:   3/1 (1826-1830)
10 thru 14:   0/1 (1816-1820)
20 thru 29:   0/1 (1801-1810)

Billie Harris - Jun 30, 2011

Very good information, Carol.  

Ancestry must be having a maintenance day because I can't seem to access the census data right now.   Do any of these show the relationship of Rebecca to Andrew?   Is it possible she might have been a sister-in-law as opposed to a sister?

Joel,   Andrew and William were sons of Anderson and Lucy (Rice).   Without checking, I'm pretty sure that info is documented or at least through paper trails.

It's said Anderson and Lucy also had possibly Zachariah, Anderson, Thomas and three unknown daughters.   It's possible Rebecca was one.

Andrew and Melinda's children, if correct, are:   Elizabeth, Herod, Nancy, Andrew Russell (who married a Perlissa Davis), Rhoda (married Matthew Young), and Walter Davis.   Hope I have those right.

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Jun 30, 2011

Thanks, Billie and Carol, for the help.   I have spent hours with a lot of this head starts spinning when I sit with it for too long!   I'm going to take a little break today in order to celebrate my son's 30th birthday and the upcoming arrival of our first grandchild in January!!!   I promise I will come back to this in a few days.   Billie, I had not yet contacted Juanita.   Now that I know she also is connected to Nathan Davis, I will do that.   Thank you.   The more I search and read, the more Lewallen/Luallens I find in the Roane/Morgan/Scott Counties areas.   By the way, I think Walter C. Davis told me that his Davises (sons of Nathan) settled in Roane County.   I didn't realize until last night that Morgan County was formed from Roane County.   There has got to be a connection there!!!

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Jul 5, 2011

I was wrong about the sons settling in Roane was Monroe County, TN.   I have been looking at a lot of Davis research on   Unfortunately, most of it is undocumented.  
The Nathan Davis that our Luallen DNA matches with died 1822-24 in Gaston County (now Lincoln) North Carolina.   I cannot find that any of HIS direct heirs settled in the area where our Luallen/Lewallens were in Morgan/Scott County.   Nathan's sons did not move to TN until 1825; my Matthew Lewallen was born in 1821.   Of course, it is possible that he was conceived in NC and born in TN.   Or maybe he really did not know.   I would like to find documented proof on Nathan Davis' parents and siblings, not what someone has added because they found it on the internet.   Some of it just doesn't make sense.   And it seems that Nathan was a popular name among the Davises so I have to be careful that I have the correct Nathan Davis.   Thanks, again, for the help.

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Jul 5, 2011

What I was referring to is information I came across on where some Davis researchers have listed parents & siblings for Nathan Davis with no documentation and the places & dates just do not add up.   Then someone else finds it and copies it to their tree.   That is exactly how misinformation is out there about my Matthew Lewallen & his wife Sarah Lawson Lewallen Boling.   Most researchers have both their death dates incorrect.   I actually had one Lawson researcher tell me that she "had a hunch" about my Matthew & Sarah that she was going to put on her tree (even when I asked her not to).   She said she could always take it off if she found out she was wrong.   The problem is all the people that have copied the wrong information.   Oh well, I'll get off my soapbox...again, I am thankful for any help I can get.