Thomas Llewellyn/Rockingham Co.NC/Botetourt Co.VA

Diane Langston - Jul 8, 2011

I think that Thomas Lewellin, Sr. of Rockingham Co., NC is the same Thomas Lewellen of Botetourt Co., VA. After years of checking and eliminating different Thomas Llewellyns in Virginia, I finally stumbled across Thomas Lewellin of Botetourt County, VA. My reasons are:

1) We know that a Thomas Llewellyn bought land in Rockingham County, NC in 1792 using Virginia currency.  
2) The last time Thomas Lewellin appears in Botetourt Co. records is in 1791 at the marriage of his daughter Nancy to Richard Bandy on 3 Sep 1791.   (He was not deceased. A DAR application has death date as being AFTER 3 Sep 1791).
3) 1860 Rockingham Co NC Census says that Thomas Lewellen, Jr. was born in Virginia.
4) The Great Wagon Road goes past Botetourt and through Rockingham Co. NC.
5) Thomas Lewellen of Botetourt Co. was listed in 1785 as having 8 souls in the house. (Him, wife, and 6 children?). The 1800 census of Rockingham lists Thomas Lewellen, Senr with 4 children; with daughter Nancy married in Botetourt in 1791 and Thomas, Jr   in a separate house in 1800 this would match up.

I have listed the Botetourt County records and surrounding areas in a different post.
Let me know if you agree or disagree with my reasoning.
Diane Langston

Billie Harris - Jul 8, 2011

Diane, it is so good when we can make these connections.   It's like solving a big mystery or putting a piece of a puzzle together, a real challenge.

We also have this for Botetourt:

1791 - Sept 2 - Thomas Llewellyn died (needs verification).   He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.   Service under Capt. Daniel Trigg's Co. Militia per DAR record.   He was born ca 1750.

Your reasoning is sound.

Diane Langston - Jul 9, 2011

Billie, where did the information about Thomas Llewellyn's death date come from? The DAR application for Barbara Ann Collins Baganakis (#700594) has the death date for Thomas Lewellyn as 3 Sept 1791 with a little symbol in front of the date that indicates "after."   Maybe someone didn't know what that symbol meant and put that date down as a definate death date?

Billie Harris - Jul 9, 2011

Diane, it probably came from somewhere on the internet and that's the reason I wrote "needs verification."   Incidentally, on Ancestry I can't find a Thomas Llewellyn in the Revolutionary War.   I'm not doubting it, but I just can't find it on Ancestry.